18 Feb

The creative process and right timing

The Universe works like divine clockwork: what you need will always be there for you just when you need it the most.

Whatever you’ve been asking for and trying to manifest into your life is already on its way. Or to be more precise: it is already yours because you’ve asked for it. How it will show up isn’t yours to figure out – this is the Universe’s job.

Be in amusement about the lie that says you are lacking something or that the Universe isn’t delivering. A lie is a place in you where you are not in touch with your own truth, your highest potential. Typically this tends to be a belief you may have inherited from your parents, elders or society during the formative years of your life.

If you are trying to manifest something into your life there are a few important considerations to take into account. The following is a simple three step outline of the creative process.

The Creative Process

1. Creating a mock-up

It is enough to just wish or desire for something. This acts as a power command to the Universe that “this is what I want as my Next Step”. You may do manifestation work or not, but rest assured it is already yours because you wished for it. This is simple mechanics of the creative process and it is designed for success. You can use visualization to intensify this process or you may use other methods. It works either way. No effort is required here.

So everything that shows up in your life is truly a reflection of your own beliefs of what you deserve – the belief acts as the mock-up. Once you become aware of that, it’s your choice whether to keep carrying those beliefs around with you or to change them. However, consider this: love-based beliefs create health and happiness while fear-based beliefs create illness and separation.

It is also up to you to create a healthy and confident self-image that allows you to be sure of yourself, manifest abundance and prosperity, and to say no to toxic energy and individuals. Just for the record, people who constantly argue with you, make you feel small, try to make you prove yourself and invalidate your truth are toxic to you self-esteem.

2. Right timing

Whether your dream is actually showing up for you depends on three things: right timing, whether it is meant to be and whether it’s even your dream to begin with. You can’t manifest a dream for someone else.

When you are trying really hard to make something happen and yet it just won’t happen, consider where you are within the creative process. You may in fact be in the ‘birth canal’, especially if you feel like everything is a challenge or an effort. This is the last figurative step right before your mock-up comes to life, so to speak. If something isn’t showing up for you the time may simply be unripe. When the time is ripe, however, your mock-up will be ready for picking like a plump fruit on a tree glowing with delicious juiciness. It will manifest with ease and grace because it is the right time for it. A close friend of mine and a great teacher once said: “Time and timing is of the essence.” It is your own essence that is pulling all the strings for your optimal learning, so trust your essence! And the thing with right timing is that there are no accidents. If life is slowing you down at this stage of the creative process, then trust that you are meant to be going slow at this time. Really, have trust!

Some things are meant to be while others are not. If you are struggling to make something happen, then you are in effort and this is a clear sign of pushing against the natural flow which is effortless. The dream you may be trying to manifest for yourself might not be in your highest good – check in with your intuition whether it is a dream or a fantasy.

Or You may be trying to manifest a dream or a goal that is not even yours to begin with. This is doomed to fail, because you can only manifest your own dreams and mock-ups. Embark on a journey to find out what your own dreams are rather than the ones you picked up from your parents, partner, family or children.

The thing with the second step of the creative process is that there is a whole lot more going on under the surface than meets the eye. There are all kinds of shifts and changes happening and the only best thing you can do is step out of resistance to it all. When you are ready to clear some old issues to make space for your dream, someone will show up who will light these up for you. For example, I consistently keep getting clients who are working through similar issues to myself. The Universe purposefully brings clients to me who are working pictures similar to me so we could help and heal each other.

3. Making it real

To assure your mock-up shows up you want to be absolutely sure you’ve taken all the necessary real world action steps. E.g.: If you’ve been asking for a new lover, you’ll want to end any old relationship ties that may be holding you back or if you want to create a business you have to be willing to take the steps to make it real.

To make it real you need to get into the habit of regularly grounding yourself. Grounding works on the premise that you are a spiritual being and you have a body. In order to manifest your dreams the body needs to feel safe enough to have those dreams. To be safe your body needs enough of the fuel that is the creative energy of your own unique spirit. This is the formula for making your dreams come true.

Stop pushing the river and allow grace to work its miracles into your life!

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