15 Jul

18 easy ways to heal yourself

In a nutshell: heal the spirit and the spirit will heal the body.

That is the core of my work as a healer. 

There is a story going around that some of us are healers while others are not. That story is a lie.

Everyone heals.

The truth is, you are your own best healer. Others can only help to unblock your already existent self-healing skills.

In my practice as a clairvoyant I get to see for myself every time how energy is self-healing. Healing does not take effort. So the question is then: ‘why don’t some people heal?’ The answer is simple: because on some level they choose not to. And that is okay, too. They choose to learn about the underlying ever-present true potential of wellness through the contrast of illness.

There is also this picture held about healers that healing through laying on of hands is a way of giving away one’s own energy. This isn’t accurate. The hands simply work to unblock energy-blocks to healee’s own self-healing energy. If the healer feels drained after laying on of hands – they are leaking energy somewhere. That’s what I call an unconscious healer.

The most important healing ability is the ability to heal yourself. By healing yourself you set the tone for others which they will match if they are open to it. That is the art of effortless healing.

So how do you heal? Consider the ways in which you nurture yourself.

  1.  Meditate
  2.  Ground
  3. Eat healthy, nutritious food
  4. Exercise
  5. Rest
  6. Play
  7. Engage in a hobby
  8. Step out of your comfort zone
  9. Have faith
  10. Notice all the love available all around
  11. Read fairy-tales
  12. Create music / art
  13. Tell jokes, find amusement in things
  14. Take a road trip
  15. Spend time out on a beach, doing nothing
  16. Validate yourself
  17. Connect with your own vertical energy
  18. Get a healing

I’m not your healer – you are, I only point my finger to where I see blockages, I create the space and give you my permission . . . and you heal yourself!

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: www.weheartit.com

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