14 May

Keep your amusement

Sometimes you go into doubt and you lose your space. Maybe some invalidation has been whirled in your direction? And maybe on some level you even agreed to this.

But how do you respond to that? Is it a terrible tragedy: “Oh no! I’ve lost my space! Now what do I do?” Or is it a wonderful opportunity to grow? Maybe it could even be a whole bunch of fun like: “Oh look, I’ve lost my space. Yay!” Kind of like a wonderland adventure into an entirely new part of yourself, one that you may have been in resistance to.

Here’s the thing, you remember and you forget. Remember. Forget. You find your center. You lose your center. Find your space. Lose your space. This the divine dance that we dance and it is the only one. Truth is, the center is never lost, but we need that illusion to grow.

The shadow sometimes comes up and out of its hidey hole. We all have one. You can bet it’s not pretty. Occasionally you meet your shadow, maybe feel a little scared when you do, but eventually you realize it is the lie. The center is the truth. Beauty is the truth. Love and wellness is the truth.

When you do lose your space you may erroneously believe you’ve done something horribly wrong. This is what the perfect picture wants you to believe. The perfect picture puts on the mask of seriousness and just plain spoils all the fun for everyone. But no matter what you believe you may have done wrong in life, whatever you feel guilty about – you are essentially innocent like a playful child. Imagine life as a kindergarten: you have permission to play, learn and make mistakes. So play, learn and make many mistakes. We’re not here to be perfect: we’re here to be our own unique selves. Besides, if you don’t learn from your mistakes this time around, there will be other opportunities. There is no rush.

So, whatever comes up – keep your amusement. It will help you to regain your space as well as your neutrality. A good way to become amused that has worked really well for me is putting on fun music that I can dance to in a silly way. Other ways that work for me to blow that perfect picture of seriousness are: watching a comedy show or movie, making up jokes or silly stories, letting my inner clown out, goofing around doing nothing and meditating.

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