21 Nov

Your spirit – your creative potential

We all have heard the term ‘soul loss’.

But what does it really mean? Someone suggested that ‘soul loss’ to him implies that soul is a possession.

I would offer a different spin on this ancient shamanic concept. As an analogy to ‘soul loss’ consider the phrase: losing touch with your essence / spirit, aka your creative potential.

If you ever feel like your situation is hopeless and there are no ways out, no solutions, then quite frankly you have lost touch with your own spirit. Your spirit is then no longer able to access your body to help heal and create change for you.

You have to consciously invite your spirit in. Or a life experience will create that pathway for you and give you an opportunity to surrender. The choice is yours. I prefer the more conscious route, because it is more joyous.

The more of your own spirit you have available to you in your body – the more creative solutions and healing you have available to you. Consider this: ‘having hope’. There is only one saviour and it is your own spirit.

A regular meditation practice is the golden path to let more of your own spirit in.

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Photo: ‘Creative potential’ / weheartit.com

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