25 Feb

The psychic child within

Many of the stern adults of today were once sensitive and psychic children. All children are intuitive and own their gifts with ease. However, as they grow older, they may not have permission to use their abilities and as a result lose touch with them.

Let’s be very clear: there is absolutely nothing woo-woo about being intuitive. The idea that it is something mystical or magical in a negative way comes from fears and limited thinking that have been conditioned upon us over the ages. It is an entirely natural ability that comes with being human. No extra effort required.

Put it this way, if you have a soul, then you are psychic. Simple as that. Using your ability means getting in touch with that part of yourself we call ‘the soul’ or whatever else you want to call it. It is of course much more complex than just ‘a soul’, but to simplify we can say it is that part of you that is connected with the source of all answers and is all you need for your healing and well-being.

The easiest and quickest way to access your intuition is primarily through imagination. You can also connect through sensations, feelings, sounds or knowingness, but imagination is the way that is most fun and natural. You may not think you are very imaginative, but if you can envision the simple image of an apple, then you already have what it takes to receive communication from your spirit. Now the task becomes to quiet the noise within and around you down enough so as to be able to hear the often subtle voice of your soul.

Daydreaming is a very fun and joyful way through which children access their own answers. They do this very naturally and without making a fuss about it. Children have not yet been heavily conditioned by those around them, so they allow their imagination and their spirits to wander and play around without restrictions. It is the fundamental curiosity and sense of wonder that drives them to ask the questions and receive the answers. Children are walking and talking geniuses and there is much we could learn from them.

Many of the adults today live their lives carrying around with them the fears, conditioning and the lies handed to them from their parents, authorities or other adults around them. These lies and responsibilities, that they accepted without any questioning, clothed them in an imaginary cloak of security, which was supposed to grant them success in life and keep them safe, but in reality has done nothing else than block them from seeing themselves and those around them clearly. The core lie here is that they cannot access their own answers and couldn’t possibly be psychic. The abilities are there, however, the only question remains: to which extent does any given person choose to use their abilities? Some people passionately pursue their intuitive capacity, while others may want to run from it and turn it off completely.

The basic intuitive skills class is the psychic kindergarten where your inner child gets a hello and you get the chance to slowly begin to nurture and turn own your natural abilities again. You get to be the child again and grow, play and have fun in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Next class series is beginning on March 11 at the Eastbourne Natural Fitness Centre. There are a few open spaces left. Click here to find out more and to ground your spot.

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19 Dec

Intuitive self-care for the holiday season

The time period from Thanksgiving until New Year, aka the holiday season, is well known for the intensity that comes along with it.

At this time of the year our very physical connections with our tribes and families are in focus and this brings up all kinds of instinctual and first chakra related issues. Ever wondered why the color red, which is associated with the first chakra, sexuality, passion and intensity, is also associated with Santa Clause’s coat? Not a coincidence.

It’s truly a mixed bag of energies and experiences for different people and of course, everyone’s experience is unique and their own. For the more empathic and sensitive ones, however, it becomes important to have some sort of an anchoring into intuitive self-care so as not to take on the energy and harshness of others.

The positive side of Christmas are all the wonderful religious themes associated with it and the beautiful heartwarming stories that are told through movies, animations, books or otherwise. Through those stories we consider our place in our family circles and society. We look at our ancestry and celebrate all that is good and worthwhile in life. Reunions happen. Charity and fund-raising to support the less fortunate become the theme.

On the other hand, we have the “holiday madness”: the closer we get to Christmas the more the speed picks up, the more everyone seems to be in a hurry somewhere and people seem to become more manic. The advertising companies use this time to their advantage; notice ads like “Hurry, before the sale ends!” and “Don’t miss out on the deal of the lifetime!” and so forth.

A word of advice for the more empathic ones: no, you are not more sensitive than usual, there really is a lot of pushy energy being thrown around. The solution is to step out of resistance to it.

When the energy is picking up and we all become lit up with matching pictures like the Christmas tree, it can help to be aware of ways in which we can leak energy and how to best manage it for ourselves. It becomes crucial to have some sort of a still-point in our lives to remain balanced. Meditation is a good space for that. If it calls to you, you could also add some visual tools to take better care of yourself.

The following are some tips for adjusting your energy for different life situations and how you can take better care of yourself through this holiday madness:

1. Meditate. This is a great way to heal yourself. Putting yourself in touch with that much needed still-point during a somewhat pushy holiday season. Giving yourself some gentle meditation time allows you to reclaim your space from other people’s demands.

2. Use a grounding cord. This is your protection. You can release any energy that isn’t yours and like a powerful tree you will stand tall and strong and cannot be pushed around. Grounding is what makes you real.

3. Pull your aura in closer. Doing so in public spaces can help to avoid taking on energy from others and feeling drained. Read more about the aura here.

4. Adjust your second chakra. You can adjust it down to a smaller size when you feel you may be absorbing other people’s emotions. You can simply imagine your second chakra as a spinning wheel of energy below your belly button and see it decreasing in size to about 20%-30%. Play around with it and see what feels good.

5. Third chakra awareness. You can also adjust the third chakra according to your needs. When working out or doing public speaking, it’s good to open it up more than usual. Maybe to about 60%-80% of its maximum openness. When meditating, however, you may want to close it down to about 50%-60%.

6. Color therapy. Pick colors that you feel in affinity with that you can circulate in your chakras or aura layers. You can visualize a color that makes you feel good and then see that color circulating in your chakras and aura layers. It’s that easy to give yourself a visual healing!

7. Use a separation rose. Visually create a separation rose when you need some space from someone or something. This becomes essential when dealing with projections, pushy and harsh energy. You just imagine a rose (or any other flower or object that feels good to you) on the edge of your aura and let it absorb any unwanted energy.

8. Set your Crown chakra to gold for neutrality. Imagine gold color in your Crown chakra and notice in your body how neutral and healing it can be for you.

9. Feel free to say no. To avoid energy leaks, walk away from what doesn’t feel good. Set boundaries around other people’s responsibilities and drama. As a natural healer it can be hard to do that as you may be expected to be the one to solve stuff for others. But value your time and energy enough not to become embroiled in toxic energies.

10. Do not take anything personally. If you take something personally, then it is equivalent to you making it your responsibility to solve whatever the pain was that came up for the other person. Remember that others never say or do anything because of you, but because of something that is going on for them. Have compassion for them, but set good boundaries nevertheless.

11. Let go of other people’s expectations of you. Don’t let yourself be pushed around. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anyone. You are good enough just as you are already.

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17 Oct

About the psychic meditation class

In the psychic meditation class you sit comfortably in an upright chair, do nothing and use some visualization.

No unearthly contortions or physically difficult exercises are required here. This meditation is very gentle on the body.

It’s the space to just be.

In this space you learn visual energywork tools to help with grounding and moving your energy. With amusement you can learn to release heavy energies such as resistance, effort, stuckness and pain. Using the tools learned in this class you can begin to get a handle on that sensitivity of yours!

You receive validation as a psychic living in the the present day world and begin to really get to know yourself as a spiritual being in a physical body.

What is the purpose of all those tools like grounding, running energy and destroying roses? The answer is simple: it is about the relationship between you, the spiritual being, and your body. In this meditation you find where you are in relation to your body and the effect of that on your daily life. The tools learned in the psychic meditation class become your means to regain your space, amusement and a sense of neutrality.

This class is centered in you sitting in your own truth. When you first begin to use the tools and run your energy, anything that is untrue, impure and simply not you – will come up to the surface. And this is the whole point. Now the question becomes: are you ready and willing to drop that baggage or are you invested into carrying it along with you. The psychic tools taught in this fun class can help you to safely manage your baggage, release it and to find your own truth.

This meditation isn’t meant to make you feel a certain way – you may want to put that expectation, aka ‘a perfect picture’, in a rose and blow it up straight away. You haven’t failed if you don’t feel ultimate bliss at the end of your meditation session. The point of this meditation is to bring you to a space of awareness and acceptance about where you are, what is in your space and how you really feel. This awareness gives you the tools for your next step.

In the psychic meditation class visualization is used as a self-healing tool. Bringing yourself to a visual level means becoming neutral to your pain. The clarity of the images you see shows how much neutrality you can have. How much neutrality you can have is proportionate with how much inner peace you can have. It’s that simple.

A new-agey type yoga meditation teacher once said to me he didn’t think visualization was good, because it could encourage fantasy. But here’s the thing: visual meditation is not fantasy – far from it! On the contrary, it is realistic, because in that moment when you bring your awareness to the center of your head, you are actually looking at the truth. This takes willingness and openness to do so. From what I’ve observed, it’s those who want to remain in fantasy are the ones who shy away from visual meditation.

Self-healing tip: Right now go ahead and allow a color to show in your mind’s eye that represents you being centered, happy and in optimal well-being. Just take a moment and look at that color. Then also allow yourself to intuit what that color represents for you in particular and what you could embrace more of in your life.

Come and join me if you want to learn to meditate, want to practice your psychic tools, to just relax and connect with your energy. This is the space for you. The space to recharge, to revitalize and to just be . . . There are no expectations of you here. Just come as you are and have fun!

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19 Dec

Finding neutrality with meditation

For many years now I’ve practiced daily the modern art of meditation where visualization techniques are used to gain neutrality.

The effects have been so great and I love it so much that not so long ago I also began to teach it. You just can’t have too much of a good thing.

It’s ‘modern’ in the sense that it is in present time. In these meditations we are not using some old outworn complex Eastern techniques that contort the body and make no sense to anyone. The techniques I teach are very simple. We sit comfortably in an upright chair, eyes closed, breathing gently, hands resting on thighs with palms facing upward and both feet flat on the floor. This is a very natural position for the body and allows energies to circulate freely.

By bringing our awareness to the center of the head, we take a step out of identification and into the seat of neutrality. Becoming detached in this way does not mean becoming dissociated, unconscious or ‘out of body’. Not by far! Rather, you step out of the figurative storm so you can view it from aside. By viewing your energy visually you validate it. This way you become aware of your space and can then decide whether you want to keep having this storm in your space or not!

So in this way detachment becomes about owning your experience rather than having your experience own you. There is a big difference here.

Detachment is not that you should own nothing. But that nothing should own you. ~Ali ibn abi Tabib

I’ve heard hair being split between meditation and concentration. That is, as long as there is any kind of activity, it is no longer meditation, but rather concentration. I get the big idea here, but I do not share this picture entirely. Visualization can be used in meditation without it becoming a concentration practice. Namely, what makes a meditation a true meditation is that there is no effort used in it. The moment your body goes into effort or breathing becomes heavy, you have moved out of meditation space and into ‘doing space’, maybe even task-management space. To deal with this we use the visual ability to ground out any effort or resistance that may light up.

Some of the main visual tools we use in these meditations are grounding, creating and destroying roses and running energy. All are used in conjunction with color. Color can say a lot about the energies that you carry around in your space!

Grounding is that energetic line or cord of connection you have between your root chakra and the center of the planet. It is a technique to help keep the body safe. Without grounding, the body can become a container for all kinds of unwanted energy.

Circulating energy is another tool used in this meditation. By running our Earth and cosmic energies we clear our energy channels from any extraneous energy (not our energy!) and thus allowing for clear flow. This flow also clears and heals the body at cellular level.

And finally don’t forget the energy of amusement – the constant companion through both your meditation practice and all daily life experience. Amusement can move even the heaviest and stickiest energy. And doesn’t a smile just look great!

Whether you realize it or not sitting in meditation for about 20 to 30 minutes every day in the morning is a great way to begin to hear your spirit’s communication for you. You literally change the game by doing so. Besides, meditation is the means to come to affinity with yourself. It truly is a gentle and loving act of kindness towards yourself. Your body will be grateful for it.

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22 Nov

Creating a healthy and confident self image

Did you know that with visualization you can access your energy and using your intention you can move that energy in desired ways?

Indeed, once a change has been created in your energy body – the physical body will follow that.

Self-image is fourth chakra energy. This means that the way you see yourself is contained within your fourth chakra.

The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is located in the center of your chest and right in the middle of all the other chakras. Energetically it truly is the gravitational point or ‘hub of the wheel’ – in many ways, all other chakras revolve around it.

Nowadays, ‘the fourth’ is most commonly known as the chakra of love. Or to be expressed more accurately: it’s the home of your attraction and affinity.

Meditation is a loving act of kindness towards yourself and is an excellent means through which to come to affinity with yourself. When you meditate, you will drop years and begin to look young and radiant. You will love who looks back at you in the mirror!

A self-image picture is the link between you the spirit and your body. If this self-image picture is set low in vibration (low self-esteem) – you will have a harder time of being in the body and consequently: manifesting what you want.

Consider the phrase: “You don’t attract to yourself what you want – you attract what you are!”

And here’s the thing with self-image: you let others know what to think of you by having a healthy self-image. Your value doesn’t depend on someone else’s ability to see it or not – it depends on how you see it. You set the tone.

Invalidation that comes from outside of you can only have an effect if there is already agreement with it inside. This again boils down to low self-esteem that you may have picked up along the way of your journey. However, with energywork you can create a new self-image picture of yourself that says hello to your value. You can begin to see yourself as a valuable, confident and self-assured individual. This self-image then lets others know how to see you.

Self love

Are you perhaps keeping yourself small to please those around you, because they can’t have more?

I understand that these times we are experiencing currently are challenging all of our self-esteem so a little help certainly goes a long way. To help you clear that old self-esteem picture and create a whole new one, here’s my gift to you: a guided meditation called ‘Self Image Picture’.


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18 Nov

Being at gold

Did you know that as a spiritual being in a physical body your energy responds to color?

Furthermore, spirit communicates through images, pictures and visions. You can set your energy and even heal yourself simply by imagining desired colors in your chakras, body and aura.

Each color tone has a particular vibration and therefore carries a unique meaning with it. Clairvoyants see colors in your chakras, body and aura and all of these have much to communicate about you. Namely, the colors you run in your space indicate where you like to set the energy or where the energy has been set for you.

Out of the visible color spectrum from brown to gold, it’s the gold energy that is the most neutral and healing tone to have in your crown chakra. I do all my clairvoyant readings with my crown set at Gold.

Self-healing tip: If you feel like you’ve lost your neutrality, simply imagine gold color in your crown chakra.

You can put gold in all the chakras and run it through your energy channels. Running gold energy simply by visualizing it flowing through your back and front channels, you easily clear your space from any energy that does not belong to you. Thus it helps you to raise your vibration and to regain your certainty.

When you are being at gold you step into a state of grace, a state of effortlessness. You no longer have to chase after what you want – it will come to you. You can use energywork to create effortlessly. Simply put all your wishes in a rose and hand over to the Universe.

The only question is can you have gold? Can you have that ease and effortlessness? Do you even have permission to be at gold? The word ‘christ’ derives from the Greek word χρυσός (read: chrysos). It’s truly a high spiritual energy and it takes a lot of trust in the creative power of your own spirit to be running at this vibration. Gold is the color for the well-known phrase ‘All is well’. It reminds us that God is within everyone.

It’s in those moments of non-effort, not intensely seeking and simply grateful for what already is, grateful for how far you’ve come and just appreciating life that miracles manifest. In those moments your Next Step and agreements can flow in. So be open to those moments.

Every day, every moment the whole of creation conspires to bring your deepest dreams and desires into reality. It’s not the effort / pushing / trying / figuring out / lack of faith, but the grace, effortlessness and enjoyment – aka your Gold energy – that manifests. Just step back, surrender and allow Supreme Being to work it all out for you. Also remember you have your own pace, life is not a competition – time and timing is of the essence.

Gold energy has so many varied uses as a visual tool. For example, if you are ready to move on from something and want to let go of it, then visualize gold energy pushing it out of your space. You let go with gold – it truly is the color of forgiveness.

So go ahead and give yourself a break today: paint your whole Universe in Gold!

Gold bless!

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23 Jul

How to set the tone for your day?

Do you practice meditation in the morning before getting on with your day or do you hit the ground running?

Have you ever even considered a centering practice to start your day with?

From personal experience, I can assure you, a day unfolds into to a much fuller potential when you meditate in the morning.

It is the cure for stepping out of bed with the wrong foot.

A gentle early meditation allows you to connect with your center and to stay in it. The more you’ll have meditated, the more you will be able to remain in that center no matter what life throws at you.

Being in your center is the act of being Senior – you recognize yourself, your own spirit as the central creative force in your life. When you meditate, you validate yourself.

Of course, for those of you not yet into the habit of regular meditation, the initial challenge may be even finding enough time and space to meditate. Present day lives can be so full of clutter and noise and we can be so very addicted to that – it may be really difficult to even separate from all that. It may be difficult to find ourselves in that everyday jungle.

Meditation allows you to begin to find what is true for you, so that you can create from your own truth.

Morning meditation is especially great as it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

I like to meditate after having had breakfast. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but sometimes it can be as fast as 20 minutes. It depends on how much energy I can have on that day. If you are the super-busy type (e.g.: mother of three and juggling three jobs), then short meditations should suffice; unless you’re good to wake up a lot earlier than you already do.

Regardless of how well everything is going, sometimes I can wake up feeling totally stuck, blocked, heavy and resistant to go about the day. There is no telling how you feel in the morning and yes – it can be something you ate. It’s thanks to the meditation that I see the most optimal choice to make for the day.

I may be processing some heavy emotions, but that doesn’t mean they have to set the tone for the day. I recognize and validate my emotions, but I can still focus intention on higher qualities that I wish to have as the guiding lights throughout the day.

This takes Seniority. You have to be Senior to realize that your day is your making and no one else can influence it towards their ends.

When you meditate regularly, you will begin to settle into a nice space of awareness and Seniority and someone else’s bad day no longer throws you out of your center.

You set the tone for your day simply by meditating before diving into all the activity. First, you find a nice and comfortable spot. Then using visualization, you ground yourself, and finally when you feel ready – you visually create a rose for the day. Look for the optimal rose color that you feel in affinity with.

Then playfully throw into that rose intentions for what you want from this day. Here are some examples:

  • lightness
  • ease
  • joy
  • color
  • grounding
  • inspiration
  • neutrality
  • physical energy
  • get-up-and-go
  • discipline to stay on track
  • having
  • social fun
  • questions
  • wonder
  • curiosity
  • clarity
  • amusement


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15 Jun

I see auras

The word aura has a lot of charge around it. There are all kinds of ideas about it and not least of them are that it is something ‘mystical’ that only a select few can see.

Let’s just take a step back, disengage from the intellect for a moment and take some time to visualize. Imagine that the space around you isn’t empty. Play with the notion that there is a gently moving current of information of several densities that surrounds your body. Just look at it!

Now, I’m sure you caught a glimpse of it as I described it in this way. Congratulations – you have just used the power of your visualization, a.k.a.: your clairvoyance.

I wouldn’t give too much attention to these big words such as aura, psychic, clairvoyance. Those are just words cloaked in many layers of illusion and untruth. There is nothing mystical here, we all visualize. Just think for a moment of the dreams you have at night.

Your aura or simply, your space, contains all sorts of information about you. It is truly an extension of you, your thoughts and feelings. It shows who you engage with in your life, what are your dreams and plans for the future. It is a constant read on what is going on in your life at present. It’s all there.

Your aura shows how true you are being to yourself. It also shows any lies that you are telling yourself.

There are different ways of looking at the aura, but in the new school of intuitive training, we look at seven layers to be exact. However, I might add that there are no rules about this. You can look at the aura in whichever way that you wish and that makes sense to you according to your truth.

Probably the most liberating realization that can come to people in an aura reading is that they do indeed have the freedom to release other people’s energy from their space and choose their own colors. They can own their spaces and begin to run their own truth.

Although traditionally the seven layers of the aura are depicted with the color spectrum in the ascending order (e.g. from red to violet) – those are not necessarily the colors we have there in reality. The colors that are there are the ones that you see, so take a look for yourself!

Here are the layers . . .

First layer – the physical layer. Contains information about your everyday life, your health and the body. It shows where the energy is set in your house and home.

Second layer – your emotional space. Contains information on the emotions that you are currently processing. Emotions are the body’s language, its way of communicating with you – do you allow your body its full range of expression?

Third layer – your willpower. It shows your actual energy levels and how you manage your energy. How your boundaries are doing. I look here for information on your economy / income / work and your relationship with money.

Fourth layer – affinity. This is the home of your self-image and shows your relationship with yourself and those around you. It speaks of self-love and what comes in-between you and the man / woman in the mirror.

Fifth layer – communication space. This layer contains information on how you communicate and who you communicate with. Are you telling the truth? If not, what is stopping you from doing so?

Sixth layer – creative layer. Also known as your clairvoyant or vision space. It contains information on how clearly you are able to see yourself and those around you. Are you envisioning the future you want to see or are you letting someone else occupy this space?

Seventh layer – dreams. It is the outermost layer and shows the picture that you present of yourself to the outside world, also known as your ‘valance’. Communication with beings typically happens through this layer.

If you have not yet had your aura looked at before perhaps you would consider trying an aura reading with me? Having your aura looked at isn’t just about receiving information – it is truly a healing. It is a spiritual snapshot of who you are right now!

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29 Mar

Feel good about yourself this spring

The feel-good time of spring is here. Feel the excitement of new growth, choices, great possibilities and the wonder of new beginnings.

I’m going to be adventurous and say that you can have that feel-good energy all year round. It begins with loving yourself. Loving and valuing your own unique energy.

Indeed: you can feel good about your own unique energy. The only question is: can you have that? Can you give yourself the permission to feel good about your uniqueness?

This may be tricky for some of you with energy in your space that may not be in agreement with that. Your own energy may have been invalidated all your life. Perhaps you have always been different from others, not quite fitting into the mould? If so – having your own truth can feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you picked up some competitive / angry or threatening energy into your space along the journey of your life and have not yet learned ways to properly release it? Or are you carrying around other people’s questions / problems / issues? Are you the one who is always going around trying to heal, fix and please everyone. Well, you can’t fix or solve problems that are not yours. Those can only be addressed where they were created in the first place! So you may want to let go of all that responsibility.

How can you tell if energy in your space is yours or not?

I would offer a very simple and clear rule of thumb: if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not yours. Your own energy feels natural / welcoming / familiar, while foreign energy can feel competitive / threatening / harsh / limiting. Foreign energy tells you that you can’t do what makes you happy, that you can’t be happy, that you can’t have your dreams manifest. That’s what it thrives on: to make you feel victimized, low in self-esteem, questioning and doubting yourself. You don’t have to engage with all of those energies. Say hello to your infinite value and release.

Well, spring is just the perfect time to detox. To let all that heaviness go and to begin to feel good again. There are many techniques that can be used: meditation, grounding and filling up with your own unique gold sun energy. You can let go of effort and go into grace.

There are practices that can help you bring in more of that delicious feel-good energy. They are as follows.

1. Ground: release anything that is not yours. You know you have foreign energy in your space if you are feeling good and excited about something and then suddenly your mood changes at the flick of a switch for no apparent reason or by coming into contact with / being around someone!

2. Meditate. This is the means to connect with your body and your info. You can connect with your own energy, your truth in meditation. Notice how, when you go offline on FB – you can no longer access information. Same happens in life: when you don’t connect with your spirit, you can’t access your info. Meditation is the space to connect with your source. People act as if there is a shortage of energy, so they compete for who gets to feel good. They believe that only those with certain things can feel good. That is a lie. There is plenty of that feel-good energy to go around! Just reach in and grab some for yourself from your own inner source of well-being – your essence.

3. Practice gratitude. Often. This is powerful medicine.

4. Practice forgiveness. This is how you release toxic energy that you may have picked up along the way.

5. Simplify. Less is more.

6. Do yoga. It’s a good way to ground yourself and your spiritual growth.

7. Dance. It lifts those vibrations of yours in a very real and physical way. Just turn up your favorite music and dance away!

8. Spend time out in the sun. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D in your body, which increases a general sense of well-being and optimism.

9. Get amused. Amusement is a powerful energy.

10. Do gardening. Tending to a garden or having house plants is very healing and grounding for your living space. This is a good way to access Earth energy, which heals your body.

11. Play. Just let loose and enjoy. Be a child of the Universe.

12. Socialize. Humans are social beings and have a need for simply spending some time with each other. Make sure to deal some social time into your to-do list so that your need for community is met. This is important even for introverts.

13. Go shopping. This may seem like a banal suggestion, but spending some money on yourself or others can be very healing and will increase a sense of abundance and well-being.

14. Spend more time in nature. 

15. Eat well. The quality of the food you put into your body determines the quality of your being.

16. Be gentle with yourself, love yourself. Remember that you show others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. Expect love, respect and kindness.

17. Treat yourself like a king / queen. Oh yes you deserve it!

18. Feel good about your choices. Feel good about saying no to what does not serve your highest good. Feel good about saying no if that is your choice. Feel free to walk away from conflict / competition / harshness or anything else not in your highest good.

19. Practice energy work. My meditation class could be a good start.

20. Bring color into your life. Color is very healing for you and consciously choosing the colors that you are affinity with is a way to heal yourself. You might also consider getting an aura reading.

There is an energy that is so unique in all of creation that it cannot be replicated, it cannot be matched. It is Infinitely worthy and infinitely loved. That energy is You. ~Hello EssenceJoy

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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25 Jun

Supreme Being communication dream

I would like to share an astonishing dream I had last night.

I was by a little pond with a good friend of mine, Annika, who is my ‘soul sister’ (we are from the same immediate family of consciousness). As we were just standing there, fish started coming really close to the surface of the water and allowed us to touch them – they seemed to enjoy physical contact with us. I have to say this felt very real, so now I actually feel like fish can get that intimate, almost dog-like.

Suddenly these huge fish started to appear – ‘monster fish’, I called them. And then these incredibly luminous radiant white ‘monster fish’ appeared. I counted them and there was exactly three. It deserves a mention that these three white fish were just super white, incredibly luminous and diamond-like. Seeing them gave me a deep feeling of inner peace.

When I realized the meaning of this . . . I got chills (in the dream of course – like I said, this felt like an actual real moment). I even showed hair standing up on my arm to Annika. She was amused by it.

I explained to my friend that ‘white’ is the dream symbol for spirit and that number three refers to the Supreme Being. I just knew that this was exactly it – no further analysis was needed. Just a clear knowing.

And the next thing that occurred was that the fish were messengers and asking us to pay attention to what was to come. Me and Annika became really silent, still and attentive and then a vision appeared on the surface of the pond. What I saw was a bunch of colourful crayons and a simple drawing, which looked like it was made by a 5-year-old.

Along with this picture I heard these words:

you paint your life with the colours of your own crayons.”

Clearly, you can’t paint with crayons, but those were the exact words that came and somehow they sound and feel ‘right’, so I’m not going to alter them to fit into an analyzer picture. The meaning of this message is profound and I’m going to leave it to each and every one to interpret it for themselves. I know what this means to me and I’m going to revel in this for the rest of my life!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012 All Rights Reserved

Photo: ‘Fish pond’ / weheartit.com