12 Jan

Making everyday life a spiritual service

In October last year I had a dream where I was telling someone that I only ever truly come out of my shell and speak freely in public when talking about the matters of spirit.

I explained that this is because I’m a “Brother”, which is a religious or spiritual term referring to a male devoted to spiritual service.

I did not realize the full depth and meaning of this dream until the evening of Christmas Day, when I was having a walk outside and looking for the local spiritualist church here in Eastbourne; I wanted to see what events they had going on for Christmas.

So finally all the pieces of the puzzle came together and I realized where my path is really going in the long run. Namely, I see only one fitting role for me: the one of a reverend or a minister. I want to devote every aspect of my life to the service of the Supreme Being.

Cat prayer

Looking at the broader brush-stroke of the events of my life I can clearly see how everything has been leading to this. Over time I’ve been becoming increasingly more devotional. I recently switched over to vegetarianism. I’ve created firm boundaries against any behavior or energy that does not respect my wholeness. I want every day to be a celebration to the Supreme Being and also feel a strong urge to open up a church. Not the traditional Christian type of church, but rather the type that is an all-inclusive agenda-free space for individuals to join in spiritual service and practice. I suppose you could also call it a temple, an ashram or maybe just a spiritual center.

So this is my longer term mock-up. It’s a great dream.

This kind of spiritual practice does not have to be confined only within the permissive walls of a spiritual center, however – it can be done every day at all times and wherever you are. So here are some steps that can make every day of your life sacred and invites spiritual service and holiness to wherever you go.

1. Meditate. When you meditate you open space for your spirit to enter into your life.With spirit by your side – everything is possible.

2. Recognize your wholeness. Say hello to and recognize often that you don’t really need to change since you are already whole. Wherever you are, whatever you are feeling – is where you are meant to be. Nothing needs to change, it only needs your total compassionate and loving acceptance.

3. Be grateful. Adopt this mantra: “With gratitude and devotion I receive this day as a special blessing from the Supreme Being.” Count your blessings and give thanks often. Especially for the smallest things that you usually take for granted.

4. Forgive. Letting go of the toxic energy of un-forgiveness frees up your creative energy to be used for creating happiness in the present.

5. Do not harm. Be mindful of all the ways in which harm can be done. Apart from the obvious the subtler ways in which harm is caused are: a harsh tone, invalidation, a frown, an unkind or disdainful look, lashing out.

6. Help others. Find ways in which you can be of service to others. This help can be doing someone’s shopping for them, buying someone a cup of coffee or just opening a door for an elderly person.

7. Smile. If the atmosphere around someone feels terribly serious, a smile or a tactful joke can be incredibly healing.

8. Don’t judge. Judgment is pain. What you see in others is truly a projection of yourself. What you judge in another – you judge in yourself. Judgment limits potential and kills intuition.

9. Don’t engage with toxic energy. The easiest way to release toxic energy is to ground out any resistance to it. That way it won’t be able to stick to you.

10. Say hello to grace and give it over to the Supreme Being. Instead of trying real hard to make something happen, see if you can let it go, surrender and give it over to the Supreme Being to take care of the details. You may be trying too hard to achieve something all by yourself, but remember this: Heaven is entered two by two.

11. Simplify. Complexity is of the ego – simplicity is of the spirit.

12. Embrace the mundane. Ground your energy into the Earth and give your body some validation.

13. Go slow. Being impatient and always in a hurry is a way that we can harm ourselves and others. When moving too fast there is a real danger of hitting something very hard as well. Try going slowly and mindfully and you will avoid any potential disasters.

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