16 Dec

Intuitive tools 101: Grounding

Grounding is a tool that is essential to intuitive work and runs through all the meditations in the meditation program.

Energy that doesn’t get grounded remains just that: energy. It has no legs to walk on and will simply swirl around without direction. No brilliant ideas or dreams were ever made real without proper grounding.

A wonderful use for grounding is to release any excess energy that you may be carrying around in your space. That same energy can be grounded in all sorts of other ways such as through the hands, through the incessant ruminations of the analyzer or by drowning yourself in the happy hour. However, at the meditation program we ground visually into the center of the planet.

Without grounding yourself and your own energy, you would be spaced out, scattered and leaking your energy all over the place. On the other hand, when you ground yourself, you become real and more solid. In a way, grounding is also a kind of protection from any energy that may want to push you around.

Put it this way, nothing really gets done without grounding.

The best and most brilliant use of grounding is of course grounding yourself. In addition, it can also be used to ground the room that you are in, to ground objects, events, ideas or even other people.

Here is a simple grounding exercise for you …

  1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and become centered.
  2. Imagine yourself as a simple figurine out in front of you. Don’t worry about seeing too much detail at this point, just intend that the figurine represents you. That is sufficient.
  3. Visually look at the base of your spine and imagine sending a grounding cord from there all the way down to the center of the planet. You can use a grounding cord of any texture or width that you prefer and that feels good to you. Some of the options are: a tree trunk, a rope, a cruise ship anchor, a waterfall, a laser beam, colored light or whatever you prefer. Play around with it until you find what suits you.
  4. Now take a few moments to simply allow for any old or excess energy in your space to begin to release down to the Earth. Notice how your body responds to this.

Say hello to your grounding! How does it look for you right now?

The miracle of grounding is that it can speed up manifestations. Here’s a true story of what happened to me in August in the summer of 2015 …

I had just returned from visiting my family back home in Estonia and upon arrival to London Heathrow airport I discovered that my suitcase hadn’t arrived with me. The airport staff told me that they did not know where my suitcase was and that they were working to locate it. Okay, that was quite worrying since I had only three days to prepare for my next long trip to India. So I was waiting for news on my suitcase, all the while unsure if I was going to receive it on time. Just two days before my trip, I was doing some energywork with an intuitive friend of mine. I imagined the whole lost suitcase situation in the form of a rose and gave it a good, solid grounding. I watched as any excess energy released from it and allowed myself to connect with a sense of peace that it will be found on time. And then, still right in the middle of this meditation, I received a text message saying that the suitcase had been found and that it was already on its way towards my address. Woo hoo!

Read more about the upcoming meditation program here. If you’re not quite sure of your next step yet, I would recommend the preliminary intro workshop to help you get started, which will be an excellent opportunity to meet others on the program and to get accommodated with the basics.

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