14 Apr

A healing gives a hello to your wholeness

The whole purpose of a healing is to restore the wholeness and wellness that already exists within you. Your body and spirit have much more self-healing capacity than you may realize.

The definition of wellness is quite frankly ‘being well’. It is the harmonic relationship that exists when your chakras spin clearly without obstructions and when there’s an optimal communication between your natural body and your spiritual body. You come to a harmonic through a healing. Imagine your body like a musical instrument – you too sometimes need a tune up.

Wellness like everything else is a vibration and can easily be accessed on an energy level through visualization. The only question is: can you have it?

You might want wellness, but if a large portion of your healing energy is focused outside of yourself healing everyone else and handling issues that have nothing to do with you then don’t be surprised if very little of that energy actually remains for you to deal with your own issues and questions. You have to give to yourself first so you can then give to others.

When you are manifesting health issues on the physical level you can be sure that those began on an energy level and can be accessed and healed clairvoyantly. It is your spirit that does the healing work, but in a healing session the healer’s purpose is to facilitate that awareness and help you access that healing energy. This works through validation – when you spirit receives validation it immediately begins to access its greater potential.

Often when you need a healing and regardless of how out of whack you may feel, there is typically only one or just a few pictures that have been blocking your natural flow. Clearing that one single picture gets your energy moving and you experiencing your natural wellness again. A healing removes the troublesome picture and restores wholeness of body, emotions, mind and spirit.

An intuitive healing is different from an intuitive reading in that in a healing we put less attention on what we are letting go of and more attention on what is coming in, that is, the next step. We do not dwell on the energy that is moving out, which are the old stories, pain and invalidation. Therefore, in a healing often less communication is offered, so as to allow for the change to happen rather than holding on to the old pictures.

You can give yourself a healing by visualizing yourself in wellness. For example, instead of worrying about something – visualize the outcome you want. Using visualization is a way to access your spirit’s creative ability and is the quickest way to create change and healing. And the best part about this is that this stuff actually works!

If you would like to learn to visualize more clearly and get to know your unique energy system, why don’t you join our meditation class and start healing yourself straight away!

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