19 Apr

Ease and grace

What is the mode with which you move through a day: one of effort or one of ease and grace?

When in a state of effort you may be doing a whole lot, but feeling like not getting much done at all. In grace you just glide through it all and will often even get to feel good in the end.

By default we are programmed to work hard at things. To put lots of effort into everything. We are programmed to set the energy from the third chakra instead of the Crown chakra.

However, ease and grace is the highest truth. Spirit creates without any effort whatsoever. Effort belongs entirely to the physical body.

Would you like your life to be easier and more graceful? Well, with energywork meditation it can be.

The more you practice meditation with your awareness resting in the center of your head and visually playing with energywork tools, the more you will also be able to bring that same vibration of ease and grace into your everyday life. It happens quite naturally. Eventually it becomes a habitual mode.

Meditation is really about staying in touch with your spirit.

So, if you are in effort, you may have temporarily lost touch with your spirit. You may have forgotten that you, as a being, are already whole and are enough. Only expectation, that perfect picture in your head about what is “supposed to be”, can make you feel like you are on the wrong path. This may be your own expectation or that of others.

The tool you could use here is ‘creating and destroying’: you just imagine a rose, put that perfect picture inside the rose and destroy it. Simply see the rose exploding into millions of sparkly little pieces.

When out of touch with your spirit, you are also out of touch with your own answers or your knowingness, so effort comes in and you may begin to seek very hard for what has been within you all this time. The essential tool to remedy this is grounding. Ground your energy back into your body in present time.

Your own answers are available to you at all times. Check in with your body for clues – it never lies.

Spirit is very real. You can be with spirit through meditation, by simply ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Some people who have not yet experienced their own creative spirit or who are temporarily out of touch with it, are not able to validate it. Don’t let that invalidate your perceptions. What you see, feel and hear is very real. You just need to own it.

Trying to do too much by yourself means you have lost faith in the Universe to support you. You have gone into lack consciousness. You can give any worries and concerns over to the Supreme Being, your guides or your angels. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your spirit as well as your guides and the Supreme Being already have all the answers and already know what your Next Step is and how to manifest your dreams. Remember every day, every moment the whole of creation conspires to bring your deepest dreams and desires to reality. It’s not the effort / pushing / trying / figuring out / lack of faith, but the grace / effortlessness and enjoyment – aka your inner Gold – that manifests. Just step back, surrender and allow spirit to work it all out for you. Also remember you have your own pace, life is not a competition – time and timing is of the essence.

So here is the gem that ease and grace holds within it: all beings are unique with their own truth. Each has their own value, which is priceless. There is no competition within the Supreme Being. Do what feels good to you, what validates you, what comes easily. There is no need to be in effort.

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Photo:’Rose’ / Flower Story’s Facebook page

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