22 Aug


It’s your ability to see energy clearly – the quality of the sixth chakra.

In order to see, you would need to bring your awareness into the center of the head. Physically it is the location of your pineal gland.

Everything is energy and everything can be viewed clairvoyantly.

Simply turn off the analyzer and look at the visuals that come up. That is where all the answers are. Sometimes information can come through audio channels / clairaudiently, however, I would always check that with the images.

Experience has shown that only visual has all the accurate answers.

That is the art of true clairvoyance and not quite all clairvoyants out there practice such a clean and clear form of clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is quite frankly the tool with which you can connect with your own truth. By using your visual ability to see, you are seeing what is true for you. Bare in mind that what is true for you, may not be so for someone else. There is no competition here. Your own truth isn’t meant to be explained, defended or analyzed to conveniently fit into a box for someone else.

It is okay to be unique!

The thing with seeing clearly is that there is absolutely no effort in it. Being psychic is an entirely natural ability that came with the package. It may simply have been invalidated along your life journey. You can validate yourself!

Doubting yourself comes from a momentary inability to see clearly – call it ‘uncertainty’. For whatever reason you are simply not accessing your clairvoyance in this instance. Some judgment in your space may be telling you that you can’t see for yourself and is pulling you out from the neutrality of the center of your head. Your creative energy may be too invested into other time-lines and places, unavailable to be used here and now. Or you may even be looking to others to retrieve your own answers. Somewhere in here there is a lie ruling the day. The truth is: you are always seeing something if you just look!

Some days you can sit in meditation for hours, ground and run your energy and still feel like you can’t see clearly or that what you see is ‘inaccurate’. Well, say hello to that perfect picture in your space that dictates you should be seeing something specific! It is a static picture that limits and stagnates the flow of your creative energy – best to clear it out.

The moment you look and validate what you see – certainty returns. What you see may be different from what others see, so validate your own truth. Ground and come into present time in order to see clearly.

A clairvoyant hello is very powerful indeed!

Something really refreshing to consider may be that clairvoyance isn’t the tool for predicting the future – the future is not fixed. There are potential futures at the point of a reading, but they change every time you make new decisions and choices. You alter your future every time you run your energy!

Instead, it is the tool for seeing yourself clearly.

Being a clairvoyant I have the most sacred blessing of being able to see the beauty of your personal Universe, your true worth and value much higher than you may have allowed yourself to see and to believe. I will act as your beacon of light and a reminder of what great potential you have until you begin to see it for yourself.

It’s not what you think – it’s what you see!

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: ‘full spectrum’ / weheartit.com

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