19 Jun

Non-effort gives you the Midas touch

You move through your life constantly creating, manifesting and attracting the things you want. It starts with an image, an intention, a dream, a mock-up. And sometime later, further down the line, it shows up for you in a physical way.

It’s a beautiful and a rather miraculous process – one that we are so very used to that we don’t even notice we are doing it. It is only by taking the time to look back and reflect that we begin to appreciate all the intricate details and steps that go into the process of creation.

It helps to bring some awareness and consciousness into this process as doing so allows you to create more of the things you actually want and more quickly let go of those things you don’t actually want. You need to become aware of the kind of energy you carry around in your energy field, the kind of energy that you have signed up for, because that is what sets the tone for what you attract to yourself. From this point of awareness you can start to make better choices. How about using your visualisation to see a colour for the thing you want to manifest and then showing that colour to your Essence?

We always have dreams and things we want to see manifest. We start small and always keep moving towards bigger dreams and goals. Maybe there is an event you want to create, a creative project, a business step, a relationship or whatever else. For most people the default is to attempt to create those things from the physical level by putting in a lot of effort to make them happen. This may include running around a lot and working very hard for things. The truth is that any and all change needs to be created on an energetic level first as visual image and only then it can manifest on the physical. This is a very joyful and easy process and requires no effort at all.

You can easily manifest the things that you want by creating a visual image of it first, by setting an intention and then trusting that Universal forces are now in motion to make it happen for you.

Truly, it is enough to create an image, set an intention and then hand it over to Essence. However, if we don’t trust the creative forces of the Universe and instead struggle hard to make things happen we will just end up very frustrated. From my personal experience I have often seen that I might not get what I initially wanted or expected, but get something much better instead. Usually the outcome exceeds my original expectations. The Universe is just so clever like that.

The only way through is to work with energy, create a visual image of what you want and then simply relax and trust that it is already on its way. The truth is that anything you want to see manifest on the physical already exists on an energetic level and you are acting as a facilitator for it to come through into the physical. All that is required of you here is to relax, trust and enjoy the process. Knowing and understanding this is the way of the magicians. With this attitude everything you touch turns to gold.

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Photo: by Toni Hukkanen / unsplash.com 

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