7 Apr

Uniqueness is on the table

Each of us brings to the table something entirely unique – ourselves. What makes you unique? What do you bring to the table?

There is no competition in that. You can’t compete with anyone to be more you. You can only be who you are already.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

You are different from others and that is something to celebrate. It is a gift. You don’t have to match to others or to conform. Nor do you need to explain yourself or have everyone’s agreement for you to be wholly and totally you.

If you have always been different from others, and deep down inside you know you are no matter how hard you try to fit in, it may be cumbersome to be around others who want you to fit in or be like everyone else. The group always expects you to conform to the group. Because of this you may have withdrawn from participating in group events and maybe even feel a little victimized, but there is no one to blame for what you feel. What you bring to the table is unique and entirely your own. Only you can own it. Only you can own all your good, bad, beautiful, weird and ugly.

Are you comfortable being different from others and standing out in a group or do you hide? It may have been safer to hide in the past, maybe you were punished for being different and unique, but if you keep doing so you will continue to miss out on a whole bunch of fun! Namely, the fun of getting to be you. Hiding doesn’t do anyone, especially yourself, any favors. Besides, it takes a lot more effort to be someone who you are not than it does to simply be who you already are!

It may have been safer to hide in the past, but now is the time to come out of your hiding, to be seen and shine. Life is short – use your time to live on your own terms.

Each of us have some unique gift that we bring along by simply being ourselves, by being true to ourselves, without going into effort and trying to be like anyone else. Each of us is a piece of a larger puzzle and cannot be excluded or something valuable will be missing. Once you realize this it will be easier to value yourself. You bring value simply by being yourself.

In the eyes of the Divine you are not expected to be like anyone else, in fact you do great service by being something entirely creatively different and unique.

There is a beautiful effortless flow of beingness where insights and intuition leads you on every moment. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Clear the energy that tells you otherwise!

In the eyes of love, you are a beautiful diamond. Some energy in your space may be telling you to make yourself small so as to accommodate others in your life who want to hide, but with the help of intuitive healing you can clear that.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone, it’s a trap! Love yourself unconditionally and wholly as the imperfectly perfect being you already are. You heal yourself by being your unique unedited self without apologies, explanations or defensiveness. Loving and embracing yourself as you are you also bless and heal everyone else you come into contact with.

Your essence is here in a physical body and learning very specific and unique lessons of its own. It has its own unique ‘job’ to do here. That ‘job’, is something you do by simply being You. It may or may not match with your day job. Your true job and you are very needed on this planet. You are very loved by your Creator. Once you discover what that job is, you can begin to say prayers that are truly yours without resistance to the outcomes. For example, I’ve noticed that I lift the energy of groups that I’m part of simply by showing up there. Over time I’ve learned not to take responsibility for any stuff I pick up and to safely release anything that isn’t mine.

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Photo: Flower Story’s Facebook page