4 Nov

Your psychic abilities can only be proved by you yourself

What kinds of experiences are you choosing to have? The basic truth in this Universe is that we attract and manifest the kinds of experiences that our spirits have signed up for. All is chosen on some level. Nothing is random or ever happens by ‘chance’.

Even the experiences we would judge as ‘bad’ had been chosen on some level, in some way. We may not always be able to consciously choose whether a thing happens to us or not, especially where other people’s free will is involved, but we can choose where we go from there. We can either trust in and surrender to Essence and make better choices and therefore, heal; or we can resist and fight tooth and nail against it all and thus stay stuck in pain. There is always a choice.

If you are closed to some kind of an experience, then guess what: you will repel it. It may be happening right in front of you, but you still won’t believe it. Other people can be having all kinds of wonderful experiences, but you will never experience the same if you choose not to.

Your intuitive abilities are not something that someone else can ‘prove’ to you or make real for you. Only you yourself can validate your experiences and thus allow your abilities to grow.

That is how it is with your spiritual abilities and intuition. In truth, these are natural abilities that anyone can access. However, some of us actually choose to have these abilities turned on. While some people actively choose to be closed off to them. It is all a choice.

Often people, who are closed off to Essence, intuition and psychic abilities will demand some kind of proof that these are real. They are looking for external proof for something that has internal origins. The missing piece of the puzzle here is that it is your own beliefs and choices that create your reality and life experiences. It makes no sense to try to ‘prove’ that your abilities are real. They don’t need proof, they need experiences and validation that come from within. They need your choice to validate them.

I recently read a discussion in the comments section under an ad on a social media platform. In that a man was asking the psychics in the ad to ‘prove’ to him that their abilities were real. He mentioned that there is a lofty sum of money that would be awarded to whomever proves their abilities to some kind of a team of scientists or ‘psychic testers’. It appears that no one has been able to ‘prove’ that psychic is real yet. At least not to this team of scientists.

Well, of course you can’t prove that psychic is real to a group of people that are not even open to their own abilities! No outer examples of psychic ability will ever be proof enough if there is no inner validation of these abilities. Psychic abilities are not something you can command and measure in a lab. They simply don’t work like that.

Psychic becomes real the moment that you choose to validate your experiences. And then they can start to grow. How will you ever be able to connect with your Essence if you never choose to validate your communication with it?

The intuitive information that came to me was that this man has his sixth chakra turned down to 0.5%, which is incredibly low and closed off. Majority of people who are ‘open’ to Essence and spiritual experiences have their sixth turned to about 30-40%, while trained clairvoyants have it turned up to about 60-80% on a regular basis. It’s all about choice. And where you keep the percentage also dictates whether you will be having experiences on that level or not.

There can be all kinds of reasons why people close down their abilities. It can be due to fear, intellectual centering, religious programming or little past life experience that beings can have their sixth turned down so low. But the truth is that no one else can ever open that sixth up for them. Only they themselves can choose to turn it up and can choose to have more experiences involving intuition and psychic abilities. The ‘proof’ has to come from within.

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23 Sep

Step into grace with Supreme Being communication

We all have those times when we feel so stuck that we feel alone and unsupported. Too often we forget our greatest friend of all: the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is always at your service and eager to help in any way that is needed. You just need to ask.

You certainly do not have to go it alone or do it all by yourself.

Do you often feel like you have a huge load to carry? Then you are one of the healers, going around trying to fix a lot of stuff for others. In other words: you are trying to walk in God’s shoes. Those are some very big shoes. You might want to get a size that fits you – your own.

Trying to solve someone else’s karma by carrying their pain is a form of self-abuse. It stems from a basic lack of faith in the Universe and the Supreme Being to be there and to take care of you as and when you need it. The moment you decide to let go of worry and begin to trust that you are taken care of – you step into Grace.

. . . a healing happens when you choose to trust life . . . 

Giving your concerns up to God you trust that the world isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing – it just needs your unconditional acceptance and presence.

Handing your concerns, issues and questions over to God doesn’t mean you give up any and all participation from life either. It simply means that when you surrender yourself to your creator you step into a state of ease and grace. It is probably the most powerful healing that can happen. In a state of Grace you are no longer efforting for things to happen as they begin to happen through you.

Prayer is communication with the Supreme Being.

Tip: The technique you can use is to imagine a rose, put inside it all your questions, issues, concerns and imagine handing it over to a huge golden sun representing the Supreme Being. If you are feeling up to it, you could also take a moment and see if the Supreme Being hands you another rose with answers to your questions.

Using the above technique you can also have help with manifesting something or getting to your Next Step. With the help of the Supreme Being you can finally begin to have all the wonderful joy, bliss and manifestations that you came here to have. As an example, not long ago I gave up to God my readiness for new clients. Just a few days later, a client appeared requesting God healing. I can share many wonderful manifestations like this!

For the majority of people, communication with their creator is colored by their religion, which is a set of beliefs established by others. This religion can make communication with the Supreme Being easy or a whole lot of effort.

It’s a good idea to begin nurturing your very own unique relationship with the Supreme Being. Through meditation and constant practice you can clear other people’s beliefs, programming and energies out of this communication. Doing so you can begin to have your own answers and have clear communication with the Supreme Being.

You can be sure that your prayers / mock-ups are answered and delivered every time. Just be sure to throw away any expectation about what you are supposed to be seeing or how they will manifest precisely. That is for the Supreme Being to figure out. If a mock-up of yours doesn’t manifest, then it wasn’t even yours to begin with. You may have been trying to manifest something for someone else; e.g.: your mom’s wish for you to become a dentist, which conflicted with your own wish to become a florist. Your essence and the Supreme Being always know what you need for you.

Tip: for no particular reason thank the Supreme Being for all the good things that are already on their way. Thank the Supreme Being for all the love and blessings that are around you and are available to you at all times. Then watch in amusement and wonder how these experiences begin to show up for you. Maybe even instantly.

So what is the color of your Grace today? Imagine a rose and give it a hello! Mine is a delicious, light, playful and soft apple green with a hint of blue and gold. I’m so grateful that I’m able to see, feel and run this energy in my space.

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5 Nov

About being the new school psychic

Many clients who’ve had a reading or a healing with me often say that what they experienced was different from a usual psychic reading.

Indeed: there is a difference between how I work and how an old school psychic does it.

Namely, I am a new school clairvoyant. This means I see and read energy from my sixth chakra. In a reading I also receive information through other means such as sound, thought or ‘hunch’, but I always check the accuracy of that information with my clairvoyance.

Experience has shown that ONLY the visual information can be trusted to be 100% accurate. When I first began doing readings I may not always have known what the images were telling me, but in retrospect I can say that they never lied.

I do not need or use any external tools like cards, crystal ball or a pendulum, however, I do use many highly effective visual tools to keep my energy clean and clear throughout a reading or a healing. The use of these energywork tools is the very difference between how I work and how an old school psychic works. I know how to take good care of both my own energy and the energy of my clients.

When I read your energy, I first look at your physical body, your spirit and the communication between these two. I also say hello to your Crown chakra and to your own inner knowing, because I wouldn’t want my readees to become dependent on me. I believe in my clients’ ability to access their own information. So within the reading I help them clear any energy that may get in the way of having their own answers. As a result of this every reading also becomes a healing.

Very often a simple clairvoyant hello may be all that a readee truly needs: someone to see them and validate them for who they are.

There is no judgment in a clairvoyant reading. I have no expectation as to what I’m supposed to be seeing and I don’t say what the readee wants to hear either. I just communicate information as I see it. Period.

What many people don’t realize is that a psychic reading is truly a sacred space. I actually hook the reading space up to God and say a prayer to God before beginning – so it’s all done with God’s blessings. It’s not meant to be a quick five to ten minute yes / no reading; I can do this, but there is no growth in that. (For that reason, I tend to attract only clients who are willing to work on themselves.) It is the space to release untruths, to say hello to what is true and connect with your full potential.

Although only occasionally, some clients do come into a session space expecting all answers to flow within the first five minutes. This isn’t how it works. No one benefits from this. Trying to rush a reading or pushing it is a sign that the third chakra is wide open and needs to be turned down. An open third chakra brings competition and performance into the session, puts pressure on the reader and as a result only muddies the read. Patience and trust are highly important.

A reading is a very fluid space of awareness and can and often will light up pictures for me the reader, too – it really is a two-way street. And this is the fun part! I get so amused every time I see issues lighting up for me that I have in common with the readee. It’s such a blessing when that happens as it gives me the opportunity to grow, as well.

A psychic can only see as much as you are willing to be seen. The moment you decide to keep something a secret – that intention works. Not an issue in itself, however, energy that conceals your truth becomes a lie. You become hidden in this way not just to the outside world, but also to yourself. It also takes energy to keep your truth hidden – life literally becomes an effort.

While there is certainly no judgment in my readings, let’s just get one thing straight: I do not do future predictions. I’ll tell you why. Namely, the reason for anyone to want to get answers about the future is typically some anxiety that they are experiencing in the present. There is no growth in just making a prediction that may or may not happen. It’s much more effective and healing to take a look at what is causing the anxiety and see what needs to be done to release it. The future is not set in stone or fixed. The future is a fluid event and is entirely dependent on present choices and decisions. So you see: it keeps changing every time you make new choices.

And finally, a psychic reading isn’t meant to be ‘proved’. For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe – no proof is enough.

©Hello EssenceJoy 2013

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23 Jul

How to set the tone for your day?

Do you practice meditation in the morning before getting on with your day or do you hit the ground running?

Have you ever even considered a centering practice to start your day with?

From personal experience, I can assure you, a day unfolds into to a much fuller potential when you meditate in the morning.

It is the cure for stepping out of bed with the wrong foot.

A gentle early meditation allows you to connect with your center and to stay in it. The more you’ll have meditated, the more you will be able to remain in that center no matter what life throws at you.

Being in your center is the act of being Senior – you recognize yourself, your own spirit as the central creative force in your life. When you meditate, you validate yourself.

Of course, for those of you not yet into the habit of regular meditation, the initial challenge may be even finding enough time and space to meditate. Present day lives can be so full of clutter and noise and we can be so very addicted to that – it may be really difficult to even separate from all that. It may be difficult to find ourselves in that everyday jungle.

Meditation allows you to begin to find what is true for you, so that you can create from your own truth.

Morning meditation is especially great as it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

I like to meditate after having had breakfast. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but sometimes it can be as fast as 20 minutes. It depends on how much energy I can have on that day. If you are the super-busy type (e.g.: mother of three and juggling three jobs), then short meditations should suffice; unless you’re good to wake up a lot earlier than you already do.

Regardless of how well everything is going, sometimes I can wake up feeling totally stuck, blocked, heavy and resistant to go about the day. There is no telling how you feel in the morning and yes – it can be something you ate. It’s thanks to the meditation that I see the most optimal choice to make for the day.

I may be processing some heavy emotions, but that doesn’t mean they have to set the tone for the day. I recognize and validate my emotions, but I can still focus intention on higher qualities that I wish to have as the guiding lights throughout the day.

This takes Seniority. You have to be Senior to realize that your day is your making and no one else can influence it towards their ends.

When you meditate regularly, you will begin to settle into a nice space of awareness and Seniority and someone else’s bad day no longer throws you out of your center.

You set the tone for your day simply by meditating before diving into all the activity. First, you find a nice and comfortable spot. Then using visualization, you ground yourself, and finally when you feel ready – you visually create a rose for the day. Look for the optimal rose color that you feel in affinity with.

Then playfully throw into that rose intentions for what you want from this day. Here are some examples:

  • lightness
  • ease
  • joy
  • color
  • grounding
  • inspiration
  • neutrality
  • physical energy
  • get-up-and-go
  • discipline to stay on track
  • having
  • social fun
  • questions
  • wonder
  • curiosity
  • clarity
  • amusement


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27 Jun

Emotions = body’s language

The body speaks to us through emotions.

In the energy body it’s the second chakra that spins emotional information and physically it corresponds with the area just below the belly-button.

Do you speak the language of your body? Do you even listen to what your body is telling you?

Maybe it’s time!

Some people are so disconnected from their emotions, they try to explain and analyze their way through feeling anything. You know the ‘sciency’ types, the masculine types, the ‘machos’.

Well, guess what, suppress your emotions long enough and it all just bottles up! And bottled up long enough, it can start to cause all kinds of health problems.

The second chakra governs an array of internal organs (large intestine, female reproductive organs, bladder amongst many others in that area), so the health of those organs is intricately linked with the health of the second chakra.

Unprocessed emotions, or the uncomfortable stuff you like to shove under a figurative rug, does not just disappear. And by the way, if you’re the type who refuses to feel anything, don’t be surprised when the more sensitive ones react in strange ways around you – they are responding to the stuff you got sitting in your aura!

Feelings can only be released through actually feeling them.

What you feel – you heal.

It is natural to feel – no need to suppress it. Especially when you are going through a grieving process or otherwise a difficult time. Don’t space out of your emotions!

Meditation is the space where to begin to connect with your body and to start to listen to its wisdom. With grounding you can even let go of energy that is not yours and connect with your body even more.

I feel pain, you feel pain. It’s okay. I have felt a lot of pain in my life, I may have sometimes felt completely destroyed by the pain, but eventually I . . . rose from the ashes again. When you are done with an emotion, simply put it in a rose. The sun will shine again!

How well connected you are to your body depends on the strength of attraction between you, the spirit, and your body. This attraction is also called Affinity – it is a fourth chakra energy. How much you can embrace your emotions depends how much you love yourself. You see, loving yourself is not just an airy-fairy New Age concept – it is essential to your health and well-being. So say hello to your Affinity and optimize it.

And finally own your space with grounding!

‘Emotions that you embrace become the nurturing water in the soil of your dreams.’

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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23 Jun

Body of truth

Your body is very intelligent.

It’s always tuned in to the truth. 

It accurately reads the vibes around it and picks up on the undercurrent of info.

By design – it cannot lie. Only question is: are you paying attention? Do you even trust your body’s wisdom or do you shove it aside as irrelevant?

The people in our lives can sometimes tell lies and try to pull the wool over our eyes, so in those moments, the conflicting information can be rather confusing. This is a lesson in learning to trust your body, the signals, messages and the truth that it is sharing with you.

The physical body is a psychic tool par excellence. Its accuracy rate is 100% – it truly never lies.

When someone says ‘I’m not psychic’, what they really mean is: ‘I’m disconnected from my body’. For some reason they have not connected with their body’s information. Either those channels are clogged up or they simply choose not to look at their body’s communication. They are not totally present in the body or as I like to call it: ‘they don’t own it’. They are definitely not running their own information / spirit through it.

Ever noticed when you are sitting in a cafe or another public space, how some people seem to just stick out from the crowd. For some reason you notice that person and you begin to receive information about them. That is you doing a reading! Just like that.

A well known way to read with the body is the so-called ‘gut feeling’ or you just ‘feel it in your bones’. Sometimes you can get unexplained pain in certain areas of the body which only appear for a short period and then disappear. That is a very instinctive way to read. Reading in this way can be clouded by your own judgments. A more clearer and less subjective way to read would be from the center of the head – the most neutral space from which to glean information.

I have been trained to use this reading skill in a controlled environment that I call a ‘reading space’. It is the only permissive space in which to glean at someone else’s energy. I do not look if I’ve not been given permission to do so! It is basic manners. Going through someone else’s information without their permission can even earn you some karma.

When I sit down to do a reading, I turn down my analyzer, center my awareness behind my eyebrows and begin to receive information visually. Of course, I still listen to my body’s communication, but it is not the primary way in which I read. From the center of the head I can see everything and the bonus is that there is no judgment in it – you just see what you see.

Meditation is the space in which to connect with your body and to begin to hear its wisdom. If you do not practice meditation yet, then I highly recommend that you begin. In addition, with grounding you can let go of energy that is not yours, own your space and connect with your body even more.

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15 Jun

I see auras

The word aura has a lot of charge around it. There are all kinds of ideas about it and not least of them are that it is something ‘mystical’ that only a select few can see.

Let’s just take a step back, disengage from the intellect for a moment and take some time to visualize. Imagine that the space around you isn’t empty. Play with the notion that there is a gently moving current of information of several densities that surrounds your body. Just look at it!

Now, I’m sure you caught a glimpse of it as I described it in this way. Congratulations – you have just used the power of your visualization, a.k.a.: your clairvoyance.

I wouldn’t give too much attention to these big words such as aura, psychic, clairvoyance. Those are just words cloaked in many layers of illusion and untruth. There is nothing mystical here, we all visualize. Just think for a moment of the dreams you have at night.

Your aura or simply, your space, contains all sorts of information about you. It is truly an extension of you, your thoughts and feelings. It shows who you engage with in your life, what are your dreams and plans for the future. It is a constant read on what is going on in your life at present. It’s all there.

Your aura shows how true you are being to yourself. It also shows any lies that you are telling yourself.

There are different ways of looking at the aura, but in the new school of intuitive training, we look at seven layers to be exact. However, I might add that there are no rules about this. You can look at the aura in whichever way that you wish and that makes sense to you according to your truth.

Probably the most liberating realization that can come to people in an aura reading is that they do indeed have the freedom to release other people’s energy from their space and choose their own colors. They can own their spaces and begin to run their own truth.

Although traditionally the seven layers of the aura are depicted with the color spectrum in the ascending order (e.g. from red to violet) – those are not necessarily the colors we have there in reality. The colors that are there are the ones that you see, so take a look for yourself!

Here are the layers . . .

First layer – the physical layer. Contains information about your everyday life, your health and the body. It shows where the energy is set in your house and home.

Second layer – your emotional space. Contains information on the emotions that you are currently processing. Emotions are the body’s language, its way of communicating with you – do you allow your body its full range of expression?

Third layer – your willpower. It shows your actual energy levels and how you manage your energy. How your boundaries are doing. I look here for information on your economy / income / work and your relationship with money.

Fourth layer – affinity. This is the home of your self-image and shows your relationship with yourself and those around you. It speaks of self-love and what comes in-between you and the man / woman in the mirror.

Fifth layer – communication space. This layer contains information on how you communicate and who you communicate with. Are you telling the truth? If not, what is stopping you from doing so?

Sixth layer – creative layer. Also known as your clairvoyant or vision space. It contains information on how clearly you are able to see yourself and those around you. Are you envisioning the future you want to see or are you letting someone else occupy this space?

Seventh layer – dreams. It is the outermost layer and shows the picture that you present of yourself to the outside world, also known as your ‘valance’. Communication with beings typically happens through this layer.

If you have not yet had your aura looked at before perhaps you would consider trying an aura reading with me? Having your aura looked at isn’t just about receiving information – it is truly a healing. It is a spiritual snapshot of who you are right now!

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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20 May

Permission to be a star

Just for a moment, consider your life as a movie and perhaps even a playful game.

With your amusement, just visualize that.

Now, take a look at who is running the show?

For the majority of people, the director of the movie that is their life, tends to be someone else.

From an early age, we are taught to give our Seniority away to others: parents, teachers, those popular ones, celebrities, gurus . . . the list goes on!

But what if you decided you are the star! That you get to direct your own movie and be the sole decision-maker of the direction that you wish to go?

In the moment of crucial decision-making, a lot of foreign energy can get in the way and exert its influence. It is invaluable to have access to your visualization skills and be able to take a look at who or what is influencing those decisions of yours and then clear those out.

If you are not used to making decisions for yourself, you will not have received much validation for stepping away from the crowd. Coming to a point where the choice is between what you want to do and what you are expected to do by the group can start a whole new growth period.

And yes – this takes courage.

This growth period, however, will come to and end and you will find your Certainty again. It just takes one small step at a time.

When you decide you have value, that you deserve to have what it is you want or choose to at least find out whether you do – magic happens. Now you may perhaps even consider placing yourself, your own energy, your uniqueness in the center of your own Universe!

See for yourself what happens when you do that.

Okay, I can tell you, many will resist this. You yourself will resist it at first. Your body will throw up reasons why you should once again hand over the reigns to someone else. But it will be incredibly healing for you. A whole new chapter of your life begins where you start to realize you were indeed the star all along!

So give yourself that permission and find out for yourself. If it helps even the least – you have my permission.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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12 May

How do you choose to grow?

In every moment of your life, you are always presented with the simple choice: how do you choose to grow? 

Through joy or through pain?

The choice is yours.

Old ideas of spirituality, imprinted to us through various religions, have us believe that it’s ‘more spiritual’ to choose pain. That we have to go through some sort of ‘testing’ and ‘hellfire’ in order to become enlightened. That spiritual growth definitely means pain.

That is, of course, utter nonsense. There is no such thing as ‘more spiritual’. Either way you choose to go, you are still a spirit on a human path. If you choose pain, then that is what you will have.

Pain may be involved and often is. But it is not essential. It does not have to be there and it does not have to be held on to. In fact, it is the release of heaviness that becomes ‘en-light-en-ment’. The incredible tool of grounding facilitates the release of any energy that we do not want or need to carry along.

For the more psychic / sensitive among us, it can be far too easy to become a container for not just one’s own pain, but also for others. Because one is so sensitive, one often sees and feels all the pain around everywhere. This can be very uncomfortable, so one may want to try and fix this through taking on everything one sees.

That is what I call ‘unconscious healing’ – carrying around other people’s heavy stuff. From an early age one may have been a healer and never received any validation for it. From an early age this person may have believed that he is responsible for all the crap he sees and feels. This is the primary cause for low self-esteem.

It is everyone’s personal responsibility to take care of one’s own space and energy – not that of others!

It is your only responsibility to validate and love yourself. To value your own energy. This way it will be easier to create a healthier image of yourself and to begin to have a higher self-esteem.

On the contrary to the popular belief, spirit is actually the stuff that pure joy is made out of. The more of your own unique spirit you can have in this body here and now – the more joy you can have. This is the recipe for inner peace.

Having your own unique spirit literally means creating and carving your own path based on your own Truth, your own unique desires, wants and needs. It means following what makes you happy, what brings you joy and fires up your enthusiasm. Note: this takes some courage as it does not mean living up to other people’s expectations or playing it safe.

When presented with that choice, joy or pain, I know what I will choose over and over again!

What will you choose?

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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16 Apr

The notion of psychic protection and why I don’t

A rather central theme in the present day psychic and especially New Age community is the notion of ‘psychic protection’.

Wanting to have safety and security in and of itself is not an issue – you’ve got to protect what is yours and sacred to you.

The issue is the underlying fear that is accompanied along with the need to feel protected.

In the New Age community ‘shielding’ is being used. Looking more closely at that, one will find that what is truly being shielded is one’s own vulnerability.

I dare to venture out and say that the belief in one’s vulnerability could do with an update!

Have ever you considered that in reality all beings are already safe, already loved and truly that . . . there is absolutely nothing to fear?

Well, let me tell you: it is your beliefs that create your experience.

Personally, I’d go right ahead and throw away any belief that contains fear in it. Simply because fear belongs to the ego, while love is the truth of the spirit.

And by the way, white light protection doesn’t just protect you from so-called ‘attacks’, but also from receiving and giving love. And I would certainly not even use white anywhere in my energy field if I wanted to remain grounded in my body!

When I realized that the habit of shielding or protecting myself came from outdated fears and a belief in a hostile Universe and released it . . . a new life began. You can be sure I got my spontaneous laughter back. I realized all is well and that I am safe no matter what.

I wouldn’t use the word ‘protection’, however, there are ways to create boundaries with the not-so-good kind of stuff. That is what we need: boundaries.

In life we have the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. It’s our responsibility to take ownership of our spaces, to own what we ourselves have agreed to let in and then go on to create better boundaries with what we do not want to let in again. Period. No fear, no protection – just clarity and awareness of what you really want to experience.

When you are clear about what you want and have clarified your energy – that is what you will create.

The tools to create more clarity with are: meditation, grounding, circulating energies, making separations, using energy work to visualize what you want.

These are all wonderful tools, which I teach and share in my meditation classes. If you wish to learn to control your sensitivities or simply to become better acquainted with your energy – this is the space for you. You are invited to join my meditation classes or sign up for intuitive training.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

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