4 Nov

Your psychic abilities can only be proved by you yourself

What kinds of experiences are you choosing to have? The basic truth in this Universe is that we attract and manifest the kinds of experiences that our spirits have signed up for. All is chosen on some level. Nothing is random or ever happens by ‘chance’.

Even the experiences we would judge as ‘bad’ had been chosen on some level, in some way. We may not always be able to consciously choose whether a thing happens to us or not, especially where other people’s free will is involved, but we can choose where we go from there. We can either trust in and surrender to Essence and make better choices and therefore, heal; or we can resist and fight tooth and nail against it all and thus stay stuck in pain. There is always a choice.

If you are closed to some kind of an experience, then guess what: you will repel it. It may be happening right in front of you, but you still won’t believe it. Other people can be having all kinds of wonderful experiences, but you will never experience the same if you choose not to.

Your intuitive abilities are not something that someone else can ‘prove’ to you or make real for you. Only you yourself can validate your experiences and thus allow your abilities to grow.

That is how it is with your spiritual abilities and intuition. In truth, these are natural abilities that anyone can access. However, some of us actually choose to have these abilities turned on. While some people actively choose to be closed off to them. It is all a choice.

Often people, who are closed off to Essence, intuition and psychic abilities will demand some kind of proof that these are real. They are looking for external proof for something that has internal origins. The missing piece of the puzzle here is that it is your own beliefs and choices that create your reality and life experiences. It makes no sense to try to ‘prove’ that your abilities are real. They don’t need proof, they need experiences and validation that come from within. They need your choice to validate them.

I recently read a discussion in the comments section under an ad on a social media platform. In that a man was asking the psychics in the ad to ‘prove’ to him that their abilities were real. He mentioned that there is a lofty sum of money that would be awarded to whomever proves their abilities to some kind of a team of scientists or ‘psychic testers’. It appears that no one has been able to ‘prove’ that psychic is real yet. At least not to this team of scientists.

Well, of course you can’t prove that psychic is real to a group of people that are not even open to their own abilities! No outer examples of psychic ability will ever be proof enough if there is no inner validation of these abilities. Psychic abilities are not something you can command and measure in a lab. They simply don’t work like that.

Psychic becomes real the moment that you choose to validate your experiences. And then they can start to grow. How will you ever be able to connect with your Essence if you never choose to validate your communication with it?

The intuitive information that came to me was that this man has his sixth chakra turned down to 0.5%, which is incredibly low and closed off. Majority of people who are ‘open’ to Essence and spiritual experiences have their sixth turned to about 30-40%, while trained clairvoyants have it turned up to about 60-80% on a regular basis. It’s all about choice. And where you keep the percentage also dictates whether you will be having experiences on that level or not.

There can be all kinds of reasons why people close down their abilities. It can be due to fear, intellectual centering, religious programming or little past life experience that beings can have their sixth turned down so low. But the truth is that no one else can ever open that sixth up for them. Only they themselves can choose to turn it up and can choose to have more experiences involving intuition and psychic abilities. The ‘proof’ has to come from within.

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2 Feb

Intuitive tools 101: the miracle of a spiritual hello

Just recently I spoke on the phone with someone from a psychic hot-line based here in the UK and it quickly became very clear that most of the general public are looking for a prediction on what will be rather than what can be worked with in the present time. There is really very little awareness of choice and creating in present time.

I looked at the energy of this hot-line as well as their website and saw that they rely heavily on their readers making predictions in the old-school fortune telling style, which is that the reader gives the readee a kind of a promise of what will happen so as to calm the readee’s fears about the future. This is to ensure that those readees keep coming back to this hot-line on a regular basis.

This style of psychic reading, however, does not consider the creative spirit of either the readee or the reader! The reader isn’t working with one’s own pictures and the readee isn’t having to do much work on oneself either. No growth is gained here. Not to mention it is dis-empowering.

An interesting observation I made was that it’s especially those people who have a large part of their energy vibrating in the past that are the ones most anxious about the future and seeking predictions. That is, they are working through some sort of heavy karma and have not as of yet awakened to themselves as a creative spirit in a body.

A readee who is seeking a quick prediction often does not realize that the future isn’t set in stone and that one can alter it by making choices in the present. He doesn’t realize that he creates his own reality through choices and beliefs in the present. Very few people also realize that instead of a prediction that promises great riches, fame and success, all one really needs is a simple healing.

The psychic reading style that does not consider the creative spirit, the soul or whatever you wan to call it, is lacking the most essential ingredient. Without such an awareness no true healing can occur.

Most people are unaware of themselves as spiritual beings and are unable to validate their own spirits. However, spirit, which is your own unique information, grows through validation. Your perceptions grow through your own inner validation not so much through validation that you receive from the outside. Outer validation can be a bonus of course, but can’t be leaned on at all times.

Sometimes, when processing invalidation, it can feel as though your hello doesn’t count, as though nothing works and all this energywork is just airy-fairy and plain useless, because there is very little outer world validation for it. Much of what we discuss about the world of energy is indeed subjective and depending on everyone’s own personal beliefs and perceptions, each of which are valid for that individual, of course, but here’s the one thing that always works miraculously: a spiritual hello! A simple spiritual hello is all that is needed sometimes to help heal someone and to help them back on track. It’s like a spiritual hug.

When you receive a hello on your spirit, an immediate healing happens. You will automatically be able to access the source of healing and well-being for yourself, the source of your own answers.

A simple spiritual hello to someone in a growth period is enough to give them a healing. No words, long explanations or theories are necessary. Just a graceful spiritual hello and one can immediately begin to access one’s own answers.

I have given many spiritual hello’s by visually looking at and validating someone on a spiritual level and witnessed the immediate miraculous effects of doing so each time. I have given spiritual hellos through thousands of scheduled readings as well as in impromptu everyday life situations.

I will share some examples with you …

One time, a few years ago now, I was doing part-time work in health care and I was working in a nursing home, caring for a very old woman. She had advanced dementia and was completely bed-ridden. That day she did not want to eat, but I was told by the senior nurse to continue to encourage her to eat. So I decided to check in with her on a spiritual level and give her a hello to see if a healing would make a difference. Her previously dull and lifeless eyes suddenly opened full of wonder and surprise. She now looked straight at me as though with recognition – she could not believe I could actually see her in her true form beyond the body. She then psychically communicated to me that she did not want to eat. I stopped trying to feed her and left her in peace after this.

Another time I was walking a woman with dementia, who had been wandering, back to her flat. She is a very sweet lady, very co-operative and peaceful, but very confused and usually does not make much sense when she speaks. Then, as we were walking, I suddenly saw a being out in front of me right outside of her apartment. She then asked me very clearly ‘who is it?’ I was astonished by her sudden responsiveness and presence; obviously, she too could see the being.

And last year after a bit of an unpleasant flight, when I arrived at the baggage collection area, I found out that my suitcase was missing and I wasn’t sure if I was ever getting it back! I then gave this whole situation a spiritual hello. I made sure to see the situation resolved and sent my gratitude to all those who were working hard to deliver my suitcase back to me. A few moments later I received a text message that the suitcase had been located and was already on its way back to me. While this wasn’t a hello to a living being as such it was still a hello on the energy of the situation and a hello to those that were in charge of this situation. This stressful situation became healed and resolved almost instantly with the help of a spiritual hello.

So the practical action steps to take are …

  1. Center yourself and get into a nice meditative space.
  2. Bring your awareness to the middle of your head.
  3. Visually see yourself out in front of you. See yourself grounded. See you energy moving. See your chakras spinning, aura layers flowing. See and sense.
  4. Enjoy the spiritual hello!

If you want to learn to center yourself and give yourself and others a spiritual hello, come and join the ‘Meditation I’ program. It is an ongoing correspondence program currently. There will be another series beginning in March. Look out for notifications!

When you touch someone’s life – it is a privilege. When you touch someone’s heart – it is a blessing. When you touch someone’s mind – it is an honor. When you touch someone’s soul – it is a triumph. When you touch someone’s spirit – it is a miracle. ~ Dr. Jeff Mullan

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14 May

Keep your amusement

Sometimes you go into doubt and you lose your space. Maybe some invalidation has been whirled in your direction? And maybe on some level you even agreed to this.

But how do you respond to that? Is it a terrible tragedy: “Oh no! I’ve lost my space! Now what do I do?” Or is it a wonderful opportunity to grow? Maybe it could even be a whole bunch of fun like: “Oh look, I’ve lost my space. Yay!” Kind of like a wonderland adventure into an entirely new part of yourself, one that you may have been in resistance to.

Here’s the thing, you remember and you forget. Remember. Forget. You find your center. You lose your center. Find your space. Lose your space. This the divine dance that we dance and it is the only one. Truth is, the center is never lost, but we need that illusion to grow.

The shadow sometimes comes up and out of its hidey hole. We all have one. You can bet it’s not pretty. Occasionally you meet your shadow, maybe feel a little scared when you do, but eventually you realize it is the lie. The center is the truth. Beauty is the truth. Love and wellness is the truth.

When you do lose your space you may erroneously believe you’ve done something horribly wrong. This is what the perfect picture wants you to believe. The perfect picture puts on the mask of seriousness and just plain spoils all the fun for everyone. But no matter what you believe you may have done wrong in life, whatever you feel guilty about – you are essentially innocent like a playful child. Imagine life as a kindergarten: you have permission to play, learn and make mistakes. So play, learn and make many mistakes. We’re not here to be perfect: we’re here to be our own unique selves. Besides, if you don’t learn from your mistakes this time around, there will be other opportunities. There is no rush.

So, whatever comes up – keep your amusement. It will help you to regain your space as well as your neutrality. A good way to become amused that has worked really well for me is putting on fun music that I can dance to in a silly way. Other ways that work for me to blow that perfect picture of seriousness are: watching a comedy show or movie, making up jokes or silly stories, letting my inner clown out, goofing around doing nothing and meditating.

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9 Aug

10 tips for mindful living

Is the life that you live in alignment with your spirit, your being’s true vibration or are you living someone else’s truth?

Being in your own truth feels good. Your spirit feels happy and validated in a body that welcomes it.

For the more sensitive soul, living life in the fast lane may not be appropriate even though it is the modus operandi that we all were programmed with from early on. In the present day society we are validated for looking successful, being busy and productive.

If your to-do-list does not leave much space for just being, meditation, even breathing – an entirely new one may need to be created! The new to-do-list that respects who you are as a being. Perhaps even one that is your server instead of being your master?

Maybe it’s time to begin to place yourself at the top of your own list? That is, rather than dissipating your energy all over the place, trying to fix things that are out of your control, you could call yourself back and take care of the most important person in your life – you.

Doing less and cramming fewer activities into your to-do-list will increase the quality of your being. More of you will be present in the here and now – this is where the magic happens.

There may be some perfect picture sitting in your space that dictates what a successful and active person you should be. Maybe it’s time to start practicing self-forgiveness to neutralize that perfect picture? By forgiving yourself you will step out of competition with yourself.

As you slow down and simplify, eventually you will learn that you can’t do everything yourself. It is okay to be helped by others. It’s okay to receive what you need to feel supported.

When you let go and let God, when you allow yourself to be helped – that is when you are in the truly divine state of Grace. What a gift it is both to yourself and to those around you!

So turn down your third chakra and just breathe. It’s okay to work at a slow pace. If you keep doing your work slowly and steadily with baby steps at a time if necessary – you will at least always be moving in some way. There will no longer be procrastination or the resistance to ‘doing too much’. There will also no longer be burnout.

Here’s a few simple ideas for what to include into a more mindful living practice. Remember, as you take good care of yourself, you effortlessly become a healing presence for others, too:

  1. Take a look at the space you live in: is it permissive of you doing what it is that you love to do. Is there clutter? Maybe it’s time to do some Feng Shui there? Or maybe it’s time to finally make that move to that other town / city / country where you know you will flourish!
  2. Look at your relationships. Are you living with someone who supports your dreams or who invalidates those? Maybe it’s time to move away from a friend / co-worker / family member who may be toxic to you in some way. Give them up to the Supreme Being’s care.
  3. Do you eat healthy, nutritious food? Consider what is GMO and what is not. Buy local and organic. Distrust anything that has a long shelf-life like canned and packaged foods. Go vegetarian!
  4. Do you read books that further your growth? Or are they merely intellectual? Consider what information you regularly feed into your energy field. And most definitely turn off the news!
  5. Do you regularly heal yourself with plenty of rest and relaxation time? Consider adding gentle music or a good book into your evenings.
  6. Slow down. When you live life in the slow lane, you will have more energy available to you to create in the present, because less of you will be invested into the ‘fast and furious’ lifestyle. And the bonus is that there will also be less of a chance of bumping into things!
  7. Simplify. Be clear on what is your responsibility and what is not. Have your life in order, but be open to receiving help and delegate rather than trying to do it all yourself. This way you create a beautiful network of mutual support and co-operation. Have less to do and more to be. Keep it simple!
  8. Ground. By grounding yourself, you can release any excess energy that is not yours. Grounding validates your body and allows it to feel safe and secure. This is essential to remaining present and connected to your own truth.
  9. Meditate. Meditation can be very simple. Just a few minutes or up to 30 minutes every day is all you need. It does not require any effort and the health benefits will be numerous.
  10. Forgive. Running the energy of forgiveness will clear any perfect pictures you may have sitting in your space. It will release you from the burden of carrying a heavy load that may not even have been yours to begin with.

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29 Jul

Living in the present moment is a gift

The physical body isn’t an obstacle to be overcome – it’s a reality to be experienced.

It’s true that on the higher planes manifestation happens in an instant, but here on the physical plane things take time. There are no shortcuts, no instant miracles. It takes patience to see your dreams to fruition.

The great changes around the well-known date of December 21, 2012 were not meant to happen in the blink of an eye. These will happen over a much longer period of time.

That is the beauty of the slow and cyclical nature of the physical plane. There is plenty of time. We are not in a hurry to get anywhere. We are not ascending up, up and away as many a New Ager would believe. We are transcending the illusion of our separateness from each other.

Many Eastern philosophies and a large portion of the beliefs held in the New Age circles resist the body and its cycles. Those beliefs lack a solid foundation – they are ungrounded and often fear-based. But love is the highest truth.

Very often the cause is a simple lack of grounding.

Many can’t stick around in the body long enough because of all the pain that is stored in it. Denial of the body by calling it ‘an illusion’ is denial of the pain that they feel. They reject their pain. As a clairvoyant I see snake or the ‘pain beings’ attached to their pain pictures. Clear out the snakes!

So, clearing out the pain and filling your body with lighter, easier and more spirit-friendly energies such as amusement, fun, play, forgiveness, ease – will make it easier for you as a being to spend time in it.

Of course, it’s fine to explore your spiritual nature through whatever journeys you feel called to take, but eventually you would want to bring yourself, your energy, back into body in present time. Otherwise, if you’re not available in the present moment: don’t be surprised that your dreams aren’t manifesting here and now.

Your energy may be in other places and times. Maybe you have a part of you stuck in a past experience where your integrity was compromised, a place where you felt pain and may still be processing it, carrying it around with you.

Or maybe a part of your energy is elsewhere trying to fix and heal for others. Sure, you can be a healer for others, but you may want to realize that an issue can only be solved in its source where it was created from in the first place. Others can only really truly heal themselves.

Call yourself back from wherever your energy has traveled out to, because if too much of you is scattered out all over the place, perhaps explaining, healing, fixing for others or stuck in other time-lines – less of you will be available to create here and now.

People tend to scatter themselves either because of too much pain in the body in present time or some programming that says we must always be busy and constantly doing. Constantly in effort. ‘Just being’ sometimes without doing much is the cure. Meditation is the space where you can ‘just be’.

Bringing yourself, your energy, your truth back into body in present time is healing for you. Meditate, make separations, ground, run your energies, say hello to your own truth and call yourself back into present time – that is the way to heal.

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23 Jul

How to set the tone for your day?

Do you practice meditation in the morning before getting on with your day or do you hit the ground running?

Have you ever even considered a centering practice to start your day with?

From personal experience, I can assure you, a day unfolds into to a much fuller potential when you meditate in the morning.

It is the cure for stepping out of bed with the wrong foot.

A gentle early meditation allows you to connect with your center and to stay in it. The more you’ll have meditated, the more you will be able to remain in that center no matter what life throws at you.

Being in your center is the act of being Senior – you recognize yourself, your own spirit as the central creative force in your life. When you meditate, you validate yourself.

Of course, for those of you not yet into the habit of regular meditation, the initial challenge may be even finding enough time and space to meditate. Present day lives can be so full of clutter and noise and we can be so very addicted to that – it may be really difficult to even separate from all that. It may be difficult to find ourselves in that everyday jungle.

Meditation allows you to begin to find what is true for you, so that you can create from your own truth.

Morning meditation is especially great as it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

I like to meditate after having had breakfast. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but sometimes it can be as fast as 20 minutes. It depends on how much energy I can have on that day. If you are the super-busy type (e.g.: mother of three and juggling three jobs), then short meditations should suffice; unless you’re good to wake up a lot earlier than you already do.

Regardless of how well everything is going, sometimes I can wake up feeling totally stuck, blocked, heavy and resistant to go about the day. There is no telling how you feel in the morning and yes – it can be something you ate. It’s thanks to the meditation that I see the most optimal choice to make for the day.

I may be processing some heavy emotions, but that doesn’t mean they have to set the tone for the day. I recognize and validate my emotions, but I can still focus intention on higher qualities that I wish to have as the guiding lights throughout the day.

This takes Seniority. You have to be Senior to realize that your day is your making and no one else can influence it towards their ends.

When you meditate regularly, you will begin to settle into a nice space of awareness and Seniority and someone else’s bad day no longer throws you out of your center.

You set the tone for your day simply by meditating before diving into all the activity. First, you find a nice and comfortable spot. Then using visualization, you ground yourself, and finally when you feel ready – you visually create a rose for the day. Look for the optimal rose color that you feel in affinity with.

Then playfully throw into that rose intentions for what you want from this day. Here are some examples:

  • lightness
  • ease
  • joy
  • color
  • grounding
  • inspiration
  • neutrality
  • physical energy
  • get-up-and-go
  • discipline to stay on track
  • having
  • social fun
  • questions
  • wonder
  • curiosity
  • clarity
  • amusement


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15 Jul

18 easy ways to heal yourself

In a nutshell: heal the spirit and the spirit will heal the body.

That is the core of my work as a healer. 

There is a story going around that some of us are healers while others are not. That story is a lie.

Everyone heals.

The truth is, you are your own best healer. Others can only help to unblock your already existent self-healing skills.

In my practice as a clairvoyant I get to see for myself every time how energy is self-healing. Healing does not take effort. So the question is then: ‘why don’t some people heal?’ The answer is simple: because on some level they choose not to. And that is okay, too. They choose to learn about the underlying ever-present true potential of wellness through the contrast of illness.

There is also this picture held about healers that healing through laying on of hands is a way of giving away one’s own energy. This isn’t accurate. The hands simply work to unblock energy-blocks to healee’s own self-healing energy. If the healer feels drained after laying on of hands – they are leaking energy somewhere. That’s what I call an unconscious healer.

The most important healing ability is the ability to heal yourself. By healing yourself you set the tone for others which they will match if they are open to it. That is the art of effortless healing.

So how do you heal? Consider the ways in which you nurture yourself.

  1.  Meditate
  2.  Ground
  3. Eat healthy, nutritious food
  4. Exercise
  5. Rest
  6. Play
  7. Engage in a hobby
  8. Step out of your comfort zone
  9. Have faith
  10. Notice all the love available all around
  11. Read fairy-tales
  12. Create music / art
  13. Tell jokes, find amusement in things
  14. Take a road trip
  15. Spend time out on a beach, doing nothing
  16. Validate yourself
  17. Connect with your own vertical energy
  18. Get a healing

I’m not your healer – you are, I only point my finger to where I see blockages, I create the space and give you my permission . . . and you heal yourself!

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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12 Jul

Conscious healer vs. unconscious healer

Did you know that you are already a healer by design that is built in to your human / spirit software?

Yes, we all heal.

You don’t ‘become’ a healer. You become aware of an ability that was yours to begin with – you simply own it.

Indeed: healing is one of your spiritual natures. It is something we all do naturally. Only difference is that some of us do it consciously while others do it unconsciously.

So let’s take a closer look at these two kinds of healers.

The unconscious healer.

  • He / she always puts others first. This person does not understand the mechanics of healing.
  • An unconscious healer is scattered all over the place: always fixing, healing, repairing, figuring out, rescuing. He is keeping his attention away from himself – this is the default we are programmed with early on in our lives. The lie here is that giving attention to oneself is selfish.
  • An unconscious healer frantically grabs on to any misery they see, absorbs into his / her space (body and aura) and tries to heal it in this way. This is the kind of person who can’t let go of worry for others, because they buy into the lie that others are ‘broken’ in some way.
  • This kind of a healer does not realize he / she is projecting one’s own stuff onto others, then offers a lot of advice. This actually pushes others away as he / she gets into everyone’s space, which is very annoying.

The conscious healer.

  • A conscious healer makes the biggest mess of them all by placing oneself on top of one’s own to-do-list and thus heals not just oneself, but also others without effort.
  • A conscious healer is aware of how setting an example energetically by healing oneself first is true healing, because others who are open to his / her healing will match it.
  • A conscious healer does nice things for oneself, things like meditating, grounding, running energy. A conscious healer heals others through one’s being – by being the best that they can be. This person is aware of energy and knows how to work it.
  • A conscious healer is totally present. Or at least working on clearing out whatever blocks he / she may have to being more present. The blocks may be things such as agreements, pain pictures, MEI pictures, perfect pictures, foreign energies they have given seniority away to . . .
  • A conscious healer does not heal within one’s own space, but keeps one’s healing projects out in the ‘healing clinic’ rose.

All healing is truly self-healing.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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15 Nov

Treat yourself to something special: 12 gift ideas for a joyous festive season

Wow, it’s mid-November already and Christmas will be here sooner than we realize.

Time is marching on, but what a year it’s been! I am so grateful for all the wonderful manifestations that came to be for me this year. I’m sure many who are reading this have had an equally amazing time.

The end of the year holiday season is without a doubt one of the most magical and wonderful times. We are all so busy buying each other gifts, writing cards, planning Christmas dinners and so much more. How exciting! But there’s a flip-side to this coin: if we are not careful, we can end up burnt out by the time of Christmas itself. So it’s a good idea to find ways to manage energy without ending up completely drained on the other side of it.

Here’s my suggestion: 12 gifts to give to yourself this festive season. And the best part is – these ones keep on giving . . .

1. Meditate. When you create some quiet, still space for yourself to recharge, you are investing into everything else in a big way. You will return to you activities with more clarity and a sense of calm. And you will be a joy for others to be around, too. How’s that for a gift!

2. Give yourself permission to slow down, rest, enjoy and to let go. When we get into the activity of things, it can be quite hard to stop, look and listen again. There seems to be a constant inner push to keep going. The collective energy is contributing heavily here, so have enough respect for yourself to realize that you can stop and rest. Whenever.

3. Throw out the perfect picture of what the festive season is supposed to be like. This is one of the worst energy-drains: trying to constantly live up to some ideal of how it’s all supposed to be. And then getting all emotional and messed-up if something does not fit the perfect picture. Just let it all be whatever it wants to be.

4. Use grounding. Using a simple visualization, you can send any excess energy down the grounding cord. There is no need to carry it all around with you. Read this on how to ground. You can send any worries and concerns that are not yours down to the Earth, she will gladly neutralize and recycle those energies.

5. Delegate. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Give some of your unresolved cares / worries / concerns over to the Supreme Being. And trust that all is unfolding as it’s supposed to be. Have patience and trust that your mock-ups (or prayers) will manifest, when the time is right.

6. Smile. Go on – try it right now. See how good it feels. I advise visualizing a rose, then asking that rose to show a colour for the energy of your Amusement. Even just doing that is enough to get Amusement running in your energy field.

7. Say hello. I mean really: say hello to people. Even those you don’t normally say hello to. You are healing both yourself and others in a huge way, when you do this. If you accompany your hello also with a warm smile – you may be changing someone’s life. A warm smile and a look in the eyes that says ‘I see you – and I like you’ is tremendously healing. Consider giving that gift this festive season.

8. Forgive. The energy of forgiveness is essential to lightening your load. When you forgive, you stop running the toxic energy of unforgiveness in your space. You radiate spiritual power. That power is the secret to manifesting more of what you wish into your life.

9. Sing and dance. Seriously, just use any opportunity to sing and dance either by yourself or with others. This creates amusement and a sense of well-being. Again, vibrations that are sorely needed and welcomed by many at this time.

10. Ground out effort and resistance. Speaks for itself. Why do you need to carry such stuck energies around with you? You don’t! Send them down the grounding cord and allow life to be easy.

11. Treat yourself kindly and gently. You’ve been doing this for others, perhaps it’s time to start being kind to yourself, too? Really.

12. Treat yourself indulgently. You were born a star. When you are at peace, cared for and nurtured – you radiate and shine a bright light for all to bask in. So go ahead, be the star that you are and treat yourself this festive season. And I mean: eat that cake without guilt! Buy those shoes and wrap them beautifully with glitter and a bow. Buy whatever it is that you know will make you feel good. Perhaps you will consider getting an indulgent aura reading or a clairvoyant reading / healing? When you invest into your well-being, you are vibrationally saying ‘yes’ to abundance, your Havingness gauge is going up and much, much more will flow in as a result. So enjoy.

Festive season offers, discounts and gift packages for both new and returning customers. There is something special for everyone!

EssenceJoy indulge time

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