22 Apr

Make peace with your body on Earth Day

Today is the Earth day and we celebrate the Earth, consciousness, green lifestyle, vegetarianism, grounding, community and affinity for each other and the Earth.

Every day should be Earth Day!

Quite frankly, we are of the Earth: she belongs to us and we belong to her.

Our physical bodies are elementals and came from the Earth: they need the Earth to sustain themselves just like a child needs its mother. For its optimal functioning, the body needs fresh food and Earth energy that can only come from the Earth and not from a laboratory.

For many centuries, if not millennia, a lie has been running rampant within spiritual communities: a lie that says that the Earth and spirit are separate from each other. This lie created a split between one’s body and spirit and a deep intimate connection with the Earth was lost. In order for the spiritual practitioner to remain balanced, Earth energy is essential as a source of nourishment and renewal and is equally as important as cosmic energy.

So, when you feel ‘out of sorts’, it is more than likely that you have lost your grounding – your unique energetic connection with the center of the planet. It is very easily regained through visualization.

Grounding works on the premise that you are a spiritual being and you have a body. In order for your body to feel safe – it needs to be fueled with the energy of you, the being. Sometimes when there is a lot of pain in the body, you as a spirit may want to spend time elsewhere. However, when you are ‘out to lunch’ for an extended period of time, your body becomes anxious, insecure and fearful. Grounding yourself back into the body heals you and allows a sense of safety to return again.

When you get grounded you will gradually become more aware of what kind of energy you carry around with you and can then begin to get very clear on what is even yours and what is not. You may have been carrying around someone else’s energy in your space for a very long time. It is tremendously healing to release energy that isn’t yours.

In an optimal grounded state you are neutral, happy, satisfied, feel secure and can have your space to yourself – you are in affinity with your body. Nothing can control someone who is grounded. So, a good question to ask yourself: how much can you really let yourself have this optimal grounding? Having your optimal grounding is a skill.

Please be aware that the way you treat your own space is pretty much equivalent to how you treat the environment around you. If your home is full of clutter, then most likely so is your energy field. Owning and clearing your energetic space via grounding you will naturally also begin to want to regularly clear your external space by doing decluttering and Feng Shui in your home, workspace, relationships, your habits and beliefs or just about any other important area of your life.

Your grounding cord is truly your communication with the Earth. Through regular grounded meditation you can become more and more aware of the carbon footprint you leave on the Earth. When you take responsibility for your own corner of the world, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

So how can you nurture a more peaceful and a more loving relationship with our Great Mother? The following is a list with some suggestions on how you could do your part.

1. Spend time in nature. Feel your feet on the Earth. Time in the nature is a healing for your body as well as your spirit. Try regularly taking some time out to just be with the nature.

2. Rest. We are so programmed to keep going and work hard that rest seems completely out of the question. Spirit doesn’t need rest and can keep going infinitely. This can’t be said for the body – it needs rest to recover. So respect that need. Rest and recovery is grounding, healing and rejuvenating for the body.

3. Ground. Use a grounding cord to connect your first chakra into the Earth. This will give you a sense of security as well as well-being. Grounding makes all your spiritual growth real for you.

4. Meditate with a grounding cord. Give yourself meditation space to connect with yourself. If you don’t have time for meditation during other parts of the day, at least try meditating in the mornings. It will do you a world of good.

5. Regularly run Earth energy to heal yourself. Running Earth energy up the leg channels and into the first chakra is a good way to rejuvenate yourself.

6. Eat healthy, fresh, organic and vegetarian food. What is that on your dinner plate? Is it real food or is it a food-like substance? Maybe you will want to reconsider your diet?

7. Exercise your body. Give your body plenty of movement. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, then try taking the stairs instead of the lift. Ride your bicycle or walk instead of taking public transport or driving your car. Exercise green!

8. Go slowly and keep it simple. The body is validated by slow and mindful movement. Rushing and multitasking is overwhelming for the body.

9. Say hello to people. Spend more time in your community or with your tribe. This nurtures the first chakra. If you ever feel like being ignored and you want a hello – try giving one!

10. Throw away any expectations you have about where you should be in your life and just embrace where you actually are. Love yourself. Expectation does nothing other than distorts your enjoyment of the present moment.

11. Recycle and buy local. Find ways to help take better care of the Earth.

12. Grow plants at home. Do gardening.

13. Use only eco-friendly chemical-free household and self-care products.

14. Follow the seasons. Eat only food that is in season. Decorate your home with spring flowers during spring. Spend more time outdoors in the summer. Create beautiful artistic designs with fallen leaves during autumn.

15. Practice gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation holds a very grounded and stable energy to it just like the Earth. Gratitude for something grounds it.

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