27 Sep

Where are you heading?

Who wrote the script to your life? Are you the one consciously choosing how to live your life and where you are heading by consciously changing the script every day or are you following someone else’s story? Are you consciously choosing where you want to go next or are you running on autopilot?

We are all run by the stories we tell ourselves, the pictures we carry around in our spaces and the programming we have accepted as our truth. Those may be happy and heroic stories or stories of sadness and victimhood. A happy story lives in the present moment while the victim story wants to predict future. If a story doesn’t feel good and doesn’t lead to joy, then it may be time to let go of that story. You have that freedom.

Often when pain comes up, people want a fortune-teller to make predictions about their future and have a guru hand them a clearly defined map for what comes next. The thing is, however, that the future is not predetermined. There is no set destiny that dictates where you are supposed to be heading and what you should be doing. There is no ‘should’ or ‘have to’ – those are simply limitations that come from expectations and demands from others.

You as a spiritual being chose to lower your vibration and to incarnate into this body in this particular time-frame in order to experience certain things here on the physical plane. You have a goal and a purpose for the lifetime. However, there is no set way in which to reach this goal – you get to choose how you want to play. You have an energy that is entirely unique only to you and only you can choose how you want to experience being in a body. Your body is your mock-up and only you have the power to choose where you want to go with it.

We ourselves get to choose what is around the corner for us. We can’t choose for others, but we can choose for ourselves.

Generally, what sets the tone for where you are heading is the energy in your space. It’s the choices you are making right now, the programming from others that you have accepted as truth, the images you visualize daily, the thoughts you think and the words you speak right now. It all really depends on what you bring your attention to, focus on and breath life into and that can all be changed through energywork, meditation and visualization.

The only way to begin to heal the stories that you tell is to step into full ownership of where you are right now. Only from this space of spiritual accountability can you truly begin to see and own what is yours and release what is not yours.

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13 Oct

You are already whole

There is a script we run in our minds, the story we tell ourselves about who we believe we are. It is based on both earlier life experiences as well as experiences we brought along with us from past lives.

This story may or may not coincide with your physical reality. In the case of someone believing and saying one thing and actually doing something completely different – these two realities do not match. We say: “He or she has no integrity.” However, we must meet them with compassion – because of unawareness they have not yet integrated all the different parts of themselves.

An integrated and whole being is someone in whom these two realities match. This is the true spiritual teacher. This individual is fully aware of his or her own different parts, has owned those parts and has realized their interconnectedness where both one’s perfections as well as imperfections make up a beautiful whole.

In other words, this being is in ownership.

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” ~ Salvador Dali

With this quote Salvador Dali shows that he has owned that instinctive and eccentric part of himself that is socially unacceptable, strange or even mad to others. Thus rather than being in fear or resistance to it he has healed himself by becoming neutral towards it. He has full awareness and control of that part of himself. This is mastery.

The following are some definitions of Ownership and its opposite.

  • Ownership: Owning all parts of yourself without judgement = Soul retrieval = Self love = A healing = Self-control = Centeredness = Mastery = True definition of Sanity
  • Blaming others: Dis-owning parts of yourself = Dis-connection = Soul loss = Dis-ease = Loss of control = Having no center = Madness

The society may be tempted to judge, and in extreme cases even reject, anyone too different from others. For the ego, the person may indeed not meet standards of perfection. To the spirit, however, that same individual may be successfully completing some old karma or some other unknown divine task. Not all makes sense or has to make sense.

So how do you recognize the true teacher? The following are some clues . . .

  • The true teacher says that you are already whole, that nothing is missing.
  • He or she leads you back to your center and to your own answers, but does not give you the answers.
  • He or she knows what to give emphasis to in relationships with others. The true teacher always looks for the underlying truth and holiness in everything, while others tend to go along with drama games, conflict and disagreements.
  • The integrated being is in constant communication with one’s own essence and the Supreme Being.
  • He or she says that you are enough as you are. You need not strive to become more you.
  • The master says that you need not go anywhere or do anything to have your own answers – everything you need is all within you already and comes to you just at the right time. Life flows on perfect divine timing of grace and needs no effort whatsoever.
  • The true teacher reminds you that you are loved. Your efforts are just as important to God’s plan as anyone else’s. Your part in the grand scheme of things is valuable and needed.
  • In the presence of an integrated being that which is unholy, not whole, not integrated begins to come up in others. It is natural for people to go into a growth period from simply being in the true teacher’s presence. The true teacher’s presence alone is a healing.

As an intuitive reader and healer I am very blessed to witness for myself in healings each time how people are self-healing, can already heal themselves and are in fact already whole, but may be simply unaware of it. I love to see wholeness and I’m grateful to each of my clients who have shown it to me.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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23 Oct

Own your Crown!

What a great phrase!

It may be empowering and even fun to consider that we all do indeed have a crown, namely: the Crown chakra.

The seventh chakra or the Crown is positioned right at the top of your head and is the home of your spiritual truth and knowingness. It is the chakra that governs all others – you set the tone from here.

Owning your crown or ‘ownership’ is probably the most important ability one can have: to be the king or queen of your own life. Do you see the connection here: being the king / queen and owning your Crown?

Now, for some people this may sound like permission to be the diva, but to most of us it is quite simple: owning up to your space and taking full responsibility for everything that you find there. Even if you’ve picked up energy from others that is not yours – it’s still up to you what you will do with it from here on. You can either continue to carry it around with you or you can choose to let it go. Grounding and running your energy facilitates this release.

Coming into and being in ownership gives others permission to do the same. When you define and own your space and get very clear on what is you and what is not – you will naturally begin to send back energy that does not belong to you. Thus you will be giving others the gift of returning them their energy.

Some people may not want responsibility for what is theirs. That is not your problem – send it back anyways. You can’t fix or heal problems that you yourself didn’t create: they can only be resolved where they were created in the first place.

When you show up authentic, you create the space for others to do the same. Walk in your truth. ~Unknown

When you hide behind a mask / a lie, you are essentially stepping out of your own space and allowing whatever else was commanding your attention to take up that space instead. That is: you go out of body in this situation. This is when someone is said to have ‘a mean streak’ or to be controlling. They try to control others since they lack control of themselves. A clairvoyant actually sees them not running their own energy through some part of their space.

If you have been stuck in hiding or quite literally ‘living a lie’, it’s by deciding to speak your truth, showing your vulnerability, expressing your true feelings that you ‘call back your spirit’. Besides, when you own your Crown you will naturally begin to seek the truth in everything. You will actually want to see the underlying truth in situations rather than buying into and getting carried away with masks and drama.

I really enjoyed this article named “Real is the new sexy”. Essentially, it talks about ownership. While I wholeheartedly agree with showing your true feelings and vulnerability, I do not however agree with the picture of pouring out your uncontrollable anger at someone. It’s okay to feel your anger and in this article there’s a great technique to use to help process it, but there’s definitely no need to throw your anger at anyone. If the anger you are expressing is not in present time (e.g.: it is based on projections), it can do more harm than good – especially in the case of highly sensitive individuals.

Watch this video to see Christian Pankhurst talk about healthy expression of anger.

Owning your Crown also means no longer following others, being your own guru and carving your own unique path in life. This is called Seniority. It means making the energy of your own unique spirit the most important energy in your space. Great healing happens when you do this.

And here’s the best thing: it’s hard to control someone who is in ownership.

This means inner peace. Personally, I even like to call the color of my Ownership (my Crown chakra’s unique color vibration) also the color of my Inner Peace.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2013

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27 May

Old vs. new

The old picture of a spiritual master is one of an Indian guru that meditates several hours a day in the lotus position, gives endless teaching classes / gatherings / sermons / lectures.

He has followers worshipping him and washing his feet, doing everything for him. He does not work himself, doesn’t earn a living through a 9-5 job. Does not earn his own money and certainly doesn’t even pay his own bills!

He spends most of his time out of body communing with the Divine. Then levitating in meditation and probably bilocating 50% of the time.

This individual, however wise, does not use a grounding cord.

Nowadays there is a new picture emerging and starting to find shelter and nurturing in people’s hearts. The picture that says: you are your own guru.

People no longer look to some wise guy who knows it all, instead they look within. They look for their own answers.

The moment you decide that your own answers are valuable and that you can have your own answers just like those gurus, you will have taken back your power to know for yourself. You will have owned your Crown chakra for yourself.

Owning your Crown means that now You get to be the boss, the king or the queen in your life. That it is your truth, your energy that gets to set the tone for your day.

So these days I’m seeing a whole new kind of spiritual master emerging. One who is grounded, honors and nurtures one’s own connection with the Supreme Being. One who does not depend on others for direction or answers. One who doesn’t need to lean on anyone since he owns what is his. He doesn’t need an entourage to feel important.

This person pays his own bills. Uses discount coupons in shops. He takes pleasure from being in body.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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31 Jul

Perfect pictures and affinity

We are constantly bombarded by the media with the perfect pictures of how we ‘should’ look.

Wherever we look various ads only sport the prettiest, tallest and thinnest models.

This may be even more pronounced at this time with the London Olympics underway where we see only the most statuesque, muscled and flawless bodies broadcasted via our TVs 24/7.

We are convinced that if we buy this or that product then we will be perfect or at least closer to it. This is, of course, to the advantage of the advertising companies who only want to sell their own products.

Here’s my playful idea: how about if we throw out the ideas about how we ‘should’ look and instead go right ahead and own our bodies for ourselves!

Yes, that’s right – we CAN own our bodies for ourselves.

Question is: do we have permission to do so? Have we been allowed by others in our lives to have space for ourselves, to be different. Do we give ourselves that permission to love our bodies just the way they are? All of these factors come into play.

What needs to be done is to have all other people’s ideas / pictures be cleared out of our bodies. If you ever look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, then you are not running your own 4th chakra info – your Affinity – through those parts of your body. Then there are also the 6th chakra perfect pictures, but that’s a story for another time . . .

The result of this is that you go unconscious in that area or in other words – out of body.

This can be remedied via clairvoyant healing.

A simple exercise I would suggest is that you stand in front of the mirror and allow any thoughts / feelings to come up about how your body looks. Observe what comes up, then pick one thing you don’t like and ask where did it come from? Who gave you the idea that your hair doesn’t look good? Who said you are too fat? Who unkindly judged you too short? Then visualize a rose and allow it to magnetize all those pictures out of your space, then just send it out to the Universe and explode it. Finally fill yourself up with the warmth and light of a Golden Sun – this is your own info / your essence . . . see it entering your body via your Crown chakra and fill you up all over, let it also radiate out into your aura.

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