12 Jun

Choosing to have value

Do you often feel pressured to say ‘yes’ even though really you mean ‘no’?

Do you get drawn into activities or events that you know are not for you and yet you still do it, because along the way you distrusted the voice of your intuitive guidance?

In the whirlwind of other people’s agendas, expectations and demands it can be easy to lose sight of one’s own innate value at times and thus also a sense of autonomy.

We forget we have that choice in life: we can choose to feel valuable and walk our own path or look for validation from others and as a result feel like a victim of other people’s choices, circumstance or even ‘fate’.

For the more sensitive ones low self-esteem is a well known companion. It comes from having little to no validation from those around them. One has to find that validation from within. Not always easy, but much more rewarding when looking from the bigger picture.

When dealing with the energies of invalidation and control, one can start to feel victimized. In that moment it is essential to recognize you have value and thus validate yourself.

Here’s the thing: your essence, your guides, the deities or the Supreme Being would never place demands on you to be doing something that you do not really want to do or follow a path that is not in your highest good. Those demands come from the ego fears of those who seek to control others. Spirit’s guidance is always loving, gentle and supportive. If deep down inside you feel something isn’t for you, then you should trust that feeling.

Choice is a very powerful tool: by simply choosing to feel valuable you can regain your space and have your autonomy back to yourself rather than be thrown around by other people’s expectations, demands or needs.

When you start to see yourself, your choices and intentions as valuable you can more easily let go of toxic energies such as invalidation, control and judgment. You can make your own choices about which direction you want to go in life. You can choose how you wish to spend your time, who you want to spend it with and where – without needing to make any excuses or having to explain yourself to anyone.

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