2 Feb

Intuitive tools 101: the miracle of a spiritual hello

Just recently I spoke on the phone with someone from a psychic hot-line based here in the UK and it quickly became very clear that most of the general public are looking for a prediction on what will be rather than what can be worked with in the present time. There is really very little awareness of choice and creating in present time.

I looked at the energy of this hot-line as well as their website and saw that they rely heavily on their readers making predictions in the old-school fortune telling style, which is that the reader gives the readee a kind of a promise of what will happen so as to calm the readee’s fears about the future. This is to ensure that those readees keep coming back to this hot-line on a regular basis.

This style of psychic reading, however, does not consider the creative spirit of either the readee or the reader! The reader isn’t working with one’s own pictures and the readee isn’t having to do much work on oneself either. No growth is gained here. Not to mention it is dis-empowering.

An interesting observation I made was that it’s especially those people who have a large part of their energy vibrating in the past that are the ones most anxious about the future and seeking predictions. That is, they are working through some sort of heavy karma and have not as of yet awakened to themselves as a creative spirit in a body.

A readee who is seeking a quick prediction often does not realize that the future isn’t set in stone and that one can alter it by making choices in the present. He doesn’t realize that he creates his own reality through choices and beliefs in the present. Very few people also realize that instead of a prediction that promises great riches, fame and success, all one really needs is a simple healing.

The psychic reading style that does not consider the creative spirit, the soul or whatever you wan to call it, is lacking the most essential ingredient. Without such an awareness no true healing can occur.

Most people are unaware of themselves as spiritual beings and are unable to validate their own spirits. However, spirit, which is your own unique information, grows through validation. Your perceptions grow through your own inner validation not so much through validation that you receive from the outside. Outer validation can be a bonus of course, but can’t be leaned on at all times.

Sometimes, when processing invalidation, it can feel as though your hello doesn’t count, as though nothing works and all this energywork is just airy-fairy and plain useless, because there is very little outer world validation for it. Much of what we discuss about the world of energy is indeed subjective and depending on everyone’s own personal beliefs and perceptions, each of which are valid for that individual, of course, but here’s the one thing that always works miraculously: a spiritual hello! A simple spiritual hello is all that is needed sometimes to help heal someone and to help them back on track. It’s like a spiritual hug.

When you receive a hello on your spirit, an immediate healing happens. You will automatically be able to access the source of healing and well-being for yourself, the source of your own answers.

A simple spiritual hello to someone in a growth period is enough to give them a healing. No words, long explanations or theories are necessary. Just a graceful spiritual hello and one can immediately begin to access one’s own answers.

I have given many spiritual hello’s by visually looking at and validating someone on a spiritual level and witnessed the immediate miraculous effects of doing so each time. I have given spiritual hellos through thousands of scheduled readings as well as in impromptu everyday life situations.

I will share some examples with you …

One time, a few years ago now, I was doing part-time work in health care and I was working in a nursing home, caring for a very old woman. She had advanced dementia and was completely bed-ridden. That day she did not want to eat, but I was told by the senior nurse to continue to encourage her to eat. So I decided to check in with her on a spiritual level and give her a hello to see if a healing would make a difference. Her previously dull and lifeless eyes suddenly opened full of wonder and surprise. She now looked straight at me as though with recognition – she could not believe I could actually see her in her true form beyond the body. She then psychically communicated to me that she did not want to eat. I stopped trying to feed her and left her in peace after this.

Another time I was walking a woman with dementia, who had been wandering, back to her flat. She is a very sweet lady, very co-operative and peaceful, but very confused and usually does not make much sense when she speaks. Then, as we were walking, I suddenly saw a being out in front of me right outside of her apartment. She then asked me very clearly ‘who is it?’ I was astonished by her sudden responsiveness and presence; obviously, she too could see the being.

And last year after a bit of an unpleasant flight, when I arrived at the baggage collection area, I found out that my suitcase was missing and I wasn’t sure if I was ever getting it back! I then gave this whole situation a spiritual hello. I made sure to see the situation resolved and sent my gratitude to all those who were working hard to deliver my suitcase back to me. A few moments later I received a text message that the suitcase had been located and was already on its way back to me. While this wasn’t a hello to a living being as such it was still a hello on the energy of the situation and a hello to those that were in charge of this situation. This stressful situation became healed and resolved almost instantly with the help of a spiritual hello.

So the practical action steps to take are …

  1. Center yourself and get into a nice meditative space.
  2. Bring your awareness to the middle of your head.
  3. Visually see yourself out in front of you. See yourself grounded. See you energy moving. See your chakras spinning, aura layers flowing. See and sense.
  4. Enjoy the spiritual hello!

If you want to learn to center yourself and give yourself and others a spiritual hello, come and join the ‘Meditation I’ program. It is an ongoing correspondence program currently. There will be another series beginning in March. Look out for notifications!

When you touch someone’s life – it is a privilege. When you touch someone’s heart – it is a blessing. When you touch someone’s mind – it is an honor. When you touch someone’s soul – it is a triumph. When you touch someone’s spirit – it is a miracle. ~ Dr. Jeff Mullan

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16 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: Grounding

Grounding is a tool that is essential to intuitive work and runs through all the meditations in the meditation program.

Energy that doesn’t get grounded remains just that: energy. It has no legs to walk on and will simply swirl around without direction. No brilliant ideas or dreams were ever made real without proper grounding.

A wonderful use for grounding is to release any excess energy that you may be carrying around in your space. That same energy can be grounded in all sorts of other ways such as through the hands, through the incessant ruminations of the analyzer or by drowning yourself in the happy hour. However, at the meditation program we ground visually into the center of the planet.

Without grounding yourself and your own energy, you would be spaced out, scattered and leaking your energy all over the place. On the other hand, when you ground yourself, you become real and more solid. In a way, grounding is also a kind of protection from any energy that may want to push you around.

Put it this way, nothing really gets done without grounding.

The best and most brilliant use of grounding is of course grounding yourself. In addition, it can also be used to ground the room that you are in, to ground objects, events, ideas or even other people.

Here is a simple grounding exercise for you …

  1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and become centered.
  2. Imagine yourself as a simple figurine out in front of you. Don’t worry about seeing too much detail at this point, just intend that the figurine represents you. That is sufficient.
  3. Visually look at the base of your spine and imagine sending a grounding cord from there all the way down to the center of the planet. You can use a grounding cord of any texture or width that you prefer and that feels good to you. Some of the options are: a tree trunk, a rope, a cruise ship anchor, a waterfall, a laser beam, colored light or whatever you prefer. Play around with it until you find what suits you.
  4. Now take a few moments to simply allow for any old or excess energy in your space to begin to release down to the Earth. Notice how your body responds to this.

Say hello to your grounding! How does it look for you right now?

The miracle of grounding is that it can speed up manifestations. Here’s a true story of what happened to me in August in the summer of 2015 …

I had just returned from visiting my family back home in Estonia and upon arrival to London Heathrow airport I discovered that my suitcase hadn’t arrived with me. The airport staff told me that they did not know where my suitcase was and that they were working to locate it. Okay, that was quite worrying since I had only three days to prepare for my next long trip to India. So I was waiting for news on my suitcase, all the while unsure if I was going to receive it on time. Just two days before my trip, I was doing some energywork with an intuitive friend of mine. I imagined the whole lost suitcase situation in the form of a rose and gave it a good, solid grounding. I watched as any excess energy released from it and allowed myself to connect with a sense of peace that it will be found on time. And then, still right in the middle of this meditation, I received a text message saying that the suitcase had been found and that it was already on its way towards my address. Woo hoo!

Read more about the upcoming meditation program here. If you’re not quite sure of your next step yet, I would recommend the preliminary intro workshop to help you get started, which will be an excellent opportunity to meet others on the program and to get accommodated with the basics.

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8 May

10 simple ways to detox your energy this spring

Now that we are already well into spring time here on the Northern hemisphere the nature is aglow with a joyous celebration of bird symphonies, sweet fragrances of fresh blossoms and a rich tapestry of color all around us.

Wherever you look, everything is brimming with happiness and enthusiasm for the increasing amount of daylight. And as the days are getting ever more lighter and lighter, so are we letting go of heaviness and becoming lighter in our own inner landscapes.

The earlier months of this year have been very much inwardly focused in that we instinctively spent more time looking inward and examining old patterns and basically just preserving energy. We’ve done quite a bit of that deep inner work during the winter months that have passed as well as the early spring months of this year.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. ~ Lenn Clark

Now the focus is becoming more and more outward. We are invited to be more sociable, make new friends, get out there more, have more get-togethers and just have more plain old fun! It’s much easier to have fun and invite in joy when you have a toolkit for taking good care of yourself and your own energy. Do you know your own energy? Do you love and value it enough to take good care of it?

Springtime is just the perfect time for a detox. You may have already given your house a good scrubbing, but consider also your inner space, your chakras and aura layers, aka your energy field – it too needs a hello from you.

So if you’re like me and are ready for a detox from all the heavy-processing of the previous few months and want to lighten up, then here are some super simple suggestions on how to detox your energy completely without any effort whatsoever.

1. Ground yourself. This is the most important step in detoxing your energy, which is why I’ve put it at the top of this list. If you haven’t learned this one yet, then I highly recommend it: learn to ground yourself. By regularly grounding your energy into the center of the planet, rather than into your work, your bank account or your mother, you can effortlessly release anything that is not yours. Grounding makes you real. There is a certain magic that happens when you ground yourself. You ground by visualizing a grounding cord connecting the base of your spine into the center of the planet.

2. Meditate. It’s the perfect remedy for the hectic, fast-paced and energetically taxing everyday life with all its expectations, demands and responsibilities. Your meditation space is your rest and relaxation space where absolutely nothing is expected of you. Sitting in meditation for just 30 minutes or more in the morning every day is very healing and balancing and does wonders for your body, mind and soul.

3. Practice forgiveness. Holding grudges does nothing, but drain your energy and take away your enjoyment in life. It makes you unnecessarily fearful and guarded. Remember that we’re all just kids in a huge kindergarten and sometimes get it wrong. When you instead choose to forgive those who may have wronged you or made you feel like a victim, you automatically let go of any old toxic energy and free your space up to create, have, be and do more. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with those whom you need to forgive, but just let go of that heavy and toxic energy of unforgiveness.

4. Be amused. No matter what you’re getting up to and no matter how serious something may look on the surface, always find the amusement in it. This immediately lifts your energy, allows you to detach with love and to see clearly. The bonus is that amusement also makes you appear more attractive. Consider it your energetic face-lift. And it’s completely free.

5. Be in wonder. Always be as a child. Like an innocent three-year-old exploring a totally new world. Every day when you wake up remember to be in wonder and amazement about the magical creative being you are, how much you have already created and how much more you can still create. Be in wonder about all the endless possibilities, discoveries and adventures yet to be had!

6. Be in gratitude. The very simple rule is this: you manifest more miracles into your life by often giving thanks for what you already have. Besides it is a wonderful inspiring vibration to hold in your energy field. It feels good to be grateful. Make a habit of finding at least 10 things to be grateful for every day. Count your blessings!

7. Have a positive attitude. In a world where there is constant upheaval and drama happening every day a positive attitude is an absolute must. Being negative serves no one and is a journey down the rabbit hole into more of that same negativity. If you really want to help others and be a healing presence, simply leave your dramas at the door and just have a good time. Or better yet imagine putting any negativity you may have in a rose and blow it up. And poof! It is gone!

8. Give something. You don’t have to give much. You can start with simple things like a hello, a smile, a bit of your time, selfless service or the gift of your presence to someone who may be feeling lonely. Those things count. And if you are in a position to do so, consider also donating your time or money to charities or to whomever may need help and support. The most beautiful thing about giving is that giving like loving is its own reward.

9. Listen to music. Beautiful, relaxing and soothing music is both inspiring and healing. It automatically resets your energy and puts you back in balance in a way that obsessing, over-thinking and running around in circles does not. It is a meditation of the highest order and is simply the best way to lift your energy and to let go of any toxic energy you may have been holding on to. You know how good it feels after a really really great massage? Well, healing music has the ability to do the same without so much as even leaving your house!

10. Create something. Step into the creative flow and feel good! Having a creative outlet allows you to express and communicate yourself in ways that your words or your body couldn’t. You can get all those deeply held beliefs, ideas, feelings and otherwise suppressed stuff out of you in an easy and fun way. This will be extremely healing and detoxing for you. You could start with something simple like blogging, painting by numbers, pottery, drawing, coloring, knitting, gardening or any other creative pathways that appeal to you. Find your niche!

Have you had a detox yet? How about an intuitive session to get you started? Get a hello now!

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13 Mar

Surrender and trust

Surrender and trust is a big theme that we are exploring collectively within this year of 2015.

For everyone, there comes a time when they run out of answers, a sense of direction, certainty and even ideas. Instead of surrendering to the flow, one may be struggling hard to remain in control; especially if they are carrying a whole bunch of responsibility for holding it all together for others and for healing them.

Here’s the clue that you may be struggling unnecessarily: it’s when you feel like things aren’t going the way you wanted and you just can’t seem to let go of control. Another sign is a lot of frustration, anger and disappointment that comes along with it. This is actually the perfect time to surrender and simply trust in the flow and wisdom of your essence.

Surrender and trust are very soft and feminine energies. It is something women seem to be much more capable of having than men. Men and male energy tend to be more controlling. It can be challenging for men to let go of control and to trust in the Universal flow.

However, simply having trust in the divine intelligence that created you is a powerful prayer. Sitting in that space of trust is a state of grace. You heal both yourself and many others when you embrace that state of grace.

Remaining trusting, open and vulnerable even in the face of challenges and not withdrawing your love for yourself and others is the key to success. This is how you heal yourself.

Coming to that point where you have to let go of your illusion of control and instead surrender and trust may mean having to ask for help, directions and guidance. Are you ready to let go of the old picture of going it alone and instead joining others in a beautiful web of mutual support that surrounds us in every moment?

When you decide you are tired of struggling and choose to surrender you are not giving up. Instead you are like a baby who surrenders to his mother’s soft caressing. You are gently held in that love and there is truly no greater safety than this. Again, you may have to let go of the picture of you always having to be the super responsible grown-up.

Surrendering and trusting means that no matter what happens in life, what you need will always be there precisely when you need it. God is always on time. Time and timing is of the essence.

There is the life your ego wants, which may be a life of fantasy. And then there’s the life of your essence – living your divine purpose and fulfilling your divine assignments. You know you are on track when you feel inspiration and the joy of being. You can trust that the Universe always makes sure you stay on track by always giving you what you need instead of what you want.

It’s your choice how you wish to live your life, however, when you live exclusively from the ego you will quickly run out of energy because you are running on a limited source of energy. When you are running on the energy of your essence, you are running on an infinite energy source and could never run out of energy.

Break-down or burnout only happens when you carry around with you the heaviness of ego illusions and expectations. It’s when you cart your past around with you. In reality, that is what is being broken down and burned out. Bit by bit. All the way down to your essence, to that part of you that is really true about you. Your essence can’t be broken down or burned out, because it is real and infinite. Essence is pure love and joy. So say goodbye to what you are letting go of and hello to the more optimal version of you.

When you yourself are in and operating from essence and are being on your path – others around you immediately match to that. This is ‘being with God’ and is your highest protection. When you are in essence, you can trust that you are in good company. There is a grace and a smooth flow to everything in that and those who can’t match you at that level will simply move out of the picture. It’s the same reason why people have miraculous experiences and synchronicity around spiritual masters.

Surrender and trust may require you to let go of that perfect picture in your head that dictates how your life is supposed to be and instead embrace how it actually is without judgment. Perhaps then you may even want to play with the notion that you don’t have to do anything to become divine – you are already it.

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3 Mar

Grounding the new picture of you

You know that time in your life when you just feel out of touch with yourself and feel as though nothing fits? Your certainty seems to have flown South and not much makes sense.

Well, congratulations: you are in a growth period.

It seems to come every time you take a step forward for yourself. Maybe you’ve cleared a picture and are now ready to move forward. Or maybe you’ve had a powerful healing. Whatever it is, the essence of a growth period is this: you have made a change on the spiritual / creative level and are now simply readjusting to it on the physical body level. You are growing into your new mock-ups, the ones that you had asked / envisioned / prayed for whether consciously or unconsciously.

Probably the best advice I could give you for your growth period: enjoy it while it lasts since “this too shall pass.”

Really, take your time with going through your growth period, there is absolutely no rush to its outcome. You can trust that the highest most optimal outcome will reveal itself when you are ready and there will be plenty of other growth periods to come.

Most of us want the stability and security of knowing precisely what is around the corner, but in a growth period you may have to sit in that transition space with very little knowledge of where you are going and a whole bunch of trust in the creative powers that created you to begin with. Can you trust that you are loved and supported through your growth period? Maybe it is time let go of control so that others could help you? You might also consider letting go of that perfect picture in your head that dictates how life is supposed to be.

In a growth period you may feel as though you have lost touch with yourself, with your own answers while in reality you are simply throwing out the old picture of who you were and grounding the new picture of who you have become. In this process you may have to surrender to some unknown wisdom, the wisdom of your essence to carry you through your growth.

It’s okay to sit in a question. You don’t have to have an answer for everything. It’s okay not to know. Feel the softness of not knowing. The answer will reveal itself in its own time like a flower will bloom when it is ready.

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26 Feb

A healer, the problem solver

Do you find that people often turn to you with all their problems? Have you sometimes felt as if there were a sign written on your forehead that says: “It’s safe to share your pain with me and tell me all your secrets?”

If that sounds like you, then you are one of the natural healers. You have a knack for making people feel better about themselves. It may be that you seem like a good listener, but it’s also about the vibes you give off. People can sense your compassionate, non-judgemental and kind presence and intuitively know they can trust you.

As a healer you are constantly healing someone whether consciously or unconsciously. An unconscious healing is when you take on all of your healee’s burdens and make them your own. This can become very draining on you and makes it hard for you to live your own life. A conscious healing happens when you move your healing projects outside of your space and hand all the responsibility for your healee’s well-being over to the Divine healing powers. This takes some trust and skill.

Some requests for a healing can be gentle, such as an underlying feeling that you pick up from someone, you sense a cry for help. And some requests can be direct harsh demands as in the case of someone coming at you with strong energy for no apparent reason. These ones might even whack you for not giving them your attention, your answers and your space. You may notice ‘the whack’ as a sudden unexplained feeling of uncertainty, pain in some area of the body or just unknown anxiety about your worth and your place in the world.

As healers and empaths we tend to be keenly tuned in to the truth in situations and the people around us. You can’t get much past a healer who is tuned to one’s own truth. The conflict arises when a valance / a lie is put up to hide something, a truth. Sensing the underlying truth, a healer may end up taking on the pain that is perceived and try to fix it somehow. It is not the healer’s responsibility, however.

If you are aware you are a healer, I’m sure you know how it is and know how hard it can be to let go of responsibility for all the pain that you see around you. That responsibility seems to be ever tugging at your awareness: “Look at this! Fix this! Fix me!”

This is a good place to put down some boundaries. Get very clear on what is your space, your energy and your responsibility and what is not. If you go to heal an issue for someone who hasn’t asked for it you may end up getting whacked again and possibly even earning some karma as they may not have been ready for the change that you implied upon them.

The greatest healing a healer will ever perform is healing oneself. One must always look at one’s own issues, work with one’s own energy and give to oneself first in order to be able to give to others.

If a healing becomes problem-solving it stops being a healing altogether as it is then no longer coming from an intuitive spiritual place but the judgmental analyzer. It’s the mind that judges pain that we see as ‘broken-ness’ and wants to fix it. Sometimes people want to experience certain pain in their lives in order to grow from it. The mind may be asking to be rescued, but the spirit is always loving every minute of it.

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14 Feb

Self love is the key to abundance

Valentine’s Day is here and we are once again looking at the notion of romantic love in our lives and perhaps secretly fantasizing about having that special someone coming along and wiping us off our feet.

I imagine that like most people you want to have that wonderful, healthy and close soul mate relationship along with joyous, meaningful and supportive friendships. In fact, I’m sure you’d like all of your relationships to reflect those qualities. You probably also want to have constant financial security, a career that you enjoy, a thriving business and just a whole bunch of fun? If that describes you, then start by taking a very close look at the relationship you have with yourself to begin with!

All relationships you have with others and your creations are really a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Do you feel worthy of your own love? You create your relationships and mock-ups from that space of self love.

So are you treating yourself in a worthy manner? Are you being your own best friend or are you still treating yourself the way that perhaps your parents treated you? The way your schoolmates treated you? Are you pushing yourself too hard, being your own worst critic and berating yourself for imperfections that only exist in your imagination? Do you punish yourself harshly when you make a mistake or do you treat yourself with gentleness? Are you beating yourself up and whacking yourself for not being able to solve other people’s issues for them?

If you want to manifest a loving soul mate relationship or just have loving, kind and gentle relationships in general you’ve got to be your own best friend first. You may be very compassionate towards everyone else, but if it doesn’t include you – it is incomplete. You’ve got to be compassionate towards yourself in order to have the life that you want. Self love is the key to abundance.

Have you based your value on how much you are doing for others, how much you are running around for them and entertaining them? Maybe it’s time to let that picture go and instead realize you are a worthy Child of God, your value is infinite and you are already loved unconditionally simply because you are here.

Realize that you are a unique creature in all of creation that has never been before and never will be again in the same way. What fits for one may not fit for another. You’ve got to listen very closely to your own intuition to see what is really meant for you in life. And remember that this may be very different from the expectations of those around you.

This Valentine’s Day realize that loving others begins with you loving yourself. The more you can love yourself, the more lovable you will become to others and the more you will also attract healthy relationships to your side that respect who you are.

A good place to start loving yourself is by being gentler with yourself. You might want to ground any invalidating energy from your space and let go of any toxic relationships in order to create the life that you actually want for yourself. Consider this: who could you be healing by holding yourself back from truly giving to yourself?

Self love or Affinity is an energy that belongs to the fourth chakra, which is a spinning wheel of energy located in the center of your chest. It is also known as the heart chakra. Having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything else in your life. It is how you heal yourself and others as well as how well you relate to your body.

Loving those parts of yourself that you may have judged as unlovable in the past you integrate them back to yourself – you call back your energy. This is truly the pillar of true happiness, well-being and a sense of wholeness. In that state you realize that nothing needs to be fixed or changed, it just needs your love and acceptance.

So this Valentine’s Day step out of competition with yourself and give yourself the best gift ever: self love. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to all those wonderful gifts you want and that same energy will also spread around to others and heal them, too – effortlessly.

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29 Jan

Trust your intuition

“Oh, it’s just my imagination!”

Often I come across people dismissing their perceptions, intuitive hunches and experiences as ‘just my imagination’. But consider this: imagination, aka visualization, is the tool with which spirit communicates with you on a practical level. Night-time dreams or daydreams are an excellent example of that.

Intuition really is like a muscle that grows through practice. It grows through your constant validation.

That thing called intuition. It’s your soul. You can trust it. ~Unknown

The more you trust, pay attention to and validate your intuition, the stronger it gets. At first when you start listening in through meditation or simply by paying attention to it, your hunches might not always make sense at the time. But you will find out the truth further down the line one way or another.

Notice any energy in your space that tells you to explain away what you experience for yourself. Notice the energy that says you have to be able to explain what you are seeing. Throw that energy away – it is invalidating to your intuitive space. Only you can validate your intuition. It’s an inside job.

Your experiences, hunches, feelings and perceptions don’t have to be explained to anyone. They are yours and therefore only you can validate them.

Being intuitive is a very grounded business and requires you to be in the body rather than floating around somewhere. Your body is a very powerful psychic tool – it never lies. Sometimes in intuitive readings it might not make much sense to me what it is that I’m looking at, but when I communicate those images to the client, it often makes a lot of sense to them. I always pay attention to what my body is picking up as it is 100% accurately tuned in to the truth.

For example, when there is someone I’ve been in contact with, who went into growth and wanted some answers from me, I experience the energy of this person’s questions as pain in my neck. Since having to explain myself to someone could become toxic for my self-esteem, I always clear that out.

How much you trust your intuition really has to do with the communication between your spirit and your body, aka your affinity. Pictures that get in the way can be low self-esteem, self-doubt, mental-emotional-image pictures, someone else’s energy in your space and so forth. However, every time you sit down to do a professional intuitive reading, more layers of those pictures clear out, which is tremendously healing. Because of this I always feel very grounded (rather than spaced out) after readings.

Being intuitive means validating yourself. It is the recognition that you are good enough as you are, that your truth is valuable and accurate for you and that you don’t have to work so hard to get answers as they will simply fall into your lap when you need them.

Ultimately, being intuitive means being team-mates with your essence (aka spirit), your guides and God. When following and trusting your intuition you are constantly in harmonic and working together with essence. And when you yourself are in harmonic with your essence it has an immediate effect on those around you and brings them into essence as well. This is literally ‘being with God’ and is your highest protection.

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7 Jan

A clairvoyant looks at food

With the arrival of the new year people once again make all kinds of resolutions for themselves.

Typically everyone goes on diets, starts fasting and picks up exercise again after the indulgence of the holiday season. This is simply a good time to look at and reset your communication with your body.

It is a well-known Feng Shui principle that clutter in your external environment represents clutter in your inner landscape. Clutter in the fridge represents clutter in your eating habits as well as any excess energy that you may be holding on to in your digestive system. So have a look at what is going on in that fridge!

Food, like everything else, is energy – it has a vibration and can be looked at clairvoyantly. If you imagine a rose right now for the kind of food you currently include into your diet, what would that look like? Is it a pretty picture or not? If not, maybe it’s time to reconsider what you put into your body.

The kind of food you eat shows your communication with your body. The question is: how much do you really listen to what you body wants and needs? What is your body asking from you right now?

What is that on your dinner plate, is it GMO food or is it organic? I invite you to do an experiment to experience the difference for yourself if you haven’t done so yet. If you pay very close attention to what your body is saying you might get a thumbs up for organic, locally-grown, vegetarian food. It’s a matter of slowing down enough to listen to your body’s wisdom.

For those of you who don’t always have access to organic products for financial or other economic reasons, there are lots of precautionary steps that can be taken, such as soaking your fruit in water mixed with vinegar before proceeding to eat it and so forth. It only takes a little bit of research.

Meat and dairy products that come from living animals carry with it the energy signature of the animal. You may want to check in whether the animal suffered along the way for this ‘food’ to reach you. More often than not it did. That very suffering is contained within the meat and the dairy.

On the other hand, organic fruit, vegetables, greens and grains are less likely to contain toxic energy and materials since they grew directly out of the Earth. They were already grounded to begin with.

So you may want to check the energy of the food you eat before you proceed to put it into your body. If you are already self-aware, meditate daily and work on yourself, you may have realized that the quality of the food you eat starts with the kinds of thoughts and energy you allow into your space to begin with. It’s about your communication as a spiritual being with your body. Personally, I like to treat my body as a temple.

A while back, either out of pure laziness or lack of awareness, I used to use the microwave to heat up my food. Some research has shown that microwaving your food can be cancerous as well as negatively affecting your pineal gland. So I’m pretty selective about what I let into my body these days. In fact, I’m selective about all the energy, aka information, that I let into all of my bodies. For example, I wouldn’t watch movies that contain disturbing scenes of violence, excessive drama or heaviness. I wouldn’t put junk food into my body, so why would I put junk information or entertainment in it?

A good place to start becoming more aware of the kinds of foods that are most appropriate to your unique body type would be to get an ayurvedic nutritionist assessment. I would recommend ayurveda as an ancient practice that has worked well for me, but you might want to try a more contemporary nutritionist if that’s what calls to you. Listen to your body.

There is a reason why many world religions are based on vegetarianism and its principles and some that have fasting periods for a while so as to cleanse the body. Vegetarian food is healthier as well lighter on the body – it is truly the higher way. You don’t need to eat meat to ground yourself. A grounding cord can achieve that more easily. In the same way if there is a sense that your food may be toxic in some way, you can give it a grounding cord. Also blessing your food and expressing your gratitude for it to the Supreme Being highers its quality.

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17 Oct

About the psychic meditation class

In the psychic meditation class you sit comfortably in an upright chair, do nothing and use some visualization.

No unearthly contortions or physically difficult exercises are required here. This meditation is very gentle on the body.

It’s the space to just be.

In this space you learn visual energywork tools to help with grounding and moving your energy. With amusement you can learn to release heavy energies such as resistance, effort, stuckness and pain. Using the tools learned in this class you can begin to get a handle on that sensitivity of yours!

You receive validation as a psychic living in the the present day world and begin to really get to know yourself as a spiritual being in a physical body.

What is the purpose of all those tools like grounding, running energy and destroying roses? The answer is simple: it is about the relationship between you, the spiritual being, and your body. In this meditation you find where you are in relation to your body and the effect of that on your daily life. The tools learned in the psychic meditation class become your means to regain your space, amusement and a sense of neutrality.

This class is centered in you sitting in your own truth. When you first begin to use the tools and run your energy, anything that is untrue, impure and simply not you – will come up to the surface. And this is the whole point. Now the question becomes: are you ready and willing to drop that baggage or are you invested into carrying it along with you. The psychic tools taught in this fun class can help you to safely manage your baggage, release it and to find your own truth.

This meditation isn’t meant to make you feel a certain way – you may want to put that expectation, aka ‘a perfect picture’, in a rose and blow it up straight away. You haven’t failed if you don’t feel ultimate bliss at the end of your meditation session. The point of this meditation is to bring you to a space of awareness and acceptance about where you are, what is in your space and how you really feel. This awareness gives you the tools for your next step.

In the psychic meditation class visualization is used as a self-healing tool. Bringing yourself to a visual level means becoming neutral to your pain. The clarity of the images you see shows how much neutrality you can have. How much neutrality you can have is proportionate with how much inner peace you can have. It’s that simple.

A new-agey type yoga meditation teacher once said to me he didn’t think visualization was good, because it could encourage fantasy. But here’s the thing: visual meditation is not fantasy – far from it! On the contrary, it is realistic, because in that moment when you bring your awareness to the center of your head, you are actually looking at the truth. This takes willingness and openness to do so. From what I’ve observed, it’s those who want to remain in fantasy are the ones who shy away from visual meditation.

Self-healing tip: Right now go ahead and allow a color to show in your mind’s eye that represents you being centered, happy and in optimal well-being. Just take a moment and look at that color. Then also allow yourself to intuit what that color represents for you in particular and what you could embrace more of in your life.

Come and join me if you want to learn to meditate, want to practice your psychic tools, to just relax and connect with your energy. This is the space for you. The space to recharge, to revitalize and to just be . . . There are no expectations of you here. Just come as you are and have fun!

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