29 Jan

Trust your intuition

“Oh, it’s just my imagination!”

Often I come across people dismissing their perceptions, intuitive hunches and experiences as ‘just my imagination’. But consider this: imagination, aka visualization, is the tool with which spirit communicates with you on a practical level. Night-time dreams or daydreams are an excellent example of that.

Intuition really is like a muscle that grows through practice. It grows through your constant validation.

That thing called intuition. It’s your soul. You can trust it. ~Unknown

The more you trust, pay attention to and validate your intuition, the stronger it gets. At first when you start listening in through meditation or simply by paying attention to it, your hunches might not always make sense at the time. But you will find out the truth further down the line one way or another.

Notice any energy in your space that tells you to explain away what you experience for yourself. Notice the energy that says you have to be able to explain what you are seeing. Throw that energy away – it is invalidating to your intuitive space. Only you can validate your intuition. It’s an inside job.

Your experiences, hunches, feelings and perceptions don’t have to be explained to anyone. They are yours and therefore only you can validate them.

Being intuitive is a very grounded business and requires you to be in the body rather than floating around somewhere. Your body is a very powerful psychic tool – it never lies. Sometimes in intuitive readings it might not make much sense to me what it is that I’m looking at, but when I communicate those images to the client, it often makes a lot of sense to them. I always pay attention to what my body is picking up as it is 100% accurately tuned in to the truth.

For example, when there is someone I’ve been in contact with, who went into growth and wanted some answers from me, I experience the energy of this person’s questions as pain in my neck. Since having to explain myself to someone could become toxic for my self-esteem, I always clear that out.

How much you trust your intuition really has to do with the communication between your spirit and your body, aka your affinity. Pictures that get in the way can be low self-esteem, self-doubt, mental-emotional-image pictures, someone else’s energy in your space and so forth. However, every time you sit down to do a professional intuitive reading, more layers of those pictures clear out, which is tremendously healing. Because of this I always feel very grounded (rather than spaced out) after readings.

Being intuitive means validating yourself. It is the recognition that you are good enough as you are, that your truth is valuable and accurate for you and that you don’t have to work so hard to get answers as they will simply fall into your lap when you need them.

Ultimately, being intuitive means being team-mates with your essence (aka spirit), your guides and God. When following and trusting your intuition you are constantly in harmonic and working together with essence. And when you yourself are in harmonic with your essence it has an immediate effect on those around you and brings them into essence as well. This is literally ‘being with God’ and is your highest protection.

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