13 Oct

You are already whole

There is a script we run in our minds, the story we tell ourselves about who we believe we are. It is based on both earlier life experiences as well as experiences we brought along with us from past lives.

This story may or may not coincide with your physical reality. In the case of someone believing and saying one thing and actually doing something completely different – these two realities do not match. We say: “He or she has no integrity.” However, we must meet them with compassion – because of unawareness they have not yet integrated all the different parts of themselves.

An integrated and whole being is someone in whom these two realities match. This is the true spiritual teacher. This individual is fully aware of his or her own different parts, has owned those parts and has realized their interconnectedness where both one’s perfections as well as imperfections make up a beautiful whole.

In other words, this being is in ownership.

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” ~ Salvador Dali

With this quote Salvador Dali shows that he has owned that instinctive and eccentric part of himself that is socially unacceptable, strange or even mad to others. Thus rather than being in fear or resistance to it he has healed himself by becoming neutral towards it. He has full awareness and control of that part of himself. This is mastery.

The following are some definitions of Ownership and its opposite.

  • Ownership: Owning all parts of yourself without judgement = Soul retrieval = Self love = A healing = Self-control = Centeredness = Mastery = True definition of Sanity
  • Blaming others: Dis-owning parts of yourself = Dis-connection = Soul loss = Dis-ease = Loss of control = Having no center = Madness

The society may be tempted to judge, and in extreme cases even reject, anyone too different from others. For the ego, the person may indeed not meet standards of perfection. To the spirit, however, that same individual may be successfully completing some old karma or some other unknown divine task. Not all makes sense or has to make sense.

So how do you recognize the true teacher? The following are some clues . . .

  • The true teacher says that you are already whole, that nothing is missing.
  • He or she leads you back to your center and to your own answers, but does not give you the answers.
  • He or she knows what to give emphasis to in relationships with others. The true teacher always looks for the underlying truth and holiness in everything, while others tend to go along with drama games, conflict and disagreements.
  • The integrated being is in constant communication with one’s own essence and the Supreme Being.
  • He or she says that you are enough as you are. You need not strive to become more you.
  • The master says that you need not go anywhere or do anything to have your own answers – everything you need is all within you already and comes to you just at the right time. Life flows on perfect divine timing of grace and needs no effort whatsoever.
  • The true teacher reminds you that you are loved. Your efforts are just as important to God’s plan as anyone else’s. Your part in the grand scheme of things is valuable and needed.
  • In the presence of an integrated being that which is unholy, not whole, not integrated begins to come up in others. It is natural for people to go into a growth period from simply being in the true teacher’s presence. The true teacher’s presence alone is a healing.

As an intuitive reader and healer I am very blessed to witness for myself in healings each time how people are self-healing, can already heal themselves and are in fact already whole, but may be simply unaware of it. I love to see wholeness and I’m grateful to each of my clients who have shown it to me.

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Photo: ‘Sunset’ / Google