7 Apr

Uniqueness is on the table

Each of us brings to the table something entirely unique – ourselves. What makes you unique? What do you bring to the table?

There is no competition in that. You can’t compete with anyone to be more you. You can only be who you are already.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

You are different from others and that is something to celebrate. It is a gift. You don’t have to match to others or to conform. Nor do you need to explain yourself or have everyone’s agreement for you to be wholly and totally you.

If you have always been different from others, and deep down inside you know you are no matter how hard you try to fit in, it may be cumbersome to be around others who want you to fit in or be like everyone else. The group always expects you to conform to the group. Because of this you may have withdrawn from participating in group events and maybe even feel a little victimized, but there is no one to blame for what you feel. What you bring to the table is unique and entirely your own. Only you can own it. Only you can own all your good, bad, beautiful, weird and ugly.

Are you comfortable being different from others and standing out in a group or do you hide? It may have been safer to hide in the past, maybe you were punished for being different and unique, but if you keep doing so you will continue to miss out on a whole bunch of fun! Namely, the fun of getting to be you. Hiding doesn’t do anyone, especially yourself, any favors. Besides, it takes a lot more effort to be someone who you are not than it does to simply be who you already are!

It may have been safer to hide in the past, but now is the time to come out of your hiding, to be seen and shine. Life is short – use your time to live on your own terms.

Each of us have some unique gift that we bring along by simply being ourselves, by being true to ourselves, without going into effort and trying to be like anyone else. Each of us is a piece of a larger puzzle and cannot be excluded or something valuable will be missing. Once you realize this it will be easier to value yourself. You bring value simply by being yourself.

In the eyes of the Divine you are not expected to be like anyone else, in fact you do great service by being something entirely creatively different and unique.

There is a beautiful effortless flow of beingness where insights and intuition leads you on every moment. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Clear the energy that tells you otherwise!

In the eyes of love, you are a beautiful diamond. Some energy in your space may be telling you to make yourself small so as to accommodate others in your life who want to hide, but with the help of intuitive healing you can clear that.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone, it’s a trap! Love yourself unconditionally and wholly as the imperfectly perfect being you already are. You heal yourself by being your unique unedited self without apologies, explanations or defensiveness. Loving and embracing yourself as you are you also bless and heal everyone else you come into contact with.

Your essence is here in a physical body and learning very specific and unique lessons of its own. It has its own unique ‘job’ to do here. That ‘job’, is something you do by simply being You. It may or may not match with your day job. Your true job and you are very needed on this planet. You are very loved by your Creator. Once you discover what that job is, you can begin to say prayers that are truly yours without resistance to the outcomes. For example, I’ve noticed that I lift the energy of groups that I’m part of simply by showing up there. Over time I’ve learned not to take responsibility for any stuff I pick up and to safely release anything that isn’t mine.

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14 Jan

Ground your creations

According to my favorite forecaster, the Power Path, 2015 has the energy flavor or theme of creativity. The year has already brought some amazing creative clarity to me personally, so I can certainly validate that theme for myself.

We all have creative energy flowing through our bodies daily. Spirit is creative. It is the energy that created us, the planet, the Universe and is the very life force itself. Yes, even those who consider themselves ‘not creative’ have creative ability. It’s just a matter of choice and each day we have a choice whether to validate our creativity and to exercise that creativity muscle or not.

Creative energy is by nature a high frequency energy that can bring all kinds of innovative, unique, original and inspired ideas. It is a soft, unfocused and feminine energy. Creativity is best accessed through daydreaming or a state of no expectation and trust. Do you have permission to daydream?

If you want to manifest something creative for yourself like a work of art, a book, a piece of music or just about anything you can use a simple grounding visualization to help make it real and bring it to yourself. The meditation audio named “The Manifestation Rose” could be of help.

The positives of creativity are a natural and effortless flow of inspiration, play, originality, healing, the feeling that anything is possible and positive destruction or the ability to let go of old creations. But some of the negatives to watch out for are ungroundedness, illusions, moodiness, negative destruction, victim mentality, perfectionism, taking things personally, lack of boundaries and procrastination.

While it is wonderful to be in that creative space where you feel that everything is possible, it’s also important to take action steps towards making your mock-ups real. This is where a grounding cord comes in handy. Without a grounding cord your mock-ups will simply swirl around outside your body uncontrollably and in a chaotic way that can affect your health. Make sure to reset your grounding whenever you start to feel spaced out.

So in this new year of 2015, some of the keywords for things to become conscious of and do some awareness work on could be: grounding, body / spirit communication, healing abilities, your mock-ups and creative space, surrender and trust, daydreaming as a conscious activity, female energy, manifestation work and boundaries around what is yours and what is not.

A good space to learn grounding and other intuitive energywork tools is the psychic meditation class that I teach both locally as well as a teleclass. In a psychic meditation class you can learn valuable tools such as grounding, creating and destroying, running energy and calling back your creative energy.

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24 Oct

Did you remember to bring yourself along?

Are you waiting for everything and everyone, including yourself, to be absolutely perfect before you can show up to your own life, before you can take action towards realizing your dreams?

It’s kind of like waiting for the arrival of a Messiah – you could be waiting for a very long time. How about just showing up anyways and seeing where things will go from there? You never know, it could be magic!

Life needs you to show up in your full authenticity. That is, with all your perfections as well as imperfections. No, you are not expected to be perfect – you just need to show up.

Indeed, when you do show up to your own life – magic happens. It happens simply out of the very creative power of the inspirational energy that is You, your very essence.

Showing up could mean showing up to a dream you’ve been putting aside, showing up to your work and being fully present, showing up to your family and friends. Even showing up to your ‘me time’.

If you want to create change in your life, then start paying attention to that script that runs in your mind about who you are. This script may or may not be an accurate portrayal of you, but one thing’s for sure: it dictates your physical reality. Notice the whole script without judgment. Then notice the parts of the story that are portraying you as the victim, the loser, ugly, unattractive, unlovable, a martyr, then go ahead and retell the story to be one of happiness, beauty, heroism, miracles. You have that power. It’s your choice what you choose to validate.

From a clairvoyant perspective, showing up means bringing yourself, your energy, your agreements with others into present time. It takes some willingness to let go, forgive and find amusement with the oh so imperfectly perfect human nature.

When you entered the room that you’re in now, did you bring yourself along? Or are you still solving that argument you had six months ago? Still reconciling that old disagreement with your ex, your parents or that nosy neighbor? Do you think it is your responsibility to figure out and resolve all those arguments that were presented to you? Was it all even personal or were everyone just going through a growth period? How about letting go of that responsibility and regaining your peace of mind and peace of heart.

Using gentle meditation and the simple grounding technique you can ground into present time where your body is. By grounding into present time where the body is you can experience joy and bliss. Your body is always in present time.

The world needs healers, humanitarians and other inspired folk who know their own value and who show up in the world. Today, give the world the most precious gift you could ever give – you.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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20 May

Visualize wellness

Did you know that worry is a form of prayer? However, it is of the negative sort and will create more of what you don’t really want. Instead of worrying you could use visualization.

Your visual ability creates your life experience. Everything that happens in your life is what you agreed to in some way and have envisioned for yourself. Visualization is a spiritual ability – spirit creates through images, pictures and visions.

Here’s the thing, we are so accustomed to seeing ourselves as the victim that at times it may seem useless to even try to change that picture for one of empowerment and wellness. Do you have permission to see yourself in wellness or do you only receive validation from those around you for seeing yourself stuck or as a victim?

You can use visual meditation to see yourself in wellness. Visualization is very powerful. When you create a picture this visual picture acts as a power command to your personal Universe that “this is what I want more of” and your experiences will be ordered around it.

When visualizing doubt can sometimes come up that says your visions or intentions don’t work, that they are impossible to achieve or that it is “just your imagination”. If that’s the case then you’ve picked up invalidation from someone else. Maybe you feel like you have to be able to explain to others what you see for yourself? However, the more you can validate your own vision – the more it will grow and the more you will learn to trust it.

Your visions are based on your own truth. Your own truth does not need explaining or defending. Your own truth is the best fit for you, your body and your well-being.

Spiritual wellness is a good relationship or a state of affinity between you the spirit and your body. It means having clear communication with your body, trusting and validating it.

You can bring spiritual wellness into your life simply when you pick up the daily habit of meditation. Through the gentle meditation practice you can let your body have well-being by using grounding to release resistance, effort or any other toxic energy. Grounding gives the body safety and security. Other great techniques you could use to nurture your body can be running Earth energy through your leg channels and visualizing all your chakras spinning in a harmonic with each other.

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22 Apr

Make peace with your body on Earth Day

Today is the Earth day and we celebrate the Earth, consciousness, green lifestyle, vegetarianism, grounding, community and affinity for each other and the Earth.

Every day should be Earth Day!

Quite frankly, we are of the Earth: she belongs to us and we belong to her.

Our physical bodies are elementals and came from the Earth: they need the Earth to sustain themselves just like a child needs its mother. For its optimal functioning, the body needs fresh food and Earth energy that can only come from the Earth and not from a laboratory.

For many centuries, if not millennia, a lie has been running rampant within spiritual communities: a lie that says that the Earth and spirit are separate from each other. This lie created a split between one’s body and spirit and a deep intimate connection with the Earth was lost. In order for the spiritual practitioner to remain balanced, Earth energy is essential as a source of nourishment and renewal and is equally as important as cosmic energy.

So, when you feel ‘out of sorts’, it is more than likely that you have lost your grounding – your unique energetic connection with the center of the planet. It is very easily regained through visualization.

Grounding works on the premise that you are a spiritual being and you have a body. In order for your body to feel safe – it needs to be fueled with the energy of you, the being. Sometimes when there is a lot of pain in the body, you as a spirit may want to spend time elsewhere. However, when you are ‘out to lunch’ for an extended period of time, your body becomes anxious, insecure and fearful. Grounding yourself back into the body heals you and allows a sense of safety to return again.

When you get grounded you will gradually become more aware of what kind of energy you carry around with you and can then begin to get very clear on what is even yours and what is not. You may have been carrying around someone else’s energy in your space for a very long time. It is tremendously healing to release energy that isn’t yours.

In an optimal grounded state you are neutral, happy, satisfied, feel secure and can have your space to yourself – you are in affinity with your body. Nothing can control someone who is grounded. So, a good question to ask yourself: how much can you really let yourself have this optimal grounding? Having your optimal grounding is a skill.

Please be aware that the way you treat your own space is pretty much equivalent to how you treat the environment around you. If your home is full of clutter, then most likely so is your energy field. Owning and clearing your energetic space via grounding you will naturally also begin to want to regularly clear your external space by doing decluttering and Feng Shui in your home, workspace, relationships, your habits and beliefs or just about any other important area of your life.

Your grounding cord is truly your communication with the Earth. Through regular grounded meditation you can become more and more aware of the carbon footprint you leave on the Earth. When you take responsibility for your own corner of the world, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

So how can you nurture a more peaceful and a more loving relationship with our Great Mother? The following is a list with some suggestions on how you could do your part.

1. Spend time in nature. Feel your feet on the Earth. Time in the nature is a healing for your body as well as your spirit. Try regularly taking some time out to just be with the nature.

2. Rest. We are so programmed to keep going and work hard that rest seems completely out of the question. Spirit doesn’t need rest and can keep going infinitely. This can’t be said for the body – it needs rest to recover. So respect that need. Rest and recovery is grounding, healing and rejuvenating for the body.

3. Ground. Use a grounding cord to connect your first chakra into the Earth. This will give you a sense of security as well as well-being. Grounding makes all your spiritual growth real for you.

4. Meditate with a grounding cord. Give yourself meditation space to connect with yourself. If you don’t have time for meditation during other parts of the day, at least try meditating in the mornings. It will do you a world of good.

5. Regularly run Earth energy to heal yourself. Running Earth energy up the leg channels and into the first chakra is a good way to rejuvenate yourself.

6. Eat healthy, fresh, organic and vegetarian food. What is that on your dinner plate? Is it real food or is it a food-like substance? Maybe you will want to reconsider your diet?

7. Exercise your body. Give your body plenty of movement. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, then try taking the stairs instead of the lift. Ride your bicycle or walk instead of taking public transport or driving your car. Exercise green!

8. Go slowly and keep it simple. The body is validated by slow and mindful movement. Rushing and multitasking is overwhelming for the body.

9. Say hello to people. Spend more time in your community or with your tribe. This nurtures the first chakra. If you ever feel like being ignored and you want a hello – try giving one!

10. Throw away any expectations you have about where you should be in your life and just embrace where you actually are. Love yourself. Expectation does nothing other than distorts your enjoyment of the present moment.

11. Recycle and buy local. Find ways to help take better care of the Earth.

12. Grow plants at home. Do gardening.

13. Use only eco-friendly chemical-free household and self-care products.

14. Follow the seasons. Eat only food that is in season. Decorate your home with spring flowers during spring. Spend more time outdoors in the summer. Create beautiful artistic designs with fallen leaves during autumn.

15. Practice gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation holds a very grounded and stable energy to it just like the Earth. Gratitude for something grounds it.

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19 Apr

Ease and grace

What is the mode with which you move through a day: one of effort or one of ease and grace?

When in a state of effort you may be doing a whole lot, but feeling like not getting much done at all. In grace you just glide through it all and will often even get to feel good in the end.

By default we are programmed to work hard at things. To put lots of effort into everything. We are programmed to set the energy from the third chakra instead of the Crown chakra.

However, ease and grace is the highest truth. Spirit creates without any effort whatsoever. Effort belongs entirely to the physical body.

Would you like your life to be easier and more graceful? Well, with energywork meditation it can be.

The more you practice meditation with your awareness resting in the center of your head and visually playing with energywork tools, the more you will also be able to bring that same vibration of ease and grace into your everyday life. It happens quite naturally. Eventually it becomes a habitual mode.

Meditation is really about staying in touch with your spirit.

So, if you are in effort, you may have temporarily lost touch with your spirit. You may have forgotten that you, as a being, are already whole and are enough. Only expectation, that perfect picture in your head about what is “supposed to be”, can make you feel like you are on the wrong path. This may be your own expectation or that of others.

The tool you could use here is ‘creating and destroying’: you just imagine a rose, put that perfect picture inside the rose and destroy it. Simply see the rose exploding into millions of sparkly little pieces.

When out of touch with your spirit, you are also out of touch with your own answers or your knowingness, so effort comes in and you may begin to seek very hard for what has been within you all this time. The essential tool to remedy this is grounding. Ground your energy back into your body in present time.

Your own answers are available to you at all times. Check in with your body for clues – it never lies.

Spirit is very real. You can be with spirit through meditation, by simply ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Some people who have not yet experienced their own creative spirit or who are temporarily out of touch with it, are not able to validate it. Don’t let that invalidate your perceptions. What you see, feel and hear is very real. You just need to own it.

Trying to do too much by yourself means you have lost faith in the Universe to support you. You have gone into lack consciousness. You can give any worries and concerns over to the Supreme Being, your guides or your angels. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your spirit as well as your guides and the Supreme Being already have all the answers and already know what your Next Step is and how to manifest your dreams. Remember every day, every moment the whole of creation conspires to bring your deepest dreams and desires to reality. It’s not the effort / pushing / trying / figuring out / lack of faith, but the grace / effortlessness and enjoyment – aka your inner Gold – that manifests. Just step back, surrender and allow spirit to work it all out for you. Also remember you have your own pace, life is not a competition – time and timing is of the essence.

So here is the gem that ease and grace holds within it: all beings are unique with their own truth. Each has their own value, which is priceless. There is no competition within the Supreme Being. Do what feels good to you, what validates you, what comes easily. There is no need to be in effort.

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25 Mar

Feeling good

This may sound trivial, but we all need a reminder sometimes: the point of being alive isn’t to suffer, being in body isn’t all about pain.

Yes, being present to your experience requires that you authentically own and feel all your feelings, whatever they may be at the time, but that is so in order to be able to release them. There’s no need to dwell on pain.

There was a time in the past when suffering was given Seniority over happiness and feeling good. This is an old religious picture and still runs rampant even in today’s modern society. However, suffering is no longer the spiritual way to grow anymore. The picture of a successful artist having to suffer for their creative genius is out-dated. Nowadays we grow through joy.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~Author unknown

It can be easy to match to the misery we see around us at times, but you are not helping anyone if you lower your energy and go into a space of fixing for others. Just saying hello to someone’s spirit is effective enough to start a healing. And always bring your attention back to yourself, your own life, your own questions and path.

Spirit truly grounds best into a body that is happy and feels good. You heal yourself by choosing to bring in amusement, play, fun and joy – that is the stuff that your spirit is made of. From this inspired space the possibilities for what you can create are endless.

Your body welcomes your own energy, the energy of your own spirit, aka your own Truth. Any energy that does not belong to you simply does not fit. And you’ll know you have taken on something when you feel ‘out of sorts’.

Quite frankly, your own energy is who you are when you are feeling good. Being happy you are in your natural flow. Unhappiness comes from having for a brief moment forgotten how to be in the flow, maybe someone else’s energy got in. You come back to it simply by remembering who you are and letting go of any energy that isn’t yours.

Every day I choose to be grateful to Supreme Being for all the wonderful growth that’s come my way and I realize that even though a part of me doesn’t always like the growth period – my spirit is having a heck of a good time regardless! In fact, the more challenging the growth is, the more my spirit enjoys it. Easier growth has probably been done too many times before and it has lost its charm.

So to help you to bring in the energy of feeling good, here is my gift to you: a meditation on Feeling Good. Enjoy!

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Meditation on Feeling Good” price=”10.00″ file_url=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Meditation-on-Feeling-Good.wma” thumbnail=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GoldHibiscus-RESIZE.jpg” description=”A springtime meditation to help bring in the energy of feeling good!”]


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18 Feb

The creative process and right timing

The Universe works like divine clockwork: what you need will always be there for you just when you need it the most.

Whatever you’ve been asking for and trying to manifest into your life is already on its way. Or to be more precise: it is already yours because you’ve asked for it. How it will show up isn’t yours to figure out – this is the Universe’s job.

Be in amusement about the lie that says you are lacking something or that the Universe isn’t delivering. A lie is a place in you where you are not in touch with your own truth, your highest potential. Typically this tends to be a belief you may have inherited from your parents, elders or society during the formative years of your life.

If you are trying to manifest something into your life there are a few important considerations to take into account. The following is a simple three step outline of the creative process.

The Creative Process

1. Creating a mock-up

It is enough to just wish or desire for something. This acts as a power command to the Universe that “this is what I want as my Next Step”. You may do manifestation work or not, but rest assured it is already yours because you wished for it. This is simple mechanics of the creative process and it is designed for success. You can use visualization to intensify this process or you may use other methods. It works either way. No effort is required here.

So everything that shows up in your life is truly a reflection of your own beliefs of what you deserve – the belief acts as the mock-up. Once you become aware of that, it’s your choice whether to keep carrying those beliefs around with you or to change them. However, consider this: love-based beliefs create health and happiness while fear-based beliefs create illness and separation.

It is also up to you to create a healthy and confident self-image that allows you to be sure of yourself, manifest abundance and prosperity, and to say no to toxic energy and individuals. Just for the record, people who constantly argue with you, make you feel small, try to make you prove yourself and invalidate your truth are toxic to you self-esteem.

2. Right timing

Whether your dream is actually showing up for you depends on three things: right timing, whether it is meant to be and whether it’s even your dream to begin with. You can’t manifest a dream for someone else.

When you are trying really hard to make something happen and yet it just won’t happen, consider where you are within the creative process. You may in fact be in the ‘birth canal’, especially if you feel like everything is a challenge or an effort. This is the last figurative step right before your mock-up comes to life, so to speak. If something isn’t showing up for you the time may simply be unripe. When the time is ripe, however, your mock-up will be ready for picking like a plump fruit on a tree glowing with delicious juiciness. It will manifest with ease and grace because it is the right time for it. A close friend of mine and a great teacher once said: “Time and timing is of the essence.” It is your own essence that is pulling all the strings for your optimal learning, so trust your essence! And the thing with right timing is that there are no accidents. If life is slowing you down at this stage of the creative process, then trust that you are meant to be going slow at this time. Really, have trust!

Some things are meant to be while others are not. If you are struggling to make something happen, then you are in effort and this is a clear sign of pushing against the natural flow which is effortless. The dream you may be trying to manifest for yourself might not be in your highest good – check in with your intuition whether it is a dream or a fantasy.

Or You may be trying to manifest a dream or a goal that is not even yours to begin with. This is doomed to fail, because you can only manifest your own dreams and mock-ups. Embark on a journey to find out what your own dreams are rather than the ones you picked up from your parents, partner, family or children.

The thing with the second step of the creative process is that there is a whole lot more going on under the surface than meets the eye. There are all kinds of shifts and changes happening and the only best thing you can do is step out of resistance to it all. When you are ready to clear some old issues to make space for your dream, someone will show up who will light these up for you. For example, I consistently keep getting clients who are working through similar issues to myself. The Universe purposefully brings clients to me who are working pictures similar to me so we could help and heal each other.

3. Making it real

To assure your mock-up shows up you want to be absolutely sure you’ve taken all the necessary real world action steps. E.g.: If you’ve been asking for a new lover, you’ll want to end any old relationship ties that may be holding you back or if you want to create a business you have to be willing to take the steps to make it real.

To make it real you need to get into the habit of regularly grounding yourself. Grounding works on the premise that you are a spiritual being and you have a body. In order to manifest your dreams the body needs to feel safe enough to have those dreams. To be safe your body needs enough of the fuel that is the creative energy of your own unique spirit. This is the formula for making your dreams come true.

Stop pushing the river and allow grace to work its miracles into your life!

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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12 Jan

Making everyday life a spiritual service

In October last year I had a dream where I was telling someone that I only ever truly come out of my shell and speak freely in public when talking about the matters of spirit.

I explained that this is because I’m a “Brother”, which is a religious or spiritual term referring to a male devoted to spiritual service.

I did not realize the full depth and meaning of this dream until the evening of Christmas Day, when I was having a walk outside and looking for the local spiritualist church here in Eastbourne; I wanted to see what events they had going on for Christmas.

So finally all the pieces of the puzzle came together and I realized where my path is really going in the long run. Namely, I see only one fitting role for me: the one of a reverend or a minister. I want to devote every aspect of my life to the service of the Supreme Being.

Cat prayer

Looking at the broader brush-stroke of the events of my life I can clearly see how everything has been leading to this. Over time I’ve been becoming increasingly more devotional. I recently switched over to vegetarianism. I’ve created firm boundaries against any behavior or energy that does not respect my wholeness. I want every day to be a celebration to the Supreme Being and also feel a strong urge to open up a church. Not the traditional Christian type of church, but rather the type that is an all-inclusive agenda-free space for individuals to join in spiritual service and practice. I suppose you could also call it a temple, an ashram or maybe just a spiritual center.

So this is my longer term mock-up. It’s a great dream.

This kind of spiritual practice does not have to be confined only within the permissive walls of a spiritual center, however – it can be done every day at all times and wherever you are. So here are some steps that can make every day of your life sacred and invites spiritual service and holiness to wherever you go.

1. Meditate. When you meditate you open space for your spirit to enter into your life.With spirit by your side – everything is possible.

2. Recognize your wholeness. Say hello to and recognize often that you don’t really need to change since you are already whole. Wherever you are, whatever you are feeling – is where you are meant to be. Nothing needs to change, it only needs your total compassionate and loving acceptance.

3. Be grateful. Adopt this mantra: “With gratitude and devotion I receive this day as a special blessing from the Supreme Being.” Count your blessings and give thanks often. Especially for the smallest things that you usually take for granted.

4. Forgive. Letting go of the toxic energy of un-forgiveness frees up your creative energy to be used for creating happiness in the present.

5. Do not harm. Be mindful of all the ways in which harm can be done. Apart from the obvious the subtler ways in which harm is caused are: a harsh tone, invalidation, a frown, an unkind or disdainful look, lashing out.

6. Help others. Find ways in which you can be of service to others. This help can be doing someone’s shopping for them, buying someone a cup of coffee or just opening a door for an elderly person.

7. Smile. If the atmosphere around someone feels terribly serious, a smile or a tactful joke can be incredibly healing.

8. Don’t judge. Judgment is pain. What you see in others is truly a projection of yourself. What you judge in another – you judge in yourself. Judgment limits potential and kills intuition.

9. Don’t engage with toxic energy. The easiest way to release toxic energy is to ground out any resistance to it. That way it won’t be able to stick to you.

10. Say hello to grace and give it over to the Supreme Being. Instead of trying real hard to make something happen, see if you can let it go, surrender and give it over to the Supreme Being to take care of the details. You may be trying too hard to achieve something all by yourself, but remember this: Heaven is entered two by two.

11. Simplify. Complexity is of the ego – simplicity is of the spirit.

12. Embrace the mundane. Ground your energy into the Earth and give your body some validation.

13. Go slow. Being impatient and always in a hurry is a way that we can harm ourselves and others. When moving too fast there is a real danger of hitting something very hard as well. Try going slowly and mindfully and you will avoid any potential disasters.

© Hello EssenceJoy 2014

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27 Dec

Meditation event: ‘Create Your Mock-Up for 2014’

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed it as much as I did. This year I decided to let go of any and all perfect pictures – aka expectations – I had about this holiday season and ended up with the best Christmas experience so far. I’m very grateful.

Now that Christmas is over and the new year beckons – it is a good time to start setting those intentions for the new year.

So here it is, the meditation event where you can join with others and create a wonderful new vision for your new year:

Create your mock-up for 2014.

I envision a marvelous year ahead filled with joy as well as growth. Certainly this will be the year when many dreams will come true and many more dreams will be created.

Meditation class

This meditation event is a fun and relaxed space where you can create a vision for your year 2014 that comes from your own truth. It will be your mock-up for how YOU wish to experience your life and what it is that YOU truly wish to see come to fruition in your life.

This meditation is about you. For you. To nurture you and your connection with yourself.

So why don’t you join me for a meditation today at 6 pm GMT. It will be done on the phone, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You won’t even have to get out of your jammies!

Please email me at essencejoy@hotmail.co.uk to register. Once you have sent the payment here an email will be sent to you with the dial in number and access code.

See you all there!

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Photo: From Flower Story’s Facebook page