21 Aug

Whose game are you playing?

Life really is like a playground and we all play our own game here according to our own unique wants and needs.

Some of you are more skilled at fulfilling those wants and needs for yourselves while others may need more practice. The question you could ask yourself is: do you feel good about who you are being? If not, you may be playing someone else’s game. Someone else’s game may or may not be a good fit for you, however, you can choose to play your own game.

So what is your own game?

Your own game is one where you get to create your own rules as you go along, to choose what it is that you want for yourself, to choose what energy to run through your space, to do your own thing, to fulfill your own needs, to have plenty of space for you to be you and to feel good about yourself.

Your own game is valuing your own energy, questions, issues, blessings, perfections and imperfections – and loving it all. And yes, you do have permission to have issues – by all means.

Your own game is one where you get to feel loved, it treats you lovingly. It means loving yourself no matter what even if at the time you seem to yourself unlovable and unacceptable. When you do encounter energy in your space that tells you that you are not lovable or acceptable – clear it!

Someone else’s energy and pictures in your space may be dictating to you who you should be and what you should be doing with your life. The ‘should be’ is the clue: anything that comes with a ‘should’ / ‘have to’ is clearly a perfect picture and most definitely not your energy. It’s just something that you picked up somewhere along the way. And there is likely also some very old pain of yours underneath that.

Sometimes people come at us with strong energy and we can be confused about what to respond to. Maybe expectations, judgment, demand, invalidation or pain is thrown at you for you to resolve and maybe it can even seem personal. Someone in ego reactions may trigger the same in you and may want to get personal. However, it is truly never ever really personal. Just notice the place that you respond from. Then make a clear choice to respond from your center.

You always have choice as to how to respond: you can choose to play your own game. You can choose to play the game of love.

Through meditation you can check in with the pictures that run you. If some of those pictures don’t feel good to you, maybe it’s time to reclaim your seniority and create your own pictures – ones that actually feel good to you? Most importantly, define yourself – someone else’s definition of you can’t and won’t make you happy. And besides, your body is designed to run only one kind of fuel and that fuel is You. The cells of your body yearn for it: your own unique spirit.

People play all kinds of drama games that they enjoy and grow from, games like competition, fear, intimidation, dependency, victimhood, resistance and control to name but a few. Whatever it is, you can choose if that is the game for you and whether you actually want or even need to play along. If it is, maybe you want to go along for a bit of growth. However, you always have choice about how far you want to go. This is where Seniority comes in. You are always Senior to any energy that may want your attention and space and you always have choice if that is what you want for yourself.

Feel free to pull your energy back and out of anything that does not feel good to you or that doesn’t give you back. Feel absolutely free to politely excuse yourself and walk away from anything that does not serve your highest good.

When you bring your awareness to the center of your head and visually run your energy – this is how you are asking your own questions, being Senior and playing your own game.

A wonderful psychic tool you can use to keep out energy that you do not want in your space is a separation rose. It allows you to remain in your center and to keep running your own truth.

You can effortlessly set the rules of your game by visually creating a mock-up for what it is that you want. You don’t have to play along with anything that doesn’t value or respect you. Yes, you do have a say about what gets in and your responsibility is only your own space.

Tip: Join the meditation class to learn all the wonderful psychic tools mentioned here.

You heal by owning your space where you are. What got in, got in for a reason. There is no one to blame. Somewhere along the line is your pain, maybe very old pain, that says you are not deserving of all the good things, that you are selfish to be the center of your own Universe. This is a lie.

Don’t look for someone else to come along that will approve of you playing your own game. You may actually be challenging quite a few of those that would much rather have you play their game. This won’t be an issue when you allow for your validation to come from within. Depend on no one. Be your own best friend.

You’ve got to know you have value in order to be able to change the game for yourself. You change the game every time you use your psychic tools such as running your own energy, destroying a rose and consciously choosing which way you want to go and what you want to play along with.

Some people, especially those who may have grown accustomed to you to being their healer, may be in resistance to you changing the game to play by your own rules. Don’t let that bother you – just carry on changing the rules for yourself!

And finally, can you trust that you are safe no matter what? Can you have permission to release any energy that isn’t yours? Maybe it’s time!

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