21 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: your growth period

When you regularly practice the tools taught at the meditation program, occasionally there comes a time when you begin to integrate all that work and all that you’ve learned – it’s time for a growth period.

So you visualized, destroyed pictures and circulated your energy – you’ve released old energy and brought in new energy. The visualizations worked. Now your perceptions have been stretched by new experiences and information and there is no going back to being small. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learned. You can’t take steps back in your evolution.

In a growth period it can seem as though nothing fits, as though you can’t see much, can’t get your energy running, your certainty has flown South. Maybe you also feel somehow unsettled, uneasy or as if you had ants in your pants!

Remember, in a growth period you are processing a lot, releasing something old and worn-out that no longer serves your highest good and integrating something brand new that paves the way for a happier, more golden future. In that transition space however, you might not know whether to sit or stand, laugh or cry, stay where you are or run away. And that’s okay.

You and your energy are not static. As an energy being you are in constant motion and evolution. So your beliefs, how you see yourself and the world around you are also in constant change. When your spirit is growing, the body can feel a little unsettled by it. Simply reset your grounding to present time and let it have its adjustment period.

Your growth period is that time between periods of enthusiastic learning. You have already accumulated enough knowledge and wisdom and now it’s time to integrate. It’s not a time to push forward towards new horizons, but to simply be with the growth. That would be the most compassionate thing to do for yourself at this point.

A growth period is what makes all the work you have done so far real.

Learning to recognize that you are in a growth period and not ‘out of order’ you will be much gentler and less demanding on yourself. You are not taking steps back in your evolution, you haven’t lost your ‘edge’ – you simply need time to process all that has been learned and gained up to date. It’s essential to give yourself that downtime to process.

So the practical action steps to take when you find yourself in a growth period are …

  • Reset your grounding into present time.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Remember your amusement.
  • Take plenty of naps and have as much rest as you need.
  • Have chocolate.
  • Watch a comedy.

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