27 Apr

Self-love leads you to your greatest joy

Sometimes you find yourself on the receiving end of judgement, invalidation or disapproval from others. Maybe it was something you said or did that triggered their insecurities, but it is certainly not something you are responsible for. It is not yours to fix or heal.

These situations are truly blessings in disguise since as a result of this experience you will grow and learn a whole lot more about yourself than you may previously have been aware of. You may notice that the degree to which you react to someone else’s projections directed at you is the degree to which you actually believe what they are saying. Or in others words, it is the degree to which you have lost your space and are matching their insecurities. If you are able to remain neutral here, then congratulations: it means you have cleared your matching pictures. On the other hand, if it seems like you’ve hit a wall, it is because your self-image is in some way hooked into how others see you.

As a result you might even get angry at them, since your expectations about how others should behave and act around you have been disappointed. You lost your space and your amusement. Not an issue in and of itself, but the goal is to return to neutrality and have your space back.

The truth is you cannot control how others see you, receive you or react to you. That is not your space or place to have a say in. Everyone makes their decisions and creates their own karma. It is between them and Source.

The healing step here is to move everybody else’s energy out of your self-image space and define it for yourself with the vibration of self-love instead. Then, no matter how many people are on your side or supportive of you, you can do your own thing, speak your truth, be true to yourself and not give a damn about what others think of you. What others think of you is none of your business anyway.

Self-love, seeing the value and worth in yourself regardless of whether others can see it or not is the mark of a true leader. This kind of leadership may not be about leading the masses, conquering lands or roaring like a lion. Rather, it is about the ability to quietly work on your own even when facing opposition. With self-love you are able to do the right thing even when all odds are stacked against you, because you have your space and freedom to be authentic and are not phased by temporary dramas.

The healing balm of self-love allows you to accept and embrace everything about yourself, not just the good and easy parts. There are parts of your beingness that have been hidden away in the unconscious for a long time. Old fear-based belief systems may have caused you to repress these parts about yourself as dark, evil or wicked. It is only with the nurturing light of self-love that those parts can come out to the surface and finally be seen, healed and owned by you. And as you own more of yourself, including the uncomfortable and the dark parts, you will be able to more easily let go of all those external power struggles, battles and disagreements with others where you felt you had to defend yourself. With your energy freed up from fighting with others, more of it will be available to you and free to use for creating something wonderful in the moment. You step out of competition with Source.

The greatest truth is that truly nothing about what others say or do is ever personal to you, especially when it seems like it is! Rather, everyone are having their own conversations with Source and more often than not, those conversations can happen through you. Validate that you are part of a greater whole that works and creates blessings through you. Your whole beingness in itself is a blessing.

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Photo: ‘Self-love’ / artwork by Tiia Lohmus / From the “Daily Healing Messages from Source” oracle card deck

25 Feb

The psychic child within

Many of the stern adults of today were once sensitive and psychic children. All children are intuitive and own their gifts with ease. However, as they grow older, they may not have permission to use their abilities and as a result lose touch with them.

Let’s be very clear: there is absolutely nothing woo-woo about being intuitive. The idea that it is something mystical or magical in a negative way comes from fears and limited thinking that have been conditioned upon us over the ages. It is an entirely natural ability that comes with being human. No extra effort required.

Put it this way, if you have a soul, then you are psychic. Simple as that. Using your ability means getting in touch with that part of yourself we call ‘the soul’ or whatever else you want to call it. It is of course much more complex than just ‘a soul’, but to simplify we can say it is that part of you that is connected with the source of all answers and is all you need for your healing and well-being.

The easiest and quickest way to access your intuition is primarily through imagination. You can also connect through sensations, feelings, sounds or knowingness, but imagination is the way that is most fun and natural. You may not think you are very imaginative, but if you can envision the simple image of an apple, then you already have what it takes to receive communication from your spirit. Now the task becomes to quiet the noise within and around you down enough so as to be able to hear the often subtle voice of your soul.

Daydreaming is a very fun and joyful way through which children access their own answers. They do this very naturally and without making a fuss about it. Children have not yet been heavily conditioned by those around them, so they allow their imagination and their spirits to wander and play around without restrictions. It is the fundamental curiosity and sense of wonder that drives them to ask the questions and receive the answers. Children are walking and talking geniuses and there is much we could learn from them.

Many of the adults today live their lives carrying around with them the fears, conditioning and the lies handed to them from their parents, authorities or other adults around them. These lies and responsibilities, that they accepted without any questioning, clothed them in an imaginary cloak of security, which was supposed to grant them success in life and keep them safe, but in reality has done nothing else than block them from seeing themselves and those around them clearly. The core lie here is that they cannot access their own answers and couldn’t possibly be psychic. The abilities are there, however, the only question remains: to which extent does any given person choose to use their abilities? Some people passionately pursue their intuitive capacity, while others may want to run from it and turn it off completely.

The basic intuitive skills class is the psychic kindergarten where your inner child gets a hello and you get the chance to slowly begin to nurture and turn own your natural abilities again. You get to be the child again and grow, play and have fun in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Next class series is beginning on March 11 at the Eastbourne Natural Fitness Centre. There are a few open spaces left. Click here to find out more and to ground your spot.

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30 Oct

Have fun with your growth periods

We all get those times in our lives, when nothing makes sense and it may be hard to sit down, relax and to just take it easy. You may be handling some discomfort or releasing some old pain. It’s totally okay to not have a clue where you are heading with all this.

Your body may be changing, your world views may be changing, your energy may be changing. You may recently have thrown out a whole bunch of old pictures about yourself or the world that you live in and got into the process of integrating a whole new you. This takes a lot of energy and patience from both yourself as well as those around you and there is no hurry through it.

A growth period is when you as a spiritual being are changing and it’s not always a very comfortable space to be in.

Whatever kind of growth period you may be into right now, please be very gentle with yourself. There is no perfect way to grow, no rules or regulations. You are doing the very best you can already. Indeed, you are pure love at your core.

So, on a more practical level, how do you handle these periods? Everyone sure has their own ways, but the best tool for handling growth periods with grace is meditation. Meditation makes it possible to instantly regain your space and your composure. When you sit in a grounded meditation space with awareness resting in the middle of your head – you reclaim your space. You take back your space to just be, to breathe and to have no rules.

I often talk about grounded meditation in this blog simply because it is such a wonderful and powerful tool for healing yourself and subsequently also for healing those around you.

With meditation you go from pushing and fretting your way through a growth period to gracefully gliding through it. Imagine yourself on a surfboard masterfully riding that huge wave of growth. Yes, you can have fun with it!

When you go into your meditation space you can come to awareness of the energies you have been carrying around with you. Instead of being at the effect of the energies in your space and letting them dictate to you how to live your life, you can be the one to choose what you want to keep here and what you want to let go. You can easily release pain, effort, resistance, heaviness, self-doubt, invalidation and all that is weighing you down. You can be your own boss and give your day a colour you like. Again, you are free to make it fun!

With daily meditation as your ally you can be in a growth period and still have fun and play like a child. When you get your breathing space back, you will know and experience in a very visceral way that no matter what, all is well.

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Photo: ‘A child’s play’ / unsplash.com

8 May

10 simple ways to detox your energy this spring

Now that we are already well into spring time here on the Northern hemisphere the nature is aglow with a joyous celebration of bird symphonies, sweet fragrances of fresh blossoms and a rich tapestry of color all around us.

Wherever you look, everything is brimming with happiness and enthusiasm for the increasing amount of daylight. And as the days are getting ever more lighter and lighter, so are we letting go of heaviness and becoming lighter in our own inner landscapes.

The earlier months of this year have been very much inwardly focused in that we instinctively spent more time looking inward and examining old patterns and basically just preserving energy. We’ve done quite a bit of that deep inner work during the winter months that have passed as well as the early spring months of this year.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. ~ Lenn Clark

Now the focus is becoming more and more outward. We are invited to be more sociable, make new friends, get out there more, have more get-togethers and just have more plain old fun! It’s much easier to have fun and invite in joy when you have a toolkit for taking good care of yourself and your own energy. Do you know your own energy? Do you love and value it enough to take good care of it?

Springtime is just the perfect time for a detox. You may have already given your house a good scrubbing, but consider also your inner space, your chakras and aura layers, aka your energy field – it too needs a hello from you.

So if you’re like me and are ready for a detox from all the heavy-processing of the previous few months and want to lighten up, then here are some super simple suggestions on how to detox your energy completely without any effort whatsoever.

1. Ground yourself. This is the most important step in detoxing your energy, which is why I’ve put it at the top of this list. If you haven’t learned this one yet, then I highly recommend it: learn to ground yourself. By regularly grounding your energy into the center of the planet, rather than into your work, your bank account or your mother, you can effortlessly release anything that is not yours. Grounding makes you real. There is a certain magic that happens when you ground yourself. You ground by visualizing a grounding cord connecting the base of your spine into the center of the planet.

2. Meditate. It’s the perfect remedy for the hectic, fast-paced and energetically taxing everyday life with all its expectations, demands and responsibilities. Your meditation space is your rest and relaxation space where absolutely nothing is expected of you. Sitting in meditation for just 30 minutes or more in the morning every day is very healing and balancing and does wonders for your body, mind and soul.

3. Practice forgiveness. Holding grudges does nothing, but drain your energy and take away your enjoyment in life. It makes you unnecessarily fearful and guarded. Remember that we’re all just kids in a huge kindergarten and sometimes get it wrong. When you instead choose to forgive those who may have wronged you or made you feel like a victim, you automatically let go of any old toxic energy and free your space up to create, have, be and do more. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with those whom you need to forgive, but just let go of that heavy and toxic energy of unforgiveness.

4. Be amused. No matter what you’re getting up to and no matter how serious something may look on the surface, always find the amusement in it. This immediately lifts your energy, allows you to detach with love and to see clearly. The bonus is that amusement also makes you appear more attractive. Consider it your energetic face-lift. And it’s completely free.

5. Be in wonder. Always be as a child. Like an innocent three-year-old exploring a totally new world. Every day when you wake up remember to be in wonder and amazement about the magical creative being you are, how much you have already created and how much more you can still create. Be in wonder about all the endless possibilities, discoveries and adventures yet to be had!

6. Be in gratitude. The very simple rule is this: you manifest more miracles into your life by often giving thanks for what you already have. Besides it is a wonderful inspiring vibration to hold in your energy field. It feels good to be grateful. Make a habit of finding at least 10 things to be grateful for every day. Count your blessings!

7. Have a positive attitude. In a world where there is constant upheaval and drama happening every day a positive attitude is an absolute must. Being negative serves no one and is a journey down the rabbit hole into more of that same negativity. If you really want to help others and be a healing presence, simply leave your dramas at the door and just have a good time. Or better yet imagine putting any negativity you may have in a rose and blow it up. And poof! It is gone!

8. Give something. You don’t have to give much. You can start with simple things like a hello, a smile, a bit of your time, selfless service or the gift of your presence to someone who may be feeling lonely. Those things count. And if you are in a position to do so, consider also donating your time or money to charities or to whomever may need help and support. The most beautiful thing about giving is that giving like loving is its own reward.

9. Listen to music. Beautiful, relaxing and soothing music is both inspiring and healing. It automatically resets your energy and puts you back in balance in a way that obsessing, over-thinking and running around in circles does not. It is a meditation of the highest order and is simply the best way to lift your energy and to let go of any toxic energy you may have been holding on to. You know how good it feels after a really really great massage? Well, healing music has the ability to do the same without so much as even leaving your house!

10. Create something. Step into the creative flow and feel good! Having a creative outlet allows you to express and communicate yourself in ways that your words or your body couldn’t. You can get all those deeply held beliefs, ideas, feelings and otherwise suppressed stuff out of you in an easy and fun way. This will be extremely healing and detoxing for you. You could start with something simple like blogging, painting by numbers, pottery, drawing, coloring, knitting, gardening or any other creative pathways that appeal to you. Find your niche!

Have you had a detox yet? How about an intuitive session to get you started? Get a hello now!

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17 Oct

About the psychic meditation class

In the psychic meditation class you sit comfortably in an upright chair, do nothing and use some visualization.

No unearthly contortions or physically difficult exercises are required here. This meditation is very gentle on the body.

It’s the space to just be.

In this space you learn visual energywork tools to help with grounding and moving your energy. With amusement you can learn to release heavy energies such as resistance, effort, stuckness and pain. Using the tools learned in this class you can begin to get a handle on that sensitivity of yours!

You receive validation as a psychic living in the the present day world and begin to really get to know yourself as a spiritual being in a physical body.

What is the purpose of all those tools like grounding, running energy and destroying roses? The answer is simple: it is about the relationship between you, the spiritual being, and your body. In this meditation you find where you are in relation to your body and the effect of that on your daily life. The tools learned in the psychic meditation class become your means to regain your space, amusement and a sense of neutrality.

This class is centered in you sitting in your own truth. When you first begin to use the tools and run your energy, anything that is untrue, impure and simply not you – will come up to the surface. And this is the whole point. Now the question becomes: are you ready and willing to drop that baggage or are you invested into carrying it along with you. The psychic tools taught in this fun class can help you to safely manage your baggage, release it and to find your own truth.

This meditation isn’t meant to make you feel a certain way – you may want to put that expectation, aka ‘a perfect picture’, in a rose and blow it up straight away. You haven’t failed if you don’t feel ultimate bliss at the end of your meditation session. The point of this meditation is to bring you to a space of awareness and acceptance about where you are, what is in your space and how you really feel. This awareness gives you the tools for your next step.

In the psychic meditation class visualization is used as a self-healing tool. Bringing yourself to a visual level means becoming neutral to your pain. The clarity of the images you see shows how much neutrality you can have. How much neutrality you can have is proportionate with how much inner peace you can have. It’s that simple.

A new-agey type yoga meditation teacher once said to me he didn’t think visualization was good, because it could encourage fantasy. But here’s the thing: visual meditation is not fantasy – far from it! On the contrary, it is realistic, because in that moment when you bring your awareness to the center of your head, you are actually looking at the truth. This takes willingness and openness to do so. From what I’ve observed, it’s those who want to remain in fantasy are the ones who shy away from visual meditation.

Self-healing tip: Right now go ahead and allow a color to show in your mind’s eye that represents you being centered, happy and in optimal well-being. Just take a moment and look at that color. Then also allow yourself to intuit what that color represents for you in particular and what you could embrace more of in your life.

Come and join me if you want to learn to meditate, want to practice your psychic tools, to just relax and connect with your energy. This is the space for you. The space to recharge, to revitalize and to just be . . . There are no expectations of you here. Just come as you are and have fun!

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30 Sep

Handling stuff

Are you having a hard time finding even a tiny spark of enthusiasm in your Universe because you are so weighted down by all the stuff you are handling?

Be amused by that! This is the first step towards healing yourself. Grounding is the next step. Then comes running your energy. These are the tools you can use to release excess baggage and get in touch with yourself. You can learn these tools in the meditation class.

Is the stuff that you are presently handling even your own? Take a look! It could be something you may be trying real hard to solve for someone else. When someone comes at you with strong energy, maybe arguing with you, throwing blame and responsibility in your direction or perhaps even using a disrespectful tone of voice – it is really a demand that you handle whatever stuff had come up for them. It is, of course, not your responsibility. He or she is trying to meet some need through you. It’s not personal – it’s simply a call for love.

If you ever feel uncomfortable hearing someone expressing beliefs that contradict with your own, are in resistance to someone who is unwell or often get into arguments with others – you are taking on too much responsibility for solving whatever pain you encountered in them.

Whenever you take something personally, you are really taking responsibility for solving whatever the issue was that was presented to you. However, it is wonderfully liberating to realize that it is not your responsibility to solve all the pain, questions or dissonance you see around you. Have confidence that there is divine justice at work at all times, that you are loved and revered for who you are and that your contribution counts. A lot. You become a healing for others when you realize that everyone’s on a journey and that nothing they say or do is ever personal; even if it seems like it at the time. You just need to find what got triggered for you, then go ahead and love and embrace that piece of you with every fiber of your divine being. You are oh so very lovable.

The most compassionate thing you can do for someone who has lost his space is to create a space for him to be seen and heard, gently guide him back to his center and connect him to his own answers without becoming the container for his pain. As a responsible healer you may feel like you’ve failed if you haven’t been able to put a smile on everyone’s faces, but it might be of help to hear this: you always did your best, you always do your best, you did nothing wrong and no, it’s not your fault that others suffer.

There are better ways to handle those energies than to carry them around in your space allowing them to make you sick, unfocused and scattered. Yes, you guessed it: go on a date with a pink elephant. Or if you can’t find one, you could also try grounded meditation. In meditation you can learn to get a handle on those energies and learn to safely and effortlessly release anything that isn’t yours.

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14 May

Keep your amusement

Sometimes you go into doubt and you lose your space. Maybe some invalidation has been whirled in your direction? And maybe on some level you even agreed to this.

But how do you respond to that? Is it a terrible tragedy: “Oh no! I’ve lost my space! Now what do I do?” Or is it a wonderful opportunity to grow? Maybe it could even be a whole bunch of fun like: “Oh look, I’ve lost my space. Yay!” Kind of like a wonderland adventure into an entirely new part of yourself, one that you may have been in resistance to.

Here’s the thing, you remember and you forget. Remember. Forget. You find your center. You lose your center. Find your space. Lose your space. This the divine dance that we dance and it is the only one. Truth is, the center is never lost, but we need that illusion to grow.

The shadow sometimes comes up and out of its hidey hole. We all have one. You can bet it’s not pretty. Occasionally you meet your shadow, maybe feel a little scared when you do, but eventually you realize it is the lie. The center is the truth. Beauty is the truth. Love and wellness is the truth.

When you do lose your space you may erroneously believe you’ve done something horribly wrong. This is what the perfect picture wants you to believe. The perfect picture puts on the mask of seriousness and just plain spoils all the fun for everyone. But no matter what you believe you may have done wrong in life, whatever you feel guilty about – you are essentially innocent like a playful child. Imagine life as a kindergarten: you have permission to play, learn and make mistakes. So play, learn and make many mistakes. We’re not here to be perfect: we’re here to be our own unique selves. Besides, if you don’t learn from your mistakes this time around, there will be other opportunities. There is no rush.

So, whatever comes up – keep your amusement. It will help you to regain your space as well as your neutrality. A good way to become amused that has worked really well for me is putting on fun music that I can dance to in a silly way. Other ways that work for me to blow that perfect picture of seriousness are: watching a comedy show or movie, making up jokes or silly stories, letting my inner clown out, goofing around doing nothing and meditating.

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25 Mar

Feeling good

This may sound trivial, but we all need a reminder sometimes: the point of being alive isn’t to suffer, being in body isn’t all about pain.

Yes, being present to your experience requires that you authentically own and feel all your feelings, whatever they may be at the time, but that is so in order to be able to release them. There’s no need to dwell on pain.

There was a time in the past when suffering was given Seniority over happiness and feeling good. This is an old religious picture and still runs rampant even in today’s modern society. However, suffering is no longer the spiritual way to grow anymore. The picture of a successful artist having to suffer for their creative genius is out-dated. Nowadays we grow through joy.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~Author unknown

It can be easy to match to the misery we see around us at times, but you are not helping anyone if you lower your energy and go into a space of fixing for others. Just saying hello to someone’s spirit is effective enough to start a healing. And always bring your attention back to yourself, your own life, your own questions and path.

Spirit truly grounds best into a body that is happy and feels good. You heal yourself by choosing to bring in amusement, play, fun and joy – that is the stuff that your spirit is made of. From this inspired space the possibilities for what you can create are endless.

Your body welcomes your own energy, the energy of your own spirit, aka your own Truth. Any energy that does not belong to you simply does not fit. And you’ll know you have taken on something when you feel ‘out of sorts’.

Quite frankly, your own energy is who you are when you are feeling good. Being happy you are in your natural flow. Unhappiness comes from having for a brief moment forgotten how to be in the flow, maybe someone else’s energy got in. You come back to it simply by remembering who you are and letting go of any energy that isn’t yours.

Every day I choose to be grateful to Supreme Being for all the wonderful growth that’s come my way and I realize that even though a part of me doesn’t always like the growth period – my spirit is having a heck of a good time regardless! In fact, the more challenging the growth is, the more my spirit enjoys it. Easier growth has probably been done too many times before and it has lost its charm.

So to help you to bring in the energy of feeling good, here is my gift to you: a meditation on Feeling Good. Enjoy!

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Meditation on Feeling Good” price=”10.00″ file_url=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Meditation-on-Feeling-Good.wma” thumbnail=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GoldHibiscus-RESIZE.jpg” description=”A springtime meditation to help bring in the energy of feeling good!”]


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6 Mar

Is doubt throwing you off your path?

In life there really is the most optimal path for everyone.

Let’s call it simply ‘your path’.

This is when you are being your truest, most authentic self. You are in affinity with yourself and all that you are. You are running your own energy. It’s who you are when you are feeling good. There is no doubt.

For me it’s when I’m daydreaming and letting my creative energy run freely that I am most in Affinity with myself.

Sometimes, though, doubt comes into the picture and you might get thrown off your path. This is the storm: all kinds of emotions can come up that do not reflect who you really are. Once the storm is over, however, the truth of your being will come forward once again.

What is true love? It’s not about you getting everything you want, it’s about you getting everything you really need as a growing spirit in a human body. The Supreme Being, the Universe, your guides will always assure you remain on track with your own growth and receiving answers to your own questions. Things may be unclear to you at times, but they are very clear indeed to your guides, the Supreme Being and the Universe. Same lessons repeat so that you can grow and learn. That is the meaning of true love. Your divine creative intelligence forces are always making sure you are getting exactly what you need. Just be aware that you may not always know what it is that you really need.

Doubt shows up when somewhere in your energy field you are not running your own energy and you have gone into uncertainty. This is where you have lost touch with your own truth and have given away your space and Seniority to someone else’s energy. Consider the image of a spanner thrown into the works. Or a tree branch in the bicycle wheel. It slows down your movement and flow. Maybe even making you feel hesitant and resistant to move forward.

Your energy can’t run freely and neutrally with someone else’s energy in your space. Especially when that energy is invalidating your truth.

Having someone else’s information in your space always comes down to low self-esteem. Maybe you weren’t able to create proper boundaries with this person for whatever reason? Often the reason is precisely because that other person didn’t want you to have those boundaries. You may be healing them, feeling responsible for keeping them safe. When you do eventually decide to reclaim your energy you might get some reactions. This is not your responsibility, however – how others behave is their responsibility and karma.

As an example, I was keeping myself from experiencing community and togetherness as a healing for a family member who couldn’t have this. I decided to do some energy work to raise havingness for “well-being within a supportive community”, which worked immediately. Soon after this person became outright abusive towards me and I realized I had to end this contact in order to have my energy back.

Here’s something to keep in mind about healing others: you can’t carry their pain or lessons with you. If you try to do this, you will simply end up prolonging their learning and growth. You can’t save anyone. Healing isn’t so much about carrying pain for others as it is about being able to heal yourself. To the degree that you yourself can have a healing – you can give a healing.

If someone comes at you very strongly with demands that you agree with them and do what they want, it is really a demand that you be the one to heal them. At times people may attempt to control you to get what they need out of you. You giving away space to someone else’s truth is a way that you allow yourself to be controlled. This is quite literally another being, whether in body or out, trying to occupy your body. You can go heal yourself by going into amusement about this and making necessary separations. You don’t want someone else’s truth in your space because it can make you sick. You could never get ill from your own truth!

I’ve noticed that the biggest pain of my life and illness always came when somewhere along the line I stopped living my own truth and had been following someone else or had given away Seniority to someone else’s truth. And without fail I always recovered from this as I began to value my own truth again. My own truth has never made me ill. In energywork meditation it is the technique of running your energy that facilitates your healing and clearing out any stuff that isn’t yours.

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27 Dec

Meditation event: ‘Create Your Mock-Up for 2014’

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed it as much as I did. This year I decided to let go of any and all perfect pictures – aka expectations – I had about this holiday season and ended up with the best Christmas experience so far. I’m very grateful.

Now that Christmas is over and the new year beckons – it is a good time to start setting those intentions for the new year.

So here it is, the meditation event where you can join with others and create a wonderful new vision for your new year:

Create your mock-up for 2014.

I envision a marvelous year ahead filled with joy as well as growth. Certainly this will be the year when many dreams will come true and many more dreams will be created.

Meditation class

This meditation event is a fun and relaxed space where you can create a vision for your year 2014 that comes from your own truth. It will be your mock-up for how YOU wish to experience your life and what it is that YOU truly wish to see come to fruition in your life.

This meditation is about you. For you. To nurture you and your connection with yourself.

So why don’t you join me for a meditation today at 6 pm GMT. It will be done on the phone, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You won’t even have to get out of your jammies!

Please email me at essencejoy@hotmail.co.uk to register. Once you have sent the payment here an email will be sent to you with the dial in number and access code.

See you all there!

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