5 Nov

About being the new school psychic

Many clients who’ve had a reading or a healing with me often say that what they experienced was different from a usual psychic reading.

Indeed: there is a difference between how I work and how an old school psychic does it.

Namely, I am a new school clairvoyant. This means I see and read energy from my sixth chakra. In a reading I also receive information through other means such as sound, thought or ‘hunch’, but I always check the accuracy of that information with my clairvoyance.

Experience has shown that ONLY the visual information can be trusted to be 100% accurate. When I first began doing readings I may not always have known what the images were telling me, but in retrospect I can say that they never lied.

I do not need or use any external tools like cards, crystal ball or a pendulum, however, I do use many highly effective visual tools to keep my energy clean and clear throughout a reading or a healing. The use of these energywork tools is the very difference between how I work and how an old school psychic works. I know how to take good care of both my own energy and the energy of my clients.

When I read your energy, I first look at your physical body, your spirit and the communication between these two. I also say hello to your Crown chakra and to your own inner knowing, because I wouldn’t want my readees to become dependent on me. I believe in my clients’ ability to access their own information. So within the reading I help them clear any energy that may get in the way of having their own answers. As a result of this every reading also becomes a healing.

Very often a simple clairvoyant hello may be all that a readee truly needs: someone to see them and validate them for who they are.

There is no judgment in a clairvoyant reading. I have no expectation as to what I’m supposed to be seeing and I don’t say what the readee wants to hear either. I just communicate information as I see it. Period.

What many people don’t realize is that a psychic reading is truly a sacred space. I actually hook the reading space up to God and say a prayer to God before beginning – so it’s all done with God’s blessings. It’s not meant to be a quick five to ten minute yes / no reading; I can do this, but there is no growth in that. (For that reason, I tend to attract only clients who are willing to work on themselves.) It is the space to release untruths, to say hello to what is true and connect with your full potential.

Although only occasionally, some clients do come into a session space expecting all answers to flow within the first five minutes. This isn’t how it works. No one benefits from this. Trying to rush a reading or pushing it is a sign that the third chakra is wide open and needs to be turned down. An open third chakra brings competition and performance into the session, puts pressure on the reader and as a result only muddies the read. Patience and trust are highly important.

A reading is a very fluid space of awareness and can and often will light up pictures for me the reader, too – it really is a two-way street. And this is the fun part! I get so amused every time I see issues lighting up for me that I have in common with the readee. It’s such a blessing when that happens as it gives me the opportunity to grow, as well.

A psychic can only see as much as you are willing to be seen. The moment you decide to keep something a secret – that intention works. Not an issue in itself, however, energy that conceals your truth becomes a lie. You become hidden in this way not just to the outside world, but also to yourself. It also takes energy to keep your truth hidden – life literally becomes an effort.

While there is certainly no judgment in my readings, let’s just get one thing straight: I do not do future predictions. I’ll tell you why. Namely, the reason for anyone to want to get answers about the future is typically some anxiety that they are experiencing in the present. There is no growth in just making a prediction that may or may not happen. It’s much more effective and healing to take a look at what is causing the anxiety and see what needs to be done to release it. The future is not set in stone or fixed. The future is a fluid event and is entirely dependent on present choices and decisions. So you see: it keeps changing every time you make new choices.

And finally, a psychic reading isn’t meant to be ‘proved’. For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe – no proof is enough.

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