2 Oct

The energy of validation

To validate is to see and acknowledge the full value and truth of something.

Validation is an energy and a truly powerful healing energy at that.

Who then validates your truth? You as a being? Can you validate your own desires, wants and needs? Do you see your own value regardless of whether those around you see it or not? Or maybe you feel good about yourself only when your value is confirmed by others, when you are putting out a certain valance to ‘fit in’ . . .

Typically, if you are different from the mainstream and dance to the beat of a different drummer – validation is hard to come by from the outside. If you wait for others to come to agreement with your uniqueness and validate it for you – you may end up waiting for it a long time indeed.

Validation has to come from inside of you.

When you validate yourself you recognize your rightful place in the bigger scheme of things and that you are already whole. No one’s permission to be uniquely you is required.

If you are experiencing road-blocks, stuckness, resistance, pain or maybe even illness, it is your own spirit that can heal you and pave the way forward. It is the creative ability of your spirit to get you out of any ego isolation and back into community and to a feeling of being supported in life.

Spirit grows through validation. The more you can validate your own being through practices such as meditation, receiving a healing or a reading – the more your spirit grows and the more easily you can heal yourself. It is indeed your own spirit that heals your body.

The clairvoyant reading and healing sessions are a space for the healee to open up, to feel safe and eventually to receive validation from within themselves. As a therapist I facilitate the space, but I am not really the one doing the healing.

I recently had a client whose spirit had been so invalidated in her body that she runs everyone else’s questions / issues / agendas in her space. She is hiding behind a whole load of energy that does not belong to her. When I communicated this information to her, she could not ‘get it’. She could not have this level of validation. At the core here is a lie that one is somehow unimportant. Someone like this does not ask questions, does not seek growth, because she doesn’t really believe she could have her heart’s desire. Or is simply not willing to find out.

Someone whose spirit has been repeatedly invalidated will have such low self-esteem that they will seek answers outside of themselves. They literally refuse to connect with their own answers even if they slapped them in the face.

Imagine that: your answers slapping you in the face – trying to get some attention! Will you give them some attention already? If not, another slap may be on its way.

A clairvoyant reading says hello to the spirit and validates it. The spirit will then heal the body. It’s that simple.

Being seen by a clairvoyant is a two-way street: the psychic will only see as much as you are willing to be seen. If you do not want to be seen – this intention works. But this way you remain hidden. How then can you expect your dreams to manifest if you yourself are not manifesting in your body! You attract to yourself what you are not what you want. You have to want to be seen, to heal and to grow.

Invalidation that comes from outside of you can only have an effect if there is already agreement with it inside. This again boils down to low self-esteem that you picked up along the way of your journey. However, with energywork you can create a new self-image picture of yourself that says hello to your value. You can begin to see yourself as a valuable, confident and self-assured individual. This self-image then lets others know how to see you.

There will always be individuals who will try to invalidate you and tell you what to believe. An invalidator has power only for as long as you keep arguing them. You take back your power when you consider their viewpoint as valid, but not excluding yours. Let them have their beliefs and simply carry on creating from your own truth. Step out of competition and stop trying to prove yourself. There’s nothing to explain.

Instead of playing their game, make your own rules and validate yourself!

It’s by grounding your own information that you validate yourself. Grounding is a daily practice you can use to keep giving value to your own truth.

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