25 Mar

Feeling good

This may sound trivial, but we all need a reminder sometimes: the point of being alive isn’t to suffer, being in body isn’t all about pain.

Yes, being present to your experience requires that you authentically own and feel all your feelings, whatever they may be at the time, but that is so in order to be able to release them. There’s no need to dwell on pain.

There was a time in the past when suffering was given Seniority over happiness and feeling good. This is an old religious picture and still runs rampant even in today’s modern society. However, suffering is no longer the spiritual way to grow anymore. The picture of a successful artist having to suffer for their creative genius is out-dated. Nowadays we grow through joy.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~Author unknown

It can be easy to match to the misery we see around us at times, but you are not helping anyone if you lower your energy and go into a space of fixing for others. Just saying hello to someone’s spirit is effective enough to start a healing. And always bring your attention back to yourself, your own life, your own questions and path.

Spirit truly grounds best into a body that is happy and feels good. You heal yourself by choosing to bring in amusement, play, fun and joy – that is the stuff that your spirit is made of. From this inspired space the possibilities for what you can create are endless.

Your body welcomes your own energy, the energy of your own spirit, aka your own Truth. Any energy that does not belong to you simply does not fit. And you’ll know you have taken on something when you feel ‘out of sorts’.

Quite frankly, your own energy is who you are when you are feeling good. Being happy you are in your natural flow. Unhappiness comes from having for a brief moment forgotten how to be in the flow, maybe someone else’s energy got in. You come back to it simply by remembering who you are and letting go of any energy that isn’t yours.

Every day I choose to be grateful to Supreme Being for all the wonderful growth that’s come my way and I realize that even though a part of me doesn’t always like the growth period – my spirit is having a heck of a good time regardless! In fact, the more challenging the growth is, the more my spirit enjoys it. Easier growth has probably been done too many times before and it has lost its charm.

So to help you to bring in the energy of feeling good, here is my gift to you: a meditation on Feeling Good. Enjoy!

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Meditation on Feeling Good” price=”10.00″ file_url=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Meditation-on-Feeling-Good.wma” thumbnail=”http://blog.helloessencejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GoldHibiscus-RESIZE.jpg” description=”A springtime meditation to help bring in the energy of feeling good!”]


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