19 Dec

Intuitive self-care for the holiday season

The time period from Thanksgiving until New Year, aka the holiday season, is well known for the intensity that comes along with it.

At this time of the year our very physical connections with our tribes and families are in focus and this brings up all kinds of instinctual and first chakra related issues. Ever wondered why the color red, which is associated with the first chakra, sexuality, passion and intensity, is also associated with Santa Clause’s coat? Not a coincidence.

It’s truly a mixed bag of energies and experiences for different people and of course, everyone’s experience is unique and their own. For the more empathic and sensitive ones, however, it becomes important to have some sort of an anchoring into intuitive self-care so as not to take on the energy and harshness of others.

The positive side of Christmas are all the wonderful religious themes associated with it and the beautiful heartwarming stories that are told through movies, animations, books or otherwise. Through those stories we consider our place in our family circles and society. We look at our ancestry and celebrate all that is good and worthwhile in life. Reunions happen. Charity and fund-raising to support the less fortunate become the theme.

On the other hand, we have the “holiday madness”: the closer we get to Christmas the more the speed picks up, the more everyone seems to be in a hurry somewhere and people seem to become more manic. The advertising companies use this time to their advantage; notice ads like “Hurry, before the sale ends!” and “Don’t miss out on the deal of the lifetime!” and so forth.

A word of advice for the more empathic ones: no, you are not more sensitive than usual, there really is a lot of pushy energy being thrown around. The solution is to step out of resistance to it.

When the energy is picking up and we all become lit up with matching pictures like the Christmas tree, it can help to be aware of ways in which we can leak energy and how to best manage it for ourselves. It becomes crucial to have some sort of a still-point in our lives to remain balanced. Meditation is a good space for that. If it calls to you, you could also add some visual tools to take better care of yourself.

The following are some tips for adjusting your energy for different life situations and how you can take better care of yourself through this holiday madness:

1. Meditate. This is a great way to heal yourself. Putting yourself in touch with that much needed still-point during a somewhat pushy holiday season. Giving yourself some gentle meditation time allows you to reclaim your space from other people’s demands.

2. Use a grounding cord. This is your protection. You can release any energy that isn’t yours and like a powerful tree you will stand tall and strong and cannot be pushed around. Grounding is what makes you real.

3. Pull your aura in closer. Doing so in public spaces can help to avoid taking on energy from others and feeling drained. Read more about the aura here.

4. Adjust your second chakra. You can adjust it down to a smaller size when you feel you may be absorbing other people’s emotions. You can simply imagine your second chakra as a spinning wheel of energy below your belly button and see it decreasing in size to about 20%-30%. Play around with it and see what feels good.

5. Third chakra awareness. You can also adjust the third chakra according to your needs. When working out or doing public speaking, it’s good to open it up more than usual. Maybe to about 60%-80% of its maximum openness. When meditating, however, you may want to close it down to about 50%-60%.

6. Color therapy. Pick colors that you feel in affinity with that you can circulate in your chakras or aura layers. You can visualize a color that makes you feel good and then see that color circulating in your chakras and aura layers. It’s that easy to give yourself a visual healing!

7. Use a separation rose. Visually create a separation rose when you need some space from someone or something. This becomes essential when dealing with projections, pushy and harsh energy. You just imagine a rose (or any other flower or object that feels good to you) on the edge of your aura and let it absorb any unwanted energy.

8. Set your Crown chakra to gold for neutrality. Imagine gold color in your Crown chakra and notice in your body how neutral and healing it can be for you.

9. Feel free to say no. To avoid energy leaks, walk away from what doesn’t feel good. Set boundaries around other people’s responsibilities and drama. As a natural healer it can be hard to do that as you may be expected to be the one to solve stuff for others. But value your time and energy enough not to become embroiled in toxic energies.

10. Do not take anything personally. If you take something personally, then it is equivalent to you making it your responsibility to solve whatever the pain was that came up for the other person. Remember that others never say or do anything because of you, but because of something that is going on for them. Have compassion for them, but set good boundaries nevertheless.

11. Let go of other people’s expectations of you. Don’t let yourself be pushed around. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anyone. You are good enough just as you are already.

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