24 Jun

Intuitive tools 101: your intuition

The beginning meditation class is the space for you to sit in spiritual validation. This psychic kindergarten space is completely free from judgement, expectation or demands and allows you to playfully connect with and trust your own answers. The source of your own answers is your spirit and your spirit itself is of course 100% […]

29 Feb

Intuitive tools 101: run your energy!

Circulating your energy is another intuitive tool that is a cornerstone of psychic meditation along with grounding, centering and creating and destroying. It is a visual tool that is used to clear unwanted energy and is essential for helping you to get in touch with your own energy and answers. The underlying principle behind this […]

2 Feb

Intuitive tools 101: the miracle of a spiritual hello

Just recently I spoke on the phone with someone from a psychic hot-line based here in the UK and it quickly became very clear that most of the general public are looking for a prediction on what will be rather than what can be worked with in the present time. There is really very little […]

21 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: your growth period

When you regularly practice the tools taught at the meditation program, occasionally there comes a time when you begin to integrate all that work and all that you’ve learned – it’s time for a growth period. So you visualized, destroyed pictures and circulated your energy – you’ve released old energy and brought in new energy. […]

12 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: your space

Just as there are basic visualization tools that run through the whole of the meditation program curriculum, there is also the notion of space. Gaining space may perhaps be the whole underlying purpose of using all of these psychic tools. In essence, all of the meditations in this program, are truly about you creating space […]

6 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: neutrality

Neutrality is another energywork tool that runs through all the meditations in the meditation program as well as the intuitive training program. Neutrality is an intuitive tool since it is an energy that you can say hello to to help you access more of your intuition. It can be hard to trust your intuition if […]

21 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: being in present time

Bringing your awareness back into the present moment is the first step you take when you begin to meditate. This is often not an immediate event, but tends to be a smooth transition. You do this very gently. When you start to meditate, you may have to take a moment to call your energy back […]

16 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: Grounding

Grounding is a tool that is essential to intuitive work and runs through all the meditations in the meditation program. Energy that doesn’t get grounded remains just that: energy. It has no legs to walk on and will simply swirl around without direction. No brilliant ideas or dreams were ever made real without proper grounding. […]

9 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: creating and destroying

As we are now approaching the ‘Meditation I’ class beginning on January the 24th, I will be introducing here in the EssenceJoy blog some of the basic tools that we will be working with in the class. The simple and effective intuitive tools that are covered in the ‘Meditation I’ class are truly the cornerstone […]

7 Feb

What is an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reading is really all about you. It’s the space for you to be seen for who you really are and is simply one of the best gifts you could give to yourself. The word ‘intuitive’ is a more neutral way of saying ‘psychic’ and ‘clairvoyant’ … in reality, it means the same thing, […]