23 Oct

Own your Crown!

What a great phrase!

It may be empowering and even fun to consider that we all do indeed have a crown, namely: the Crown chakra.

The seventh chakra or the Crown is positioned right at the top of your head and is the home of your spiritual truth and knowingness. It is the chakra that governs all others – you set the tone from here.

Owning your crown or ‘ownership’ is probably the most important ability one can have: to be the king or queen of your own life. Do you see the connection here: being the king / queen and owning your Crown?

Now, for some people this may sound like permission to be the diva, but to most of us it is quite simple: owning up to your space and taking full responsibility for everything that you find there. Even if you’ve picked up energy from others that is not yours – it’s still up to you what you will do with it from here on. You can either continue to carry it around with you or you can choose to let it go. Grounding and running your energy facilitates this release.

Coming into and being in ownership gives others permission to do the same. When you define and own your space and get very clear on what is you and what is not – you will naturally begin to send back energy that does not belong to you. Thus you will be giving others the gift of returning them their energy.

Some people may not want responsibility for what is theirs. That is not your problem – send it back anyways. You can’t fix or heal problems that you yourself didn’t create: they can only be resolved where they were created in the first place.

When you show up authentic, you create the space for others to do the same. Walk in your truth. ~Unknown

When you hide behind a mask / a lie, you are essentially stepping out of your own space and allowing whatever else was commanding your attention to take up that space instead. That is: you go out of body in this situation. This is when someone is said to have ‘a mean streak’ or to be controlling. They try to control others since they lack control of themselves. A clairvoyant actually sees them not running their own energy through some part of their space.

If you have been stuck in hiding or quite literally ‘living a lie’, it’s by deciding to speak your truth, showing your vulnerability, expressing your true feelings that you ‘call back your spirit’. Besides, when you own your Crown you will naturally begin to seek the truth in everything. You will actually want to see the underlying truth in situations rather than buying into and getting carried away with masks and drama.

I really enjoyed this article named “Real is the new sexy”. Essentially, it talks about ownership. While I wholeheartedly agree with showing your true feelings and vulnerability, I do not however agree with the picture of pouring out your uncontrollable anger at someone. It’s okay to feel your anger and in this article there’s a great technique to use to help process it, but there’s definitely no need to throw your anger at anyone. If the anger you are expressing is not in present time (e.g.: it is based on projections), it can do more harm than good – especially in the case of highly sensitive individuals.

Watch this video to see Christian Pankhurst talk about healthy expression of anger.

Owning your Crown also means no longer following others, being your own guru and carving your own unique path in life. This is called Seniority. It means making the energy of your own unique spirit the most important energy in your space. Great healing happens when you do this.

And here’s the best thing: it’s hard to control someone who is in ownership.

This means inner peace. Personally, I even like to call the color of my Ownership (my Crown chakra’s unique color vibration) also the color of my Inner Peace.

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