9 Aug

10 tips for mindful living

Is the life that you live in alignment with your spirit, your being’s true vibration or are you living someone else’s truth?

Being in your own truth feels good. Your spirit feels happy and validated in a body that welcomes it.

For the more sensitive soul, living life in the fast lane may not be appropriate even though it is the modus operandi that we all were programmed with from early on. In the present day society we are validated for looking successful, being busy and productive.

If your to-do-list does not leave much space for just being, meditation, even breathing – an entirely new one may need to be created! The new to-do-list that respects who you are as a being. Perhaps even one that is your server instead of being your master?

Maybe it’s time to begin to place yourself at the top of your own list? That is, rather than dissipating your energy all over the place, trying to fix things that are out of your control, you could call yourself back and take care of the most important person in your life – you.

Doing less and cramming fewer activities into your to-do-list will increase the quality of your being. More of you will be present in the here and now – this is where the magic happens.

There may be some perfect picture sitting in your space that dictates what a successful and active person you should be. Maybe it’s time to start practicing self-forgiveness to neutralize that perfect picture? By forgiving yourself you will step out of competition with yourself.

As you slow down and simplify, eventually you will learn that you can’t do everything yourself. It is okay to be helped by others. It’s okay to receive what you need to feel supported.

When you let go and let God, when you allow yourself to be helped – that is when you are in the truly divine state of Grace. What a gift it is both to yourself and to those around you!

So turn down your third chakra and just breathe. It’s okay to work at a slow pace. If you keep doing your work slowly and steadily with baby steps at a time if necessary – you will at least always be moving in some way. There will no longer be procrastination or the resistance to ‘doing too much’. There will also no longer be burnout.

Here’s a few simple ideas for what to include into a more mindful living practice. Remember, as you take good care of yourself, you effortlessly become a healing presence for others, too:

  1. Take a look at the space you live in: is it permissive of you doing what it is that you love to do. Is there clutter? Maybe it’s time to do some Feng Shui there? Or maybe it’s time to finally make that move to that other town / city / country where you know you will flourish!
  2. Look at your relationships. Are you living with someone who supports your dreams or who invalidates those? Maybe it’s time to move away from a friend / co-worker / family member who may be toxic to you in some way. Give them up to the Supreme Being’s care.
  3. Do you eat healthy, nutritious food? Consider what is GMO and what is not. Buy local and organic. Distrust anything that has a long shelf-life like canned and packaged foods. Go vegetarian!
  4. Do you read books that further your growth? Or are they merely intellectual? Consider what information you regularly feed into your energy field. And most definitely turn off the news!
  5. Do you regularly heal yourself with plenty of rest and relaxation time? Consider adding gentle music or a good book into your evenings.
  6. Slow down. When you live life in the slow lane, you will have more energy available to you to create in the present, because less of you will be invested into the ‘fast and furious’ lifestyle. And the bonus is that there will also be less of a chance of bumping into things!
  7. Simplify. Be clear on what is your responsibility and what is not. Have your life in order, but be open to receiving help and delegate rather than trying to do it all yourself. This way you create a beautiful network of mutual support and co-operation. Have less to do and more to be. Keep it simple!
  8. Ground. By grounding yourself, you can release any excess energy that is not yours. Grounding validates your body and allows it to feel safe and secure. This is essential to remaining present and connected to your own truth.
  9. Meditate. Meditation can be very simple. Just a few minutes or up to 30 minutes every day is all you need. It does not require any effort and the health benefits will be numerous.
  10. Forgive. Running the energy of forgiveness will clear any perfect pictures you may have sitting in your space. It will release you from the burden of carrying a heavy load that may not even have been yours to begin with.

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photo: ’emerald room’ / ‘suzanhadaway.com/emerald-green-the-new-black’

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