19 May

What happens when you match to the vibration of love?

Our planet is going through a big transformation right now. We are all feeling the growth pains. There are big fear vibes floating through the collective consciousness and many are finally beginning to awaken to who they really are.

The large scale global political and economic changes that are happening have kicked up some pretty heavy collective fears. People are waking up and are having to take responsibility for the direction that their lives are heading in rather than waiting for someone else to come and make all the decisions for them. The chance of history repeating itself in the form of dictatorship looks pretty real. Fortunately, no one actually wants that, so this can be avoided.

The awakening that is happening en-masse is in need of equally powerful large scale spiritual leadership. According to a channeled source, the Supreme Being is making preparations for manifesting towards the end of this year to help transform those collective fears and to guide us all back to our true nature, which is love. Supreme Being manifestations have been truly Earth-shattering in their influence in the past and have all created tremendous change for mankind. Think, for example, of the life of Jesus Christ. However, if we all do our ‘homework’ this manifestation will not be necessary.

Humankind is currently undergoing a soul age shift from a young soul perspective to a mature soul perspective. The young soul perspective represents competition, being the king of the mountain and one person winning while another one loses. It represents lack consciousness. Think of the current economic imbalance of the extremely wealthy 1% versus the poor 99% in the United States. The mature soul perspective is concerned with community and helping each other, which allows for everyone to win. The majority of those currently alive on the planet are young souls who are transitioning into a mature soul perspective. And they need a lot of help from those of us who are spiritually older and more experienced.

This is where we, the older souls, come in and can do our bit. Instead of matching to the collective consciousness and falling into fear and worry with everyone else we will need to do all we can to remain our purest expression of love. There are wonderful self-care tools we can all practice daily such as grounding, running energy, creating and destroying roses and so forth. These tools can help to keep our auras clear and helps to get some space from other people’s stuff.

For those of us who are intuitive and empathic, the global upheavals are truly windows of opportunity to deepen our self-care practices. Taking good care of our own energy and spaces doesn’t mean we are turning away from those who need help. It means we are helping others by being our own best selves and taking excellent care of ourselves. And then giving of ourselves from a clear, pure and healed place.

When faced with someone who has lost touch with their true selves and is acting out of ego, the best way to help them is not to fulfil their every egotistic demand, but just to send them an energetic ‘hello, I love you’. And watch the healing that happens. You don’t have to carry on a relationship or communication with someone that is unkind or disrespectful to you, but just sending them an ‘I love you’ message on a spiritual level is all the healing that is required. Practising this simple, but powerful technique you are holding space for love to happen and to grow. You can do this by merely visualizing the person and sending the message as a thought.

Don’t take anything personally. People are going through growth periods and processing. Just send them love.

You have a choice whether to carry the energy of love or fear / hate around with you. Love energy brings health and well-being while fear brings disease. Love allows you to feel validated and at ease, while fear causes tension and imbalance. Our bodies are very sensitive to the energies of these extremes of energy, so we must consciously choose what we feed into them on a daily basis.

If you are feeling a little out of tune an intuitive healing may be just the tune up you need. It puts you back in touch with your own answers and your natural flow of healing energy. A healing might not necessarily give you all the intellectual answers, but it guides you back to the true source of your own answers and healing energy, which are already within you.

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21 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: being in present time

Bringing your awareness back into the present moment is the first step you take when you begin to meditate. This is often not an immediate event, but tends to be a smooth transition. You do this very gently.

When you start to meditate, you may have to take a moment to call your energy back into present time from wherever it may have been spread out to and from wherever you may have been handling something for yourself and others. Typically our energies can get quite scattered all over the place.

Your spiritual body is very flexible with the time-line and can travel across all directions of time with great ease, but if you don’t regularly ground and come back into present time, your natural body can become anxious. Bringing yourself back into present time is immediately healing and calming for your physical body.

Here’s the thing, everything occurs in the present time including your ability to see clearly. It will be hard to see clear images when visualizing if a large part of your energy is vibrating in the past or in the future. You need to reset your grounding into present time and create and destroy some roses in order to be able to see clearly.

With your awareness in present time and more of your own energy available to you – you will able to see clearly. And being able to see clearly you will be more easily able to heal yourself.

The pain in the physical body often acts as an alarm bell that brings you back into the present moment and that’s because the physical body itself is always in the present time. If you bump into a table, you will know about it. Being present to yourself effectively avoids collisions.

We tend to get anxious about the future or depressed about the past, because we typically either hold on to pain from the past or worry about potential dangers in the future. That is the instinctive animal mind and it is only human. Bringing your energy back into present time through complete surrender and trust you can heal yourself and regain a childlike innocence. You surrender to the Divine and trust that all your cares and concerns will be taken care of according to Divine will.

Practising grounded meditation can also require some discipline as you may need to let go of responsibility that isn’t yours and instead own what is yours. Not always a pretty picture, which is often why people go unconscious, pop out of body, drift away and either start guilt-tripping about the past or roaming through the future.

The only way through those ingrained tendencies is constant spiritual practice done with dedication and discipline. Negative tendencies are overcome with constant repetitions of new positive ones and a good dose of trust and surrender.

The present moment is all there is. Both he past and future exist only in our imagination. And the good thing with imagination is that if there’s something you don’t like, you can change it. In the same way you can heal the past by playfully re-visualizing difficult situations in a way as to empower yourself and by bringing your affinity for yourself back into present time.

Get back into present time with grounded meditation and join the Meditation program.

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25 Mar

Dealing with a psychic whack

Sometimes you say or do something that someone isn’t in agreement with. They don’t like what you are doing. They can’t whack you physically, so they whack you energetically. That is a psychic whack.

A whack can come from an angry person in traffic, in a grocery store line, it can come from a competitor in business and even a family member who doesn’t like you being too honest, for example.

It’s called a psychic whack since it is something you will definitely notice as a psychic: there is a change or a drop in energy levels, some lower energy has entered your space. Your aura may look out of shape.

You know you’ve been whacked when you’ve been around someone angry or angered someone and suddenly feel worried, nervous, anxious, awkward or out of touch with yourself. Suddenly you feel low self-esteem and are not quite sure why. You probably feel like you need to explain yourself or even defend your value or worth to someone. As if you had to apologize for simply being there.

Obviously, a whack comes from a space of anger, pain, unfulfilled expectations and demand. It comes from someone who is trying to stay in control and is a demand that you handle some energy for them, some energy they can’t or won’t handle for themselves.

Deep down inside it is really a request for love and attention. It’s a cry for help, they simply don’t know a better way to ask for it. This isn’t to say that it is okay to be whacked, but it just means that it isn’t personal. Nothing is ever personal.

The first step towards healing is to step out of resistance to it. Whacks happen. It’s nothing personal. From here on you have the choice whether to whack them back (not recommended) or instead forgive, realize it wasn’t about you and use your tools to heal and clear yourself.

So which tools can you use to handle an energetic whack? First of all, check that you are still grounded. Destroy a few roses or a lot of roses. Check that your energy is still running. Then run some more energy. Keep running your energy and destroying roses until you feel clear. You learn these invaluable psychic tools in the meditation class.

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13 Mar

Surrender and trust

Surrender and trust is a big theme that we are exploring collectively within this year of 2015.

For everyone, there comes a time when they run out of answers, a sense of direction, certainty and even ideas. Instead of surrendering to the flow, one may be struggling hard to remain in control; especially if they are carrying a whole bunch of responsibility for holding it all together for others and for healing them.

Here’s the clue that you may be struggling unnecessarily: it’s when you feel like things aren’t going the way you wanted and you just can’t seem to let go of control. Another sign is a lot of frustration, anger and disappointment that comes along with it. This is actually the perfect time to surrender and simply trust in the flow and wisdom of your essence.

Surrender and trust are very soft and feminine energies. It is something women seem to be much more capable of having than men. Men and male energy tend to be more controlling. It can be challenging for men to let go of control and to trust in the Universal flow.

However, simply having trust in the divine intelligence that created you is a powerful prayer. Sitting in that space of trust is a state of grace. You heal both yourself and many others when you embrace that state of grace.

Remaining trusting, open and vulnerable even in the face of challenges and not withdrawing your love for yourself and others is the key to success. This is how you heal yourself.

Coming to that point where you have to let go of your illusion of control and instead surrender and trust may mean having to ask for help, directions and guidance. Are you ready to let go of the old picture of going it alone and instead joining others in a beautiful web of mutual support that surrounds us in every moment?

When you decide you are tired of struggling and choose to surrender you are not giving up. Instead you are like a baby who surrenders to his mother’s soft caressing. You are gently held in that love and there is truly no greater safety than this. Again, you may have to let go of the picture of you always having to be the super responsible grown-up.

Surrendering and trusting means that no matter what happens in life, what you need will always be there precisely when you need it. God is always on time. Time and timing is of the essence.

There is the life your ego wants, which may be a life of fantasy. And then there’s the life of your essence – living your divine purpose and fulfilling your divine assignments. You know you are on track when you feel inspiration and the joy of being. You can trust that the Universe always makes sure you stay on track by always giving you what you need instead of what you want.

It’s your choice how you wish to live your life, however, when you live exclusively from the ego you will quickly run out of energy because you are running on a limited source of energy. When you are running on the energy of your essence, you are running on an infinite energy source and could never run out of energy.

Break-down or burnout only happens when you carry around with you the heaviness of ego illusions and expectations. It’s when you cart your past around with you. In reality, that is what is being broken down and burned out. Bit by bit. All the way down to your essence, to that part of you that is really true about you. Your essence can’t be broken down or burned out, because it is real and infinite. Essence is pure love and joy. So say goodbye to what you are letting go of and hello to the more optimal version of you.

When you yourself are in and operating from essence and are being on your path – others around you immediately match to that. This is ‘being with God’ and is your highest protection. When you are in essence, you can trust that you are in good company. There is a grace and a smooth flow to everything in that and those who can’t match you at that level will simply move out of the picture. It’s the same reason why people have miraculous experiences and synchronicity around spiritual masters.

Surrender and trust may require you to let go of that perfect picture in your head that dictates how your life is supposed to be and instead embrace how it actually is without judgment. Perhaps then you may even want to play with the notion that you don’t have to do anything to become divine – you are already it.

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14 Jan

Ground your creations

According to my favorite forecaster, the Power Path, 2015 has the energy flavor or theme of creativity. The year has already brought some amazing creative clarity to me personally, so I can certainly validate that theme for myself.

We all have creative energy flowing through our bodies daily. Spirit is creative. It is the energy that created us, the planet, the Universe and is the very life force itself. Yes, even those who consider themselves ‘not creative’ have creative ability. It’s just a matter of choice and each day we have a choice whether to validate our creativity and to exercise that creativity muscle or not.

Creative energy is by nature a high frequency energy that can bring all kinds of innovative, unique, original and inspired ideas. It is a soft, unfocused and feminine energy. Creativity is best accessed through daydreaming or a state of no expectation and trust. Do you have permission to daydream?

If you want to manifest something creative for yourself like a work of art, a book, a piece of music or just about anything you can use a simple grounding visualization to help make it real and bring it to yourself. The meditation audio named “The Manifestation Rose” could be of help.

The positives of creativity are a natural and effortless flow of inspiration, play, originality, healing, the feeling that anything is possible and positive destruction or the ability to let go of old creations. But some of the negatives to watch out for are ungroundedness, illusions, moodiness, negative destruction, victim mentality, perfectionism, taking things personally, lack of boundaries and procrastination.

While it is wonderful to be in that creative space where you feel that everything is possible, it’s also important to take action steps towards making your mock-ups real. This is where a grounding cord comes in handy. Without a grounding cord your mock-ups will simply swirl around outside your body uncontrollably and in a chaotic way that can affect your health. Make sure to reset your grounding whenever you start to feel spaced out.

So in this new year of 2015, some of the keywords for things to become conscious of and do some awareness work on could be: grounding, body / spirit communication, healing abilities, your mock-ups and creative space, surrender and trust, daydreaming as a conscious activity, female energy, manifestation work and boundaries around what is yours and what is not.

A good space to learn grounding and other intuitive energywork tools is the psychic meditation class that I teach both locally as well as a teleclass. In a psychic meditation class you can learn valuable tools such as grounding, creating and destroying, running energy and calling back your creative energy.

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24 Oct

Did you remember to bring yourself along?

Are you waiting for everything and everyone, including yourself, to be absolutely perfect before you can show up to your own life, before you can take action towards realizing your dreams?

It’s kind of like waiting for the arrival of a Messiah – you could be waiting for a very long time. How about just showing up anyways and seeing where things will go from there? You never know, it could be magic!

Life needs you to show up in your full authenticity. That is, with all your perfections as well as imperfections. No, you are not expected to be perfect – you just need to show up.

Indeed, when you do show up to your own life – magic happens. It happens simply out of the very creative power of the inspirational energy that is You, your very essence.

Showing up could mean showing up to a dream you’ve been putting aside, showing up to your work and being fully present, showing up to your family and friends. Even showing up to your ‘me time’.

If you want to create change in your life, then start paying attention to that script that runs in your mind about who you are. This script may or may not be an accurate portrayal of you, but one thing’s for sure: it dictates your physical reality. Notice the whole script without judgment. Then notice the parts of the story that are portraying you as the victim, the loser, ugly, unattractive, unlovable, a martyr, then go ahead and retell the story to be one of happiness, beauty, heroism, miracles. You have that power. It’s your choice what you choose to validate.

From a clairvoyant perspective, showing up means bringing yourself, your energy, your agreements with others into present time. It takes some willingness to let go, forgive and find amusement with the oh so imperfectly perfect human nature.

When you entered the room that you’re in now, did you bring yourself along? Or are you still solving that argument you had six months ago? Still reconciling that old disagreement with your ex, your parents or that nosy neighbor? Do you think it is your responsibility to figure out and resolve all those arguments that were presented to you? Was it all even personal or were everyone just going through a growth period? How about letting go of that responsibility and regaining your peace of mind and peace of heart.

Using gentle meditation and the simple grounding technique you can ground into present time where your body is. By grounding into present time where the body is you can experience joy and bliss. Your body is always in present time.

The world needs healers, humanitarians and other inspired folk who know their own value and who show up in the world. Today, give the world the most precious gift you could ever give – you.

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21 Aug

Whose game are you playing?

Life really is like a playground and we all play our own game here according to our own unique wants and needs.

Some of you are more skilled at fulfilling those wants and needs for yourselves while others may need more practice. The question you could ask yourself is: do you feel good about who you are being? If not, you may be playing someone else’s game. Someone else’s game may or may not be a good fit for you, however, you can choose to play your own game.

So what is your own game?

Your own game is one where you get to create your own rules as you go along, to choose what it is that you want for yourself, to choose what energy to run through your space, to do your own thing, to fulfill your own needs, to have plenty of space for you to be you and to feel good about yourself.

Your own game is valuing your own energy, questions, issues, blessings, perfections and imperfections – and loving it all. And yes, you do have permission to have issues – by all means.

Your own game is one where you get to feel loved, it treats you lovingly. It means loving yourself no matter what even if at the time you seem to yourself unlovable and unacceptable. When you do encounter energy in your space that tells you that you are not lovable or acceptable – clear it!

Someone else’s energy and pictures in your space may be dictating to you who you should be and what you should be doing with your life. The ‘should be’ is the clue: anything that comes with a ‘should’ / ‘have to’ is clearly a perfect picture and most definitely not your energy. It’s just something that you picked up somewhere along the way. And there is likely also some very old pain of yours underneath that.

Sometimes people come at us with strong energy and we can be confused about what to respond to. Maybe expectations, judgment, demand, invalidation or pain is thrown at you for you to resolve and maybe it can even seem personal. Someone in ego reactions may trigger the same in you and may want to get personal. However, it is truly never ever really personal. Just notice the place that you respond from. Then make a clear choice to respond from your center.

You always have choice as to how to respond: you can choose to play your own game. You can choose to play the game of love.

Through meditation you can check in with the pictures that run you. If some of those pictures don’t feel good to you, maybe it’s time to reclaim your seniority and create your own pictures – ones that actually feel good to you? Most importantly, define yourself – someone else’s definition of you can’t and won’t make you happy. And besides, your body is designed to run only one kind of fuel and that fuel is You. The cells of your body yearn for it: your own unique spirit.

People play all kinds of drama games that they enjoy and grow from, games like competition, fear, intimidation, dependency, victimhood, resistance and control to name but a few. Whatever it is, you can choose if that is the game for you and whether you actually want or even need to play along. If it is, maybe you want to go along for a bit of growth. However, you always have choice about how far you want to go. This is where Seniority comes in. You are always Senior to any energy that may want your attention and space and you always have choice if that is what you want for yourself.

Feel free to pull your energy back and out of anything that does not feel good to you or that doesn’t give you back. Feel absolutely free to politely excuse yourself and walk away from anything that does not serve your highest good.

When you bring your awareness to the center of your head and visually run your energy – this is how you are asking your own questions, being Senior and playing your own game.

A wonderful psychic tool you can use to keep out energy that you do not want in your space is a separation rose. It allows you to remain in your center and to keep running your own truth.

You can effortlessly set the rules of your game by visually creating a mock-up for what it is that you want. You don’t have to play along with anything that doesn’t value or respect you. Yes, you do have a say about what gets in and your responsibility is only your own space.

Tip: Join the meditation class to learn all the wonderful psychic tools mentioned here.

You heal by owning your space where you are. What got in, got in for a reason. There is no one to blame. Somewhere along the line is your pain, maybe very old pain, that says you are not deserving of all the good things, that you are selfish to be the center of your own Universe. This is a lie.

Don’t look for someone else to come along that will approve of you playing your own game. You may actually be challenging quite a few of those that would much rather have you play their game. This won’t be an issue when you allow for your validation to come from within. Depend on no one. Be your own best friend.

You’ve got to know you have value in order to be able to change the game for yourself. You change the game every time you use your psychic tools such as running your own energy, destroying a rose and consciously choosing which way you want to go and what you want to play along with.

Some people, especially those who may have grown accustomed to you to being their healer, may be in resistance to you changing the game to play by your own rules. Don’t let that bother you – just carry on changing the rules for yourself!

And finally, can you trust that you are safe no matter what? Can you have permission to release any energy that isn’t yours? Maybe it’s time!

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14 May

Keep your amusement

Sometimes you go into doubt and you lose your space. Maybe some invalidation has been whirled in your direction? And maybe on some level you even agreed to this.

But how do you respond to that? Is it a terrible tragedy: “Oh no! I’ve lost my space! Now what do I do?” Or is it a wonderful opportunity to grow? Maybe it could even be a whole bunch of fun like: “Oh look, I’ve lost my space. Yay!” Kind of like a wonderland adventure into an entirely new part of yourself, one that you may have been in resistance to.

Here’s the thing, you remember and you forget. Remember. Forget. You find your center. You lose your center. Find your space. Lose your space. This the divine dance that we dance and it is the only one. Truth is, the center is never lost, but we need that illusion to grow.

The shadow sometimes comes up and out of its hidey hole. We all have one. You can bet it’s not pretty. Occasionally you meet your shadow, maybe feel a little scared when you do, but eventually you realize it is the lie. The center is the truth. Beauty is the truth. Love and wellness is the truth.

When you do lose your space you may erroneously believe you’ve done something horribly wrong. This is what the perfect picture wants you to believe. The perfect picture puts on the mask of seriousness and just plain spoils all the fun for everyone. But no matter what you believe you may have done wrong in life, whatever you feel guilty about – you are essentially innocent like a playful child. Imagine life as a kindergarten: you have permission to play, learn and make mistakes. So play, learn and make many mistakes. We’re not here to be perfect: we’re here to be our own unique selves. Besides, if you don’t learn from your mistakes this time around, there will be other opportunities. There is no rush.

So, whatever comes up – keep your amusement. It will help you to regain your space as well as your neutrality. A good way to become amused that has worked really well for me is putting on fun music that I can dance to in a silly way. Other ways that work for me to blow that perfect picture of seriousness are: watching a comedy show or movie, making up jokes or silly stories, letting my inner clown out, goofing around doing nothing and meditating.

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19 Apr

Ease and grace

What is the mode with which you move through a day: one of effort or one of ease and grace?

When in a state of effort you may be doing a whole lot, but feeling like not getting much done at all. In grace you just glide through it all and will often even get to feel good in the end.

By default we are programmed to work hard at things. To put lots of effort into everything. We are programmed to set the energy from the third chakra instead of the Crown chakra.

However, ease and grace is the highest truth. Spirit creates without any effort whatsoever. Effort belongs entirely to the physical body.

Would you like your life to be easier and more graceful? Well, with energywork meditation it can be.

The more you practice meditation with your awareness resting in the center of your head and visually playing with energywork tools, the more you will also be able to bring that same vibration of ease and grace into your everyday life. It happens quite naturally. Eventually it becomes a habitual mode.

Meditation is really about staying in touch with your spirit.

So, if you are in effort, you may have temporarily lost touch with your spirit. You may have forgotten that you, as a being, are already whole and are enough. Only expectation, that perfect picture in your head about what is “supposed to be”, can make you feel like you are on the wrong path. This may be your own expectation or that of others.

The tool you could use here is ‘creating and destroying’: you just imagine a rose, put that perfect picture inside the rose and destroy it. Simply see the rose exploding into millions of sparkly little pieces.

When out of touch with your spirit, you are also out of touch with your own answers or your knowingness, so effort comes in and you may begin to seek very hard for what has been within you all this time. The essential tool to remedy this is grounding. Ground your energy back into your body in present time.

Your own answers are available to you at all times. Check in with your body for clues – it never lies.

Spirit is very real. You can be with spirit through meditation, by simply ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Some people who have not yet experienced their own creative spirit or who are temporarily out of touch with it, are not able to validate it. Don’t let that invalidate your perceptions. What you see, feel and hear is very real. You just need to own it.

Trying to do too much by yourself means you have lost faith in the Universe to support you. You have gone into lack consciousness. You can give any worries and concerns over to the Supreme Being, your guides or your angels. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your spirit as well as your guides and the Supreme Being already have all the answers and already know what your Next Step is and how to manifest your dreams. Remember every day, every moment the whole of creation conspires to bring your deepest dreams and desires to reality. It’s not the effort / pushing / trying / figuring out / lack of faith, but the grace / effortlessness and enjoyment – aka your inner Gold – that manifests. Just step back, surrender and allow spirit to work it all out for you. Also remember you have your own pace, life is not a competition – time and timing is of the essence.

So here is the gem that ease and grace holds within it: all beings are unique with their own truth. Each has their own value, which is priceless. There is no competition within the Supreme Being. Do what feels good to you, what validates you, what comes easily. There is no need to be in effort.

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18 Mar


There are many varied ways that we can communicate with each other as spiritual beings, but primarily it is through visual images or ‘pictures’.

‘A picture’ is a term in clairvoyant lingo that refers to energy in your space, which contains unique information within it.

Consider the phrase: “A picture says a thousand words.”

Typically it holds within it the energy of an experience or a belief. A picture can be your own or belong to another. If it isn’t yours, then it isn’t your truth.

A picture can be simply seen as an area in your space with its own unique color. Only upon looking more closely can we find out what it is.

At meeting someone a picture is offered that says: “This is who I am.” And it is typically also accompanied by another picture that says: “This is who I expect you to be.” This is valance or a perfect picture and comes from cultural imprinting and expectation. Oftentimes valance does not reflect the person’s own truth unless the person has done a great deal of inner work and has developed much spiritual integrity of course.

The media bombards us with all kinds of images in order to sell their products. The news offers disturbing scenes. All of this is communicating something. What is being conveyed to us through those images: is it love or competition and fear?

Just for the record: yes you do have choice about which of those images you respond to, allow into your space and accept as your own.

We can match to the pictures and expectation of others in order to fit in or we can go ahead and create entirely new and unique pictures – our own.

How do you create new pictures for yourself?

Through visual meditation.

In this type of meditation you adjust your lower chakras so that you can have more of your creative energy available to see more clearly. Doing so you can hone in on any energy in your space at visual level. At this point you will be in a position to create change or healing for yourself. That is, if you see something you don’t like – you can change it by visualizing something different.

If in a meditation you are struggling to see clear images then it is likely that much of your creative energy is flowing into pain pictures and the lower chakras. This is okay. The more you practice this type of meditation, the more skilled you become at creating space between you, the being, and your body. You will also get very clear on which pictures belong to you and which do not.

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