21 Apr

Run your energy!

After a healing session I did yesterday in a client’s beautiful garden, we sat down in her kitchen and discussed running energy as a meditation technique.

I explained to her how running Earth and cosmic energies is both clearing and centering – it heals and nurtures the body. Then for a moment I looked around the kitchen that had large windows and a patio door looking out into the garden, saw all those tropical plants everywhere and had a priceless ah-ha moment.

Namely, if you look at the desert plants such as palm trees, Joshua trees, Yucca plants and other similar ones that are particularly resilient in tough conditions, they too circulate energy! If you consider how they are shaped it becomes obvious that they run Earth energy all the way up the stem and beautifully fountain it out at the top. It is the most natural way. It’s the nature’s way.

Now, the only thing wrong with this picture is that for us humans it’s not particularly recommended to run great amounts of Earth energy any higher than the first chakra. Rather, you run your cosmic energy from the back of your Crown chakra, down along the back to the first chakra, then up the front again and bursting out on top of your head like a beautiful fountain.

Running your energy in this way is the way of nature itself. Regularly circulating your energy is the best way to strengthen and clear your chakras, aura layers and your body. It is a healing as well as a centering practice that your body will be very grateful for.

The beauty of running your energy is that you don’t have to sit in meditation for many hours with eyes closed, you can run your energy wherever you are! You can run it when when doing your shopping, when sitting on a train, when walking or even jogging through a forest. There is absolutely no effort in it. You simply intend to run your energies and it happens naturally for you. Your body already knows how to do it.

Another thing with running your energy is that by doing so you effortlessly let go of other people’s mock-ups for you and instead create your own. You become Senior to the direction that you are going in. And that is just the beginning of the fun!

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Photo: ‘Yucca plant’ / Google