26 Feb

A healer, the problem solver

Do you find that people often turn to you with all their problems? Have you sometimes felt as if there were a sign written on your forehead that says: “It’s safe to share your pain with me and tell me all your secrets?”

If that sounds like you, then you are one of the natural healers. You have a knack for making people feel better about themselves. It may be that you seem like a good listener, but it’s also about the vibes you give off. People can sense your compassionate, non-judgemental and kind presence and intuitively know they can trust you.

As a healer you are constantly healing someone whether consciously or unconsciously. An unconscious healing is when you take on all of your healee’s burdens and make them your own. This can become very draining on you and makes it hard for you to live your own life. A conscious healing happens when you move your healing projects outside of your space and hand all the responsibility for your healee’s well-being over to the Divine healing powers. This takes some trust and skill.

Some requests for a healing can be gentle, such as an underlying feeling that you pick up from someone, you sense a cry for help. And some requests can be direct harsh demands as in the case of someone coming at you with strong energy for no apparent reason. These ones might even whack you for not giving them your attention, your answers and your space. You may notice ‘the whack’ as a sudden unexplained feeling of uncertainty, pain in some area of the body or just unknown anxiety about your worth and your place in the world.

As healers and empaths we tend to be keenly tuned in to the truth in situations and the people around us. You can’t get much past a healer who is tuned to one’s own truth. The conflict arises when a valance / a lie is put up to hide something, a truth. Sensing the underlying truth, a healer may end up taking on the pain that is perceived and try to fix it somehow. It is not the healer’s responsibility, however.

If you are aware you are a healer, I’m sure you know how it is and know how hard it can be to let go of responsibility for all the pain that you see around you. That responsibility seems to be ever tugging at your awareness: “Look at this! Fix this! Fix me!”

This is a good place to put down some boundaries. Get very clear on what is your space, your energy and your responsibility and what is not. If you go to heal an issue for someone who hasn’t asked for it you may end up getting whacked again and possibly even earning some karma as they may not have been ready for the change that you implied upon them.

The greatest healing a healer will ever perform is healing oneself. One must always look at one’s own issues, work with one’s own energy and give to oneself first in order to be able to give to others.

If a healing becomes problem-solving it stops being a healing altogether as it is then no longer coming from an intuitive spiritual place but the judgmental analyzer. It’s the mind that judges pain that we see as ‘broken-ness’ and wants to fix it. Sometimes people want to experience certain pain in their lives in order to grow from it. The mind may be asking to be rescued, but the spirit is always loving every minute of it.

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