23 Jun

Body of truth

Your body is very intelligent.

It’s always tuned in to the truth. 

It accurately reads the vibes around it and picks up on the undercurrent of info.

By design – it cannot lie. Only question is: are you paying attention? Do you even trust your body’s wisdom or do you shove it aside as irrelevant?

The people in our lives can sometimes tell lies and try to pull the wool over our eyes, so in those moments, the conflicting information can be rather confusing. This is a lesson in learning to trust your body, the signals, messages and the truth that it is sharing with you.

The physical body is a psychic tool par excellence. Its accuracy rate is 100% – it truly never lies.

When someone says ‘I’m not psychic’, what they really mean is: ‘I’m disconnected from my body’. For some reason they have not connected with their body’s information. Either those channels are clogged up or they simply choose not to look at their body’s communication. They are not totally present in the body or as I like to call it: ‘they don’t own it’. They are definitely not running their own information / spirit through it.

Ever noticed when you are sitting in a cafe or another public space, how some people seem to just stick out from the crowd. For some reason you notice that person and you begin to receive information about them. That is you doing a reading! Just like that.

A well known way to read with the body is the so-called ‘gut feeling’ or you just ‘feel it in your bones’. Sometimes you can get unexplained pain in certain areas of the body which only appear for a short period and then disappear. That is a very instinctive way to read. Reading in this way can be clouded by your own judgments. A more clearer and less subjective way to read would be from the center of the head – the most neutral space from which to glean information.

I have been trained to use this reading skill in a controlled environment that I call a ‘reading space’. It is the only permissive space in which to glean at someone else’s energy. I do not look if I’ve not been given permission to do so! It is basic manners. Going through someone else’s information without their permission can even earn you some karma.

When I sit down to do a reading, I turn down my analyzer, center my awareness behind my eyebrows and begin to receive information visually. Of course, I still listen to my body’s communication, but it is not the primary way in which I read. From the center of the head I can see everything and the bonus is that there is no judgment in it – you just see what you see.

Meditation is the space in which to connect with your body and to begin to hear its wisdom. If you do not practice meditation yet, then I highly recommend that you begin. In addition, with grounding you can let go of energy that is not yours, own your space and connect with your body even more.

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photo: ‘body dance’ / www.weheartit.com

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