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Intuitive tools 101: creating and destroying

As we are now approaching the ‘Meditation I’ class beginning on January the 24th, I will be introducing here in the EssenceJoy blog some of the basic tools that we will be working with in the class.

The simple and effective intuitive tools that are covered in the ‘Meditation I’ class are truly the cornerstone of both the world of energywork as well as essential for surviving the everyday world as an intuitive. In fact, using these tools you won’t just survive, but will indeed thrive.

The energywork tools and subjects that are introduced in the ‘Meditation I’ class are the following: grounding yourself, centering yourself, visualization, creating and destroying, chakras and aura layers, running your energy, energy channels, setting your energy and filling up with your own energy. Over a course of a couple of months we will take a closer look at the subjects that have not yet been covered in this blog up to date.

Today’s subject is ‘creating and destroying’.

‘Creating and destroying’ is a phrase used to describe an energywork tool that is used to clear and let go of unwanted energy with ease. Although we practice this tools in a visual way, it’s not something that isn’t already a part of you – we all create and destroy daily. However, we all do it in our own unique and different ways and not all of those ways are quite so effective.

Ways that you create and destroy in your daily life would be, for example, when you feel hungry. Your body gives you the hunger signal and then you think or, imagine what you would like to eat. You then just get it from the fridge or cupboard in your kitchen or you go and buy it from a shop if you don’t already have it. And voila: you have created that food item for yourself. Then when you eat it, you will have destroyed it. As you can see from this example, creating and destroying is a very natural part of our lives and doesn’t necessarily have to mean creating something very big and unrealistic.

In the meditation class we create and destroy entirely through visualization since we are working with the energy. No actions are required here.

In order to practice the tool of creating and destroying …

  1. First imagine something that you want to let go of. If you can’t think of anything specific, you can simply imagine a color for an energy in your space that you want to release.
  2. Then visualize a beautiful rose and make it real for yourself by taking some time to really admire it.
  3. Then, using visualization, put the energy that you want to release into that rose. So you just see a color for the energy you want to release and see it going inside the rose. Very simple mechanics.
  4. Then imagine taking that loaded rose outside of your space, somewhere in a large, open space and destroy it. Simply imagine it exploding into millions of tiny little pieces. And boom! Just like that. It is done – you’ve cleared that energy. In clairvoyant speak we say: you’ve cleared a picture.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to until you feel clear. A surefire way of telling that you are clear is when you can visualize a rose very clearly. Once you see it clearly, it means you have cleared all of the unwanted energy that was coming between you and your clear seeing. With your clairvoyance cleared, the possibilities for what you can create are endless!

The tool of visualizing a rose can, of course, be used in many more creative ways than simply clearing unwanted energy. You can also use the image of a rose to create something for yourself that you want to see manifest in your life. Using the rose in this way has been covered in my meditation audio called ‘Manifestation Rose’ – check it out here.

Read more about the upcoming meditation program here. If you’re not quite sure of your next step yet, I would recommend the preliminary intro workshop to help you get started, which will be an excellent opportunity to meet others on the program and get accommodated with the basics.

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