23 Sep

Slowing down

Have you noticed the ever-increasing speed of daily living lately? There seems to be ever so much more to do and ever so little time to just be.

With so much ‘bad news’ constantly thrown at us via the media our bodies are overloaded with stress. If you are quite sensitive, then this collective stress can make it almost impossible for you to take that much needed quiet time for yourself. So many people to heal!

What is behind the inability to stop and just be is quite frankly the lack of space. I’m not talking about physical space here, although that could be a factor, too. I’m talking about energetic space – the space you need for you to be You. That space is your aura, your body and your chakras. If your space is crowded with all kinds of foreign energy, daily life can become an effort. It may seem like a lot of hard work to even just sit down and eat.

The reason why we give away our space to others is an underlying trauma or a fear-based pattern. That pattern can keep you busy as though your survival depended on it. Perhaps at one point it did!

That inner lack of space keeps you constantly on the move, constantly responding to everyone’s demands. And thus avoiding the simplicity, stillness and the elegant emptiness of the present moment. It can be quite uncomfortable to sit with the emptiness of the moment.

One of the ways you can instantly de-stress, heal yourself and allow yourself to be more present in the moment is to retreat into a natural environment such as a forest. The physical body is very instinctive and effortlessly relaxes around the healing sounds and sensations of nature. Forests have such a natural rhythm, which the body recognises and immediately begins to match to.

During my stay at our countryside home in Western Estonia throughout the months of July and August this year, I was in constant awe of how very relaxed and at ease my body felt all the time. It’s a very beautiful and healing location. Our house there is surrounded by thick forests all around. Every day I was greeted by clean air and birdsong – I found it very easy to ground myself in that space. On the other hand, this sense of ease and groundedness contrasts heavily with how my body feels while I’m staying at my apartment here in Southern England. There are woods here, of course, but I have to walk a distance to get there.

When there aren’t any forests near you, then another easy way that you can de-stress your sensitive body is to create some quiet space and meditate. You may meditate with a guided meditation audio of some kind or you could simply sit in silence, basking in the beauty of the moment. Your meditation may include chanting or visualisations as preferred. Everyone has their own way of meditating that is suitable for them – there is no perfect way to meditate, no ‘one size fits all’. I would like to invite you to notice whether you have any judgements about how you meditate. And if you do notice any, then go ahead and release those right now.

I am running weekly Sunday meditations here at our Eastbourne location at the Pannarai Healing Studio. The class is for everyone and no previous experience is required. Or if you can’t be here in person, you could join our phone classes. ‘Meditation 1’, the 6 week class, is beginning Sunday, September 24. This class is a good starting point to learning to meditate and to heal yourself.

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16 Mar

Being in your vertical flow

When pain comes up for us we immediately seek to lean on others for safety and security. The instinctive reaction to pain is to seek for nourishment, healing and reassurance outside of ourselves.

There is a lie in here that says that we can’t handle our pain. And underneath that lie is the fear that our pain could kill us. Pain is actually a good friend who has useful information to share to us about our lives. If we keep ignoring it – it will never go away.

From an early age we learn from those around us to connect with one another in a horizontal way. We cord into our mothers via the umbilical cord at first and later via an energetic cord. We go through life constantly cording into everyone: our partners, family members, friends, colleagues, clients … even acquaintances …

Cording is nothing unusual and actually comes by default. We send energetic cords into others for safety and security. We cord because we have lost the capacity to connect with the abundant resource of energy within us. The main negative side to cording is that it depletes the energy of the one being corded into. It is actually quite dis-empowering to allow cording.

There is a more optimal, more truthful and empowered way, namely: running your own vertical energy. It begins with you grounding into the planet below your feet instead of into those around you. Then, when you release all the energy from your space that is not yours, you replenish yourself by circulating your Earth and Cosmic energies. Indeed, your own vertical energy flows are all the healing and nourishment that you really need.

All the nourishment you’ll ever need comes from the Earth below your feet and the golden sun above your head, your essence. Call this your vertical flow. Now, occasionally you fall out of this flow – that’s when you are ready for a hello. Are you ready for one now? Check if you are in your centre!

Once you become conscious of your own energy and the various energy flows running through your energy channels on a daily basis it becomes easier to begin to direct those flows. Rather than giving all your energy away and becoming depleted through cording you can remove those cords and connect with an infinite resource of energy within you instead. With your vertical energy flowing you become self-sufficient.

Being free of cords allows you to have more space for you just to be you and to create from your own truth. What an easy and joyful way of being that is!

We look at cording and spiritual agreements in our ‘Meditation 2’ program week four class. Take this 6 week intuitive training to take the next step in your spiritual evolution.

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19 May

What happens when you match to the vibration of love?

Our planet is going through a big transformation right now. We are all feeling the growth pains. There are big fear vibes floating through the collective consciousness and many are finally beginning to awaken to who they really are.

The large scale global political and economic changes that are happening have kicked up some pretty heavy collective fears. People are waking up and are having to take responsibility for the direction that their lives are heading in rather than waiting for someone else to come and make all the decisions for them. The chance of history repeating itself in the form of dictatorship looks pretty real. Fortunately, no one actually wants that, so this can be avoided.

The awakening that is happening en-masse is in need of equally powerful large scale spiritual leadership. According to a channeled source, the Supreme Being is making preparations for manifesting towards the end of this year to help transform those collective fears and to guide us all back to our true nature, which is love. Supreme Being manifestations have been truly Earth-shattering in their influence in the past and have all created tremendous change for mankind. Think, for example, of the life of Jesus Christ. However, if we all do our ‘homework’ this manifestation will not be necessary.

Humankind is currently undergoing a soul age shift from a young soul perspective to a mature soul perspective. The young soul perspective represents competition, being the king of the mountain and one person winning while another one loses. It represents lack consciousness. Think of the current economic imbalance of the extremely wealthy 1% versus the poor 99% in the United States. The mature soul perspective is concerned with community and helping each other, which allows for everyone to win. The majority of those currently alive on the planet are young souls who are transitioning into a mature soul perspective. And they need a lot of help from those of us who are spiritually older and more experienced.

This is where we, the older souls, come in and can do our bit. Instead of matching to the collective consciousness and falling into fear and worry with everyone else we will need to do all we can to remain our purest expression of love. There are wonderful self-care tools we can all practice daily such as grounding, running energy, creating and destroying roses and so forth. These tools can help to keep our auras clear and helps to get some space from other people’s stuff.

For those of us who are intuitive and empathic, the global upheavals are truly windows of opportunity to deepen our self-care practices. Taking good care of our own energy and spaces doesn’t mean we are turning away from those who need help. It means we are helping others by being our own best selves and taking excellent care of ourselves. And then giving of ourselves from a clear, pure and healed place.

When faced with someone who has lost touch with their true selves and is acting out of ego, the best way to help them is not to fulfil their every egotistic demand, but just to send them an energetic ‘hello, I love you’. And watch the healing that happens. You don’t have to carry on a relationship or communication with someone that is unkind or disrespectful to you, but just sending them an ‘I love you’ message on a spiritual level is all the healing that is required. Practising this simple, but powerful technique you are holding space for love to happen and to grow. You can do this by merely visualizing the person and sending the message as a thought.

Don’t take anything personally. People are going through growth periods and processing. Just send them love.

You have a choice whether to carry the energy of love or fear / hate around with you. Love energy brings health and well-being while fear brings disease. Love allows you to feel validated and at ease, while fear causes tension and imbalance. Our bodies are very sensitive to the energies of these extremes of energy, so we must consciously choose what we feed into them on a daily basis.

If you are feeling a little out of tune an intuitive healing may be just the tune up you need. It puts you back in touch with your own answers and your natural flow of healing energy. A healing might not necessarily give you all the intellectual answers, but it guides you back to the true source of your own answers and healing energy, which are already within you.

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8 May

10 simple ways to detox your energy this spring

Now that we are already well into spring time here on the Northern hemisphere the nature is aglow with a joyous celebration of bird symphonies, sweet fragrances of fresh blossoms and a rich tapestry of color all around us.

Wherever you look, everything is brimming with happiness and enthusiasm for the increasing amount of daylight. And as the days are getting ever more lighter and lighter, so are we letting go of heaviness and becoming lighter in our own inner landscapes.

The earlier months of this year have been very much inwardly focused in that we instinctively spent more time looking inward and examining old patterns and basically just preserving energy. We’ve done quite a bit of that deep inner work during the winter months that have passed as well as the early spring months of this year.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. ~ Lenn Clark

Now the focus is becoming more and more outward. We are invited to be more sociable, make new friends, get out there more, have more get-togethers and just have more plain old fun! It’s much easier to have fun and invite in joy when you have a toolkit for taking good care of yourself and your own energy. Do you know your own energy? Do you love and value it enough to take good care of it?

Springtime is just the perfect time for a detox. You may have already given your house a good scrubbing, but consider also your inner space, your chakras and aura layers, aka your energy field – it too needs a hello from you.

So if you’re like me and are ready for a detox from all the heavy-processing of the previous few months and want to lighten up, then here are some super simple suggestions on how to detox your energy completely without any effort whatsoever.

1. Ground yourself. This is the most important step in detoxing your energy, which is why I’ve put it at the top of this list. If you haven’t learned this one yet, then I highly recommend it: learn to ground yourself. By regularly grounding your energy into the center of the planet, rather than into your work, your bank account or your mother, you can effortlessly release anything that is not yours. Grounding makes you real. There is a certain magic that happens when you ground yourself. You ground by visualizing a grounding cord connecting the base of your spine into the center of the planet.

2. Meditate. It’s the perfect remedy for the hectic, fast-paced and energetically taxing everyday life with all its expectations, demands and responsibilities. Your meditation space is your rest and relaxation space where absolutely nothing is expected of you. Sitting in meditation for just 30 minutes or more in the morning every day is very healing and balancing and does wonders for your body, mind and soul.

3. Practice forgiveness. Holding grudges does nothing, but drain your energy and take away your enjoyment in life. It makes you unnecessarily fearful and guarded. Remember that we’re all just kids in a huge kindergarten and sometimes get it wrong. When you instead choose to forgive those who may have wronged you or made you feel like a victim, you automatically let go of any old toxic energy and free your space up to create, have, be and do more. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with those whom you need to forgive, but just let go of that heavy and toxic energy of unforgiveness.

4. Be amused. No matter what you’re getting up to and no matter how serious something may look on the surface, always find the amusement in it. This immediately lifts your energy, allows you to detach with love and to see clearly. The bonus is that amusement also makes you appear more attractive. Consider it your energetic face-lift. And it’s completely free.

5. Be in wonder. Always be as a child. Like an innocent three-year-old exploring a totally new world. Every day when you wake up remember to be in wonder and amazement about the magical creative being you are, how much you have already created and how much more you can still create. Be in wonder about all the endless possibilities, discoveries and adventures yet to be had!

6. Be in gratitude. The very simple rule is this: you manifest more miracles into your life by often giving thanks for what you already have. Besides it is a wonderful inspiring vibration to hold in your energy field. It feels good to be grateful. Make a habit of finding at least 10 things to be grateful for every day. Count your blessings!

7. Have a positive attitude. In a world where there is constant upheaval and drama happening every day a positive attitude is an absolute must. Being negative serves no one and is a journey down the rabbit hole into more of that same negativity. If you really want to help others and be a healing presence, simply leave your dramas at the door and just have a good time. Or better yet imagine putting any negativity you may have in a rose and blow it up. And poof! It is gone!

8. Give something. You don’t have to give much. You can start with simple things like a hello, a smile, a bit of your time, selfless service or the gift of your presence to someone who may be feeling lonely. Those things count. And if you are in a position to do so, consider also donating your time or money to charities or to whomever may need help and support. The most beautiful thing about giving is that giving like loving is its own reward.

9. Listen to music. Beautiful, relaxing and soothing music is both inspiring and healing. It automatically resets your energy and puts you back in balance in a way that obsessing, over-thinking and running around in circles does not. It is a meditation of the highest order and is simply the best way to lift your energy and to let go of any toxic energy you may have been holding on to. You know how good it feels after a really really great massage? Well, healing music has the ability to do the same without so much as even leaving your house!

10. Create something. Step into the creative flow and feel good! Having a creative outlet allows you to express and communicate yourself in ways that your words or your body couldn’t. You can get all those deeply held beliefs, ideas, feelings and otherwise suppressed stuff out of you in an easy and fun way. This will be extremely healing and detoxing for you. You could start with something simple like blogging, painting by numbers, pottery, drawing, coloring, knitting, gardening or any other creative pathways that appeal to you. Find your niche!

Have you had a detox yet? How about an intuitive session to get you started? Get a hello now!

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21 Apr

Run your energy!

After a healing session I did yesterday in a client’s beautiful garden, we sat down in her kitchen and discussed running energy as a meditation technique.

I explained to her how running Earth and cosmic energies is both clearing and centering – it heals and nurtures the body. Then for a moment I looked around the kitchen that had large windows and a patio door looking out into the garden, saw all those tropical plants everywhere and had a priceless ah-ha moment.

Namely, if you look at the desert plants such as palm trees, Joshua trees, Yucca plants and other similar ones that are particularly resilient in tough conditions, they too circulate energy! If you consider how they are shaped it becomes obvious that they run Earth energy all the way up the stem and beautifully fountain it out at the top. It is the most natural way. It’s the nature’s way.

Now, the only thing wrong with this picture is that for us humans it’s not particularly recommended to run great amounts of Earth energy any higher than the first chakra. Rather, you run your cosmic energy from the back of your Crown chakra, down along the back to the first chakra, then up the front again and bursting out on top of your head like a beautiful fountain.

Running your energy in this way is the way of nature itself. Regularly circulating your energy is the best way to strengthen and clear your chakras, aura layers and your body. It is a healing as well as a centering practice that your body will be very grateful for.

The beauty of running your energy is that you don’t have to sit in meditation for many hours with eyes closed, you can run your energy wherever you are! You can run it when when doing your shopping, when sitting on a train, when walking or even jogging through a forest. There is absolutely no effort in it. You simply intend to run your energies and it happens naturally for you. Your body already knows how to do it.

Another thing with running your energy is that by doing so you effortlessly let go of other people’s mock-ups for you and instead create your own. You become Senior to the direction that you are going in. And that is just the beginning of the fun!

Come and learn this easy, simple and natural technique as well as many others in the Hello EssenceJoy meditation class.

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25 Mar

Dealing with a psychic whack

Sometimes you say or do something that someone isn’t in agreement with. They don’t like what you are doing. They can’t whack you physically, so they whack you energetically. That is a psychic whack.

A whack can come from an angry person in traffic, in a grocery store line, it can come from a competitor in business and even a family member who doesn’t like you being too honest, for example.

It’s called a psychic whack since it is something you will definitely notice as a psychic: there is a change or a drop in energy levels, some lower energy has entered your space. Your aura may look out of shape.

You know you’ve been whacked when you’ve been around someone angry or angered someone and suddenly feel worried, nervous, anxious, awkward or out of touch with yourself. Suddenly you feel low self-esteem and are not quite sure why. You probably feel like you need to explain yourself or even defend your value or worth to someone. As if you had to apologize for simply being there.

Obviously, a whack comes from a space of anger, pain, unfulfilled expectations and demand. It comes from someone who is trying to stay in control and is a demand that you handle some energy for them, some energy they can’t or won’t handle for themselves.

Deep down inside it is really a request for love and attention. It’s a cry for help, they simply don’t know a better way to ask for it. This isn’t to say that it is okay to be whacked, but it just means that it isn’t personal. Nothing is ever personal.

The first step towards healing is to step out of resistance to it. Whacks happen. It’s nothing personal. From here on you have the choice whether to whack them back (not recommended) or instead forgive, realize it wasn’t about you and use your tools to heal and clear yourself.

So which tools can you use to handle an energetic whack? First of all, check that you are still grounded. Destroy a few roses or a lot of roses. Check that your energy is still running. Then run some more energy. Keep running your energy and destroying roses until you feel clear. You learn these invaluable psychic tools in the meditation class.

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19 Dec

Intuitive self-care for the holiday season

The time period from Thanksgiving until New Year, aka the holiday season, is well known for the intensity that comes along with it.

At this time of the year our very physical connections with our tribes and families are in focus and this brings up all kinds of instinctual and first chakra related issues. Ever wondered why the color red, which is associated with the first chakra, sexuality, passion and intensity, is also associated with Santa Clause’s coat? Not a coincidence.

It’s truly a mixed bag of energies and experiences for different people and of course, everyone’s experience is unique and their own. For the more empathic and sensitive ones, however, it becomes important to have some sort of an anchoring into intuitive self-care so as not to take on the energy and harshness of others.

The positive side of Christmas are all the wonderful religious themes associated with it and the beautiful heartwarming stories that are told through movies, animations, books or otherwise. Through those stories we consider our place in our family circles and society. We look at our ancestry and celebrate all that is good and worthwhile in life. Reunions happen. Charity and fund-raising to support the less fortunate become the theme.

On the other hand, we have the “holiday madness”: the closer we get to Christmas the more the speed picks up, the more everyone seems to be in a hurry somewhere and people seem to become more manic. The advertising companies use this time to their advantage; notice ads like “Hurry, before the sale ends!” and “Don’t miss out on the deal of the lifetime!” and so forth.

A word of advice for the more empathic ones: no, you are not more sensitive than usual, there really is a lot of pushy energy being thrown around. The solution is to step out of resistance to it.

When the energy is picking up and we all become lit up with matching pictures like the Christmas tree, it can help to be aware of ways in which we can leak energy and how to best manage it for ourselves. It becomes crucial to have some sort of a still-point in our lives to remain balanced. Meditation is a good space for that. If it calls to you, you could also add some visual tools to take better care of yourself.

The following are some tips for adjusting your energy for different life situations and how you can take better care of yourself through this holiday madness:

1. Meditate. This is a great way to heal yourself. Putting yourself in touch with that much needed still-point during a somewhat pushy holiday season. Giving yourself some gentle meditation time allows you to reclaim your space from other people’s demands.

2. Use a grounding cord. This is your protection. You can release any energy that isn’t yours and like a powerful tree you will stand tall and strong and cannot be pushed around. Grounding is what makes you real.

3. Pull your aura in closer. Doing so in public spaces can help to avoid taking on energy from others and feeling drained. Read more about the aura here.

4. Adjust your second chakra. You can adjust it down to a smaller size when you feel you may be absorbing other people’s emotions. You can simply imagine your second chakra as a spinning wheel of energy below your belly button and see it decreasing in size to about 20%-30%. Play around with it and see what feels good.

5. Third chakra awareness. You can also adjust the third chakra according to your needs. When working out or doing public speaking, it’s good to open it up more than usual. Maybe to about 60%-80% of its maximum openness. When meditating, however, you may want to close it down to about 50%-60%.

6. Color therapy. Pick colors that you feel in affinity with that you can circulate in your chakras or aura layers. You can visualize a color that makes you feel good and then see that color circulating in your chakras and aura layers. It’s that easy to give yourself a visual healing!

7. Use a separation rose. Visually create a separation rose when you need some space from someone or something. This becomes essential when dealing with projections, pushy and harsh energy. You just imagine a rose (or any other flower or object that feels good to you) on the edge of your aura and let it absorb any unwanted energy.

8. Set your Crown chakra to gold for neutrality. Imagine gold color in your Crown chakra and notice in your body how neutral and healing it can be for you.

9. Feel free to say no. To avoid energy leaks, walk away from what doesn’t feel good. Set boundaries around other people’s responsibilities and drama. As a natural healer it can be hard to do that as you may be expected to be the one to solve stuff for others. But value your time and energy enough not to become embroiled in toxic energies.

10. Do not take anything personally. If you take something personally, then it is equivalent to you making it your responsibility to solve whatever the pain was that came up for the other person. Remember that others never say or do anything because of you, but because of something that is going on for them. Have compassion for them, but set good boundaries nevertheless.

11. Let go of other people’s expectations of you. Don’t let yourself be pushed around. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anyone. You are good enough just as you are already.

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18 Nov

Being at gold

Did you know that as a spiritual being in a physical body your energy responds to color?

Furthermore, spirit communicates through images, pictures and visions. You can set your energy and even heal yourself simply by imagining desired colors in your chakras, body and aura.

Each color tone has a particular vibration and therefore carries a unique meaning with it. Clairvoyants see colors in your chakras, body and aura and all of these have much to communicate about you. Namely, the colors you run in your space indicate where you like to set the energy or where the energy has been set for you.

Out of the visible color spectrum from brown to gold, it’s the gold energy that is the most neutral and healing tone to have in your crown chakra. I do all my clairvoyant readings with my crown set at Gold.

Self-healing tip: If you feel like you’ve lost your neutrality, simply imagine gold color in your crown chakra.

You can put gold in all the chakras and run it through your energy channels. Running gold energy simply by visualizing it flowing through your back and front channels, you easily clear your space from any energy that does not belong to you. Thus it helps you to raise your vibration and to regain your certainty.

When you are being at gold you step into a state of grace, a state of effortlessness. You no longer have to chase after what you want – it will come to you. You can use energywork to create effortlessly. Simply put all your wishes in a rose and hand over to the Universe.

The only question is can you have gold? Can you have that ease and effortlessness? Do you even have permission to be at gold? The word ‘christ’ derives from the Greek word χρυσός (read: chrysos). It’s truly a high spiritual energy and it takes a lot of trust in the creative power of your own spirit to be running at this vibration. Gold is the color for the well-known phrase ‘All is well’. It reminds us that God is within everyone.

It’s in those moments of non-effort, not intensely seeking and simply grateful for what already is, grateful for how far you’ve come and just appreciating life that miracles manifest. In those moments your Next Step and agreements can flow in. So be open to those moments.

Every day, every moment the whole of creation conspires to bring your deepest dreams and desires into reality. It’s not the effort / pushing / trying / figuring out / lack of faith, but the grace, effortlessness and enjoyment – aka your Gold energy – that manifests. Just step back, surrender and allow Supreme Being to work it all out for you. Also remember you have your own pace, life is not a competition – time and timing is of the essence.

Gold energy has so many varied uses as a visual tool. For example, if you are ready to move on from something and want to let go of it, then visualize gold energy pushing it out of your space. You let go with gold – it truly is the color of forgiveness.

So go ahead and give yourself a break today: paint your whole Universe in Gold!

Gold bless!

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Photo: Flower Story’s Facebook page / Album: ‘Story of Light II’

27 Jun

Emotions = body’s language

The body speaks to us through emotions.

In the energy body it’s the second chakra that spins emotional information and physically it corresponds with the area just below the belly-button.

Do you speak the language of your body? Do you even listen to what your body is telling you?

Maybe it’s time!

Some people are so disconnected from their emotions, they try to explain and analyze their way through feeling anything. You know the ‘sciency’ types, the masculine types, the ‘machos’.

Well, guess what, suppress your emotions long enough and it all just bottles up! And bottled up long enough, it can start to cause all kinds of health problems.

The second chakra governs an array of internal organs (large intestine, female reproductive organs, bladder amongst many others in that area), so the health of those organs is intricately linked with the health of the second chakra.

Unprocessed emotions, or the uncomfortable stuff you like to shove under a figurative rug, does not just disappear. And by the way, if you’re the type who refuses to feel anything, don’t be surprised when the more sensitive ones react in strange ways around you – they are responding to the stuff you got sitting in your aura!

Feelings can only be released through actually feeling them.

What you feel – you heal.

It is natural to feel – no need to suppress it. Especially when you are going through a grieving process or otherwise a difficult time. Don’t space out of your emotions!

Meditation is the space where to begin to connect with your body and to start to listen to its wisdom. With grounding you can even let go of energy that is not yours and connect with your body even more.

I feel pain, you feel pain. It’s okay. I have felt a lot of pain in my life, I may have sometimes felt completely destroyed by the pain, but eventually I . . . rose from the ashes again. When you are done with an emotion, simply put it in a rose. The sun will shine again!

How well connected you are to your body depends on the strength of attraction between you, the spirit, and your body. This attraction is also called Affinity – it is a fourth chakra energy. How much you can embrace your emotions depends how much you love yourself. You see, loving yourself is not just an airy-fairy New Age concept – it is essential to your health and well-being. So say hello to your Affinity and optimize it.

And finally own your space with grounding!

‘Emotions that you embrace become the nurturing water in the soil of your dreams.’

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: ‘rose lady’ – www.weheartit.com / ‘garden’ – www.facebook.com

15 Jun

I see auras

The word aura has a lot of charge around it. There are all kinds of ideas about it and not least of them are that it is something ‘mystical’ that only a select few can see.

Let’s just take a step back, disengage from the intellect for a moment and take some time to visualize. Imagine that the space around you isn’t empty. Play with the notion that there is a gently moving current of information of several densities that surrounds your body. Just look at it!

Now, I’m sure you caught a glimpse of it as I described it in this way. Congratulations – you have just used the power of your visualization, a.k.a.: your clairvoyance.

I wouldn’t give too much attention to these big words such as aura, psychic, clairvoyance. Those are just words cloaked in many layers of illusion and untruth. There is nothing mystical here, we all visualize. Just think for a moment of the dreams you have at night.

Your aura or simply, your space, contains all sorts of information about you. It is truly an extension of you, your thoughts and feelings. It shows who you engage with in your life, what are your dreams and plans for the future. It is a constant read on what is going on in your life at present. It’s all there.

Your aura shows how true you are being to yourself. It also shows any lies that you are telling yourself.

There are different ways of looking at the aura, but in the new school of intuitive training, we look at seven layers to be exact. However, I might add that there are no rules about this. You can look at the aura in whichever way that you wish and that makes sense to you according to your truth.

Probably the most liberating realization that can come to people in an aura reading is that they do indeed have the freedom to release other people’s energy from their space and choose their own colors. They can own their spaces and begin to run their own truth.

Although traditionally the seven layers of the aura are depicted with the color spectrum in the ascending order (e.g. from red to violet) – those are not necessarily the colors we have there in reality. The colors that are there are the ones that you see, so take a look for yourself!

Here are the layers . . .

First layer – the physical layer. Contains information about your everyday life, your health and the body. It shows where the energy is set in your house and home.

Second layer – your emotional space. Contains information on the emotions that you are currently processing. Emotions are the body’s language, its way of communicating with you – do you allow your body its full range of expression?

Third layer – your willpower. It shows your actual energy levels and how you manage your energy. How your boundaries are doing. I look here for information on your economy / income / work and your relationship with money.

Fourth layer – affinity. This is the home of your self-image and shows your relationship with yourself and those around you. It speaks of self-love and what comes in-between you and the man / woman in the mirror.

Fifth layer – communication space. This layer contains information on how you communicate and who you communicate with. Are you telling the truth? If not, what is stopping you from doing so?

Sixth layer – creative layer. Also known as your clairvoyant or vision space. It contains information on how clearly you are able to see yourself and those around you. Are you envisioning the future you want to see or are you letting someone else occupy this space?

Seventh layer – dreams. It is the outermost layer and shows the picture that you present of yourself to the outside world, also known as your ‘valance’. Communication with beings typically happens through this layer.

If you have not yet had your aura looked at before perhaps you would consider trying an aura reading with me? Having your aura looked at isn’t just about receiving information – it is truly a healing. It is a spiritual snapshot of who you are right now!

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