23 Sep

Step into grace with Supreme Being communication

We all have those times when we feel so stuck that we feel alone and unsupported. Too often we forget our greatest friend of all: the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is always at your service and eager to help in any way that is needed. You just need to ask.

You certainly do not have to go it alone or do it all by yourself.

Do you often feel like you have a huge load to carry? Then you are one of the healers, going around trying to fix a lot of stuff for others. In other words: you are trying to walk in God’s shoes. Those are some very big shoes. You might want to get a size that fits you – your own.

Trying to solve someone else’s karma by carrying their pain is a form of self-abuse. It stems from a basic lack of faith in the Universe and the Supreme Being to be there and to take care of you as and when you need it. The moment you decide to let go of worry and begin to trust that you are taken care of – you step into Grace.

. . . a healing happens when you choose to trust life . . . 

Giving your concerns up to God you trust that the world isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing – it just needs your unconditional acceptance and presence.

Handing your concerns, issues and questions over to God doesn’t mean you give up any and all participation from life either. It simply means that when you surrender yourself to your creator you step into a state of ease and grace. It is probably the most powerful healing that can happen. In a state of Grace you are no longer efforting for things to happen as they begin to happen through you.

Prayer is communication with the Supreme Being.

Tip: The technique you can use is to imagine a rose, put inside it all your questions, issues, concerns and imagine handing it over to a huge golden sun representing the Supreme Being. If you are feeling up to it, you could also take a moment and see if the Supreme Being hands you another rose with answers to your questions.

Using the above technique you can also have help with manifesting something or getting to your Next Step. With the help of the Supreme Being you can finally begin to have all the wonderful joy, bliss and manifestations that you came here to have. As an example, not long ago I gave up to God my readiness for new clients. Just a few days later, a client appeared requesting God healing. I can share many wonderful manifestations like this!

For the majority of people, communication with their creator is colored by their religion, which is a set of beliefs established by others. This religion can make communication with the Supreme Being easy or a whole lot of effort.

It’s a good idea to begin nurturing your very own unique relationship with the Supreme Being. Through meditation and constant practice you can clear other people’s beliefs, programming and energies out of this communication. Doing so you can begin to have your own answers and have clear communication with the Supreme Being.

You can be sure that your prayers / mock-ups are answered and delivered every time. Just be sure to throw away any expectation about what you are supposed to be seeing or how they will manifest precisely. That is for the Supreme Being to figure out. If a mock-up of yours doesn’t manifest, then it wasn’t even yours to begin with. You may have been trying to manifest something for someone else; e.g.: your mom’s wish for you to become a dentist, which conflicted with your own wish to become a florist. Your essence and the Supreme Being always know what you need for you.

Tip: for no particular reason thank the Supreme Being for all the good things that are already on their way. Thank the Supreme Being for all the love and blessings that are around you and are available to you at all times. Then watch in amusement and wonder how these experiences begin to show up for you. Maybe even instantly.

So what is the color of your Grace today? Imagine a rose and give it a hello! Mine is a delicious, light, playful and soft apple green with a hint of blue and gold. I’m so grateful that I’m able to see, feel and run this energy in my space.

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Photo: Flower Story’s Facebook page

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