12 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: your space

Just as there are basic visualization tools that run through the whole of the meditation program curriculum, there is also the notion of space. Gaining space may perhaps be the whole underlying purpose of using all of these psychic tools.

In essence, all of the meditations in this program, are truly about you creating space for yourself. You create space from your parents, your siblings, your friends, your children, your partner, your job, your responsibilities and what have you. Now, not everyone will be moving out of your space willingly and with a smile, some will be going kicking and screaming – you may just have to allow them to have their growth period.

When you begin to meditate with your awareness resting in the centre of your head you gradually begin to see yourself more and more clearly. You also begin to see any old or unwanted energies such as outdated agreements and other people’s pain that you may have unknowingly been carrying around and you will certainly want to release those. Once you do that you begin to see even more clearly.

Here’s the thing, by bringing your agreements into present time and by releasing other people’s energy you don’t detach or disassociate – you simply refresh your space and create more space for you to be able to see yourself clearly and to know yourself. You can continue to have any old relationships of course, but you would still want to move anyone else’s energy out of your space. While using the tools you will certainly see clearly those around you, but that is not the point; the point is to see yourself clearly.

Each time you practice the psychic meditation you are giving yourself a beautiful gift – a breathing space for you just to be you. And as you give to yourself, you also become a healing for others who may not have learned to create space for themselves yet.

When you have that breathing space to know yourself and just to be you … your creativity and your ability to make better choices for yourself increases.

In the meditation classes I often refer to your space as your aura, but of course, your space includes all of you including all of your chakras, energy channels and your physical body.

Having your space is not a constant event. Your space, your aura, is a flow of information and in constant motion and communication with the world around you. Losing your space to some energy that isn’t yours and then finding it again by kicking out the intruder is the norm. Daily life presents plenty of opportunities to lose your neutrality and therefore also your space. Practising meditation and using your tools your certainty grows and as a result you begin to find your space much faster than you do in the beginning. In the beginning, losing your space can seem like a terrible tragedy, but it is part of a never-ending dance: lose space, find space, lose space, find space and so forth. Your certainty grows each time that you return to yourself and give yourself that much needed space.

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