12 Jul

Conscious healer vs. unconscious healer

Did you know that you are already a healer by design that is built in to your human / spirit software?

Yes, we all heal.

You don’t ‘become’ a healer. You become aware of an ability that was yours to begin with – you simply own it.

Indeed: healing is one of your spiritual natures. It is something we all do naturally. Only difference is that some of us do it consciously while others do it unconsciously.

So let’s take a closer look at these two kinds of healers.

The unconscious healer.

  • He / she always puts others first. This person does not understand the mechanics of healing.
  • An unconscious healer is scattered all over the place: always fixing, healing, repairing, figuring out, rescuing. He is keeping his attention away from himself – this is the default we are programmed with early on in our lives. The lie here is that giving attention to oneself is selfish.
  • An unconscious healer frantically grabs on to any misery they see, absorbs into his / her space (body and aura) and tries to heal it in this way. This is the kind of person who can’t let go of worry for others, because they buy into the lie that others are ‘broken’ in some way.
  • This kind of a healer does not realize he / she is projecting one’s own stuff onto others, then offers a lot of advice. This actually pushes others away as he / she gets into everyone’s space, which is very annoying.

The conscious healer.

  • A conscious healer makes the biggest mess of them all by placing oneself on top of one’s own to-do-list and thus heals not just oneself, but also others without effort.
  • A conscious healer is aware of how setting an example energetically by healing oneself first is true healing, because others who are open to his / her healing will match it.
  • A conscious healer does nice things for oneself, things like meditating, grounding, running energy. A conscious healer heals others through one’s being – by being the best that they can be. This person is aware of energy and knows how to work it.
  • A conscious healer is totally present. Or at least working on clearing out whatever blocks he / she may have to being more present. The blocks may be things such as agreements, pain pictures, MEI pictures, perfect pictures, foreign energies they have given seniority away to . . .
  • A conscious healer does not heal within one’s own space, but keeps one’s healing projects out in the ‘healing clinic’ rose.

All healing is truly self-healing.

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photo: www.weheartit.com

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