20 Jul

Growing gracefully

It is by default that when we bump into growth, we tend to try to solve our problems from the outside. We can go into effort, trying really hard to make something work. We might even struggle for power, fight and push against what we believe to be an issue.

Time and again, we find that such an approach isn’t working, because we are trying to deal with the symptoms rather than the core of the issue. A change of perspective is needed here. Namely, something needs to change inside of us.

It does no one any good to ‘resist’ or ‘fight’ against what we do not agree with. By resisting or fighting something, we are in fact strengthening it. It is only by changing our own perspectives and changing our own energy, from within, that an outer change can happen. It is a timeless truth that when you change your energy from within, the outer world will readily match to it.

Looking within, however, requires some willingness, because we might not necessarily like what we see and that can mean having to make changes. It seems that most people prefer to avoid this. And underlying this is a resistance to change. Why change anything when everything is ‘just fine and dandy’ already, right?

The great news is that whatever you see about yourself is energy and energy can be changed simply by looking at it. You don’t have to travel to a far-away country and meet a guru in order to transform yourself. It is a well-known quantum physics fact that when you start to look at particles very closely, they start to reorder themselves. It’s known as the observer effect. Similarly, we have psychic tools and can clear our energy fields. Looking within, however uncomfortable at times, is actually the only way to move forward consciously. Besides, the more you ‘look’, the easier it gets since your looking muscle grows stronger.

Whatever you see in your space, you can validate it and then release it if you don’t like it. It’s that simple. Meditating and using your psychic tools makes life effortless.

The true meaning of being on a ‘spiritual path’ means taking responsibility for the kind of energy you are running through your space and the kind of energy you are putting out there into the world around you. This is the path of consciousness: you are aware of your connection with all things around you and you choose to be responsible for your part in it. It’s kind of like putting your trash in a bin rather than littering all over the place. Some good ways to do your part would be to grow your own organic food, recycle, use eco-friendly products and save energy.

Taking responsibility for your own space means also acknowledging that what you see in those around you is simply mirroring yourself in one way or another. If you notice yourself going into judgement about what you see in another, it’s good to also take a look at what has lit up in you while you are looking at the other.

Moving through life and growing spiritually doesn’t have to be a struggle. With conscious practices such as meditation and using your psychic tools it can be beautiful, effortless and joyful. Even through the more difficult times. Add to this regularly saying hello to your spirit and your life will be nothing short of miraculous!

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25 Feb

The psychic child within

Many of the stern adults of today were once sensitive and psychic children. All children are intuitive and own their gifts with ease. However, as they grow older, they may not have permission to use their abilities and as a result lose touch with them.

Let’s be very clear: there is absolutely nothing woo-woo about being intuitive. The idea that it is something mystical or magical in a negative way comes from fears and limited thinking that have been conditioned upon us over the ages. It is an entirely natural ability that comes with being human. No extra effort required.

Put it this way, if you have a soul, then you are psychic. Simple as that. Using your ability means getting in touch with that part of yourself we call ‘the soul’ or whatever else you want to call it. It is of course much more complex than just ‘a soul’, but to simplify we can say it is that part of you that is connected with the source of all answers and is all you need for your healing and well-being.

The easiest and quickest way to access your intuition is primarily through imagination. You can also connect through sensations, feelings, sounds or knowingness, but imagination is the way that is most fun and natural. You may not think you are very imaginative, but if you can envision the simple image of an apple, then you already have what it takes to receive communication from your spirit. Now the task becomes to quiet the noise within and around you down enough so as to be able to hear the often subtle voice of your soul.

Daydreaming is a very fun and joyful way through which children access their own answers. They do this very naturally and without making a fuss about it. Children have not yet been heavily conditioned by those around them, so they allow their imagination and their spirits to wander and play around without restrictions. It is the fundamental curiosity and sense of wonder that drives them to ask the questions and receive the answers. Children are walking and talking geniuses and there is much we could learn from them.

Many of the adults today live their lives carrying around with them the fears, conditioning and the lies handed to them from their parents, authorities or other adults around them. These lies and responsibilities, that they accepted without any questioning, clothed them in an imaginary cloak of security, which was supposed to grant them success in life and keep them safe, but in reality has done nothing else than block them from seeing themselves and those around them clearly. The core lie here is that they cannot access their own answers and couldn’t possibly be psychic. The abilities are there, however, the only question remains: to which extent does any given person choose to use their abilities? Some people passionately pursue their intuitive capacity, while others may want to run from it and turn it off completely.

The basic intuitive skills class is the psychic kindergarten where your inner child gets a hello and you get the chance to slowly begin to nurture and turn own your natural abilities again. You get to be the child again and grow, play and have fun in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Next class series is beginning on March 11 at the Eastbourne Natural Fitness Centre. There are a few open spaces left. Click here to find out more and to ground your spot.

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30 Nov

10 things that get in the way of your intuition

Your intuition is probably the most valuable asset in your spiritual toolbox. If you don’t listen to and trust your intuition, you might easily end up getting into trouble. Intuition is part of the picture of wholeness and has to be integrated.

Indeed, your intuition is like your very own spiritual GPS electronic map that shows you the way to your next step. You simply can’t go wrong by following your inner guidance. If you do not pay attention to your own intuitive communication, however, you can easily get lost in the wilderness of other people’s energies. That’s okay, too, because then you will learn to trust your intuition.

You may already be very intuitive and have very strong impressions and sensations of the people and situations around you, but may not have had much validation for it in the past. Maybe you grew up around people who were out of touch with themselves and didn’t want anyone around them to see them too clearly either. So you learned to ignore your hunches, cast them aside and file your experiences into the ‘coincidence folder’.

Quite frankly, your intuition is the voice of your own soul. To be intuitive is to be in touch with your soul. It’s that inner knowingness of what is truly right for you and what is not. And your soul communicates through the sensations in your body. So you need to trust your body.

The ‘meditation 1’ class is the psychic kindergarten and is the place to begin intuitive training. In this class you are given permission to turn off your judging, analytical mind and instead begin to playfully trust your intuition.

You already have an awesome intuition, but there may be some habitual blocks that can make it hard for you to pay attention. The following are 10 of the most typical ones …

  1. Analysis. The thing with intuition is that it can be quite subtle and therefore not something you can easily explain. Soon as you start to try and explain it, you will quickly lose touch with it and the intellect takes over. Nothing wrong with having good analytical skills, its just that they cannot be applied to intuition. Intuition often makes no sense so if you are stuck on having to make sense of what your intuition is telling you may be completely missing the message.
  2. Competition. This is a subtle one as even people that are very aware can at times not see that they are coming from competition. Some of the clues are: having to be right, having battles with others and arguing over what is true. We all have our own truths and there is no competition. Everyone deserves to have their needs met in gentle and loving ways.
  3. Judgement. When you read energy it is really important to have a neutral and unbiased perspective. It’s hard for you to be neutral when you are either in the analyser or in the emotional pain picture that has come up for you. That is what the centre of head is for. In order to see clearly you need to look from the centre of head. Only form the centre of head can you receive clear and unbiased information as opposed to reading from the second chakra, for example.
  4. Having to have a specific answer. When you look for information from the centre of head, what you are looking at is typically the very thing that needs to be seen. But you may easily miss it if you are stuck on having to see something specific such as a happy ending for a couple who might not even be meant for each other. Again, it’s important to look without any judgement or expectation, so as to be completely neutral to what your intuition is trying to communicate to you.
  5. Explaining yourself. Or in other words: having to prove yourself. Again, if you feel like you are having to defend yourself, your truth and your viewpoint or prove your value to someone, then you are leaving behind intuition and getting into the ego battle territory. Who do you have to make sense to? Is it not better just to accept yourself simply as you are? Spirit does not compete and has no need to explain or justify itself – it is self-sufficient and self-fulfilled.
  6. Lack of grounding. In order to trust your intuition you need to be grounded and in touch with your body. Your body is very intelligent and is constantly reading the vibes around it. If you are at all ungrounded, it will be hard for you trust your sensations and impressions. So you will need a good grounding. Grounding yourself in meditation also helps your body to feel safe enough to turn on your spiritual abilities.
  7. Invalidation. For you to make progress in your communication with your intuition, your soul or spirit, you have to start somewhere. Namely, you have to start by validating yourself and your own impressions. Throw away the need to be right, to have to make sense or having to defend what you experience – simply validate your perceptions and your ability will begin to grow. Here’s the thing, not quite everyone around you can see and validate you for who you really are and what you are capable of. You need to give this gift to yourself – you need to validate yourself.
  8. Being in a hurry. If you seem to be constantly in a hurry somewhere to get something done, then you will simply have no time to just sit and be. And so your energy will be all over the place outside of yourself fixing everything, healing others, solving problems. And typically all that energy goes to pleasing everyone else. Only by slowing down and bringing yourself back to yourself in present time can you begin to see clearly.
  9. Seriousness. Seriousness is really like a disease in that it makes everything heavy and burdensome. And being too serious you will easily miss the lighter vibration of your spirit trying to communicate with you. In order to get in touch with your intuition you need to find your amusement! Spirit likes to dwell in a body that is happy and light-hearted.
  10. Not present. If you are not in the present time in the body it will be hard for you to see clearly. A large portion of your energy may be floating around elsewhere along the timeline perhaps solving something, healing someone, figuring something out, processing some old pain and therefore less of you will be available to you to create and see with in the present. Your spirit communicates with you in the present moment, so you need to bring yourself all the way back into the now here.

That thing we call intuition? It’s your soul. You can trust it. ~Unknown

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30 Oct

Have fun with your growth periods

We all get those times in our lives, when nothing makes sense and it may be hard to sit down, relax and to just take it easy. You may be handling some discomfort or releasing some old pain. It’s totally okay to not have a clue where you are heading with all this.

Your body may be changing, your world views may be changing, your energy may be changing. You may recently have thrown out a whole bunch of old pictures about yourself or the world that you live in and got into the process of integrating a whole new you. This takes a lot of energy and patience from both yourself as well as those around you and there is no hurry through it.

A growth period is when you as a spiritual being are changing and it’s not always a very comfortable space to be in.

Whatever kind of growth period you may be into right now, please be very gentle with yourself. There is no perfect way to grow, no rules or regulations. You are doing the very best you can already. Indeed, you are pure love at your core.

So, on a more practical level, how do you handle these periods? Everyone sure has their own ways, but the best tool for handling growth periods with grace is meditation. Meditation makes it possible to instantly regain your space and your composure. When you sit in a grounded meditation space with awareness resting in the middle of your head – you reclaim your space. You take back your space to just be, to breathe and to have no rules.

I often talk about grounded meditation in this blog simply because it is such a wonderful and powerful tool for healing yourself and subsequently also for healing those around you.

With meditation you go from pushing and fretting your way through a growth period to gracefully gliding through it. Imagine yourself on a surfboard masterfully riding that huge wave of growth. Yes, you can have fun with it!

When you go into your meditation space you can come to awareness of the energies you have been carrying around with you. Instead of being at the effect of the energies in your space and letting them dictate to you how to live your life, you can be the one to choose what you want to keep here and what you want to let go. You can easily release pain, effort, resistance, heaviness, self-doubt, invalidation and all that is weighing you down. You can be your own boss and give your day a colour you like. Again, you are free to make it fun!

With daily meditation as your ally you can be in a growth period and still have fun and play like a child. When you get your breathing space back, you will know and experience in a very visceral way that no matter what, all is well.

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8 May

10 simple ways to detox your energy this spring

Now that we are already well into spring time here on the Northern hemisphere the nature is aglow with a joyous celebration of bird symphonies, sweet fragrances of fresh blossoms and a rich tapestry of color all around us.

Wherever you look, everything is brimming with happiness and enthusiasm for the increasing amount of daylight. And as the days are getting ever more lighter and lighter, so are we letting go of heaviness and becoming lighter in our own inner landscapes.

The earlier months of this year have been very much inwardly focused in that we instinctively spent more time looking inward and examining old patterns and basically just preserving energy. We’ve done quite a bit of that deep inner work during the winter months that have passed as well as the early spring months of this year.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. ~ Lenn Clark

Now the focus is becoming more and more outward. We are invited to be more sociable, make new friends, get out there more, have more get-togethers and just have more plain old fun! It’s much easier to have fun and invite in joy when you have a toolkit for taking good care of yourself and your own energy. Do you know your own energy? Do you love and value it enough to take good care of it?

Springtime is just the perfect time for a detox. You may have already given your house a good scrubbing, but consider also your inner space, your chakras and aura layers, aka your energy field – it too needs a hello from you.

So if you’re like me and are ready for a detox from all the heavy-processing of the previous few months and want to lighten up, then here are some super simple suggestions on how to detox your energy completely without any effort whatsoever.

1. Ground yourself. This is the most important step in detoxing your energy, which is why I’ve put it at the top of this list. If you haven’t learned this one yet, then I highly recommend it: learn to ground yourself. By regularly grounding your energy into the center of the planet, rather than into your work, your bank account or your mother, you can effortlessly release anything that is not yours. Grounding makes you real. There is a certain magic that happens when you ground yourself. You ground by visualizing a grounding cord connecting the base of your spine into the center of the planet.

2. Meditate. It’s the perfect remedy for the hectic, fast-paced and energetically taxing everyday life with all its expectations, demands and responsibilities. Your meditation space is your rest and relaxation space where absolutely nothing is expected of you. Sitting in meditation for just 30 minutes or more in the morning every day is very healing and balancing and does wonders for your body, mind and soul.

3. Practice forgiveness. Holding grudges does nothing, but drain your energy and take away your enjoyment in life. It makes you unnecessarily fearful and guarded. Remember that we’re all just kids in a huge kindergarten and sometimes get it wrong. When you instead choose to forgive those who may have wronged you or made you feel like a victim, you automatically let go of any old toxic energy and free your space up to create, have, be and do more. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with those whom you need to forgive, but just let go of that heavy and toxic energy of unforgiveness.

4. Be amused. No matter what you’re getting up to and no matter how serious something may look on the surface, always find the amusement in it. This immediately lifts your energy, allows you to detach with love and to see clearly. The bonus is that amusement also makes you appear more attractive. Consider it your energetic face-lift. And it’s completely free.

5. Be in wonder. Always be as a child. Like an innocent three-year-old exploring a totally new world. Every day when you wake up remember to be in wonder and amazement about the magical creative being you are, how much you have already created and how much more you can still create. Be in wonder about all the endless possibilities, discoveries and adventures yet to be had!

6. Be in gratitude. The very simple rule is this: you manifest more miracles into your life by often giving thanks for what you already have. Besides it is a wonderful inspiring vibration to hold in your energy field. It feels good to be grateful. Make a habit of finding at least 10 things to be grateful for every day. Count your blessings!

7. Have a positive attitude. In a world where there is constant upheaval and drama happening every day a positive attitude is an absolute must. Being negative serves no one and is a journey down the rabbit hole into more of that same negativity. If you really want to help others and be a healing presence, simply leave your dramas at the door and just have a good time. Or better yet imagine putting any negativity you may have in a rose and blow it up. And poof! It is gone!

8. Give something. You don’t have to give much. You can start with simple things like a hello, a smile, a bit of your time, selfless service or the gift of your presence to someone who may be feeling lonely. Those things count. And if you are in a position to do so, consider also donating your time or money to charities or to whomever may need help and support. The most beautiful thing about giving is that giving like loving is its own reward.

9. Listen to music. Beautiful, relaxing and soothing music is both inspiring and healing. It automatically resets your energy and puts you back in balance in a way that obsessing, over-thinking and running around in circles does not. It is a meditation of the highest order and is simply the best way to lift your energy and to let go of any toxic energy you may have been holding on to. You know how good it feels after a really really great massage? Well, healing music has the ability to do the same without so much as even leaving your house!

10. Create something. Step into the creative flow and feel good! Having a creative outlet allows you to express and communicate yourself in ways that your words or your body couldn’t. You can get all those deeply held beliefs, ideas, feelings and otherwise suppressed stuff out of you in an easy and fun way. This will be extremely healing and detoxing for you. You could start with something simple like blogging, painting by numbers, pottery, drawing, coloring, knitting, gardening or any other creative pathways that appeal to you. Find your niche!

Have you had a detox yet? How about an intuitive session to get you started? Get a hello now!

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14 Feb

Self love is the key to abundance

Valentine’s Day is here and we are once again looking at the notion of romantic love in our lives and perhaps secretly fantasizing about having that special someone coming along and wiping us off our feet.

I imagine that like most people you want to have that wonderful, healthy and close soul mate relationship along with joyous, meaningful and supportive friendships. In fact, I’m sure you’d like all of your relationships to reflect those qualities. You probably also want to have constant financial security, a career that you enjoy, a thriving business and just a whole bunch of fun? If that describes you, then start by taking a very close look at the relationship you have with yourself to begin with!

All relationships you have with others and your creations are really a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Do you feel worthy of your own love? You create your relationships and mock-ups from that space of self love.

So are you treating yourself in a worthy manner? Are you being your own best friend or are you still treating yourself the way that perhaps your parents treated you? The way your schoolmates treated you? Are you pushing yourself too hard, being your own worst critic and berating yourself for imperfections that only exist in your imagination? Do you punish yourself harshly when you make a mistake or do you treat yourself with gentleness? Are you beating yourself up and whacking yourself for not being able to solve other people’s issues for them?

If you want to manifest a loving soul mate relationship or just have loving, kind and gentle relationships in general you’ve got to be your own best friend first. You may be very compassionate towards everyone else, but if it doesn’t include you – it is incomplete. You’ve got to be compassionate towards yourself in order to have the life that you want. Self love is the key to abundance.

Have you based your value on how much you are doing for others, how much you are running around for them and entertaining them? Maybe it’s time to let that picture go and instead realize you are a worthy Child of God, your value is infinite and you are already loved unconditionally simply because you are here.

Realize that you are a unique creature in all of creation that has never been before and never will be again in the same way. What fits for one may not fit for another. You’ve got to listen very closely to your own intuition to see what is really meant for you in life. And remember that this may be very different from the expectations of those around you.

This Valentine’s Day realize that loving others begins with you loving yourself. The more you can love yourself, the more lovable you will become to others and the more you will also attract healthy relationships to your side that respect who you are.

A good place to start loving yourself is by being gentler with yourself. You might want to ground any invalidating energy from your space and let go of any toxic relationships in order to create the life that you actually want for yourself. Consider this: who could you be healing by holding yourself back from truly giving to yourself?

Self love or Affinity is an energy that belongs to the fourth chakra, which is a spinning wheel of energy located in the center of your chest. It is also known as the heart chakra. Having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything else in your life. It is how you heal yourself and others as well as how well you relate to your body.

Loving those parts of yourself that you may have judged as unlovable in the past you integrate them back to yourself – you call back your energy. This is truly the pillar of true happiness, well-being and a sense of wholeness. In that state you realize that nothing needs to be fixed or changed, it just needs your love and acceptance.

So this Valentine’s Day step out of competition with yourself and give yourself the best gift ever: self love. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to all those wonderful gifts you want and that same energy will also spread around to others and heal them, too – effortlessly.

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24 Oct

Did you remember to bring yourself along?

Are you waiting for everything and everyone, including yourself, to be absolutely perfect before you can show up to your own life, before you can take action towards realizing your dreams?

It’s kind of like waiting for the arrival of a Messiah – you could be waiting for a very long time. How about just showing up anyways and seeing where things will go from there? You never know, it could be magic!

Life needs you to show up in your full authenticity. That is, with all your perfections as well as imperfections. No, you are not expected to be perfect – you just need to show up.

Indeed, when you do show up to your own life – magic happens. It happens simply out of the very creative power of the inspirational energy that is You, your very essence.

Showing up could mean showing up to a dream you’ve been putting aside, showing up to your work and being fully present, showing up to your family and friends. Even showing up to your ‘me time’.

If you want to create change in your life, then start paying attention to that script that runs in your mind about who you are. This script may or may not be an accurate portrayal of you, but one thing’s for sure: it dictates your physical reality. Notice the whole script without judgment. Then notice the parts of the story that are portraying you as the victim, the loser, ugly, unattractive, unlovable, a martyr, then go ahead and retell the story to be one of happiness, beauty, heroism, miracles. You have that power. It’s your choice what you choose to validate.

From a clairvoyant perspective, showing up means bringing yourself, your energy, your agreements with others into present time. It takes some willingness to let go, forgive and find amusement with the oh so imperfectly perfect human nature.

When you entered the room that you’re in now, did you bring yourself along? Or are you still solving that argument you had six months ago? Still reconciling that old disagreement with your ex, your parents or that nosy neighbor? Do you think it is your responsibility to figure out and resolve all those arguments that were presented to you? Was it all even personal or were everyone just going through a growth period? How about letting go of that responsibility and regaining your peace of mind and peace of heart.

Using gentle meditation and the simple grounding technique you can ground into present time where your body is. By grounding into present time where the body is you can experience joy and bliss. Your body is always in present time.

The world needs healers, humanitarians and other inspired folk who know their own value and who show up in the world. Today, give the world the most precious gift you could ever give – you.

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17 Oct

About the psychic meditation class

In the psychic meditation class you sit comfortably in an upright chair, do nothing and use some visualization.

No unearthly contortions or physically difficult exercises are required here. This meditation is very gentle on the body.

It’s the space to just be.

In this space you learn visual energywork tools to help with grounding and moving your energy. With amusement you can learn to release heavy energies such as resistance, effort, stuckness and pain. Using the tools learned in this class you can begin to get a handle on that sensitivity of yours!

You receive validation as a psychic living in the the present day world and begin to really get to know yourself as a spiritual being in a physical body.

What is the purpose of all those tools like grounding, running energy and destroying roses? The answer is simple: it is about the relationship between you, the spiritual being, and your body. In this meditation you find where you are in relation to your body and the effect of that on your daily life. The tools learned in the psychic meditation class become your means to regain your space, amusement and a sense of neutrality.

This class is centered in you sitting in your own truth. When you first begin to use the tools and run your energy, anything that is untrue, impure and simply not you – will come up to the surface. And this is the whole point. Now the question becomes: are you ready and willing to drop that baggage or are you invested into carrying it along with you. The psychic tools taught in this fun class can help you to safely manage your baggage, release it and to find your own truth.

This meditation isn’t meant to make you feel a certain way – you may want to put that expectation, aka ‘a perfect picture’, in a rose and blow it up straight away. You haven’t failed if you don’t feel ultimate bliss at the end of your meditation session. The point of this meditation is to bring you to a space of awareness and acceptance about where you are, what is in your space and how you really feel. This awareness gives you the tools for your next step.

In the psychic meditation class visualization is used as a self-healing tool. Bringing yourself to a visual level means becoming neutral to your pain. The clarity of the images you see shows how much neutrality you can have. How much neutrality you can have is proportionate with how much inner peace you can have. It’s that simple.

A new-agey type yoga meditation teacher once said to me he didn’t think visualization was good, because it could encourage fantasy. But here’s the thing: visual meditation is not fantasy – far from it! On the contrary, it is realistic, because in that moment when you bring your awareness to the center of your head, you are actually looking at the truth. This takes willingness and openness to do so. From what I’ve observed, it’s those who want to remain in fantasy are the ones who shy away from visual meditation.

Self-healing tip: Right now go ahead and allow a color to show in your mind’s eye that represents you being centered, happy and in optimal well-being. Just take a moment and look at that color. Then also allow yourself to intuit what that color represents for you in particular and what you could embrace more of in your life.

Come and join me if you want to learn to meditate, want to practice your psychic tools, to just relax and connect with your energy. This is the space for you. The space to recharge, to revitalize and to just be . . . There are no expectations of you here. Just come as you are and have fun!

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30 Sep

Handling stuff

Are you having a hard time finding even a tiny spark of enthusiasm in your Universe because you are so weighted down by all the stuff you are handling?

Be amused by that! This is the first step towards healing yourself. Grounding is the next step. Then comes running your energy. These are the tools you can use to release excess baggage and get in touch with yourself. You can learn these tools in the meditation class.

Is the stuff that you are presently handling even your own? Take a look! It could be something you may be trying real hard to solve for someone else. When someone comes at you with strong energy, maybe arguing with you, throwing blame and responsibility in your direction or perhaps even using a disrespectful tone of voice – it is really a demand that you handle whatever stuff had come up for them. It is, of course, not your responsibility. He or she is trying to meet some need through you. It’s not personal – it’s simply a call for love.

If you ever feel uncomfortable hearing someone expressing beliefs that contradict with your own, are in resistance to someone who is unwell or often get into arguments with others – you are taking on too much responsibility for solving whatever pain you encountered in them.

Whenever you take something personally, you are really taking responsibility for solving whatever the issue was that was presented to you. However, it is wonderfully liberating to realize that it is not your responsibility to solve all the pain, questions or dissonance you see around you. Have confidence that there is divine justice at work at all times, that you are loved and revered for who you are and that your contribution counts. A lot. You become a healing for others when you realize that everyone’s on a journey and that nothing they say or do is ever personal; even if it seems like it at the time. You just need to find what got triggered for you, then go ahead and love and embrace that piece of you with every fiber of your divine being. You are oh so very lovable.

The most compassionate thing you can do for someone who has lost his space is to create a space for him to be seen and heard, gently guide him back to his center and connect him to his own answers without becoming the container for his pain. As a responsible healer you may feel like you’ve failed if you haven’t been able to put a smile on everyone’s faces, but it might be of help to hear this: you always did your best, you always do your best, you did nothing wrong and no, it’s not your fault that others suffer.

There are better ways to handle those energies than to carry them around in your space allowing them to make you sick, unfocused and scattered. Yes, you guessed it: go on a date with a pink elephant. Or if you can’t find one, you could also try grounded meditation. In meditation you can learn to get a handle on those energies and learn to safely and effortlessly release anything that isn’t yours.

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21 Aug

Whose game are you playing?

Life really is like a playground and we all play our own game here according to our own unique wants and needs.

Some of you are more skilled at fulfilling those wants and needs for yourselves while others may need more practice. The question you could ask yourself is: do you feel good about who you are being? If not, you may be playing someone else’s game. Someone else’s game may or may not be a good fit for you, however, you can choose to play your own game.

So what is your own game?

Your own game is one where you get to create your own rules as you go along, to choose what it is that you want for yourself, to choose what energy to run through your space, to do your own thing, to fulfill your own needs, to have plenty of space for you to be you and to feel good about yourself.

Your own game is valuing your own energy, questions, issues, blessings, perfections and imperfections – and loving it all. And yes, you do have permission to have issues – by all means.

Your own game is one where you get to feel loved, it treats you lovingly. It means loving yourself no matter what even if at the time you seem to yourself unlovable and unacceptable. When you do encounter energy in your space that tells you that you are not lovable or acceptable – clear it!

Someone else’s energy and pictures in your space may be dictating to you who you should be and what you should be doing with your life. The ‘should be’ is the clue: anything that comes with a ‘should’ / ‘have to’ is clearly a perfect picture and most definitely not your energy. It’s just something that you picked up somewhere along the way. And there is likely also some very old pain of yours underneath that.

Sometimes people come at us with strong energy and we can be confused about what to respond to. Maybe expectations, judgment, demand, invalidation or pain is thrown at you for you to resolve and maybe it can even seem personal. Someone in ego reactions may trigger the same in you and may want to get personal. However, it is truly never ever really personal. Just notice the place that you respond from. Then make a clear choice to respond from your center.

You always have choice as to how to respond: you can choose to play your own game. You can choose to play the game of love.

Through meditation you can check in with the pictures that run you. If some of those pictures don’t feel good to you, maybe it’s time to reclaim your seniority and create your own pictures – ones that actually feel good to you? Most importantly, define yourself – someone else’s definition of you can’t and won’t make you happy. And besides, your body is designed to run only one kind of fuel and that fuel is You. The cells of your body yearn for it: your own unique spirit.

People play all kinds of drama games that they enjoy and grow from, games like competition, fear, intimidation, dependency, victimhood, resistance and control to name but a few. Whatever it is, you can choose if that is the game for you and whether you actually want or even need to play along. If it is, maybe you want to go along for a bit of growth. However, you always have choice about how far you want to go. This is where Seniority comes in. You are always Senior to any energy that may want your attention and space and you always have choice if that is what you want for yourself.

Feel free to pull your energy back and out of anything that does not feel good to you or that doesn’t give you back. Feel absolutely free to politely excuse yourself and walk away from anything that does not serve your highest good.

When you bring your awareness to the center of your head and visually run your energy – this is how you are asking your own questions, being Senior and playing your own game.

A wonderful psychic tool you can use to keep out energy that you do not want in your space is a separation rose. It allows you to remain in your center and to keep running your own truth.

You can effortlessly set the rules of your game by visually creating a mock-up for what it is that you want. You don’t have to play along with anything that doesn’t value or respect you. Yes, you do have a say about what gets in and your responsibility is only your own space.

Tip: Join the meditation class to learn all the wonderful psychic tools mentioned here.

You heal by owning your space where you are. What got in, got in for a reason. There is no one to blame. Somewhere along the line is your pain, maybe very old pain, that says you are not deserving of all the good things, that you are selfish to be the center of your own Universe. This is a lie.

Don’t look for someone else to come along that will approve of you playing your own game. You may actually be challenging quite a few of those that would much rather have you play their game. This won’t be an issue when you allow for your validation to come from within. Depend on no one. Be your own best friend.

You’ve got to know you have value in order to be able to change the game for yourself. You change the game every time you use your psychic tools such as running your own energy, destroying a rose and consciously choosing which way you want to go and what you want to play along with.

Some people, especially those who may have grown accustomed to you to being their healer, may be in resistance to you changing the game to play by your own rules. Don’t let that bother you – just carry on changing the rules for yourself!

And finally, can you trust that you are safe no matter what? Can you have permission to release any energy that isn’t yours? Maybe it’s time!

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