14 Jan

Ground your creations

According to my favorite forecaster, the Power Path, 2015 has the energy flavor or theme of creativity. The year has already brought some amazing creative clarity to me personally, so I can certainly validate that theme for myself.

We all have creative energy flowing through our bodies daily. Spirit is creative. It is the energy that created us, the planet, the Universe and is the very life force itself. Yes, even those who consider themselves ‘not creative’ have creative ability. It’s just a matter of choice and each day we have a choice whether to validate our creativity and to exercise that creativity muscle or not.

Creative energy is by nature a high frequency energy that can bring all kinds of innovative, unique, original and inspired ideas. It is a soft, unfocused and feminine energy. Creativity is best accessed through daydreaming or a state of no expectation and trust. Do you have permission to daydream?

If you want to manifest something creative for yourself like a work of art, a book, a piece of music or just about anything you can use a simple grounding visualization to help make it real and bring it to yourself. The meditation audio named “The Manifestation Rose” could be of help.

The positives of creativity are a natural and effortless flow of inspiration, play, originality, healing, the feeling that anything is possible and positive destruction or the ability to let go of old creations. But some of the negatives to watch out for are ungroundedness, illusions, moodiness, negative destruction, victim mentality, perfectionism, taking things personally, lack of boundaries and procrastination.

While it is wonderful to be in that creative space where you feel that everything is possible, it’s also important to take action steps towards making your mock-ups real. This is where a grounding cord comes in handy. Without a grounding cord your mock-ups will simply swirl around outside your body uncontrollably and in a chaotic way that can affect your health. Make sure to reset your grounding whenever you start to feel spaced out.

So in this new year of 2015, some of the keywords for things to become conscious of and do some awareness work on could be: grounding, body / spirit communication, healing abilities, your mock-ups and creative space, surrender and trust, daydreaming as a conscious activity, female energy, manifestation work and boundaries around what is yours and what is not.

A good space to learn grounding and other intuitive energywork tools is the psychic meditation class that I teach both locally as well as a teleclass. In a psychic meditation class you can learn valuable tools such as grounding, creating and destroying, running energy and calling back your creative energy.

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