29 Jul

Living in the present moment is a gift

The physical body isn’t an obstacle to be overcome – it’s a reality to be experienced.

It’s true that on the higher planes manifestation happens in an instant, but here on the physical plane things take time. There are no shortcuts, no instant miracles. It takes patience to see your dreams to fruition.

The great changes around the well-known date of December 21, 2012 were not meant to happen in the blink of an eye. These will happen over a much longer period of time.

That is the beauty of the slow and cyclical nature of the physical plane. There is plenty of time. We are not in a hurry to get anywhere. We are not ascending up, up and away as many a New Ager would believe. We are transcending the illusion of our separateness from each other.

Many Eastern philosophies and a large portion of the beliefs held in the New Age circles resist the body and its cycles. Those beliefs lack a solid foundation – they are ungrounded and often fear-based. But love is the highest truth.

Very often the cause is a simple lack of grounding.

Many can’t stick around in the body long enough because of all the pain that is stored in it. Denial of the body by calling it ‘an illusion’ is denial of the pain that they feel. They reject their pain. As a clairvoyant I see snake or the ‘pain beings’ attached to their pain pictures. Clear out the snakes!

So, clearing out the pain and filling your body with lighter, easier and more spirit-friendly energies such as amusement, fun, play, forgiveness, ease – will make it easier for you as a being to spend time in it.

Of course, it’s fine to explore your spiritual nature through whatever journeys you feel called to take, but eventually you would want to bring yourself, your energy, back into body in present time. Otherwise, if you’re not available in the present moment: don’t be surprised that your dreams aren’t manifesting here and now.

Your energy may be in other places and times. Maybe you have a part of you stuck in a past experience where your integrity was compromised, a place where you felt pain and may still be processing it, carrying it around with you.

Or maybe a part of your energy is elsewhere trying to fix and heal for others. Sure, you can be a healer for others, but you may want to realize that an issue can only be solved in its source where it was created from in the first place. Others can only really truly heal themselves.

Call yourself back from wherever your energy has traveled out to, because if too much of you is scattered out all over the place, perhaps explaining, healing, fixing for others or stuck in other time-lines – less of you will be available to create here and now.

People tend to scatter themselves either because of too much pain in the body in present time or some programming that says we must always be busy and constantly doing. Constantly in effort. ‘Just being’ sometimes without doing much is the cure. Meditation is the space where you can ‘just be’.

Bringing yourself, your energy, your truth back into body in present time is healing for you. Meditate, make separations, ground, run your energies, say hello to your own truth and call yourself back into present time – that is the way to heal.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: ‘sunset’ / www.weheartit.com

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