6 Jan

Intuitive tools 101: neutrality

Neutrality is another energywork tool that runs through all the meditations in the meditation program as well as the intuitive training program.

Neutrality is an intuitive tool since it is an energy that you can say hello to to help you access more of your intuition. It can be hard to trust your intuition if you are in judgement about what you are seeing, feeling or otherwise experiencing. Your body is your first accurate psychic tool and if you invalidate it by distrusting its truthful wisdom, then you are also invalidating valuable psychic guidance that it may be picking up for you.

You step into neutrality when you centre yourself, come back into present time and bring your awareness to the centre of your head, aka the seat of clairvoyance. The more you meditate with your awareness resting in the centre of your head, the more you cultivate neutrality. It is a muscle that grows with practice.

It can be easy to initially go into judgement when we see something different, unusual or new that our senses might not be quite used to just yet. However, intuitively speaking, how neutral you are to what you are looking at is equivalent to how clearly you can see. That is, the more neutral you are towards what you are looking at and experiencing, the more you can own the centre of your head.

The less judgemental you can be about what you are seeing, the more you can occupy the centre of your head and therefore the more clearly you can see.

Neutrality is basically the same as non-judgement. It is a healing balm, a blessing to those that get to experience being seen in this way.

When you are in neutrality it is also easier for you to have your space. When you lose your neutrality, you lose your space, because you are then identifying with what you are looking at and experiencing. Thank the person who lit something up in you that made you lose your space and come back to your centre using your tools.

Being able to have neutrality means being able to have your space.

Underneath neutrality is the very basic truth that truly nothing is personal. Neutrality is an ability to step back from projections and reactions from others because you see that they are simply experiencing something that has nothing to do with you. You only take something personally when something lights up in you and that is the gift – you get to explore something about yourself. The thing to do with a matching picture is to simply find that picture and destroy it.

So the actions steps to take are …

  • Centre your awareness in the middle of your head.
  • Imagine your crown chakra in gold.
  • Become neutral by getting space from what you are looking at rather than identifying with it.
  • Your ability to be neutral with others is equivalent to your ability to be neutral with yourself, so remember to apply non-judgement to yourself, too.

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