9 Sep

Becoming the total embodiment of your true self

Today may seem like any other day, but in reality it is a very special day indeed. Numerologically speaking today’s date carries with it the 9/9/9 vibration and holds within it immense power for healing, closure and manifestation.

This whole year of 2016 I’ve been watching with curiosity, wonder and amazement how the current year number 9 has been playing itself out. The 999 sequence has literally popped up everywhere and carries with it a lot of meaning. You can easily find out the meaning of the triple 9 by googling it, but I would encourage you to notice what this number sequence means for you personally – you can do that by just paying attention to what the events, situations, lessons and blessings are for you right now.

The number 9 is generally known to represent the Universal spiritual laws, a higher perspective, influence, non-conformity, leading life as a positive example for others, altruism, humanitarianism, philanthropy, healing, teaching, guidance, closure and endings.

Having an abundance of 9 energy in one date signifies the meaning of the number 9 being magnified, which means that it is especially important to pay attention to its meaning. Looking closely, this is truly a time of endings, of doing kind deeds for the humanity as a whole and getting down to business as far as true life purpose is concerned. It’s a good time to take a look at what you are done with and where you want to go next. Of course it can also mean completions in a karmic sense so it’s not always an easy ride – it depends on where you have been! If there is something karmic for you to look at then you may be triggered today. And that is a good thing.

In fact, the whole year of 2016 has been building up to these three dates: September 9, 18 and 27. They all hold the 9/9/9 vibration. If you look closely at the events throughout this year you can see clearly that indeed some sort of collective karmic themes have been explored. Regardless of the drama that has ensued, the most important thing is that people are awakening to their true life purpose.

From a higher perspective the 9/9/9 date signifies the fulfillment of the masculine and the feminine – the union of shiva and shakti as they are known in Hinduism. It’s a good time to take a close look at how you embody both the feminine and the masculine qualities within yourself and where you could possibly embrace more of either one or the other thus becoming more complete and whole within yourself.

Something to be aware of is that the dark masculine can be a fearsome, destructive and bloodthirsty warrior while the dark feminine can be an evil witch. We all carry the elements of both within ourselves. If you don’t accept, love and own the uncomfortable stuff it will simply get pushed into the unconscious and continue to seek expression in an unconscious way, which means it will then simply control your life from behind the scenes. By having something come up for you you will be in a position to examine it in the light of day rather than have it continue controlling your life from the unconscious.

As you own your power, sit in ownership of your true self and speak your truth, the relationships around you will inevitably change. Here’s something to bare in mind: you deserve love and respect and it’s absolutely safe to let go of relationships that do not honor and respect who you really are. If someone rejects you for who you are when you are coming from a pure and authentic place within yourself then they are in fact rejecting themselves. Leave them with their own processes, you can’t change other people’s reactions or choices. It is for them to live with. Be complete within yourself and take good care of yourself by choosing relationships and friendships that honor you. This is to say: trust the wise intuitive counsel of your body.

As a sensitive and aware being you might have been teased from an early age about your sensitivity or bullied or intimidated because you were somehow different. You might still be carrying these wounds around with you in your energy field or these old pictures that say you are somehow not good enough or somehow lacking something. It is loving toward yourself to avoid harsh relationships or situations and to steer toward simplicity. You may need lots of time today to go within and to just be with yourself and to avoid harsh situation. Enjoy and cherish your alone time.

The truth is that you have your own unique inadequacies or shortcomings and those are there for a reason. You came into this lifetime with a set of characteristics and your essence set up those to create conditions for something specific that it wanted to experience. For example, disability might mean less mobility, but it could also open up possibility for you to learn to ask for help rather than attempting to do everything by yourself. A very important theme to look at today is that of letting go of any and all judgements towards yourself.

So today situations may be coming up that may be encouraging you to stand up for yourself and walk in your truth. Maybe you are being pushed energetically and tested for how well you are established in your centre. Maybe you are tested for your ability to soften and be kind. The tendencies are all up now and up for review so you can take a really good look at where you can still grow and expand. Enjoy!

Some of the points to consider today:

  1. What/who am I done with and ready to let go of?
  2. What do I need to integrate more of: masculine or feminine?
  3. Can I speak my truth without holding back?
  4. Can I be fully present and authentic with the people in my life?
  5. Am I living my own dream or someone else’s?
  6. Do I trust myself?
  7. Am I being loving and kind towards myself?
  8. Can I embrace my shadow without trying to fix it?
  9. Am I being on my path?

© Copyright Hello EssenceJoy 2016

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21 Dec

Dreaming a new dream

Okay, so here it is: December 21st, 2012.

For many years now we have been aware of the Mayan prophecy of the end of their Long Count calendar and many of those so-called doomsday theories surrounding it.

After years of research, I have not as of yet come across any factual source to give reason to jump to a doomsday theory. In fact, the Maya shamans themselves are said to be angered by these theories.

With the discerning ability to tell apart what are my fears and what are the collective ones – I never bought into those theories. The doomsday theories don’t excite me much, providing ones that are exactly opposite to them, do.

I’m the eternal optimist and I like to entertain the best possible outcomes. Consider me a Wonderland theorist! Perhaps it’s just that I’m not that invested into fear. Wherever there is fear, I do not play along.

A source, whose wisdom I have been able to validate for myself, is the Michael Entity’s perspective on the ongoing Winter Solstice days 21st through 23rd.

According to them, we will be passing through a so-called ‘nexus’: a gateway of huge personal transformation, choices and shifts.

It is the end of an old dream and beginning of a new one. We are now throwing out anything that is old, worn out and no longer up-to-date making more space for something entirely new and wonderful to come in.

Whatever the explanations are, it is clear that energy is very intense right about this time period. Some can’t handle the pressure – those are the tragic stories we hear on the news. This isn’t anything new. Those things happen anyway. Those dysfunctional patterns have been held deep within the collective psyche for a long long time. It is all coming up for a hello now and eventually . . . getting released.

So the best word of advice is: don’t resist whatever discomfort you may be feeling through this window of change. Also, please do not judge your experience. You are precisely where you are supposed to be at this time.

The real question today is not what we can determine with the mind, what the logic or explanation of ‘2012’ is. That has all been explored already. If not even worn out by endless explanations . . .

Isn’t the real issue that people, as a collective, are far too willing to accept fear-based theories?

That is what is called giving away Seniority. To be Senior to information means to be the king, the ruler and the center of your own Universe and not allowing someone else to set the tone for you.

So that is what the ‘wake up call’ really is: wake up to your own intuitive knowing rather than continue to rely on others to dictate to you what to believe and what not to believe. Regardless of how ‘credible’ a source is – does it resonate with you? Listen in to the answer within yourself.

The best place to start hearing your own answers is meditation.

So here’s what to consider:

  • Imagination / dreaming creates the present / future
  • You are responsible only for your own space, nobody else’s
  • With psychic tools such as grounding / circulating energies / separating out what is not yours – you own your space
  • Meditation keeps you balanced
  • Kindness costs nothing and heals
  • What has fear in it, has not yet evolved to its optimal

Winter solstice day sets the tone for the next year. Live today how you wish your 2013 to be! It’s an excellent day to set intentions, to meditate: work on a mock-up for the future.

When I asked for a color for this three-day window of change, I saw an incredibly vibrant and shimmering gold. I’m seeing something coming that is so amazing that we have not as of yet been able to even fathom its magnificence. It can only be experienced. Together.

With full awareness of the power of imagination, meditation, visualization – here are the intentions I’m setting for the planet for many years to come:

1. Global shift from irresponsible youth to a more responsible adult: everyone takes care of their own backyard, recycling, health-consciousness, no more toxic food, water, etc. Moderation in everything.

2. Men allowing themselves to feel emotions: end of the old dream where men were not permitted to feel, break down and cry.

3. Equal rights for everyone regardless of race, age, size, gender, sexuality, religion, etc in every country: no more discrimination.

4. Work / rest / play in a proportion that is manageable and healthy for every individual: no one gets overloaded, because of someone else’s greed, everyone can choose how much they can and are willing to work.

5. End of fear – beginning of love: no more fear-based theories to control the world with.

6. No one gets left out / behind: including all countries of the world, all working together as a large global community, there is help, support and assistance for everyone depending on their very specific needs.

7. No more hidden / secretive politics: everything is done in an open and transparent way, we pick our leaders from those who are truly role models and examples of higher living.

8. No more greed-economy: money flows equally, fairly and easily to everyone not just to a select few; taxes and bills are manageable without breaking one’s neck working 24 / 7.

9. No more aggressive conflict resolution: peaceful ways are explored and practiced from here on, more awareness work done on the mental health background of individuals who are entrusted with arms.

So those are some of my intentions. What are yours? Please share with me, I would love to hear from you.

For now, I’m wishing you all a wonderful Winter Solstice, easy / joyous endings and wondrous new beginnings!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012

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25 Jun

Supreme Being communication dream

I would like to share an astonishing dream I had last night.

I was by a little pond with a good friend of mine, Annika, who is my ‘soul sister’ (we are from the same immediate family of consciousness). As we were just standing there, fish started coming really close to the surface of the water and allowed us to touch them – they seemed to enjoy physical contact with us. I have to say this felt very real, so now I actually feel like fish can get that intimate, almost dog-like.

Suddenly these huge fish started to appear – ‘monster fish’, I called them. And then these incredibly luminous radiant white ‘monster fish’ appeared. I counted them and there was exactly three. It deserves a mention that these three white fish were just super white, incredibly luminous and diamond-like. Seeing them gave me a deep feeling of inner peace.

When I realized the meaning of this . . . I got chills (in the dream of course – like I said, this felt like an actual real moment). I even showed hair standing up on my arm to Annika. She was amused by it.

I explained to my friend that ‘white’ is the dream symbol for spirit and that number three refers to the Supreme Being. I just knew that this was exactly it – no further analysis was needed. Just a clear knowing.

And the next thing that occurred was that the fish were messengers and asking us to pay attention to what was to come. Me and Annika became really silent, still and attentive and then a vision appeared on the surface of the pond. What I saw was a bunch of colourful crayons and a simple drawing, which looked like it was made by a 5-year-old.

Along with this picture I heard these words:

you paint your life with the colours of your own crayons.”

Clearly, you can’t paint with crayons, but those were the exact words that came and somehow they sound and feel ‘right’, so I’m not going to alter them to fit into an analyzer picture. The meaning of this message is profound and I’m going to leave it to each and every one to interpret it for themselves. I know what this means to me and I’m going to revel in this for the rest of my life!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012 All Rights Reserved

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1 Jan

Hello & welcome 2012

Well, here it is . . . 2012.

The year that is much talked, prophesied and predicted about.

I have already set my intentions for how I wish to experience this year, however, I am open to any adjustments that may need to be made along the way as I am most certainly still learning in many areas of my life. And that’s the joy of it! I allow my Essence to take me where it will.

Besides the intentions I have set for myself I wish that whatever transformations that take place in this year will diminish dictatorship and increase Diversity.

“Live and Let Live.”

In any case, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog and wish everyone a very Happy New Year! May your 2012 be prosperous, joyous, amusing, humorous and fulfilling!

With much love & blessings from Janno!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012

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