27 Nov

Chant your mantra

There always seems to be some kind of drama in other people’s lives or in the world at large. And sometimes we get sidetracked by it all.

When things become intense around us and we haven’t developed immunity to negativity, any low self-esteem that hasn’t yet been dealt with, can come up. As a result we leave our spiritual practice by the wayside and slip into a space of constant distraction, confusion, self-doubt and indecision.

The underlying picture here is one that says: “What’s the use anyways?”

In other words, you lose touch with your own information, your own truth, your own questions and mock-ups and probably go into trying to solve something that may not even be your responsibility to solve.

You definitely can’t help others by preaching them what they should do to change. You can’t create change from the outside, it is simply out of your control. You can only help them by creating change for yourself and taking your own Next Step. You do that through your spiritual practice. You heal others by healing yourself.

You yourself and your own space are the only things that you have the power to change, control or have a say about. How others act, react, what they say or do is not your responsibility.

To the degree that you feel that someone is in your space is the degree to which you are in their space. Clairvoyantly it is seen as a place in you where you are solving family karma, some lesson or pattern that you inherited from your family. You’ve got to look very closely at your own pictures that light up for you and see where you may be giving your power away – where you are leaking energy.

Life has a way of throwing stuff at us and grabbing us by the hand: “Look at this, this is important! Look at that, that is what is really important!” Each time, however, you have to yank your hand back, place it on your heart and say: “No! This is what is important.” You’ve got to value your own time, space and energy enough not to fill it with toxic energy.

If you are waiting for someone else to come along to give you permission to do what it is that you want to do and actually enjoy doing, then you might be waiting for a long time. Only you know what you need to do for your own well-being. Others might not even be able to validate what it is that you want and need for yourself. You have a unique mission of your own in life. You’ve got to trust it and follow it.

Make up your own mind about what you want to do with your precious time and energy. Let no one else vouch in or have a say about it.

It is your constant and devoted spiritual practice that gets you through the more difficult times when pictures are up, you’ve lost your space and no longer have an idea what is yours and what belongs to someone else. It’s staying single-minded on your practice, whatever it may be according to your own unique spiritual path, that brings back peace of mind and heart.

Love, peace and joy are really the truth, the true underlying reality. But it can be hard to see that when your space is full of other people’s stuff. Clarity returns through your constant practice. That is where your true power is at.

Focus on the solution – not the problem.

Your spiritual practice could be something as simple as grounded meditation, where you circulate your own energy and consciously choose to release any energy that does not belong to you. This occurs naturally and joyfully when you use grounding. An intuitive healing can also be wonderful to help you get back on track if you feel you may have began living someone else’s questions and mock-ups.

You will regain a beautiful glow of holiness when you reconnect with your own essence and your own truth. It is a beautiful and inspiring sight for all to behold.

Just as there is a physical bank account there is also a spiritual bank account. Call it your Grace bank account. You add currency to your Grace account every time you meditate, give kindness and compassion, help someone in need and do other spiritual acts. You make withdrawals from your Grace account during your time of need, so make sure you fill it up with regular spiritual practice.

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Photo: ‘Centered’ / Google