27 Apr

Self-love leads you to your greatest joy

Sometimes you find yourself on the receiving end of judgement, invalidation or disapproval from others. Maybe it was something you said or did that triggered their insecurities, but it is certainly not something you are responsible for. It is not yours to fix or heal.

These situations are truly blessings in disguise since as a result of this experience you will grow and learn a whole lot more about yourself than you may previously have been aware of. You may notice that the degree to which you react to someone else’s projections directed at you is the degree to which you actually believe what they are saying. Or in others words, it is the degree to which you have lost your space and are matching their insecurities. If you are able to remain neutral here, then congratulations: it means you have cleared your matching pictures. On the other hand, if it seems like you’ve hit a wall, it is because your self-image is in some way hooked into how others see you.

As a result you might even get angry at them, since your expectations about how others should behave and act around you have been disappointed. You lost your space and your amusement. Not an issue in and of itself, but the goal is to return to neutrality and have your space back.

The truth is you cannot control how others see you, receive you or react to you. That is not your space or place to have a say in. Everyone makes their decisions and creates their own karma. It is between them and Source.

The healing step here is to move everybody else’s energy out of your self-image space and define it for yourself with the vibration of self-love instead. Then, no matter how many people are on your side or supportive of you, you can do your own thing, speak your truth, be true to yourself and not give a damn about what others think of you. What others think of you is none of your business anyway.

Self-love, seeing the value and worth in yourself regardless of whether others can see it or not is the mark of a true leader. This kind of leadership may not be about leading the masses, conquering lands or roaring like a lion. Rather, it is about the ability to quietly work on your own even when facing opposition. With self-love you are able to do the right thing even when all odds are stacked against you, because you have your space and freedom to be authentic and are not phased by temporary dramas.

The healing balm of self-love allows you to accept and embrace everything about yourself, not just the good and easy parts. There are parts of your beingness that have been hidden away in the unconscious for a long time. Old fear-based belief systems may have caused you to repress these parts about yourself as dark, evil or wicked. It is only with the nurturing light of self-love that those parts can come out to the surface and finally be seen, healed and owned by you. And as you own more of yourself, including the uncomfortable and the dark parts, you will be able to more easily let go of all those external power struggles, battles and disagreements with others where you felt you had to defend yourself. With your energy freed up from fighting with others, more of it will be available to you and free to use for creating something wonderful in the moment. You step out of competition with Source.

The greatest truth is that truly nothing about what others say or do is ever personal to you, especially when it seems like it is! Rather, everyone are having their own conversations with Source and more often than not, those conversations can happen through you. Validate that you are part of a greater whole that works and creates blessings through you. Your whole beingness in itself is a blessing.

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Photo: ‘Self-love’ / artwork by Tiia Lohmus / From the “Daily Healing Messages from Source” oracle card deck

25 Feb

The psychic child within

Many of the stern adults of today were once sensitive and psychic children. All children are intuitive and own their gifts with ease. However, as they grow older, they may not have permission to use their abilities and as a result lose touch with them.

Let’s be very clear: there is absolutely nothing woo-woo about being intuitive. The idea that it is something mystical or magical in a negative way comes from fears and limited thinking that have been conditioned upon us over the ages. It is an entirely natural ability that comes with being human. No extra effort required.

Put it this way, if you have a soul, then you are psychic. Simple as that. Using your ability means getting in touch with that part of yourself we call ‘the soul’ or whatever else you want to call it. It is of course much more complex than just ‘a soul’, but to simplify we can say it is that part of you that is connected with the source of all answers and is all you need for your healing and well-being.

The easiest and quickest way to access your intuition is primarily through imagination. You can also connect through sensations, feelings, sounds or knowingness, but imagination is the way that is most fun and natural. You may not think you are very imaginative, but if you can envision the simple image of an apple, then you already have what it takes to receive communication from your spirit. Now the task becomes to quiet the noise within and around you down enough so as to be able to hear the often subtle voice of your soul.

Daydreaming is a very fun and joyful way through which children access their own answers. They do this very naturally and without making a fuss about it. Children have not yet been heavily conditioned by those around them, so they allow their imagination and their spirits to wander and play around without restrictions. It is the fundamental curiosity and sense of wonder that drives them to ask the questions and receive the answers. Children are walking and talking geniuses and there is much we could learn from them.

Many of the adults today live their lives carrying around with them the fears, conditioning and the lies handed to them from their parents, authorities or other adults around them. These lies and responsibilities, that they accepted without any questioning, clothed them in an imaginary cloak of security, which was supposed to grant them success in life and keep them safe, but in reality has done nothing else than block them from seeing themselves and those around them clearly. The core lie here is that they cannot access their own answers and couldn’t possibly be psychic. The abilities are there, however, the only question remains: to which extent does any given person choose to use their abilities? Some people passionately pursue their intuitive capacity, while others may want to run from it and turn it off completely.

The basic intuitive skills class is the psychic kindergarten where your inner child gets a hello and you get the chance to slowly begin to nurture and turn own your natural abilities again. You get to be the child again and grow, play and have fun in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Next class series is beginning on March 11 at the Eastbourne Natural Fitness Centre. There are a few open spaces left. Click here to find out more and to ground your spot.

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28 May

Worry is a misuse of imagination

When you are in a tender growth period, stretching yourself in some way or moving through a transition space it can be easy for worry to come up. Understandably so, you may be concerned for your very survival.

By default, we all worry about everything: our health, finances, relationships, family, friends, work, our image and so forth. There always seems to be something more to worry and to feel anxious about. However, if you just can’t seem to let yourself relax and let go, you may have taken on a bunch of energy that is not yours. When energy gets in your space that is not yours, it does not fit in and simply gets stuck. In fact, if you don’t regularly release it through grounding or some other form of energy release, it can eventually cause some form of imbalance.

From a holistic point of view excess worry can be a result of the wrong lifestyle. Your body may be processing too much energy from either processed sugar, coffee, tea, wheat or other food that is aggravating your body and your nervous system. Also an unsuitable sleep-cycle or lack of sleep and overworking can cause worry. You begin by releasing any energy from your space that is not yours and then your body will release that energy in the form of bad habits. It takes quite a bit of commitment and consciousness to do this work.

From a purely clairvoyant point of view, worry is actually a negative prayer. What you worry about you draw to yourself and unconsciously manifest because you are investing your precious energy to it. The more you invest your energy and attention into something, the more real your source of worries becomes. Worrying itself does not actually solve any problems. Trusting and visualization do. By using your spiritual tools such as visualization, faith and trust you can consciously manifest what you actually want for yourself.

The vulnerable truth is that underneath worry is unhealed pain, an old traumatic experience. There may be very old stories of unworthiness, helplessness, rejection or abuse. To heal worry, it is necessary to connect with your pain and to release it. The source of all healing is love.

Worry comes in when we lose touch with the peaceful and loving ground of our being, the essence. Essence does not worry, feel fear or anxiety, because it knows it is infinite, that it has all the time in the world and that it can accomplish everything. Essence only experiences love. On the ground of your being you know you are already whole and need absolutely nothing from no one, because you are already whole. There is immense joy and fulfillment that comes from connecting with this inner wholeness. And there is truly nothing that can stand in the way of someone who is vibrating from such pure joy.

Worrying doesn’t solve tomorrow’s troubles. It empties today of its joys.

Worry can really be like an addiction. It can be hard to let go of and it appears to be justified. Truth is it isn’t justified. You can let it go. You can let grace deliver to you what you need in divine timing.

Instead of worrying, do what you need to do to relax, visualize what you want to manifest and trust … There are many ways you can relax: read a book, take a hot bath with relaxing bath salts and oils, meditate, imagine already having what you want, take time out, put on your favorite music, be silly and playful, create something beautiful and much more.

Join our meditation class to learn the energy work tool of grounding. Grounding is an essential tool for empaths, psychics and intuitives who are more sensitive to the energies at large than most people. Using grounding you can safely release any energy that is not yours and feel safe enough to visualize the kind of life you want again.

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21 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: being in present time

Bringing your awareness back into the present moment is the first step you take when you begin to meditate. This is often not an immediate event, but tends to be a smooth transition. You do this very gently.

When you start to meditate, you may have to take a moment to call your energy back into present time from wherever it may have been spread out to and from wherever you may have been handling something for yourself and others. Typically our energies can get quite scattered all over the place.

Your spiritual body is very flexible with the time-line and can travel across all directions of time with great ease, but if you don’t regularly ground and come back into present time, your natural body can become anxious. Bringing yourself back into present time is immediately healing and calming for your physical body.

Here’s the thing, everything occurs in the present time including your ability to see clearly. It will be hard to see clear images when visualizing if a large part of your energy is vibrating in the past or in the future. You need to reset your grounding into present time and create and destroy some roses in order to be able to see clearly.

With your awareness in present time and more of your own energy available to you – you will able to see clearly. And being able to see clearly you will be more easily able to heal yourself.

The pain in the physical body often acts as an alarm bell that brings you back into the present moment and that’s because the physical body itself is always in the present time. If you bump into a table, you will know about it. Being present to yourself effectively avoids collisions.

We tend to get anxious about the future or depressed about the past, because we typically either hold on to pain from the past or worry about potential dangers in the future. That is the instinctive animal mind and it is only human. Bringing your energy back into present time through complete surrender and trust you can heal yourself and regain a childlike innocence. You surrender to the Divine and trust that all your cares and concerns will be taken care of according to Divine will.

Practising grounded meditation can also require some discipline as you may need to let go of responsibility that isn’t yours and instead own what is yours. Not always a pretty picture, which is often why people go unconscious, pop out of body, drift away and either start guilt-tripping about the past or roaming through the future.

The only way through those ingrained tendencies is constant spiritual practice done with dedication and discipline. Negative tendencies are overcome with constant repetitions of new positive ones and a good dose of trust and surrender.

The present moment is all there is. Both he past and future exist only in our imagination. And the good thing with imagination is that if there’s something you don’t like, you can change it. In the same way you can heal the past by playfully re-visualizing difficult situations in a way as to empower yourself and by bringing your affinity for yourself back into present time.

Get back into present time with grounded meditation and join the Meditation program.

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25 Mar

Dealing with a psychic whack

Sometimes you say or do something that someone isn’t in agreement with. They don’t like what you are doing. They can’t whack you physically, so they whack you energetically. That is a psychic whack.

A whack can come from an angry person in traffic, in a grocery store line, it can come from a competitor in business and even a family member who doesn’t like you being too honest, for example.

It’s called a psychic whack since it is something you will definitely notice as a psychic: there is a change or a drop in energy levels, some lower energy has entered your space. Your aura may look out of shape.

You know you’ve been whacked when you’ve been around someone angry or angered someone and suddenly feel worried, nervous, anxious, awkward or out of touch with yourself. Suddenly you feel low self-esteem and are not quite sure why. You probably feel like you need to explain yourself or even defend your value or worth to someone. As if you had to apologize for simply being there.

Obviously, a whack comes from a space of anger, pain, unfulfilled expectations and demand. It comes from someone who is trying to stay in control and is a demand that you handle some energy for them, some energy they can’t or won’t handle for themselves.

Deep down inside it is really a request for love and attention. It’s a cry for help, they simply don’t know a better way to ask for it. This isn’t to say that it is okay to be whacked, but it just means that it isn’t personal. Nothing is ever personal.

The first step towards healing is to step out of resistance to it. Whacks happen. It’s nothing personal. From here on you have the choice whether to whack them back (not recommended) or instead forgive, realize it wasn’t about you and use your tools to heal and clear yourself.

So which tools can you use to handle an energetic whack? First of all, check that you are still grounded. Destroy a few roses or a lot of roses. Check that your energy is still running. Then run some more energy. Keep running your energy and destroying roses until you feel clear. You learn these invaluable psychic tools in the meditation class.

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13 Mar

Surrender and trust

Surrender and trust is a big theme that we are exploring collectively within this year of 2015.

For everyone, there comes a time when they run out of answers, a sense of direction, certainty and even ideas. Instead of surrendering to the flow, one may be struggling hard to remain in control; especially if they are carrying a whole bunch of responsibility for holding it all together for others and for healing them.

Here’s the clue that you may be struggling unnecessarily: it’s when you feel like things aren’t going the way you wanted and you just can’t seem to let go of control. Another sign is a lot of frustration, anger and disappointment that comes along with it. This is actually the perfect time to surrender and simply trust in the flow and wisdom of your essence.

Surrender and trust are very soft and feminine energies. It is something women seem to be much more capable of having than men. Men and male energy tend to be more controlling. It can be challenging for men to let go of control and to trust in the Universal flow.

However, simply having trust in the divine intelligence that created you is a powerful prayer. Sitting in that space of trust is a state of grace. You heal both yourself and many others when you embrace that state of grace.

Remaining trusting, open and vulnerable even in the face of challenges and not withdrawing your love for yourself and others is the key to success. This is how you heal yourself.

Coming to that point where you have to let go of your illusion of control and instead surrender and trust may mean having to ask for help, directions and guidance. Are you ready to let go of the old picture of going it alone and instead joining others in a beautiful web of mutual support that surrounds us in every moment?

When you decide you are tired of struggling and choose to surrender you are not giving up. Instead you are like a baby who surrenders to his mother’s soft caressing. You are gently held in that love and there is truly no greater safety than this. Again, you may have to let go of the picture of you always having to be the super responsible grown-up.

Surrendering and trusting means that no matter what happens in life, what you need will always be there precisely when you need it. God is always on time. Time and timing is of the essence.

There is the life your ego wants, which may be a life of fantasy. And then there’s the life of your essence – living your divine purpose and fulfilling your divine assignments. You know you are on track when you feel inspiration and the joy of being. You can trust that the Universe always makes sure you stay on track by always giving you what you need instead of what you want.

It’s your choice how you wish to live your life, however, when you live exclusively from the ego you will quickly run out of energy because you are running on a limited source of energy. When you are running on the energy of your essence, you are running on an infinite energy source and could never run out of energy.

Break-down or burnout only happens when you carry around with you the heaviness of ego illusions and expectations. It’s when you cart your past around with you. In reality, that is what is being broken down and burned out. Bit by bit. All the way down to your essence, to that part of you that is really true about you. Your essence can’t be broken down or burned out, because it is real and infinite. Essence is pure love and joy. So say goodbye to what you are letting go of and hello to the more optimal version of you.

When you yourself are in and operating from essence and are being on your path – others around you immediately match to that. This is ‘being with God’ and is your highest protection. When you are in essence, you can trust that you are in good company. There is a grace and a smooth flow to everything in that and those who can’t match you at that level will simply move out of the picture. It’s the same reason why people have miraculous experiences and synchronicity around spiritual masters.

Surrender and trust may require you to let go of that perfect picture in your head that dictates how your life is supposed to be and instead embrace how it actually is without judgment. Perhaps then you may even want to play with the notion that you don’t have to do anything to become divine – you are already it.

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11 Dec

Some thoughts on the true meaning of spirituality

On December the second world faith leaders made history and came together in Vatican to sign a declaration for the eradication of modern slavery.

That was a beautiful, powerful and inspiring event, an initiative by Pope Francis, that in itself symbolizes the great times that we are in. The times where individuals of all different viewpoints are peacefully joining together for a common cause.

Separation is no longer the name of the game.

“Dear friends, thank you for this meeting, and thank you for this joint effort that involves all of us. We are all a reflection of the image of God, and we are convinced that we cannot accept that the image of the living God be subject to the most aberrant trafficking”. ~Pope Francis

Read the rest of the Pope’s speech here.

We must recognize and act on the unconditional love and inclusion, which is at the very heart of each religious, metaphysical and spiritual teaching. It is up to us, who consider ourselves spiritual, to show the way forward for others who may still be invested into or confused by the separation game. We must make it our goal to end separation, fragmentation and exclusivity and join together to tackle issues that are much bigger and more pressing than our selfish squabbles over our differences.

Love, compassion and peaceful coexistence are the only way forward for this planet.

There is no harm in having many religions and faiths, but it is harmful to think that they are different and that one faith is higher and another lower. Do not see the differences, see the unity in them and the great ideals which they teach. ~Amma

I recently had a situation where I was confronted with having to pick a side. One was the side of a rather selfish young woman, who lacked compassion towards an elderly woman with a challenging mental condition, the other was the side of the said elderly woman. I followed my intuition and made it clear I don’t take sides and that I simply give compassion where it is needed.

If ever asked to choose sides, my answer is always the same: I’m on the side of truth, love and beauty. That is what I look for in everyone. That is what I bow down to.

There are a lot of ideas about what spirituality is. Truly, there is a very wide scope of interpretations. The following are some of the things I’ve learned along the way of my own unique spiritual journey that I have come to see as the very core of spirituality.

This holiday season put Christ back in Christmas and choose to give the gifts that keep on giving:

  • Compassion. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Realize that we are all on a journey and if people knew better, they would do better, including you.
  • Presence. Your presence is the best present.
  • Gratitude. Instead of expecting God to make life fit to your picture of perfection – be grateful for what already is.
  • Forgiveness. Forgive, forgive, forgive. If you hold on to toxic anger it is you who will suffer in the end not the person who may have harmed you in some way. You are not required to forgive the action that occurred, but simply to release the toxic energy of unforgiveness.
  • Selfless service. In the words of one of my greatest teachers, Amma, try to do at least one hour of selfless service a day. Food feeds the body while selfless service feeds the soul.
  • Say hello. Welcome the unwanted. Be quick to smile.
  • Charity. Spare some change for the homeless. Give to or take part in charity work.
  • Ownership. Take responsibility for your own space. No one else can come and fix anything for you. Only you can do that for yourself yourself. However, it is okay to ask for support.
  • Do not take anything personally. Seriously, there is no point in this.
  • Let go of responsibility that isn’t yours. Just as others can’t do your work for you, you can’t fix anything for others either.
  • Surrender. Surrender to the wisdom of your spirit and the Supreme Being. It is all happening in perfect timing and you just need to trust. Surrender to your beauty, your joy and your play. Recognize the Divine at the heart of everyone and everything.
  • Gentleness. Be gentle with yourself and others. Especially when you feel like lashing out.
  • Devotional practice. Devote some time each day to your spiritual practice. This can be from something as simple as meditation to something more elaborate such as mantra chanting or a ceremonial service to the Divine.
  • Simplify. Live a simple life. Less is more.
  • Live consciously. Recycle. Eat organic and vegetarian or vegan food. Treat the planet and its inhabitants with respect and kindness. Buy local.

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13 Oct

You are already whole

There is a script we run in our minds, the story we tell ourselves about who we believe we are. It is based on both earlier life experiences as well as experiences we brought along with us from past lives.

This story may or may not coincide with your physical reality. In the case of someone believing and saying one thing and actually doing something completely different – these two realities do not match. We say: “He or she has no integrity.” However, we must meet them with compassion – because of unawareness they have not yet integrated all the different parts of themselves.

An integrated and whole being is someone in whom these two realities match. This is the true spiritual teacher. This individual is fully aware of his or her own different parts, has owned those parts and has realized their interconnectedness where both one’s perfections as well as imperfections make up a beautiful whole.

In other words, this being is in ownership.

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” ~ Salvador Dali

With this quote Salvador Dali shows that he has owned that instinctive and eccentric part of himself that is socially unacceptable, strange or even mad to others. Thus rather than being in fear or resistance to it he has healed himself by becoming neutral towards it. He has full awareness and control of that part of himself. This is mastery.

The following are some definitions of Ownership and its opposite.

  • Ownership: Owning all parts of yourself without judgement = Soul retrieval = Self love = A healing = Self-control = Centeredness = Mastery = True definition of Sanity
  • Blaming others: Dis-owning parts of yourself = Dis-connection = Soul loss = Dis-ease = Loss of control = Having no center = Madness

The society may be tempted to judge, and in extreme cases even reject, anyone too different from others. For the ego, the person may indeed not meet standards of perfection. To the spirit, however, that same individual may be successfully completing some old karma or some other unknown divine task. Not all makes sense or has to make sense.

So how do you recognize the true teacher? The following are some clues . . .

  • The true teacher says that you are already whole, that nothing is missing.
  • He or she leads you back to your center and to your own answers, but does not give you the answers.
  • He or she knows what to give emphasis to in relationships with others. The true teacher always looks for the underlying truth and holiness in everything, while others tend to go along with drama games, conflict and disagreements.
  • The integrated being is in constant communication with one’s own essence and the Supreme Being.
  • He or she says that you are enough as you are. You need not strive to become more you.
  • The master says that you need not go anywhere or do anything to have your own answers – everything you need is all within you already and comes to you just at the right time. Life flows on perfect divine timing of grace and needs no effort whatsoever.
  • The true teacher reminds you that you are loved. Your efforts are just as important to God’s plan as anyone else’s. Your part in the grand scheme of things is valuable and needed.
  • In the presence of an integrated being that which is unholy, not whole, not integrated begins to come up in others. It is natural for people to go into a growth period from simply being in the true teacher’s presence. The true teacher’s presence alone is a healing.

As an intuitive reader and healer I am very blessed to witness for myself in healings each time how people are self-healing, can already heal themselves and are in fact already whole, but may be simply unaware of it. I love to see wholeness and I’m grateful to each of my clients who have shown it to me.

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23 Sep

Step into grace with Supreme Being communication

We all have those times when we feel so stuck that we feel alone and unsupported. Too often we forget our greatest friend of all: the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is always at your service and eager to help in any way that is needed. You just need to ask.

You certainly do not have to go it alone or do it all by yourself.

Do you often feel like you have a huge load to carry? Then you are one of the healers, going around trying to fix a lot of stuff for others. In other words: you are trying to walk in God’s shoes. Those are some very big shoes. You might want to get a size that fits you – your own.

Trying to solve someone else’s karma by carrying their pain is a form of self-abuse. It stems from a basic lack of faith in the Universe and the Supreme Being to be there and to take care of you as and when you need it. The moment you decide to let go of worry and begin to trust that you are taken care of – you step into Grace.

. . . a healing happens when you choose to trust life . . . 

Giving your concerns up to God you trust that the world isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing – it just needs your unconditional acceptance and presence.

Handing your concerns, issues and questions over to God doesn’t mean you give up any and all participation from life either. It simply means that when you surrender yourself to your creator you step into a state of ease and grace. It is probably the most powerful healing that can happen. In a state of Grace you are no longer efforting for things to happen as they begin to happen through you.

Prayer is communication with the Supreme Being.

Tip: The technique you can use is to imagine a rose, put inside it all your questions, issues, concerns and imagine handing it over to a huge golden sun representing the Supreme Being. If you are feeling up to it, you could also take a moment and see if the Supreme Being hands you another rose with answers to your questions.

Using the above technique you can also have help with manifesting something or getting to your Next Step. With the help of the Supreme Being you can finally begin to have all the wonderful joy, bliss and manifestations that you came here to have. As an example, not long ago I gave up to God my readiness for new clients. Just a few days later, a client appeared requesting God healing. I can share many wonderful manifestations like this!

For the majority of people, communication with their creator is colored by their religion, which is a set of beliefs established by others. This religion can make communication with the Supreme Being easy or a whole lot of effort.

It’s a good idea to begin nurturing your very own unique relationship with the Supreme Being. Through meditation and constant practice you can clear other people’s beliefs, programming and energies out of this communication. Doing so you can begin to have your own answers and have clear communication with the Supreme Being.

You can be sure that your prayers / mock-ups are answered and delivered every time. Just be sure to throw away any expectation about what you are supposed to be seeing or how they will manifest precisely. That is for the Supreme Being to figure out. If a mock-up of yours doesn’t manifest, then it wasn’t even yours to begin with. You may have been trying to manifest something for someone else; e.g.: your mom’s wish for you to become a dentist, which conflicted with your own wish to become a florist. Your essence and the Supreme Being always know what you need for you.

Tip: for no particular reason thank the Supreme Being for all the good things that are already on their way. Thank the Supreme Being for all the love and blessings that are around you and are available to you at all times. Then watch in amusement and wonder how these experiences begin to show up for you. Maybe even instantly.

So what is the color of your Grace today? Imagine a rose and give it a hello! Mine is a delicious, light, playful and soft apple green with a hint of blue and gold. I’m so grateful that I’m able to see, feel and run this energy in my space.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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19 Sep

I belong here

From mid-August through mid-September of this year I stayed in Southern India at the ashram of the hugging saint known as Amma.

This ashram, called Amritapuri, is located in the small fisherman’s village of Vallikkavu. I came here with the intention to experience Indian culture, tropical climate, being part of an international spiritual vegetarian community and of course: Amma’s hugs.

I came to discover a very high energy space where miraculous synchronicities, divine timing, meeting of very old friends, fulfilling outstanding karmic agreements, accelerating karma and being constantly lit up is ‘normal’.

Spiritual growth and working on yourself are Senior here. You come here to meditate, do some work on yourself and both to learn, to share and to teach wisdom.

Something I really got a hello on for myself here was a deeply held picture I’d been carrying around with me for a long time. It’s the picture that says: “I don’t belong here.” This is a first chakra survival picture and comes from trauma that occurred during the early formative years of my life. It’s the pain of my inner child and manifests as alienation, distrust towards other people, life experiences and God in general.

If there are traumatic experiences during your early years, and typically there are, then these will set the tone for the rest of your life. Early traumatic experiences are what control our whole lives. We have much fewer traumas as adults; that is, we are much less susceptible to trauma later on. So we go through our lives making choices based upon these early traumas – trying to avoid similar situations from recurring. Essentially, like little children, we are trying to protect and shield ourselves because of fear. And very often unconsciously so.

First chakra processes these instinctual fears. It is the home of your survival information, male sexual energy, obsessions, sleep and hunger signal and your ability to heal yourself at the physical body level. You ground yourself from the first chakra.

Having unresolved issues in the first chakra will cause alienation from your family and community, feeling isolated and unsupported, insecurity, feeling sexually unattractive (men), aversion to running male energy and having difficulty grounding yourself.

But here’s the thing: you have to be grounded enough to be able to love yourself. If you are not grounded, how will you know what in your space is yours and what is not. You won’t know what you need to own, love and nurture in order to heal.

Someone not in ownership of his first chakra will tend to take on a lot of responsibility for others. That is, instead of healing themselves – they begin to heal everyone else instead. Insecurity and low self-esteem is the the constant companion of such a person. For men this also means having a hard time manifesting a healthy sexual life as male sexual energy is probably suppressed.

However, you may rest assured that your responsibility at all times is working on yourself and on your own pictures. Of course you can have compassion for others through their growth periods, but you are not responsible for carrying anyone else’s stuff. Realizing this and coming to ownership of your first chakra can make you your own best healer.

Healer – heal thyself. As if there was any other way! You heal yourself by giving to yourself. A joyous day is not something you get from others, it’s something you give to yourself. The only question is: can you have that?

As your own best healer you can begin to allow yourself to receive nurturing from others, to give yourself that exercise regime you’ve always wanted, to change your diet and even to change those old bad habits. You will be very very gentle with yourself no matter what life throws at you and you can begin to trust yourself to handle those uncomfortable emotions in your relationships without ever needing to become defensive. As your own best healer you accept yourself, you see your value and you know you deserve gentleness.

Having a healthy first chakra means having a deep sense of trust in yourself, others, your life experiences and the Supreme Being. Imagine what you could achieve, the amount of joy and bliss you could have with that level of trust! Imagine if everyone were able to be in that much trust! That would be heaven.

Everything happens on divine timing at all times – there are no accidents. Let go of expectations, step out of resistance and effort. If a great thing happens, then it was its time. When a not-so-good thing happens, it is probably helping you in some way. Be in gratitude no matter what.

So during my one month stay at Amma’s ashram I unearthed some deep pain. And it was uncomfortable at times. But then I looked around and felt the loving embrace of a community where there was permission to be completely unique, different and a little odd; where you’re not the only one who feels crazy because of your devotion to spirit. And as I dug deeper and looked more closely within, underneath my old pain I discovered a beautiful gem, the realisation that: I belong here.

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Photo: ‘Letting go’ / Flower Story’s Facebook page