29 Mar

Feel good about yourself this spring

The feel-good time of spring is here. Feel the excitement of new growth, choices, great possibilities and the wonder of new beginnings.

I’m going to be adventurous and say that you can have that feel-good energy all year round. It begins with loving yourself. Loving and valuing your own unique energy.

Indeed: you can feel good about your own unique energy. The only question is: can you have that? Can you give yourself the permission to feel good about your uniqueness?

This may be tricky for some of you with energy in your space that may not be in agreement with that. Your own energy may have been invalidated all your life. Perhaps you have always been different from others, not quite fitting into the mould? If so – having your own truth can feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you picked up some competitive / angry or threatening energy into your space along the journey of your life and have not yet learned ways to properly release it? Or are you carrying around other people’s questions / problems / issues? Are you the one who is always going around trying to heal, fix and please everyone. Well, you can’t fix or solve problems that are not yours. Those can only be addressed where they were created in the first place! So you may want to let go of all that responsibility.

How can you tell if energy in your space is yours or not?

I would offer a very simple and clear rule of thumb: if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not yours. Your own energy feels natural / welcoming / familiar, while foreign energy can feel competitive / threatening / harsh / limiting. Foreign energy tells you that you can’t do what makes you happy, that you can’t be happy, that you can’t have your dreams manifest. That’s what it thrives on: to make you feel victimized, low in self-esteem, questioning and doubting yourself. You don’t have to engage with all of those energies. Say hello to your infinite value and release.

Well, spring is just the perfect time to detox. To let all that heaviness go and to begin to feel good again. There are many techniques that can be used: meditation, grounding and filling up with your own unique gold sun energy. You can let go of effort and go into grace.

There are practices that can help you bring in more of that delicious feel-good energy. They are as follows.

1. Ground: release anything that is not yours. You know you have foreign energy in your space if you are feeling good and excited about something and then suddenly your mood changes at the flick of a switch for no apparent reason or by coming into contact with / being around someone!

2. Meditate. This is the means to connect with your body and your info. You can connect with your own energy, your truth in meditation. Notice how, when you go offline on FB – you can no longer access information. Same happens in life: when you don’t connect with your spirit, you can’t access your info. Meditation is the space to connect with your source. People act as if there is a shortage of energy, so they compete for who gets to feel good. They believe that only those with certain things can feel good. That is a lie. There is plenty of that feel-good energy to go around! Just reach in and grab some for yourself from your own inner source of well-being – your essence.

3. Practice gratitude. Often. This is powerful medicine.

4. Practice forgiveness. This is how you release toxic energy that you may have picked up along the way.

5. Simplify. Less is more.

6. Do yoga. It’s a good way to ground yourself and your spiritual growth.

7. Dance. It lifts those vibrations of yours in a very real and physical way. Just turn up your favorite music and dance away!

8. Spend time out in the sun. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D in your body, which increases a general sense of well-being and optimism.

9. Get amused. Amusement is a powerful energy.

10. Do gardening. Tending to a garden or having house plants is very healing and grounding for your living space. This is a good way to access Earth energy, which heals your body.

11. Play. Just let loose and enjoy. Be a child of the Universe.

12. Socialize. Humans are social beings and have a need for simply spending some time with each other. Make sure to deal some social time into your to-do list so that your need for community is met. This is important even for introverts.

13. Go shopping. This may seem like a banal suggestion, but spending some money on yourself or others can be very healing and will increase a sense of abundance and well-being.

14. Spend more time in nature. 

15. Eat well. The quality of the food you put into your body determines the quality of your being.

16. Be gentle with yourself, love yourself. Remember that you show others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. Expect love, respect and kindness.

17. Treat yourself like a king / queen. Oh yes you deserve it!

18. Feel good about your choices. Feel good about saying no to what does not serve your highest good. Feel good about saying no if that is your choice. Feel free to walk away from conflict / competition / harshness or anything else not in your highest good.

19. Practice energy work. My meditation class could be a good start.

20. Bring color into your life. Color is very healing for you and consciously choosing the colors that you are affinity with is a way to heal yourself. You might also consider getting an aura reading.

There is an energy that is so unique in all of creation that it cannot be replicated, it cannot be matched. It is Infinitely worthy and infinitely loved. That energy is You. ~Hello EssenceJoy

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

Photo: ‘Essence joy’ / Flower Story’s Facebook page

22 Mar

Hello spring

Say hello to spring!

Every year in the month of March in the Northern hemisphere we witness one of the most amazing of nature’s miracles: complete regeneration. The weather has warmed up, sunshine is plenty and nature has come out of its slumber to greet the light of day once more. We see an incredible display of color and uniqueness.

It is so healing to witness.

Indeed, this is the nature’s self-healing ability in action. Winter may have destroyed last year’s growth, but with the return of favorable conditions – nature has again regenerated itself. Effortlessly.

We too have that ability.

We have the ability to heal ourselves. Sometimes when conditions are not favorable we retreat into an inner world of introspection only to spring forward with new vigor later on.

You can heal yourself when you decide you have value regardless of any energy in your space that may not be in agreement with that.

Besides dampening your sense of value, foreign energy can also interfere with your creations. If it is not your energy – it is not your truth. Therefore you don’t need it and have no use for it.

With the simple tool of grounding you can release any toxic / foreign energy and allow yourself to regenerate. You can allow your own information to flow freely. You can spring forward in your own unique expression.

There is always something happening in the world that tries to get your attention away from you and onto others. No wonder it can be difficult to hear your body’s communication.

It is your communication with your body that determines your health and well-being. Meditation is the space in which to hear your body and to connect with it.

Perhaps then it is time to become Senior to world events. Own your space. Ground and release what is not yours. To go right ahead and give yourself permission to be uniquely You!

When you give to yourself freely and generously – the world will give to you freely and generously. You start a ripple of self-love and healing that will be matched by anyone you come into contact with. What a truly wonderful gift to give indeed!

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

Photo: ‘Spring’ / www.weheartit.com

31 Jan

The energy of amusement

The beginning clairvoyant student can oftentimes fall into the trap of seriousness, so while in training one is constantly reminded to keep saying hello to one’s amusement.

Indeed everyone has their own unique vibration of amusement.

Amusement, like everything else, is an energy. And its vibration changes from day to day, too! That’s the fun thing about energy: it never remains the same. It is always changing and evolving just as we are.

Of course, it’s not just aspiring clairvoyants who fall into seriousness. Everyone can and often do so. But it is by saying hello to amusement that one will loosen up, relax and lighten up any sticky stuff that may be coming up.

Amusement can really help to unstuck you! It has a powerful impact on your energy system – it is highly healing for you. In amusement, you radiate ease and joy that is healing for others, too.

Hello amusement!

Like they say: laughter is the best medicine.

Having your amusement rose up and outside your aura throughout the day is like having your own personal comedy show running 24 / 7. You get the inside jokes! And the best thing is you don’t have to turn on the TV, go some place or even do anything – it comes from an inner place.

The added bonus: an inner smile will take years off your age and will make you appear more attractive.

When you are amused and relaxed, you are in a more receptive, effortless and childlike space of wonder. You learn more easily and feel less of a need to make sense or analyze. The analyzer is one thing you do not need much of in a clairvoyant reading. It is far too heavy and gets in the way of seeing.

Amusement has a powerful centering quality – it helps to put you in touch with your own truth. Truly, amusement is a meditation of the highest order.

©Janno Õnneleid 2013

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23 Jan

5 big lies about spirituality

When at crossroads people tend to fall back to their comfort zones, because it feels safe at the time even if from a bigger picture view that is what is keeping them stuck.

The more spiritual types are willing to make those tough choices that are empowering and awareness fostering.

To most people the notion of ‘being spiritual’ conjures up the image of a yoga-doing mountaintop-meditating ascetic hermit guru monk. This is a perfect picture. I have talked about perfect pictures before on this blog and the thing with them is: they are unattainable. In other words, they are not the truth or reality.

There are several spiritual lies going around that most people have agreed to buy into merely out of unconsciousness or fear. These are the main reasons for resistance to choices that foster more awareness.

Lie #1: Being spiritual is unsafe.

This is the greatest lie. Sure, when you make those tough choices, there will be a growth period and yes – it is not easy at the time. But you can and will come to terms with your new choices. Sometimes an old lifestyle needs to fall apart so that a new one can be rebuilt. The new life is lived from a more aware and responsible space, a space of spiritual adulthood. It may be challenging at the time, but this won’t last forever! All growth periods have an end. There is a very powerful tool that can help you to feel safe at all times, namely: grounding. This simple tool connects your first chakra into the center of the planet and allows your body to feel safe through all of life’s storms.

Lie #2: Being spiritual = boring.

Making those choices that are good for you, but not easy can seem to take away all the fun. My personal experience is that becoming more aware is where the fun really begins! It may seem like fun to drink, smoke, party till early hours of the morning (name your bad habit), when that is what you are used to. However, speaking from experience, there is nothing more fun than meeting, getting to know and learning to value your own energy. This is done by saying hello to yourself in meditation. It is fun learning to pay attention to your body’s wisdom and becoming best friends with it. It was learning to meditate, ground and circulate my energies that put more fun back into my life. Those tools are what helped me to re-discover my amusement.

Lie #3: Being spiritual means being alone.

Again a big lie that is bought into because of the perfect picture I mentioned earlier. Yes, when you observe and examine yourself, your beliefs and relationships – you will have times when you feel alone. That is perfectly natural. We are all alone with ourselves anyways, but that doesn’t mean always being by yourself. Becoming more aware of energy and taking responsibility for your space can mean ending some relationships in order to allow new ones to come in. You will eventually draw into your life others who are like yourself: aware, spiritual, conscious, gentle, supportive. You really don’t have to settle for just about anything that comes your way! As you get to know your own energy on more intimate terms you will discover how unique you are in all of creation – this is a great gift and feeling valued begins with you valuing yourself.

Lie #4: Being spiritual means being poor.

Well, if you read my post on Havingness you would know that how rich or poor anyone is has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with their own comfort levels with material wealth. Of course, there are the notions of simplicity, moderation, ‘less is more’, but that does not have to mean poverty! The picture of a poor spiritual person is ancient and comes from outdated Eastern practices. In the present day spirituality is all about abundance. And there are plenty of tools to help bring it all in, too – those tools are covered in this blog.

Lie #5: Being spiritual always means being impractical.

Strangely enough as I got to know my own energy and learned to ground it, I have become more practical than ever before. Sure, at the time of making choices that honor awareness, you will have to throw out those old words of caution and practicality – otherwise, how will you ever grow? –  but eventually you will learn to ground your new found awareness into the everyday world. And this time with much less fear and a whole lot more flexibility. Again, the tool of grounding, which I mentioned earlier, is invaluable here.

©Janno Õnneleid 2013 All Rights Reserved

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19 May

Start a revolution: change the world from within

20th May, 2012 has been predicted by the astrologers and the like to be a day of great power.

A day when the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Pleiades star-system are all in alignment with each other.

In addition there is also an Eclipse. One of my favorite monthly forecasters, the Power Path, has advised to use this time to focus on the positive, on something of beauty and value and to avoid harsh, negative situations.

This is truly a window of opportunity to focus our intentions on manifesting something wonderful.

Of course, there is no need to give away your Seniority to events outside of yourself. The planetary alignments may create opportunities, but it is still up to ourselves whether we choose to use them or not. There is no command to use it.

Every day can be a window of opportunity.

It is what we focus our intentions on, where we place our attention, that determines true power.

Are you able to keep your attention on where YOU want it to be or do you easily allow it to wander whenever someone else’s energy gets in your space?

Well, I say let’s start a revolution – the inner one! Go ahead and point that attention within, into your own space, where you really have power to affect change!

Before we can go and teach, heal, lead others, we must first get in touch with what is true within ourselves. Getting in touch with your own truth is the best gift you could ever give yourself and others.

When you work on yourself from within, you set the tone or example for others to follow on an energetic level. You create a ripple effect that spreads out to the whole Universe! Getting accommodated with and owning your inner space is truly a very powerful act indeed.

So whether you choose to use this day, May 20, as your window to make some changes or ANY day for that matter, here’s what I would recommend integrating into your life:

1. Meditate daily. There’s no need for complicated meditation techniques: just find quiet time to be with yourself, to just sit there, not doing anything, not placing any expectations on yourself. Go ahead and give yourself some space to just be You.

2. Treat your body with respect: ground yourself, eat healthy, exercise, rest, spend time in the nature! When you start to pay attention to your body’s needs and give it the nutrition, activity and nurturing it really needs you are taking care of yourself in a very big way. This is very validating and healing for your body. No one else can do this for you.

3. Treat yourself with respect. Set boundaries with others where you need to. It is okay to let go of toxic individuals and behaviours that you are not okay with. Give yourself permission to move away from harshness.

4. Treat the Earth with respect: recycle where possible, economize with water, don’t throw rubbish out in the nature! One conscious individual can and DOES make a difference.

5. Treat others with respect and non-judgement. Your speech, actions and thoughts towards fellow man can either heal and uplift or bring down and invalidate. A friendly hello, a warm smile and gentleness can make a huge difference in someone’s day and life – you might never even realize!

6. Forgive. Say hello to the human-ness of others: nobody’s perfect. Forgiveness is the perfect way to detox from any harshness that you may have picked up along the way.

7. Let go. Give yourself permission to let go of responsibility for what is not yours: other people’s problems. Let go of what you can’t fix or solve. Let go of your own and other people’s expectations. Let go of trying to figure everything out with your mind and surrender to the wisdom of your spirit.

8. Gratitude. This energy is powerful medicine! By being grateful for what you already have you are in effect making space for more to flow in.

9. Amusement. The attitude of playfulness and humor is a great way to integrate the new, to help relax your boundaries, to feel safe and at ease. With amusement as your ally you are truly growing through joy! What could be more rewarding!

Have a great day – every day!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012 All Rights Reserved

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