30 Sep

Handling stuff

Are you having a hard time finding even a tiny spark of enthusiasm in your Universe because you are so weighted down by all the stuff you are handling?

Be amused by that! This is the first step towards healing yourself. Grounding is the next step. Then comes running your energy. These are the tools you can use to release excess baggage and get in touch with yourself. You can learn these tools in the meditation class.

Is the stuff that you are presently handling even your own? Take a look! It could be something you may be trying real hard to solve for someone else. When someone comes at you with strong energy, maybe arguing with you, throwing blame and responsibility in your direction or perhaps even using a disrespectful tone of voice – it is really a demand that you handle whatever stuff had come up for them. It is, of course, not your responsibility. He or she is trying to meet some need through you. It’s not personal – it’s simply a call for love.

If you ever feel uncomfortable hearing someone expressing beliefs that contradict with your own, are in resistance to someone who is unwell or often get into arguments with others – you are taking on too much responsibility for solving whatever pain you encountered in them.

Whenever you take something personally, you are really taking responsibility for solving whatever the issue was that was presented to you. However, it is wonderfully liberating to realize that it is not your responsibility to solve all the pain, questions or dissonance you see around you. Have confidence that there is divine justice at work at all times, that you are loved and revered for who you are and that your contribution counts. A lot. You become a healing for others when you realize that everyone’s on a journey and that nothing they say or do is ever personal; even if it seems like it at the time. You just need to find what got triggered for you, then go ahead and love and embrace that piece of you with every fiber of your divine being. You are oh so very lovable.

The most compassionate thing you can do for someone who has lost his space is to create a space for him to be seen and heard, gently guide him back to his center and connect him to his own answers without becoming the container for his pain. As a responsible healer you may feel like you’ve failed if you haven’t been able to put a smile on everyone’s faces, but it might be of help to hear this: you always did your best, you always do your best, you did nothing wrong and no, it’s not your fault that others suffer.

There are better ways to handle those energies than to carry them around in your space allowing them to make you sick, unfocused and scattered. Yes, you guessed it: go on a date with a pink elephant. Or if you can’t find one, you could also try grounded meditation. In meditation you can learn to get a handle on those energies and learn to safely and effortlessly release anything that isn’t yours.

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21 Aug

Whose game are you playing?

Life really is like a playground and we all play our own game here according to our own unique wants and needs.

Some of you are more skilled at fulfilling those wants and needs for yourselves while others may need more practice. The question you could ask yourself is: do you feel good about who you are being? If not, you may be playing someone else’s game. Someone else’s game may or may not be a good fit for you, however, you can choose to play your own game.

So what is your own game?

Your own game is one where you get to create your own rules as you go along, to choose what it is that you want for yourself, to choose what energy to run through your space, to do your own thing, to fulfill your own needs, to have plenty of space for you to be you and to feel good about yourself.

Your own game is valuing your own energy, questions, issues, blessings, perfections and imperfections – and loving it all. And yes, you do have permission to have issues – by all means.

Your own game is one where you get to feel loved, it treats you lovingly. It means loving yourself no matter what even if at the time you seem to yourself unlovable and unacceptable. When you do encounter energy in your space that tells you that you are not lovable or acceptable – clear it!

Someone else’s energy and pictures in your space may be dictating to you who you should be and what you should be doing with your life. The ‘should be’ is the clue: anything that comes with a ‘should’ / ‘have to’ is clearly a perfect picture and most definitely not your energy. It’s just something that you picked up somewhere along the way. And there is likely also some very old pain of yours underneath that.

Sometimes people come at us with strong energy and we can be confused about what to respond to. Maybe expectations, judgment, demand, invalidation or pain is thrown at you for you to resolve and maybe it can even seem personal. Someone in ego reactions may trigger the same in you and may want to get personal. However, it is truly never ever really personal. Just notice the place that you respond from. Then make a clear choice to respond from your center.

You always have choice as to how to respond: you can choose to play your own game. You can choose to play the game of love.

Through meditation you can check in with the pictures that run you. If some of those pictures don’t feel good to you, maybe it’s time to reclaim your seniority and create your own pictures – ones that actually feel good to you? Most importantly, define yourself – someone else’s definition of you can’t and won’t make you happy. And besides, your body is designed to run only one kind of fuel and that fuel is You. The cells of your body yearn for it: your own unique spirit.

People play all kinds of drama games that they enjoy and grow from, games like competition, fear, intimidation, dependency, victimhood, resistance and control to name but a few. Whatever it is, you can choose if that is the game for you and whether you actually want or even need to play along. If it is, maybe you want to go along for a bit of growth. However, you always have choice about how far you want to go. This is where Seniority comes in. You are always Senior to any energy that may want your attention and space and you always have choice if that is what you want for yourself.

Feel free to pull your energy back and out of anything that does not feel good to you or that doesn’t give you back. Feel absolutely free to politely excuse yourself and walk away from anything that does not serve your highest good.

When you bring your awareness to the center of your head and visually run your energy – this is how you are asking your own questions, being Senior and playing your own game.

A wonderful psychic tool you can use to keep out energy that you do not want in your space is a separation rose. It allows you to remain in your center and to keep running your own truth.

You can effortlessly set the rules of your game by visually creating a mock-up for what it is that you want. You don’t have to play along with anything that doesn’t value or respect you. Yes, you do have a say about what gets in and your responsibility is only your own space.

Tip: Join the meditation class to learn all the wonderful psychic tools mentioned here.

You heal by owning your space where you are. What got in, got in for a reason. There is no one to blame. Somewhere along the line is your pain, maybe very old pain, that says you are not deserving of all the good things, that you are selfish to be the center of your own Universe. This is a lie.

Don’t look for someone else to come along that will approve of you playing your own game. You may actually be challenging quite a few of those that would much rather have you play their game. This won’t be an issue when you allow for your validation to come from within. Depend on no one. Be your own best friend.

You’ve got to know you have value in order to be able to change the game for yourself. You change the game every time you use your psychic tools such as running your own energy, destroying a rose and consciously choosing which way you want to go and what you want to play along with.

Some people, especially those who may have grown accustomed to you to being their healer, may be in resistance to you changing the game to play by your own rules. Don’t let that bother you – just carry on changing the rules for yourself!

And finally, can you trust that you are safe no matter what? Can you have permission to release any energy that isn’t yours? Maybe it’s time!

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18 Jul

Responsibility and the healer

Some of the characteristics that describe the natural healer are high sensitivity, boatloads of compassion for others, a desire to help and typically very little outer validation for those qualities.

Does that sound like you? If so, then you probably already know how easy it is to take on a sense of failure from those around you for not being able to heal them. Or at least, for not being able to ‘fix’ them.

Who said it was even your responsibility to fix them to begin with? Perhaps it was the pain that you intuitively picked up in someone’s energy field that was crying out for a hello and wanting you to be the one to clear it for him.

Whether aware of this or not, people have a built-in radar system that seeks out healers and can intuitively recognize one. Most people, however, are unaware of this, so it becomes the task of the healer to become self-aware and to learn to value oneself and one’s space more. Grounding is a wonderful tool that you can use to safely release any toxic energy from your space.

The less self-aware someone is, the more she throws around responsibility and blame at others. That is, she is unable to be in ownership for her own experience and seeks out someone else to dump it all on. After all, isn’t that what the healer is there for to fix her and to take away all her pain, right? Wrong! This individual does not understand the mechanics of true healing.

The truth, however, is that all healing is in reality self-healing. A person heals because they want to and are ready for it. No one from the outside can influence this process. A healer can only act as a facilitator.

As a healer it is not your responsibility to carry and to heal the pain for others. It can be especially easy to take on the pain of an invalidator. Someone occasionally comes along with strong energy who will try to invalidate you and throws a lot of pain and responsibility in your space. As a sensitive and compassionate individual you might automatically take it all personally and begin to feel that you’ve failed them. This is a lie.

Others only come at you with strong energy because they either want you to heal them or they are trying to control you. It is never ever personal.

Someone else’s drama is never personal. It only becomes personal when something lights up in you – that something is the hook. Find the hook and clear it.

Your only responsibility really and truly is you, yourself, your own space and your own pictures. Sometimes it can be unclear whether a picture / energy in your space is yours or belongs to someone else, however, what is absolutely clear is that it is entirely your responsibility either to own it or clear it. No one else’s. The moment you blame someone else for it – you give away your power, responsibility and freedom to clear this picture for yourself. If it’s in your space, it got in for a reason and it is your responsibility.

Blaming someone else for your experience you are giving away your power. Owning your experience you become the master.

Whatever goes on in your life is there by an agreement and the agreements are there to grow from. You can get a hello on those agreements in a clairvoyant reading or a healing session. When you learn what the growth is, you can have more freedom in choosing how you wish to grow into your next step.

When you are in full ownership of your own space and pictures – no one can control you. If you ever feel like someone is trying to control you, then just find and clear the picture that lights up and be in gratitude to them for lighting it up for you. It is gratitude for no matter what life puts in front of you along with the energies of amusement and non-resistance that pave the way towards regaining your space and healing yourself.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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12 Jun

Choosing to have value

Do you often feel pressured to say ‘yes’ even though really you mean ‘no’?

Do you get drawn into activities or events that you know are not for you and yet you still do it, because along the way you distrusted the voice of your intuitive guidance?

In the whirlwind of other people’s agendas, expectations and demands it can be easy to lose sight of one’s own innate value at times and thus also a sense of autonomy.

We forget we have that choice in life: we can choose to feel valuable and walk our own path or look for validation from others and as a result feel like a victim of other people’s choices, circumstance or even ‘fate’.

For the more sensitive ones low self-esteem is a well known companion. It comes from having little to no validation from those around them. One has to find that validation from within. Not always easy, but much more rewarding when looking from the bigger picture.

When dealing with the energies of invalidation and control, one can start to feel victimized. In that moment it is essential to recognize you have value and thus validate yourself.

Here’s the thing: your essence, your guides, the deities or the Supreme Being would never place demands on you to be doing something that you do not really want to do or follow a path that is not in your highest good. Those demands come from the ego fears of those who seek to control others. Spirit’s guidance is always loving, gentle and supportive. If deep down inside you feel something isn’t for you, then you should trust that feeling.

Choice is a very powerful tool: by simply choosing to feel valuable you can regain your space and have your autonomy back to yourself rather than be thrown around by other people’s expectations, demands or needs.

When you start to see yourself, your choices and intentions as valuable you can more easily let go of toxic energies such as invalidation, control and judgment. You can make your own choices about which direction you want to go in life. You can choose how you wish to spend your time, who you want to spend it with and where – without needing to make any excuses or having to explain yourself to anyone.

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20 May

Visualize wellness

Did you know that worry is a form of prayer? However, it is of the negative sort and will create more of what you don’t really want. Instead of worrying you could use visualization.

Your visual ability creates your life experience. Everything that happens in your life is what you agreed to in some way and have envisioned for yourself. Visualization is a spiritual ability – spirit creates through images, pictures and visions.

Here’s the thing, we are so accustomed to seeing ourselves as the victim that at times it may seem useless to even try to change that picture for one of empowerment and wellness. Do you have permission to see yourself in wellness or do you only receive validation from those around you for seeing yourself stuck or as a victim?

You can use visual meditation to see yourself in wellness. Visualization is very powerful. When you create a picture this visual picture acts as a power command to your personal Universe that “this is what I want more of” and your experiences will be ordered around it.

When visualizing doubt can sometimes come up that says your visions or intentions don’t work, that they are impossible to achieve or that it is “just your imagination”. If that’s the case then you’ve picked up invalidation from someone else. Maybe you feel like you have to be able to explain to others what you see for yourself? However, the more you can validate your own vision – the more it will grow and the more you will learn to trust it.

Your visions are based on your own truth. Your own truth does not need explaining or defending. Your own truth is the best fit for you, your body and your well-being.

Spiritual wellness is a good relationship or a state of affinity between you the spirit and your body. It means having clear communication with your body, trusting and validating it.

You can bring spiritual wellness into your life simply when you pick up the daily habit of meditation. Through the gentle meditation practice you can let your body have well-being by using grounding to release resistance, effort or any other toxic energy. Grounding gives the body safety and security. Other great techniques you could use to nurture your body can be running Earth energy through your leg channels and visualizing all your chakras spinning in a harmonic with each other.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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14 May

Keep your amusement

Sometimes you go into doubt and you lose your space. Maybe some invalidation has been whirled in your direction? And maybe on some level you even agreed to this.

But how do you respond to that? Is it a terrible tragedy: “Oh no! I’ve lost my space! Now what do I do?” Or is it a wonderful opportunity to grow? Maybe it could even be a whole bunch of fun like: “Oh look, I’ve lost my space. Yay!” Kind of like a wonderland adventure into an entirely new part of yourself, one that you may have been in resistance to.

Here’s the thing, you remember and you forget. Remember. Forget. You find your center. You lose your center. Find your space. Lose your space. This the divine dance that we dance and it is the only one. Truth is, the center is never lost, but we need that illusion to grow.

The shadow sometimes comes up and out of its hidey hole. We all have one. You can bet it’s not pretty. Occasionally you meet your shadow, maybe feel a little scared when you do, but eventually you realize it is the lie. The center is the truth. Beauty is the truth. Love and wellness is the truth.

When you do lose your space you may erroneously believe you’ve done something horribly wrong. This is what the perfect picture wants you to believe. The perfect picture puts on the mask of seriousness and just plain spoils all the fun for everyone. But no matter what you believe you may have done wrong in life, whatever you feel guilty about – you are essentially innocent like a playful child. Imagine life as a kindergarten: you have permission to play, learn and make mistakes. So play, learn and make many mistakes. We’re not here to be perfect: we’re here to be our own unique selves. Besides, if you don’t learn from your mistakes this time around, there will be other opportunities. There is no rush.

So, whatever comes up – keep your amusement. It will help you to regain your space as well as your neutrality. A good way to become amused that has worked really well for me is putting on fun music that I can dance to in a silly way. Other ways that work for me to blow that perfect picture of seriousness are: watching a comedy show or movie, making up jokes or silly stories, letting my inner clown out, goofing around doing nothing and meditating.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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25 Mar

Feeling good

This may sound trivial, but we all need a reminder sometimes: the point of being alive isn’t to suffer, being in body isn’t all about pain.

Yes, being present to your experience requires that you authentically own and feel all your feelings, whatever they may be at the time, but that is so in order to be able to release them. There’s no need to dwell on pain.

There was a time in the past when suffering was given Seniority over happiness and feeling good. This is an old religious picture and still runs rampant even in today’s modern society. However, suffering is no longer the spiritual way to grow anymore. The picture of a successful artist having to suffer for their creative genius is out-dated. Nowadays we grow through joy.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~Author unknown

It can be easy to match to the misery we see around us at times, but you are not helping anyone if you lower your energy and go into a space of fixing for others. Just saying hello to someone’s spirit is effective enough to start a healing. And always bring your attention back to yourself, your own life, your own questions and path.

Spirit truly grounds best into a body that is happy and feels good. You heal yourself by choosing to bring in amusement, play, fun and joy – that is the stuff that your spirit is made of. From this inspired space the possibilities for what you can create are endless.

Your body welcomes your own energy, the energy of your own spirit, aka your own Truth. Any energy that does not belong to you simply does not fit. And you’ll know you have taken on something when you feel ‘out of sorts’.

Quite frankly, your own energy is who you are when you are feeling good. Being happy you are in your natural flow. Unhappiness comes from having for a brief moment forgotten how to be in the flow, maybe someone else’s energy got in. You come back to it simply by remembering who you are and letting go of any energy that isn’t yours.

Every day I choose to be grateful to Supreme Being for all the wonderful growth that’s come my way and I realize that even though a part of me doesn’t always like the growth period – my spirit is having a heck of a good time regardless! In fact, the more challenging the growth is, the more my spirit enjoys it. Easier growth has probably been done too many times before and it has lost its charm.

So to help you to bring in the energy of feeling good, here is my gift to you: a meditation on Feeling Good. Enjoy!

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Meditation on Feeling Good” price=”10.00″ file_url=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Meditation-on-Feeling-Good.wma” thumbnail=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GoldHibiscus-RESIZE.jpg” description=”A springtime meditation to help bring in the energy of feeling good!”]


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6 Mar

Is doubt throwing you off your path?

In life there really is the most optimal path for everyone.

Let’s call it simply ‘your path’.

This is when you are being your truest, most authentic self. You are in affinity with yourself and all that you are. You are running your own energy. It’s who you are when you are feeling good. There is no doubt.

For me it’s when I’m daydreaming and letting my creative energy run freely that I am most in Affinity with myself.

Sometimes, though, doubt comes into the picture and you might get thrown off your path. This is the storm: all kinds of emotions can come up that do not reflect who you really are. Once the storm is over, however, the truth of your being will come forward once again.

What is true love? It’s not about you getting everything you want, it’s about you getting everything you really need as a growing spirit in a human body. The Supreme Being, the Universe, your guides will always assure you remain on track with your own growth and receiving answers to your own questions. Things may be unclear to you at times, but they are very clear indeed to your guides, the Supreme Being and the Universe. Same lessons repeat so that you can grow and learn. That is the meaning of true love. Your divine creative intelligence forces are always making sure you are getting exactly what you need. Just be aware that you may not always know what it is that you really need.

Doubt shows up when somewhere in your energy field you are not running your own energy and you have gone into uncertainty. This is where you have lost touch with your own truth and have given away your space and Seniority to someone else’s energy. Consider the image of a spanner thrown into the works. Or a tree branch in the bicycle wheel. It slows down your movement and flow. Maybe even making you feel hesitant and resistant to move forward.

Your energy can’t run freely and neutrally with someone else’s energy in your space. Especially when that energy is invalidating your truth.

Having someone else’s information in your space always comes down to low self-esteem. Maybe you weren’t able to create proper boundaries with this person for whatever reason? Often the reason is precisely because that other person didn’t want you to have those boundaries. You may be healing them, feeling responsible for keeping them safe. When you do eventually decide to reclaim your energy you might get some reactions. This is not your responsibility, however – how others behave is their responsibility and karma.

As an example, I was keeping myself from experiencing community and togetherness as a healing for a family member who couldn’t have this. I decided to do some energy work to raise havingness for “well-being within a supportive community”, which worked immediately. Soon after this person became outright abusive towards me and I realized I had to end this contact in order to have my energy back.

Here’s something to keep in mind about healing others: you can’t carry their pain or lessons with you. If you try to do this, you will simply end up prolonging their learning and growth. You can’t save anyone. Healing isn’t so much about carrying pain for others as it is about being able to heal yourself. To the degree that you yourself can have a healing – you can give a healing.

If someone comes at you very strongly with demands that you agree with them and do what they want, it is really a demand that you be the one to heal them. At times people may attempt to control you to get what they need out of you. You giving away space to someone else’s truth is a way that you allow yourself to be controlled. This is quite literally another being, whether in body or out, trying to occupy your body. You can go heal yourself by going into amusement about this and making necessary separations. You don’t want someone else’s truth in your space because it can make you sick. You could never get ill from your own truth!

I’ve noticed that the biggest pain of my life and illness always came when somewhere along the line I stopped living my own truth and had been following someone else or had given away Seniority to someone else’s truth. And without fail I always recovered from this as I began to value my own truth again. My own truth has never made me ill. In energywork meditation it is the technique of running your energy that facilitates your healing and clearing out any stuff that isn’t yours.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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3 Jan

Create happiness in 2014

“Happy new year!”

What a wonderful way to start a new calendar year with: everyone celebrating and wishing happiness upon each other.

It is also my sincere and heartfelt wish that happiness be yours this year and every year. May this year bring you closer to your truth and to that which is unshakably joyous within you.

At the turn of the year, at mid-night on New Year’s Eve, we celebrate the change with a bang of colorful fireworks displays and balloon popping – and rightly so! These are symbolic for all that we want to release.

‘Destroying roses’ is a technique used in energywork for precisely the same purpose: to release the unwanted. By destroying the old we make space for the new. This is the true celebration of change and one that can carry on all year through.

Self healing tip: Imagine a huge beautiful rose in the sky. See yourself putting inside it all that you are done with and then just destroy it in a brilliant explosion of color.

We leave behind the old and turn a new leaf, so we can start all over again. So we can have a fresh new canvas to paint on. With spirit on our side the possibilities for what we can create are truly limitless.

According to the insights I’ve been getting from the Supreme Being, 2014 promises to be quite a groundbreaking year for spirituality. Lies will be revealed and more of the truth will be coming forward. Hurray to that!

In 2013 many people came to me who were struggling with depression. As I looked at the energy and conditions that caused it, I was truly amazed by how they were all basically the same in nature. The following tips are based on my observations and are some useful steps you can take to beat the blues.

19 easy ways you can create more happiness into your life in 2014

1. Get outside often to get fresh air and Earth energy. Go for regular walks in the nature. Spending too much time indoors with the heating dulls your energy and complexion not to mention it also dries your skin. Getting fresh Earth energy revitalizes your energy channels and nurtures the body. Give this to your body. If you are not able to spend time outdoors at least get house plants and learn to visually circulate your Earth energy.

2. Live your own life instead of the life you are expected to live. This is probably the most important clue here. If you are not happy with the life you are living, then you are not living your own life – you are living the life you were expected to live. Quite simple. Go on a quest to determine what your truth and your true dreams are. Then pursue them wholeheartedly. This is the journey of a spiritual warrior – it’s not always easy, but at least it’s worth it and oh so fulfilling!

3. Don’t explain yourself. You didn’t come here into this body, into this lifetime to please others, explain yourself or to apologize for being you. This is toxic energy and leads nowhere. Own who you are and where you are.

4. Feel free to create boundaries with toxic energy. Some individuals can become toxic in our lives if they are constantly zapping us of our energy and bringing us down. Do not hesitate to take care of yourself. You and your own energy are your own highest priority. Become best friends with yourself.

5. Let go of responsibility that is not yours. As a sensitive, empathic and compassionate individual you may feel an urge to help everyone and maybe even rescue them. Maybe you feel it’s your responsibility to heal all the misery in the world. This does no one any good. You can’t help another man up when you are down yourself. Seriously, stop leaking your energy and use it to create more happiness into your own life.

6. Rest more. Create more space for rest in your to-do-list. Especially if you are the super busy type. Regular afternoon naps assure that you feel rested and energized to take on the daily tasks with renewed vigour.

7. Exercise regularly. Giving your body movement and exercise is a way to get those happy chemicals running. You’ll increase your stamina and will feel a lot happier for it.

8. Practice regular grounded meditation. Grounding is an energywork technique that is used to anchor your being into your body and into the Earth. Whenever you feel ‘out of sorts’ simply come back into present time and reset your grounding. I also recommend running your Earth and Cosmic energies to get access to your intelligence and well-being. I teach these tools in my meditation classes.

9. Create and destroy roses. If there is anything you want to let go of – a worry, stress, heaviness, an old conversation you are done with, judgement – simply see a color for it, imagine putting it into a rose and then explode the rose. And voilà – you have your space back.

10. Laugh. Stop taking yourself so seriously! Seriously – try it right now. Imagine your life as a comedy show.

11. Slow down. Un-busy yourself. Don’t always rush to the next thing just because where you are may feel uncomfortable. Savor every moment. This is a mindfulness practice.

12. Be gentle with yourself. Do not ever beat yourself up about anything. Don’t judge or criticize yourself. You are always doing the best you can. It is okay to feel vulnerable and insecure sometimes. Love every little unloved part of yourself.

13. Eat healthy nutritious food. Your body needs healthy, organic and toxin-free food to sustain itself and to feel good. Please don’t be surprised that you don’t feel great after you’ve eaten packaged, microwaved, processed or GMO food that is made somewhere in a factory where very little to no love and care is put into that food.

14. Practice gratitude. Give thanks every day for even the smallest of life’s blessings. This is the most effective way to reset your energy and bring yourself back into present time.

15. Give yourself permission to daydream. We did this as kids, but rarely allow ourselves this pleasure as adults. Besides being a great way to relax, daydreams are where your spirit communicates to you your Next Step. Be open to those moments.

16. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t wait for others to ‘read between the lines’. Trust that help will be there and even if it won’t be what you expect – it will be precisely what you need.

17. Join in community. If you feel isolated you may be holding yourself back from your happiness, because of a responsibility to heal someone else who can’t have ‘togetherness’. You may be living in the wrong place because of sacrifice. Try relocating to where there are more those of like mind.

18. Get a healing when you need one – whatever a healing means to you. Having a clairvoyant healing or a reading is a good way to heal.

19. Give cares over to the Supreme Being often. You do not have to do it all yourself. You are never alone even if it may feel like it sometimes! Imagine the Supreme Being like a friend or a parent who loves you more than you could ever imagine. He / she is always ready and willing to help.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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27 Dec

Meditation event: ‘Create Your Mock-Up for 2014’

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed it as much as I did. This year I decided to let go of any and all perfect pictures – aka expectations – I had about this holiday season and ended up with the best Christmas experience so far. I’m very grateful.

Now that Christmas is over and the new year beckons – it is a good time to start setting those intentions for the new year.

So here it is, the meditation event where you can join with others and create a wonderful new vision for your new year:

Create your mock-up for 2014.

I envision a marvelous year ahead filled with joy as well as growth. Certainly this will be the year when many dreams will come true and many more dreams will be created.

Meditation class

This meditation event is a fun and relaxed space where you can create a vision for your year 2014 that comes from your own truth. It will be your mock-up for how YOU wish to experience your life and what it is that YOU truly wish to see come to fruition in your life.

This meditation is about you. For you. To nurture you and your connection with yourself.

So why don’t you join me for a meditation today at 6 pm GMT. It will be done on the phone, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You won’t even have to get out of your jammies!

Please email me at essencejoy@hotmail.co.uk to register. Once you have sent the payment here an email will be sent to you with the dial in number and access code.

See you all there!

© Hello EssenceJoy 2013

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