20 May

Visualize wellness

Did you know that worry is a form of prayer? However, it is of the negative sort and will create more of what you don’t really want. Instead of worrying you could use visualization.

Your visual ability creates your life experience. Everything that happens in your life is what you agreed to in some way and have envisioned for yourself. Visualization is a spiritual ability – spirit creates through images, pictures and visions.

Here’s the thing, we are so accustomed to seeing ourselves as the victim that at times it may seem useless to even try to change that picture for one of empowerment and wellness. Do you have permission to see yourself in wellness or do you only receive validation from those around you for seeing yourself stuck or as a victim?

You can use visual meditation to see yourself in wellness. Visualization is very powerful. When you create a picture this visual picture acts as a power command to your personal Universe that “this is what I want more of” and your experiences will be ordered around it.

When visualizing doubt can sometimes come up that says your visions or intentions don’t work, that they are impossible to achieve or that it is “just your imagination”. If that’s the case then you’ve picked up invalidation from someone else. Maybe you feel like you have to be able to explain to others what you see for yourself? However, the more you can validate your own vision – the more it will grow and the more you will learn to trust it.

Your visions are based on your own truth. Your own truth does not need explaining or defending. Your own truth is the best fit for you, your body and your well-being.

Spiritual wellness is a good relationship or a state of affinity between you the spirit and your body. It means having clear communication with your body, trusting and validating it.

You can bring spiritual wellness into your life simply when you pick up the daily habit of meditation. Through the gentle meditation practice you can let your body have well-being by using grounding to release resistance, effort or any other toxic energy. Grounding gives the body safety and security. Other great techniques you could use to nurture your body can be running Earth energy through your leg channels and visualizing all your chakras spinning in a harmonic with each other.

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